"Think Huck Finn on a river of blood..."
-- The Spook Magazine, USA.

Australian Cover
Wild Roses Productions
Ultra Limited edition hardback
US Cover
Bloodletting Press
Limited edition hardback
US Cover
Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

In some ways Ben is just like a lot of other guys in his college. He's kind of quiet, likes movies and books and spends most of his time by himself or in the library. He's a little awkward around girls, but he keeps trying and hoping that someday soon he'll find the love of his life. No luck so far, though.

But in one very important way Ben isn't like other guys at all. You can't tell by looking at him, but there's something simmering deep inside of Ben. Lately he's been thinking a lot about some pretty awful things... and he's bought a gun. His loneliness has become bitterness, and his resentment has turned to hatred. It's all boiling up inside him and it's only a matter of time before he explodes. Then it's just a question of who will be the first to die.


The US Bloodletting Press edition of RAGE is the uncut version with whole chapters and scenes that did not appear in the Australian or paperback versions, and it also contains the author's preferred text. 26 Lettered editions were also available, leather bound, traycased, with extra art and were signed in the author's own BLOOD!!!!! These Lettered editions sold out in 24 hours.

This edition also featured an introduction by Simon Clark, and new cover artwork by Canigila! Orders (and more information) for the limited edition hardback can be found at Shocklines and Bloodletting Press

"Gerlach's RAGE is a volcano of a story that builds from
deceptively quiet beginnings to an incandescent eruption of violence.
This tale of one man's smouldering, malignant rage at society is a potent one."
-- Simon Clark, author of Vampyrrhic, UK

"Think Huck Finn on a river of blood...

Taxi Driver meets American Psycho in this
simmering novel of hate, loneliness and despair.
The characters are real, plucked from everyday life,
and the climax is a sickening tour deforce to kill for."
-- The Spook Magazine, USA

"A gripping thriller, full of white-knuckle suspense."
-- Brian Keene, author of The Rising and Terminal, USA

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