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 SOLD OUT: The Nocturne, Love Lies Dying Limited 1st editions by Probable Cause Productions
 SOLD OUT: RAGE from Wild Roses Productions and US edition from Bloodletting Press
 Out of Print: RAGE US mass market paperback from Leisure Books
 SOLD OUT: Hunting Zoe Australian 1st edition hardback from Wild Roses Productions
 SOLD OUT: Lake Mountain US 1st worldwide hardback edition, limited edition from Bloodletting Press (lettered edition sold out)
 SOLD OUT: Love Lies Dying Hardback 1st US Limited & Lettered editions from Bloodletting Press
 Available Now: Hunting Zoe and Other Tales US 1st worldwide hardback edition, limited edition from Bloodletting Press (lettered edition sold out)
 Available Now: Masters of Unreality German anthology including Gerlach short story. Paperback edition from Eloy Edictions, Germany
 Available late 2008: Injustice 1st US Limited & Lettered Edition, from Cargo Cult Press.
 Available late 2008: A Thousand Mettle Folds: Cut I - The Fall US 1st worldwide hardback edition, limited edition from Bloodletting Press (lettered edition sold out)
 Available late 2008: In Laymon's Terms (ed.) anthology from Cemetery Dance Publications (US)
 Available early 2009: The Nocturne Hardback 1st US Limited & Lettered editions from Bloodletting Press
 Available mid 2009: All That Is Within His Reach 1st Australian Hardback release from Tasmaniac Publications

 All dates are tentative so check here often...

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September 23, 2008

INJUSTICE Artwork revealed!

We're thrilled to be able to bring you the cover artwork for INJUSTICE, the next Gerlach release. Check it out below. A reminder that this will be an ultra-limited hardback release of only 150 limited copies, plus an ultra limited Lettered edition through Cargo Cult Press, and is able to be ordered now through Horror Mall at:

Snap up your copy now as pre-orders are taking the last remaining copies of both editions and this title will be sold out before publication!

August 27, 2008

Hunting Zoe Lettered Edition Prototypes!

The latest news from Bloodletting Press is that work is almost complete on the Hunting Zoe lettered editions!

They've decided to go with the yellow on this one. The PC copies will likely be done in the pink. All lettereds will be bound in butter soft calf. Inside we have yellow Spanish marbled endpapers, with a silk ribbon marker, finished off with a silk inlay signature sheet protector.

Pictures of the traycase will follow shortly.

Bloodletting Press have done a fantastic job on these copies and they are already SOLD OUT from the publisher, but a search of the web may turn up a copy or two... Zoe couldn't ask for more. :)

Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of each photo.

July 20, 2008

New Publisher - New Release!

Breaking news sees a new Gerlach novel scheduled to be released later this year through new US publisher, CARGO CULT PRESS! The novel is INJUSTICE, Gerlach's second novel written way back in 1991, and is closest in tone and style to RAGE. So that should keep fans of RAGE happy!

INJUSTICE is one from the Gerlach Archives, leaving only UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES hidden away from readers. And this novel will be sold with the tag line:

"The greatest injustice of all, is that which is not avenged."

More news on INJUSTICE as we receive it, but we can confirm it will be an ultra-limited hardback release of only 150 limited copies, plus an ultra limited Lettered edition and is able to be ordered now through Horror Mall at:

Snap up your copy now as pre-orders are taking the last remaining copies of both editions and this title will be sold out before publication!

Cover art and jacket text will be uploaded here when we receive it! For now, check out our feature page on the new release here!

>> News reaches us of another big announcement on its way too... as soon as we get the green light, we'll list it here! <<

May 11, 2008

Deutsch Gerlach jetzt erschienen!

Gerlach hits Germany with a short story released in the anthology Masters of Unreality from Eloy Edictions. This is the first German edition of any Gerlach tale, and paves the way for the release later this year of ZORN, the German edition of RAGE. After ZORN, plans are in place to release Nachtszene, the German version of THE NOCTURNE.

The short story in Masters of Unreality is called "Im Dunkel der Nacht", and those English-speaking fans who are worried they're missing out on a new story need to look no further than Hunting Zoe and other tales where the story is reprinted in English as Dead of Night (German Version).

Masters of Unreality is available now in all good bookstores in Germany, and can be ordered direct from the publisher at:

April 25, 2008

ZOE RELEASED! Hits #1 and she's almost sold out!

It's been a busy month with the release of Hunting Zoe and other tales on the 13th of April (a perfect date!)

Stocks have been seen across the US, in the UK and we have reports copies are now available in Australia. So get searching before she disappears! Zoe went straight to the Number 1 spot at and is in danger of SELLING OUT before the end of the month!

So, if you haven't captured her yet, time is running out! Pre-orders can be taken here: and


Feedback so far has been extremely positive, with many readers finally realising a long-held dream of reading the very hard to find "sequel" to LOVE LIES DYING. The short stories and interviews contained within the volume have also been keenly discussed, due to their rarety anywhere outside of Australia. The feedback has been terrific!

So, grab your copy before Zoe steps back into the mists and disappears again until.... who knows when?

Horror-Mall Chat a great success - Both of them!

We're late in posting this news, due to the Zoe excitement, so we apologise for our tardiness...

The Gerlach Online chat at Horror-mall on March 16th was a terrific success, with Steve chatting for almost two hours with horror fans about his novels and the characters who live in them. A transcript of the chat can be found here:

The chat was so successful, an "unofficial" chat was set up the following Friday for Aussie fans who were unable to make the US chat due to time zone constraints. This chat was also highly attended and included some special sneak peeks into what is upcoming in the Gerlach World.

March 5, 2008

Zoe is Here!

Word reaches us from Bloodletting Press that Hunting Zoe and other tales will ship from the 13th of this month! So, the wait is almost over! The Table of Contents is listed in the December 19 update (below), so remember here's your chance to get the Love Lies Dying "sequel", plus some of the best Gerlach short stories (collected together for the first time!) Numbers are limited, so get yours before they all go!

Also, Bloodletting will be at this year's World Horror Convention, so keep an eye out for Zoe there as well! Pre-orders can be taken here: and

Horror-Mall chat March 16 at 8pm ES(USA)T!

BREAKING NEWS: Horror-Mall has just announced an online chat with Steve, scheduled for SUNDAY MARCH 16 at 8pm Eastern Standard USA Time. Here's your chance to join Steve in the Horror-Mall chat room to ask all those burning questions you've always wanted answered!

Please note, this is USA time. For Aussie readers, this is 2PM EST, Monday March 17! Mark it in your diary now!

December 19, 2007


It's been a long time between updates here at, due mainly to work and editing commitments. However, we hope to rectify that in the new year, and to also bring you some very exciting exclusives in the months ahead. For now, let's play a little catch-up, as we bring you up to speed with the latest Gerlach news...

Harmony Chokes writing continues...

Work on Harmony Chokes continues with a probable deadline of late 2008. This novel is a little different to those that went before it, but it's going to be quite a ride nonetheless. Look for exclusive updates early next year... including some missing scenes that will only be available online here at!

Lake Mountain UK paperback artwork released...

Screaming Dreams Press has released the initial artwork for their 2008 UK paperback release of Lake Mountain. This fantastic new vision of Lake Mountain comes from renowned artist Les Edwards. We all agree it's a fantastic cover!

Aussie publisher announces Exclusive Gerlach for 2009!

Tasmaniac Publications is a new Aussie publisher who is creating quite a stir. Excellent, ultra-limited editions are the name of the game here, and the guys behind Tasmaniac have locked Gerlach in for a 2009 release, tentatively titled All That Is Within His Reach. No more news on this one at this stage, other than it will be a short novel released in 2009. Find out more about Tasmaniac (along with the other fine authors they're releasing) at:

Artwork for US version of The Nocturne underway.

Vince Natale, the cover artist for the Bloodletting Press version of The Nocturne, reports that the cover art is progressing nicely and hopefully early in 2008 we'll be able to provide you an exclusive sneek peak. From what we've seen so far, it will be another excellent cover for Bloodletting Books!

1000MF release date firms.

Bloodletting Press also report that soon after the release of Hunting Zoe and other tales (see below), the first book in the A Thousand Mettle Folds series will see release. More details (including the cover) can be found below in our April 27 news update, or on the dedicated 1000MF page on this site.

Hunting Zoe almost here! TOC announced!

Hunting Zoe and other tales.. is with the printers as we speak and we're looking at a late 2007/early 2008 release from Bloodletting Press. This is a very exciting release, finally giving Hunting Zoe the love and dedication she deserves. The Table of Contents has also been released, giving everyone an insight into the extra special additions to this release. The TOC is:

* When Fantasy Met Reality - Hunting Zoe introduction by Brett McBean
* Hunting Zoe
* Broken Cookie - short story
* Schism - short story
* CellCaNdy - short story
* Dead of Night - German version - first English release short story
* Jungle - short story, first time printing
* Steve Gerlach On The Edge - FULL and UPDATED Gerlach interview with Ron Clinton.

This release collects for the first time five Gerlach short stories, some of which see their first US release and, in the case of JUNGLE, it's first printing anywhere. The interview is an updated and uncut interview between Gerlach and Clinton - an abridged version first seeing print in Cemetery Dance Magazine a few years ago.

Ben Jackson to Kill Bill?

We've seen filmed evidence of a certain American director being handed a copy of RAGE during a UK meet-and-greet. If we can get clearance to show the footage, we'll upload it early in the new year.

ILT final cover announced. Mid 2008 release.

Cemetery Dance has released the finalized cover artwork for IN LAYMON'S TERMS. The signature sheets have been returned and we can look forward to this excellent memorial to Richard Laymon's work being released (finally!) in 2008! Fingers crossed! This is the huge tribute anthology edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach and Richard Chizmar.

July 25, 2007

Gerlach UK Paperback releases announced!

Excellent news reaches us that Screaming Dreams Press in the UK has signed and sealed a deal to release paperback editions of all Gerlach novels. The first release will be LAKE MOUNTAIN early in 2008. Here's what Screaming Dreams editor, Steve Upham, had to say in a recent email newsletter:

I've updated the What's New page to include a brief announcement regarding the Steve Gerlach novels. Some of you may already be aware of this info as the deal has been in progress for a while, but I'm only just getting around to making the news public now.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Steve's work, he is one of of Australia's foremost dark thriller writers and has released some wonderful novels through Bloodletting Press in the US. I look forward to working with him on these titles.

The first book to be released will be LAKE MOUNTAIN and is sheduled to be published early in 2008. I will add further details and upload a dedicated page for this book in due course.

The dedicated page for LAKE MOUNTAIN is now online and can be found at: Screaming Dreams is committed to releasing paperback editions all of the Gerlach novels in the next few years, and they will be widely available through the publisher's website, and Brilliant!

Bloodletting Press to announce THE NOCTURNE US edition!

It's yet to be announced, but we're 100% certain that Bloodletting Press will soon confirm the release date of Gerlach's hardest-to-find novel, THE NOCTURNE, for an early 2008 release. HUNTING ZOE AND OTHER STORIES is on track for a late 2007 release, and we believe Bloodletting want to follow it up with THE NOCTURNE as soon as possible. More news on this when it breaks, but expect an excellent cover by Vince Natale (artist for the Bloodletting editions of LAKE MOUNTAIN and LOVE LIES DYING) and an introduction by Barry Hoffman.

LAKE MOUNTAIN mention in Aussie Crime Series

Those who like their noir crime novels with an Aussie feel could do no better than to check out the Joe Blake series of Aussie Crime Noir releases. We even spotted this little mention of LAKE MOUNTAIN in the latest Blake book WARNING SHOTS LAST:

Outside the first drops from a storm splattered onto the hot pavement. It was steamy. I could feel the sweat running down the back of my legs. Thunder boomed and shafts of lightning cracked over the city. A water bomber droned overhead as it headed towards Two Rocks to put out a fire started by bored kids who loved to watch the planes at work. I was in a mean mood but I hadn’t completely lost it. I went back inside and took off my holster and locked the Glock in the wall safe along with my collection of early Phantom comics and my signed copy of Steve Gerlach’s Lake Mountain. It was a wise move, the smartest thing I’d done all day.

Copies of the book, and details of the whole series, can be found at:

June 15, 2007

LAKE MOUNTAIN Lettered editions complete!

Click on the thumbnails below to see the wonderful Lettered editions of LAKE MOUNTAIN. Bloodletting Press have done a fantastic job on these copies, which will accompany the metal tray case pictured in our April 7 update. These are already SOLD OUT from the publisher, but a search of the web may turn up a copy or two...


New author photos.

Over the next few months we'll be updating the Biography section of with some well-overdue author photos. The first is uploaded now... just who owns the Jeep in the background, we wonder? Click on the thumbnail below.

SG Biography

April 27, 2007


Bloodletting Press announced this week that the limited edition hardback versions of both LAKE MOUNTAIN and LOVE LIES DYING are now SOLD OUT from the publisher! This is terrific news, but it means if you haven't yet got your copies, you should order ASAP from any of the usual online venues! Hurry before the remaining copies disappear!

1000 Mettle Folds cover artwork released.

We also have an exclusive sneak peek at the cover artwork that will be gracing Book One of the 1000 Mettle Folds series, which is also being released by Bloodletting. Current artwork is below, and the same style and feel will grace all five books in the series.

April 7, 2007

LAKE MOUNTAIN Lettered Edition traycase design! has released photos of the final design for the lettered edition traycase of LAKE MOUNTAIN. As you can see, the traycase is designed as a trailer (or caravan, depending where you live in the world) and looking through the window, you can see Raven staring out at you. There's even a little light inside, so when it's dark she can keep an eye on everything you do! This is another great design from Bloodletting, who have also produced the fantastic traycase for RAGE.




March 12, 2007

LOVE LIES DYING now available in USA!

It's been worth the wait! Yes, Zoe is finally invading the USA with LOVE LIES DYING now available through and Copies are selling quickly, especially with the Bloodletting Press announcement that the "sequel" HUNTING ZOE will follow quickly by the end of the year. So, here's your chance to pick up the Gerlach novels EVERYONE's talking about!



HUNTING ZOE to follow by end of the year! Artwork already avail!

Following the success of LOVE LIES DYING Bloodletting Press quickly announced the follow-up "sequel" HUNTING ZOE would follow by the end of 2007. This new edition is a signed limited edition hardback of only 300 copies. If you purchased LOVE LIES DYING through Bloodletting, they'll be able to match your numbers. This edition will include some amazing extras, including Gerlach short stories and an up-to-date interview. The artwork was quickly published and caused a STORM or controversy at Shocklines. Personally, we think people should read the novel before passing judgement on the cover. We think it ROCKS! :) It's reproduced here in full (click on the image for a larger view). Pre-orders can be taken here: and

December 1, 2006

Final LOVE LIES DYING artwork released. Zoe due by Christmas!

Here's an exclusive look at the final full-cover artwork for the Bloodletting Press US version of LOVE LIES DYING. It's interesting to compare the final cover to the original artwork. We all agree both are stunning!


Zoe is now due to arrive just in time for Christmas. Yes, it's been a long wait, but well worth it. Wouldn't you like Zoe under your Christmas tree this year? Orders are still available through and now.

August 17, 2006

LOVE LIES DYING: Zoe is almost here!

There's been a few delays, but as you can tell by the fantastic finalised cover artwork by Vince Natale below, Zoe is almost upon us all. The signature sheets are signed, the artwork is done, and we hear LOVE LIES DYING is almost ready to be released. Finally Zoe will be let loose in the USA! More news here as it breaks... And, of course, pre-orders are still available through and now.


Hot off the presses... this is EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS!

Bloodletting Press is soon to announce that due to the response from pre-orders of LOVE LIES DYING, they will be producing the first ever US hardback edition of HUNTING ZOE - the "sequel" to LOVE LIES DYING. And this edition will be packed with surprises, including stunning cover art and some extras that have never seen the light of day before, which is probably why the full title of the book is HUNTING ZOE AND OTHER TALES. More news can be found on the Bloodletting Press website soon (and also in their latest newsletter), and we'll keep you up to date with news about this release too.


Make no mistake, HUNTING ZOE is very very important to the whole LOVE LIES DYING series... (that's right - SERIES) for reasons that will become clearer in the months ahead. Pre-orders are available through and now.

January 15, 2006

LAKE MOUNTAIN makes Keene's Top 10 Reads of 2005.

In Brian Keene's yearly roundup of best novels for 2005, LAKE MOUNTAIN came in at #10! Here's what Brian had to say about the novel:

10. Lake Mountain by Steve Gerlach (Bloodletting Press) Unrelenting, this is another page-turning thriller from the heir-apparent to Richard Laymon's legacy. Seriously, if you dig Laymon, you'll dig this. But here's the thing. It's very easy to compare Steve to Dick. The influence is obviously apparent. But Steve's voice has truly grown with this book. He is his own writer, with his own style that, while offering a nod to Laymon, now becomes something more.

The entire list can be found at Brian's blog website

Zoe is almost here... LOVE LIES DYING released in US soon.

Gerlach's acclaimed LOVE LIES DYING sees its first US hardback release in the next month or so via Bloodletting Press. We'll upload the cover artwork by Vince Natale here as soon as it's confirmed (we've seen it, we just can't upload it yet - but it's fantastic!). Meanwhile, more details can be found at our LOVE LIES DYING page and pre-orders can be placed through and

ArtsConnect feature Steve Gerlach

Australian artists portal, artsConnect, have featured Steve in their latest eZine, along with featuring him heavily on their site. artsConnect connects Australian artists and profiles Australian artists of all media - filmmakers, painters, poets, musicians, writers, actors, animators, comedians, and so on. Steve's page can be found at: and eagle-eyed readers will note a new development or two slipped into the profile.

Aussie Noir - Not Dead Yet

Just when you thought pulp fiction was dead and buried in Australia, Western Australia publisher Warrigal Press is proud to announce a new era in
Australian Pulp Fiction with the release of Murder Is Never Pretty ... Even When the Corpse is a Blonde by Joe Blake.

Blake, Joe
Murder is Never Pretty Even When the Corpse is a Blonde

Warrigal Press Western Australia 2006 First Edition 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall Mass Market Paperback Fine

At last, new Australian pulp fiction featuring Western Australia's best known detective, Joe Blake. This is a brand new book! Brand new hero! Only 1000 first edition copies. Cover art has been created by Lauren Gale and Paul Ikin. 92 pp. Postage in Australia is $2.50. International postage is $5.00.
Signed by Joe Blake of course!

Details of this first novel in a projected series can be found at and the choice of two covers has certainly got us all very interested! We'll be following developments as they happen and posting more news here soon.

December 4, 2005

Online Chat Success!

Steve's online author chat in the famous Red Light District chat rooms on November 20 was a huge success. Steve chatted for over an hour with readers and other writers and answered a whole gamut of questions. For those who couldn't take part in the live chat, the online transcript can be found here: So enjoy the read!

LOVE LIES DYING prepared and ready!

The build-up for the long awaited US release of LOVE LIES DYING is growing stronger day after day. The final manuscript is in. The proofing has been done. The layout is in place. All is set for the New Year's release of LOVE LIES DYING. As soon as we get the artwork, we'll upload it here. Hang on for a terrific 2006! Order LOVE LIES DYING from and now!

November 1, 2005

Gerlach part of Amazon Shorts

Right now at you have a chance to secure two never-before-published Gerlach stories as part of the Amazon Shorts program. For just 49 cents each, these tales come from Steve's time working for Australia's leading newspaper, the Herald Sun. The links for both pieces are here:

Cloning Around
and A Killer Stalks The Outback.

These are digital files which are dowloaded straight to your desktop. Both are topical, especially the A Killer Stalks The Outback piece, as the trial is currently underway in Australia.

As a special extra for visitors, anyone who purchases both Shorts at Amazon and sends us proof of purchase (such as the Amazon invoice) will be sent a THIRD Short for free. Now that sounds like a bargain to us! Simply email us using the feedback link on our splash page, and we'll forward you the third story within 24 hours.

Gerlach online chat - November 20!

Steve will be having an online author chat in the famous Red Light District chat rooms on November 20 at 9pm USA EST (10am, Monday 21st Australian EST).

So come along and ask all those questions you've been dying to ask. Steve looks forward to seeing you there and discussing his work and the writing process.

Hopefully, we'll be able to secure a transcript of the chat, and we'll include it here for those who miss it live.

September 2, 2005

LAKE MOUNTAIN now shipping!

Yes, LAKE MOUNTAIN is now shipping, with copies heading across the world. Raven has been spotted in the US and also Down Under in Australia. We expect her to appear in the UK within days. Readers wishing to write reviews are invited to send them to us here and we will upload them to the LAKE MOUNTAIN page.

Shocklines Update: LAKE MOUNTAIN Number 1 on bestseller lists!

The Shocklines Bestseller list for September 1 is online. The screen grab below says it all! Excellent news. Thanks to everyone for their support!

August 18, 2005

Huge Gerlach Update from Bloodletting Press:
LOVE LIES DYING US edition Announced!

Here's the latest press release from Bloodletting Press covering RAGE, LAKE MOUNTAIN and the just-announced release of LOVE LIES DYING. The next few months will be very exciting indeed.

Bloodletting Press - Latest News

LOVE LIES DYING by Steve Gerlach

Format: Only 300 signed limited edition hardbacks will be published.

Introduction by Brian Keene and an afterword by Steve Gerlach and a very special guest.

Publication date is Winter 2005.

Publisher: Bloodletting Press

Publisher's Description:

She was on his sofa, reading a book. She was a complete stranger.

And she was naked…

Her name was Zoe, and she had survived a horrific ordeal.

Fleeing from trouble and the threat of death, Zoe turned to her best friend, Helen. Driving for three days straight, she arrived cold and hungry on Helen's doorstep.

But Helen was at work. Leaving Helen's husband, John, and Zoe together…all alone.

Having escaped from a life of terror and violence, Zoe was sure she could hide with them for a while. Just long enough to get back on her feet and her life in order again.

John's only mistake was to agree she could stay with them…

Because Zoe's past was fast catching up with her.

And that past would draw them all into a game of life and death.

By letting her stay, John had no idea of the horror that would be visited on them all…

For someone had a game to finish – a game that could turn very deadly indeed.


You always love,
The ones you hurt...



LAKE MOUNTAIN by Steve Gerlach has shipped to us from the printers and we are expecting it next week. We will begin shipping these out as soon as they arrive. is Only 400 signed and numbered copies are being published. This one is signed by the author and Elizabeth Massie who
does the introduction.

Don't forget that everyone who orders a copy of LAKE MOUNTAIN from us will be in the running for the original manuscript! Click here for more details:

And, as a reminder, we have only 20 copies of RAGE by Steve Gerlach left in stock. If you
haven't got your hands on this uncut version by one of the new masters of horror pick one up soon before they are all gone.

For more information, head over to


August 1, 2005

LAKE MOUNTAIN Update - Released August 6!

Here's living proof that LAKE MOUNTAIN is almost here!

The ARCs (Advance Readers Copies) have been produced and are now hitting media organisations world-wide. Bloodletting Press take delivery of the limited edition hardbacks on the 5th of August and will begin shipping them the day after. So, LAKE MOUNTAIN is as good as released! If you can, pre-order before August 5 to go into the draw for the manuscript version of the first draft of the novel. See May 4 update below for more details on the competition.

Bloodletting Press already working on LOVE LIES DYING.

In a recent Bloddletting Press update, we found the following gem:

"LOVE LIES DYING by Steve Gerlach is being proofed right now and we'll start laying out the book in the next few weeks."

Excellent news! Look for this extra special edition in early 2006. It would appear that this will be crammed with extras! More news when we have it!

July 1, 2005

New Gerlach Message Board

Just a quick announcement that a new horror community message board has been uploaded at: Here you'll also find a dedicated Gerlach message board, which compliments the official Gerlach message board which can be found at

Steve visits should you. :)

Gerlach working on new novel

Circle June 15 in your diaries, people! That was the day Steve started work on his next novel. No real news to report as of yet, however it appears Steve will be working hard through July to get the basic outline of this next novel down on paper. If we hear any reports, we'll post them here.

Bloodletting Announcements Pending...

Rumour also has it that there are a couple of exciting announcements to be made by Bloodletting Press as soon as LAKE MOUNTAIN is released. The novel is currently at the printers and is due to ship mid-July, so look for an announcement concerning some exciting Gerlach news (both fiction and non-fiction!) soon afterwards. We'll report it here as soon as we hear it too!

May 14, 2005

More German Gerlach announced!

German Publisher, Eloy Edictions, has announced another Gerlach novel for the German market, to accompany the 2006 German release of RAGE and the 2008 German release of THE NOCTURNE (see May 4 and April 18 updates below...).

2009 will see the release of a previously unannounced novel, simply called AMANDA LEE. There are no more details about this novel at this time, but we hope to provide you with some teasers about the novel sometime soon...

For more information on these novels, keep visiting the homepage of the publisher at: and, of course, we'll keep you up to date as more news breaks...

LAKE MOUNTAIN final cover revealed

With Lake Mountain now at the printers, we're proud to be able to bring you the exclusive first look at the final cover for the Bloodletting Press hardback editions:

We love the cover, and we're sure you will too. If you haven't already ordered, hurry as pre-orders are about to close and you'll miss your chance of winning the 1st draft manuscript of the novel (see the May 4 update for more details...). This competition is only open to those who PRE-ORDER LAKE MOUNTAIN through Orders can also be placed through

May 4, 2005

Win 1st Draft manuscript of LAKE MOUNTAIN

Here's your chance to win a signed (and thumb-printed) 1st draft manuscript of LAKE MOUNTAIN:

"Books are living documents. The characters live and breathe within the pages, the settings exist and the plot is ever-changing, right up to the final line.

As a book grows and the story evolves, characters change, scenes are added and removed. In fact, some sections of the tale can end up somewhere completely different from where they started. Characters are written in and out, whole plot lines are strengthened or deleted. Final outcomes can change with just the tweaking of a sentence or two.

LAKE MOUNTAIN is no different. It grew and evolved from the first draft. As the drafts were revised and edited, some ideas were added and some let go. As the 'special few' read an advance draft, they contribute different ideas and suggestions as well, making for a more coherent final story. This is how a novel evolves.

First drafts are usually deleted, burned or hidden away, never to see the light of day again. They hold the secret story, the 'director's cut' if you like, or 'writer's first cut' of a novel, laid bare in all its harsh reality - the errors, the bad grammar, the spelling mistakes, the removed sub-plots, the character and plot flaws...

Usually, no one except the inner circle get to see these early drafts, sometimes, only the author himself. But on LAKE MOUNTAIN, anything is possible.

With LAKE MOUNTAIN, you now get the chance to see how it would have all originally turned out. One very special reader out there is going to get to see inside the author's mind, to see the 'writer's rough cut' of LAKE MOUNTAIN.

You have the chance to venture where no one else is allowed. Feel game?" -- Steve Gerlach, April 2005

Bloodletting Press is giving you the chance to win the 1st Draft of LAKE MOUNTAIN, in its original manuscript form, complete with Steve Gerlach's bloody thumb print! It's too cool for words! And the original photograph of the model as she sat for the cover art portrait of LAKE MOUNTAIN. There is only one of these!

But time is running out. This competition is only open to those who PRE-ORDER LAKE MOUNTAIN through

Everyone who pre-orders this 1st Edition Gerlach release goes into the draw. Each pre-order gives you another chance to win. So order for your father, your friends, your sister or neighbors today! Each pre-ordered edition will be specially packed before delivery. One lucky copy will have an original photo of the cover model posing for the painting of the cover. The customer who receives that copy wins the competition and will receive the specially inscribed 1st draft manuscript of LAKE MOUNTAIN, direct from the author himself and an original photograph of the model as she sat for the cover art of Lake Mountain.

All Bloodletting Press lifetime members will automatically be entered into this drawing. Everyone who's already pre-ordered this book from the publisher will also be entered.

Enter now! The competition closes soon! Pre-order today at Bloodletting Press.

2nd Gerlach novel confirmed for Germany

German special edition publisher, Eloy Edictions, has confirmed they will be releasing a second Gerlach novel in Germany. This one is scheduled for a 2008 release and will be a German language version of The Nocturne, retitled "Nachtszene".

This is excellent news, especially as it comes with Eloy announcing a release of a German version of "RAGE" next year! Cover artists and editors are still to be assigned, so we'll bring you all the news on both German releases when there is news to report. More soon.

Until then, check out the publisher's website at:

April 18, 2005

LAKE MOUNTAIN Released this month

Work is almost complete on LAKE MOUNTAIN and it will appear in the US in hardback later this month.

The cover art is designed, the signature pages are signed, and we hope to see it being delivered later this month or early May.

If you haven't already, make sure you shoot over to the Bloodletting Press website and order your copy before it's too late! is also taking orders, so you could place an order there too.

You can check out the cover blurb and reader feedback on the Lake Mountain page.

"ZORN" for Germany

German special edition publisher, Eloy Edictions, has confirmed that they will be releasing a German language version of RAGE, retitled "ZORN" for the German Market in mid-2006. ("ZORN" means "in a rage" in German.)

More details on this project when the news comes in, but look for "ZORN" in the middle of next year. Cover artists and editors have already been assigned, so we'll bring you all the cover artwork and layout designs when we receive them. More on this edition soon.

Until then, check out the publisher's website at:

Gerlach in Cemetery Dance

Steve has an extensive interview in the latest edition of Cemetery Dance Magazine (#51), in which he talks about all his novels, the writing process and also the legacy that one girl has left on all his work. Interesting reading indeed! Available now from Cemetery Dance.

Zoe to be Exhibited

Keith Minnion informs us that the additional "cemetery" artwork from the extra limited edition of HUNTING ZOE will be entered into this year's WHC (World Horror Convention) 2005 art exhibition. We eagerly await news of what transpired... Anyone who was at WHC and saw the artwork should drop us a line and let us know what they thought of it "in the flesh."

Gerlach Tours #1 a success...

At the end of March, Steve hosted the first ever Gerlach Tour, an all-day event taking place in and around Melbourne, Victoria. The tour took the participants to scenes and settings found in RAGE, Love Lies Dying and the soon-to-be-released Lake Mountain.

Photos of the day will be uploaded soon. The feedback from the first tour has been so positive that we expect more tours to happen in the near future. Anyone interested in taking part in a future tour who either lives in Melbourne or will be visiting the city, should drop us a line and register your interest.

March 12, 2005

LAKE MOUNTAIN on track...

The final edits are in, and the publisher has the final draft of LAKE MOUNTAIN. We'll keep you informed every step of the way, so you know exactly what is happening and when the novel is due. Very very soon now, LAKE MOUNTAIN will be unleashed on the world!

Message Board Upgrade

Just a quick note that the author message boards at HorrorWorld have had an upgrade, so Steve's new message board can be found at:

January 1, 2005

TerrorOZ! becomes

Batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters, and check your bookmarks!

The official Steve Gerlach website integrates with its stable-mate, RLK!, with a new design (which may look familiar) and a HUGE update!

In case you got here by other means, the official site address is: Check out the news items below, as we've "back-filled" some items of interest that didn't make it to the old website. There might be some gems of information here you didn't know about!

Send us an email and let us know what you think! Also drop by the message board, hosted by Horror World, and leave a message! -- Steve

December 10, 2004

RAGE makes Aussie Best 100 Books list!

After a six-month nationwide search for Australia’s Favorite 100 books, the list is now available and we're thrilled to see RAGE come in at number 53 on the list!

Steve posted this comment to the Laymon mailing list: "I’m totally shocked and humbled to be placed in such a position, especially when I’m listed with other more well-known authors and works. It's wonderful news. I'm thrilled to see RAGE there!"

To check out the poll, go here:

The top 10 were:

1. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein
2. Pride and Prejuidice by Jane Austen
3. The Bible (Various Contributors)
4. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
5. Cloudstreet by Tim Winton
6. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Book 5) by J. K. Rowling
7. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
8. The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams
9. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
10. A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

And those around Steve were:

45. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
46. Life Of Pi by Yann Martel
47. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
48. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
49. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
50. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
51. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
52. Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
53. Rage by Steve Gerlach
54. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
55. The Mists Of Avalon by Marion Zimmer-Bradley
56. Cafe Scheherazade by Arnold Zable
57. The Bone People by Keri Hulme
58. Jessica by Bryce Courtenay
59. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Book 2) by J. K. Rowling
60. The Fortunes Of Richard Mahony by Henry Handel Richardson

October 5, 2004

HUNTING ZOE now shipping!

HUNTING ZOE is finally shipping! Believe us, she's worth the wait! To get your hands on a copy, be sure to visit the publisher at But be quick - they're selling fast!

MJs Books will also be carrying copies! Their contact details are below in the June 7 update.

For more information on Zoe, check out the HUNTING ZOE page now.

A THOUSAND METAL FOLDS announced - then sells out!

The lettered edition of A THOUSAND METAL FOLDS, Book One - The Fall has SOLD OUT from the publisher.

This edition sold out very quickly (we're talking within a couple of days of the publisher announcing it!) and the limited edition is following close behind. If you haven't already, make sure you shoot over to the Bloodletting Press website and order your copy before it's too late! is also taking orders, so you could place an order there.

The first book, Cut I - The Fall, is due from Bloodletting Press mid 2005. For more details and cover blurb, as well as for updates on this and the other four books in the series, visit the A THOUSAND METTLE FOLDS page.

This sounds like an excellent five book series, and is a welcome surprise "extra" announcement - one of the extras Bloodletting Press promised when announcing the GERLACH LIBRARY some months ago.

This is Gerlach's first novella since HUNTING ZOE, and is the first series of books Steve has written. It's also the first time Steve has co-authored a story, this one being co-authored with Aussie writer, Amanda Kool.

So, one down...four to come! :)

August 8, 2004

Gerlach Novella Series Announced!

This is hot off the press and just announced by Bloodletting Press:

"We are proud to announce an all new publication coming out from Bloodletting Press in 2005:

by Steve Gerlach and Amanda Kool.

This is the first book in a five part novella series called A THOUSAND METTLE FOLDS. Each novella will be limited to only 400 signed and numbered copies. If you order from us we can guarantee you the same number on all five novellas in this series.

Check out more details here:

As for the lettered editions, there will only be 26 copies of this five book series published. All five books will be signed, leather bound, have a sewn in satin ribbon marker and come with extra art. This edition will also come with a very special hand made metal case that houses all five books. The metal case will be issued after the final book in the series. There will be more extras to be announced with this edition soon so stay tuned for more announcements and rest assured that this will be one hell of an exotic production.

These are strictly on a first come first serve basis, and these will be the most sought after Gerlach collectable ever published without a
doubt! -- Larry at Bloodletting Press."

Awesome news! We can't wait to see these! Check out the A THOUSAND METTLE FOLDS page now!

August 1, 2004

Meat Socket Issue 1 now onsale! Issue 2 to feature Gerlach!

Here's an update from the editors of The Meat Socket:

The Meat Socket Issue One is now out! Check out our website for details.

The next issue (Issue 2) will feature exclusive interviews with...

Steve Gerlach (RAGE)
Jeffrey Thomas (PUNKTOWN)
the infamous Randall Phillip (EXTERMINATION ZONE and FUCK MAGAZINE)

horrorpunks Hallowmas (OCTOBER BURNING)

Tyler Tharpe (FREAK) PLUS promotional footage of FREAK

We will have book excerpts from every Steve Gerlach novel as well as an exclusive, never before published short story of his entitled MIND FUCK!

So order your copy today! This is the new magazine EVERYONE is talking about! Don't miss out!

Noir Originals Feature Gerlach

It sure is the year for Gerlach interviews!

Following on from the Cemetery Dance interview (Issue 51) and Hellnotes interview, plus the huge feature in the second issue of The Meat Socket, the Noir Originals website is also featuring an interview with Steve focussing mostly on RAGE, but also discussing his other novels as well.

Check out the interview here: Noir Originals

26 July, 2004

Gerlach in hiding to complete LAKE MOUNTAIN

We've got word that Steve has locked himself away, taking time out to finish LAKE MOUNTAIN.

He has gone to ground somewhere in Portsea, Victoria, taking as much time as needed away from the world to finish the final draft of LAKE MOUNTAIN. He will return home only when the final draft is complete.

Deadline for handing in the finished manuscript is October 1, for a January 2005 hardback release.


Steve is back in the world with us now, taking just over three weeks to put the final touches to the manuscript. We believe he has handed it in to the publisher by the October 1 deadline, so we can expect to see LAKE MOUNTAIN early in the New Year. Excellent news!

June 7 , 2004

RAGE available at Chaos Music and Books

For those Aussie Gerlach fans out there, the US paperback edition of RAGE is available online at the Chaos Music and Books website. You can get there by clicking the image above. Of course, you can also purchase it at any Borders Bookstore, as they currently have stocks as well.

Last of the RAGE Limiteds

The last few copies in Australia of the limited edition of RAGE are available at MJ's Books in Boronia, Victoria. We've had many emails about where Aussie Gerlach readers can grab a copy of the US limited edition hardbacks. Well, MJs is the place, and Merv will happily ship your copies anywhere in the country (and the world)!

You can contact MJ's at the address and phone number below:

M.J's Bookshop
77a Boronia Rd Boronia VIC 3155
ph: (03) 9761 0599

RAGE Lettered Edition Traycases

Bloodletting Press have some fantastic pics of the Lettered Edition Traycases for RAGE up on their website. If you haven't already looked, you can find them here. Click on the image below to take you to a larger version of the traycases. This is one amazing Gerlach collectable! They sold out so fast, they're now fetching high prices on eBay on those rare occasions when one is up for auction! Fantastic!

Gerlach on your PDA!

We've now got some fantastic Gerlach wallpapers for your Pocket PC! Thanks to those techno-boffins who are also Gerlach fans, you can now have a different Gerlach cover on your PDA whenever you like.

These wallpapers are free, so go ahead and download them! We've even thrown in a cover for a secret project that is in the wings!!!

Click on the links below to download the wallpapers:

The Nocturne
Love Lies Dying
Lake Mountain
Hunting Zoe
Rage (2)

April 5, 2004

Gerlach Interview for Cemetery Dance Magazine

Cemetery Dance magazine is running an in-depth interview with Steve, which he has just concluded. It is scheduled
for Issue 51, which should be out around September sometime. Of course, sometimes magazine deadlines slip, so keep an eye out if it's not on the stands in September. Either way, it WILL appear in issue 51!

The interview itself is one of the most complete and in-depth interviews Steve has ever given. It covers all his novels and short stories, views on writing and publishing, and also gives some insights into where Steve finds his inspiration, as well as what he'll be working on after LAKE MOUNTAIN.

Keep checking the Cemetery Dance site for more details. And, of course, we'll bring you more news about the interview when we receive it.

Gerlach Interview in Hellnotes!

Speaking of interviews, look out for a two part interview with Steve in the Hellnotes Newsletter, starting April 8!

It's a cool interview too, looking at all of Steve's work, and asking the in-depth questions only Hellnotes can ask! This is a subscriber-only newsletter, however, so surf over to the Hellnotes website and join now!

March 19, 2004

Gerlach Message Board cracks top 10!

Just a note about our humble Steve Gerlach Message Board. This week it cracked the top ten most visited boards at Horror World! Great news for all Gerlach fans. Hop on over and leave a comment or a question for Steve. He visits every day and is happy to answer any questions you have.

February 11, 2004


Bloodletting Press edition of RAGE is now shipping. Don't forget if you order it from, it comes with a free copy of the limited edition Gerlach chapbook, CELL CANDY. You'll only be able to get the chapbook through so order now!

RAGE #1 Bestseller

Bloodletting Press limited hardcover edition of RAGE has made it to the number one spot on the Shocklines Bestseller list! Congratulations to both Steve and Bloodletting Press.

LAKE MOUNTAIN News from Bloodletting Press.

Earlier this week, Bloodletting Press announced that they would publish Gerlach's latest novel, LAKE MOUNTAIN.

After the announcement, the Lettered Edition sold out from the publisher in 12 hours! A Gerlach World Record!

But copies may still be available from So check there is you're after a very special Gerlach Lettered Edition!

Speaking of which, LAKE MOUNTAIN is Steve's second bestseller of the week, topping the Pre-sales Bestseller List at Shocklines while RAGE sat at #1 on the Bestseller List! Check the LAKE MOUNTAIN page for more details and make sure you order your copy soon - this one is going to sell out very quickly!

ZOE's at the printers!

HUNTING ZOE is at the printers now, and Wild Roses Productions expect it to be shipping by the end of this month.

Get your order in now before they all sell out! For more details see the news page on the website.

January 27, 2004


This breaking news just in from from Bloodletting Press!


The ink is still wet on the contract but its now official we will be publishing all of Steve Gerlach's novels in an exclusive GERLACH LIBRARY.

RAGE was the first in the set, and this will now be followed by LAKE MOUNTAIN, an all new ride into terror that will be published at the end of 2004.

There will only be 400 signed limited editions produced and a deluxe 26 lettered edition that will once again be signed in Steve's own BLOOD.
Pre-order your copies soon before its too late.!

Click here for more details:

As more information becomes available regarding cover art and illustrations we will pass it on.

- Also -

The RAGE limited edition has now been shipped out to our customers and those who ordered through us should be receiving their copies soon. The
lettered editions will be shipping in a couple more weeks....and let me tell you they are really Sweeeeet! If you haven't reserved your copy of RAGE yet
do so quickly because these are selling very quickly and we are nearly sold out.

Click here for more details:

Followup News from Bloodletting Press...

Wow! This just in from Larry:

The lettered edition of LAKE MOUNTAIN sold out from us in just 12 hours!!!! It's Amazing!

January 8, 2004

LAKE MOUNTAIN: 1st Draft Complete!

It's official! The first draft of LAKE MOUNTAIN is complete!

Steve emailed us to let us know that his first full draft was completed yesterday, and that he's very happy indeed with it. Great news for all of us!

Apparently, the novel weighs in about the same size as LOVE LIES DYING, so that means we have a huge Gerlach-fest awaiting us when it is published!

January 2, 2004

Gerlach Merchandise now available

Get your own little piece of TeamGerlach!

After great demand for products other than books for our Street Team to wear and use, the Steve Gerlach web shop is now open for business!

Check it out here. You'll find shirts, bags, clocks, aprons - just about anything a Gerlach Fan could need or want. Go mad! Others already have! You know the ones in your life just need a piece of Gerlach merchandise, right? RIGHT!

RAGE paperback available now.

The mass market paperback edition of RAGE is now available in US stores. Make sure you get in there a grab yourself a copy - and remember to take a camera (see below!).

Also, check out the Leisure Books site at for an exclusive word from Steve regarding the origins of RAGE. This link is only active for a couple of months, so check it out now while you can!

RAGE Contest

Recently, to celebrate the release of the paperback version of RAGE, Steve came up with this wonderful competition which will see the biggest Gerlach fan with a copy of his new novel, LAKE MOUNTAIN!

Here's the word from Steve:

Anyone who provides a photo of themselves standing by copies of RAGE in
the stores will go into a special draw to win a signed manuscript copy
of my next novel, LAKE MOUNTAIN, which I've almost finished writing!

How does that sound? So head down to your local stores, turn those
spines around so others can see the cover of the book and - damn it - if
your store doesn't have copies, demand them! Then take a happy snap and
send it to me at to enter the competition.
The more photos you take, the more chances you have of winning!

Do your part and join the TeamGerlach ground crew now!

Bloodletting Press edition of RAGE

The Bloodletting Press edition of RAGE is set to be shipping on the 16th of January - make sure you've got your order in, because they're selling very fast!

Orders can be placed at and also at

HUNTING ZOE shipping soon...

The word from Wild Roses Productions is that Hunting Zoe should be shipping sometime this month. Seems the publisher has encountered some problems with the printers. But we believe this is all under control now. Soon, Zoe will be unleashed on the world...again!

For more details see the news page on the website.

TeamGerlach hits Leisure Books!

The team Gerlach spirit is spreading! Below is an exclusive look inside the Leisure sales team bunker, as they get ready to bring RAGE to the US!

For archived news items, go to our News Archive page.

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