Love Lies Dying

"He checked the door.
It was unlocked.
Typical, he thought. Anyone could've got in."

ISBN: 0 9578641 1 6
563 pages
Probable Cause Productions
Australian limited paperback edition
Released mid 2002


Bloodletting Press
U.S. limited edition
and lettered edition hardback
Cover art by Vince Natale

Released December 2006

She was on his sofa, reading a book. She was a complete stranger.

And she was naked…

Her name was Zoe, and she had survived a horrific ordeal.

Fleeing from trouble and the threat of death, Zoe turned to her best friend, Helen. Driving for three days straight, she arrived cold and hungry on Helen’s doorstep.

But Helen was at work. Leaving Helen’s husband, John, and Zoe together…all alone.

Having escaped from a life of terror and violence, Zoe was sure she could hide out with them for a while. Just long enough to get back on her feet and her life in order again.

John’s only mistake was to agree she could stay with them…

Because Zoe’s past was fast catching up with her.

And that past would draw them all into a game of life and death.

By letting her stay, John had no idea of the horror that would be visited on them all…

For someone had a game to finish – a game that could turn very deadly indeed.


You always love,
The ones you hurt...

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