Hunting Zoe

Legends Never Die...


Wild Roses Productions
limited edition hardback

Released late 2004


Bloodletting Press
U.S. limited edition
and lettered edition hardback
Cover art by Lorenzo Sperlonga

Released Late 2007

HUNTING ZOE is a novella that takes place
in the world of LOVE LIES DYING...

She’s beautiful.

She’s sexy.

And she’s very dangerous...

They cracked the code,
and were on the road to their destiny...

Glen and Mark know the story behind Zoe. The real story. They've figured it out, they've done the research, they've found all the clues.

They're on the hunt - the hunt for Zoe.

Glen knows he's right. He knows she's waiting out there for him.

Nothing will stop him. No one will get in his way. He'll be the first...

But will he be the last?

The hunt is on.

Because Legends Never Die...


Seek and ye shall find.
Legends Never Die...

Hunting Zoe is an entirely new spin on the idea of a "sequel". Set in the real life world, where Love Lies Dying is a work of fiction, Hunting Zoe blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

The Bloodletting Press U.S. limited edition comes with some exciting extras:

* When Fantasy Met Reality - Hunting Zoe introduction by Brett McBean
* Hunting Zoe
* Broken Cookie - short story
* Schism - short story
* CellCaNdy - short story
* Dead of Night - German version - first English release short story
* Jungle - short story, first time printing
* Steve Gerlach On The Edge - FULL and UPDATED Gerlach interview with Ron Clinton.

This release collects for the first time five Gerlach short stories, some of which see their first US release and, in the case of JUNGLE, its first printing anywhere. The interview is an updated and uncut interview between Gerlach and Clinton - an abridged version first seeing print in Cemetery Dance Magazine a few years ago.


"With Hunting Zoe, Steve Gerlach moves into full throttle. Intense and
gripping--don't plan on doing anything else once you start reading this one.
Gerlach is a master storyteller, and he is in high form. If you liked
Love Lies Dying, you'll love Hunting Zoe.
Brian Keene, author of The Rising, Terminal and Fear of Gravity, USA

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