Steve Gerlach News Archive

In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Gerlach dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Steve was in? Then this is the place to look.

December 1, 2003

"THE GERLACH LIBRARY" a possibility?

There's a rumor going around at the moment that Bloodletting Press plan to print every single book Steve has written, in a special library type collection. These will be limited edition hardbacks for the US market. We're trying hard to confirm this, but neither Steve or the folks at Bloodletting Press are confirming or denying anything. So watch this page - more on this breaking news soon!

LAKE MOUNTAIN almost complete

Steve is about 80,000 words into LAKE MOUNTAIN (and counting!). Word is, he'll be working on it full-time and finishing off the last half of the novel late in December.

With any luck, we'll be seing a fresh new Gerlach novel sometime soon! Stay tuned for updates...

RAGE and HUNTING ZOE updates

Just a reminder that Bloodletting Press' edition of RAGE and Wild Roses Productions' edition of HUNTING ZOE are to be released very soon! For ordering information, see the individual book pages: RAGE and HUNTING ZOE.

We can also reveal here for the first time Keith Minnion's fantastic cover art for HUNTING ZOE !

And while we're on the subject of Zoe, here's a brand new quote about Steve's HUNTING ZOE:

"With HUNTING ZOE, Steve Gerlach moves into full throttle. Intense and
gripping--don't plan on doing anything else once you start reading this
one. Gerlach is a master storyteller, and he is in high form. If you liked

Brian Keene -- Author of The Rising, Terminal, and Fear of Gravity.

November 1, 2003

HUGE news on RAGE -- Paperback release in US from Leisure announced!

On the 4th of Jan, 2004 Gerlach will be hitting the US market BIG time! Leisure Books will be publishing RAGE in a mass market paperback edition, available all over the USA and Canada, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. A huge congratulations goes out to Steve from everybody at For the official Leisure Books link, go here:


Steve's new upcoming novel, LAKE MOUNTAIN, is coming along well.

Here's the latest word from Steve:

"The first chapter of LAKE MOUNTAIN was finished late October and
I'll be working full time on the novel during my next writing session in early November."

Sounds like we could be seeing a new Gerlach much sooner than we expected!

Make sure you hop on over to the LAKE MOUNTAIN page for all the details. This week, Steve released a teaser image (seen here at the left) for the novel and soon we hope to upload a special introductory movie trailer clip created by Steve himself.

October 1, 2003

News on RAGE and HUNTING ZOE Limiteds...

October is the month that sees two Gerlach new releases, both RAGE and HUNTING ZOE are released. RAGE receives its first release in the US and HUNTING ZOE is released in Australia. Below is the latest news on both releases:

RAGE: The latest from Larry Roberts at Bloodletting Press

"The prototype for the metal slipcase for RAGE is now complete and is painted to look like a video cassette case for one of the Snuff Films the main character watches in the book. These are really cool. I'll have some pictures up on the web-site in the coming days at Orders can be taken on the site or at Also remember that if you order from us you'll get a free chapbook with an all new Gerlach short story called CellCandy. We have a lot more Gerlach releases in Bloodletting Pressís future...many surprises to come, so stay tuned!! -- Larry."

HUNTING ZOE: The latest from Troy Taylor at Wild Roses Productions

"At Wild Roses we're having a Zoe Giveaway! Yep, you heard right, each and every pre order of HUNTING ZOE will go in the draw to win a signed and (if requested) inscribed 1st edition copy of the book that introduced the world to Zoe Barber - LOVE LIES DYING. This is a VERY sought after book and is one of only two hundred trade paperback copies ever produced.

To enter, all you have to do is place a pre-order for the highly anticipated accompaniment, HUNTING ZOE. It couldn't be any easier! For more on the LOVE LIES DYING giveaway (including the terms and conditions) please see the news page on the website. -- Troy."

September 1, 2003

Gerlach "Guest Author" at Shadow Writer

September sees Steve Gerlach as the Guest Author on the Shadow Writer website from the UK. Paul Kane, who runs the site, is also one of the UK's new breed of authors, and recently Paul and Steve sat down for a lengthy interview. In the interview, Steve discusses everything from the RLK! site to upcoming releases, including some cool inside information about LAKE MOUNTAIN and DEAD OF NIGHT.

So, follow this link: to read the interview.

The exclusive Gerlach short story, SCHISM, can be accessed at: But the short story will be online for this month only! So, surf on over now before it's too late!

August 1, 2003

RAGE US edition update...

A reminder that the lettered and limited hardback US editions of RAGE are released very soon now. The lettered edition is sold out, but there are still a few remaining copies of the limited edition hardback for sale. Larry Roberts, from Bloodletting Press, provided this update about the release:

"RAGE will be heading to the printers next month and we hope to be shipping in October. The lettered edition is already SOLD OUT but we still have some of the limited editions available. There is only 300 of these being produced so we don't expect the remaining to last very long. Also if you order from us you'll get a free chapbook with an all new short story called CellCandy.

As Steve and I were pondering ways to make the lettered editions of this production unique I jokingly stated that it would be great if they were signed in blood. Steve loved the idea and was more than happy to open his veins for such a worthy cause.

The following link will give witness to the (excuse the pun) bloodletting. This is not for the faint of heart!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to see the bloodletting now!

Lake Mountain... begins!

Steve provided us with this latest update on his new novel, Lake Mountain:

"Let the word go forth...
On Saturday, July 26, 2003, from 7:15 to 8:05 PM,
the first 4 pages of the opening chapter of Lake Mountain were written."

Exciting news indeed! More news on the next Gerlach novel when it comes to hand...

July 1, 2003

US RAGE Builds

Just a reminder that the US hardback edition of Steve Gerlach's RAGE is set for a September release. The publishers are calling this the "Extreme Uncut US edition" and it includes scenes originally removed from the Australian version.

From what we've seen and heard so far, it's going to be a killer hardback, and you won't want to miss it. The lettered edition is already sold out! There are still stocks of the limited edition available for pre-order, but remember this is a strictly limited edition!

For our Australian readers, because this edition will be shipped from the US, TerrorOZ! is trying to cut down on shipping costs for you all with a bulk order of the books being sent down to us. We'll then forward your orders on to you - saving shipping costs.

The more people who order, the cheaper it will be for everyone "Down Under". So, if you are interested in ordering through us, email us and we'll see what sort of a discount we can get.

For the REST OF WORLD, orders should be placed online via and

Check out what everyone else is saying about Steve Gerlach's RAGE on the RAGE page.

"CellCandy" part of RAGE extras...

Bloodletting Press and have teamed up to bring their customers of Steve Gerlach's upcoming limited edition RAGE a little gift. If you preorder (or have already preordered) the limited edition or lettered edition of RAGE, you'll get a bonus Steve Gerlach promotional chapbook not available for sale called CellCandy -- completely free!

Click here for info on the limited edition of RAGE:

Click here for info on the lettered edition of RAGE:

Click here for Caniglia art prints for sale from RAGE:

Or visit the publisher's site at:

One reader, lucky enough to get a sneak peek at CellCandy, had this to say:

"I needed a break at work and decided to read that Gerlach short story you sent me, CellCandy.
Bad decision, because now I feel a little sick and even ashamed of myself.
It's a very perverted and disturbing story...and part of me liked it.
I feel like I've committed some sort of crime and am going to burn in hell. "
-- Jason Villeneuve,, USA

Who could ask for more? ;)

June 1, 2003

HUNTING ZOE special features and cover to be announced soon

We're getting close to the release of HUNTING ZOE and that means the extra special features will be announced soon. As will the covers for the release, which will simply knock your socks off. Stay tuned, more on this release soon as the excitement mounts.

To whet your appetite, check our Hunting Zoe page.

Another big announcement pending...

We can't say anything right now, but there IS another big announcement pending. Hang in there...more news soon!

May 1, 2003

RAGE US cover unveiled.

As mentioned last month, the US version of RAGE will be released later this year. We can now also unveil the stunning cover artwork by Canigila

This is going to be on hell of a release. The publisher's site mentions this version is "The Extreme, Uncut Edition - previously banned in Australia." Who could ask for more? For more details, head over to the RAGE page now.

Pre-orders (and more information) can be found at Shocklines and Bloodletting Press.

RAGE and HUNTING ZOE top Shocklines bestsellers...

The month of April was a very exciting one for Gerlach fans, with RAGE entering the Shocklines Advance-orders bestseller list and reaching the number 1 spot after just two weeks. HUNTING ZOE also had success on the same list, topping out at number 6!

Make sure you get your orders in now at Shocklines before all copies are sold out. You don't want to miss your chance at these new releases!

April 2, 2003

RAGE to see US hardback release!

For those of you who missed out on the ultra-limited Wild Roses lettered edition of RAGE, you'll be happy to know that the contracts have been signed to bring Lettered and Limited editions of RAGE to the US market later this year. The good folks at Bloodletting Press will be publishing a very special edition of RAGE. This will be a (US) Fall Release.

The US edition of RAGE will be the uncut version with whole chapters and scenes that did not appear in the Australian version, and the author's preferred text. 300 signed and numbered hardbacks (signed by all contributors) will be available for $US45.00. 26 Lettered editions will also be available that will be leather bound, traycased, with extra art and will be signed in the author's own BLOOD!!!!! $US150.00

This edition will feature an introduction by Simon Clark, and new cover artwork by Canigila! Pre-orders (and more information) can be found at Shocklines and Bloodletting Press. Hell, it's already hit the Shocklines Bestseller list, coming in at #9 for the week of March 28 (that's the first week of orders, folks)! So get your order in today.


The "SPECIAL Z" release we've been talking about for the past few months is now taking shape. Part of the package, (and we stress only PART of the package) is a novella called "HUNTING ZOE" which will be of great interest to those readers who have read Love Lies Dying. More news on this will be released in the next few months, but there'll be some exciting extras in this package that you just won't want to miss.

We can currently release information about the "HUNTING ZOE" portion of the package:

The cover artwork will be by Keith Minnion and it will be published Mid 2003 as a limited hardcover edition, limited to 400 signed and numbered copies, as well as a lettered hardcover edition, limited to 26 signed and lettered copies, housed in a special traycase and bound in full leather.

Pre-orders (and more information) can be found at Shocklines and Wildroses Productions who will be publishing the whole package later this year. becomes!

The hottest place on the net to buy all your horror needs has just become even hotter. Yep, Matt at Shocklines now has a page dedicated to all Steve Gerlach novels, short stories and artwork. Matt is aiming to be the one-stop-shop on the net for everything Gerlach, and he's doing a damn fine job of it, if you ask us. Check out the Steve Gerlach page now at

Shocklines is also currently running a Gerlach competition where you could win a copy of the ultra-limited Wild Roses edition of RAGE. Check out the competition now at: and enter before May 15. Good luck!

And did we mention RAGE debuted on the Shocklines Bestseller list, coming in at #9 for the week of March 28!? So get your order in today.

March 1, 2003

Gerlach on eBay

Currently, there's one copy of the Gerlach novels THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING up for bids on eBay. This is the first time the novels have appeared on eBay, and they're being sold by a collector who bought multiple copies before they originally sold out.

So, for those people who have been trying to hunt the books down, here's your chance!

Check out the links at:



Happy bidding!

ILT now rolling...

Acceptances for the In Laymon's Terms anthology (which Steve is editing along with Kelly Laymon and Rich Chizmar) have now all been sent out. The production of the anthology is now rolling and we hope to bring you more news soon, including the line-up of writers and artists, as well as some special surprises too. More soon...

"Gerlach Mania"

The latest DarkVesper Publishing Newsletter has this update on the release of The Nocturne in the US:

Gerlach Mania!
If you haven't yet heard of the amazing Australian horror author Steve Gerlach, you soon will. No one has who has read Gerlach has come away unaffected and unthrilled. He has a rollercoaster style of writing that's locks you in and doesn't let you off until the last page.

And here's the big scoop. There is currently a screenplay in the works for Steve's novel The Nocturne, and DarkVesper will be releasing a very limited paperback of this screenplay as a gift for our customers who pre-order the lettered edition of The Nocturne. We will only be printing to match the exact number of pre-orders and with only 26 of the lettered edition available, this will be a very rare collectable.

Find out more at:

Rumor has it that there will also be a screenplay of LOVE LIES DYING sometime down the track. More news on this soon...

February 1, 2003

"Special Z" teaser released...

The first teaser for the "Special Z" package, being released later this year, is now available. You probably found it playing on the TerrorOZ welcome page. If not, you'll find it playing below. (A flash plug-in will be needed for your browser to run the teaser...)

More details of exactly what "Special Z" will contain will be released in the leadup to the publishing date. Keep your eye on this page, plus the Wildroses Productions page, for more details.

RAGE signing party pics now online...

Long overdue, we are proud to present Steve's official RAGE signing party pics. These were taken at the after-signing party by Steve himself, and hopefully allow you to share some of the excitement and fun of the party. Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of the images. Steve would like to thank all those who attended the party. A great time was had by all.

Early arrivals always get the best drinks...
As we were to learn later, never stand in the doorway to the kitchen.
Gatecrashers. Party number 2 for these kind folks. Bill in the background lets his feelings be known.
Where did John get that hat? Jen and Meg wonder...
Auditions have begun for the role of psychokiller in the next Gerlach release...
Meg, Harley and Jen. Harley may have won the audition for next female lead...
The feast fit for kings.
Late arrivals miss all the fun and end up standing outside.
Aaah, the Ratpack! Watch out for these guys. They give new meaning to the term "sales team".
But our favorite photo is of the "Gerlach Groupies" otherwise known as the "69 Girls" They will do ANYTHING to appear in a Gerlach novel. Look for them appearing soon...

The "official" book signing pics can be found at the Wildroses Productions site using this link.

January 1, 2003

"Special Z" is coming...

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2003! From everyone here at TerrorOZ! we'd like to wish you the best for the New Year. There's some cool Gerlach releases coming this year, "Special Z" and the Dark Vespers hardback US edition of THE NOCTURNE, just to mention two! So keep visiting for up-to-date news from the Gerlach world.

-- TerrorOZ!

Family Plots Table of Contents released.

Randy Wiggins, the editor of the most eagerly awaited anthology of 2003, Family Plots, recently announced the stories that would be appearing in the anthology. The list of authors and stories is a terrific one, including one of Steve Gerlach's favorite short stories! The Table of Contents has Steve listed as: 6. BROKEN COOKIE – STEVE GERLACH

You can find out more about the anthology and place a pre-order now via: or

December 1, 2002

RAGE Sold Out!

Steve Gerlach's RAGE, published by Wild Roses Publications, is already SOLD OUT!

This is terrific news for a book that is not officially released until today. Troy Taylor, Wild Roses Editor-in-chief, says the response was overwhelming and he hopes to have the novel shipped in the next week or two. Photos of Steve signing and inscribing the books will be available here soon.

If you've missed out on ordering RAGE, quickly contact or to see if they have any left in stock!

Gerlach Screenplays?

We have only limited details available at this stage, but it is believed that an Australian screenwriter has contacted Steve about producing screenplays for both THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING.

It is planned that once the screenplays are written, they will then be shopped to various production houses in the US, UK and Australia. More news on this when it breaks...

However, the good news for those people who have already pre-ordered the US Dark Vespers Hardback Lettered edition of THE NOCTURNE, due for release mid-2003, is that (pending contract signings) the screenplay for THE NOCTURNE will be included in the Dark Vespers Lettered edition, along with the novel.

More news when we know it...stay tuned.

Also, keep checking the site, or pre-order the hardback editions of both THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING through now.

Looks like 2003 will be a bumper Gerlach year, with new releases (both in print and other forms) planned as well.

November 1, 2002

RAGE - 1 month to go!

With RAGE due to be released in December by Wild Roses Productions, the excitement is building. Below you'll find the cover artwork for the novel. Everyone involved would like to thank Keith Minnion for bringing alive the main character in RAGE and producing a truly scary piece of artwork.

Check out more of Keith's great cover artwork at: For RAGE ordering information, head on over to the Wild Roses Productions website, or check out our very own RAGE page.

Gerlach gets FAMILY PLOT

Just a quick note that Steve's short story BROKEN COOKIE will be appearing in the Wild Roses anthology FAMILY PLOTS due for release in 2003. More news on this when it breaks. Also, there's a page dedicated to FAMILY PLOTS at Wild Roses Productions

Libraries can be cool!

Terror Oz! has recently voted the libraries of New South Wales, Australia, as the coolest libraries on the planet. In fact, the Campbelltown Library and St. Spyridon College library in Maroubra came out on top.


Well, they now have copies of both THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING on their shelves. So, if you missed out on buying your copies, why not join the library and check them out? Or, campaign for your own local library to put in an order today.

October 1, 2002

The RAGE builds!

Countdown for the release of the Wild Roses Productions edition of Steve Gerlach's RAGE has begun. And we can now announce some of the terrific extras that make up part of this edition. These include:

- Cover art by Keith Minnion
- An introduction by Simon Clark
- A special "launch party" that will have to be seen to be believed

More to come when we know the details, but for now, here's the cover quote from Simon Clark:

"Gerlach's RAGE is a volcano of a story that builds from
deceptively quiet beginnings to an incandescent eruption of violence.
This tale of one man's smouldering, malignant rage at society is a potent one."
-- Simon Clark, author of Vampyrrhic, UK

Advance reviews can be read at the Rage page now.

Where to buy RAGE

No matter where you are in the world, we have you covered for copies of RAGE. Check out the listings below for both Australia and the US.:

From Matt Schwartz at Shocklines in the US:

Hey Gerlach fans, I can't wait for RAGE. Just so everyone knows, we now have a complete selection of Steve Gerlach items up for preorder at Just use the URL below.

We're taking preorders on the Wild Roses Productions version of RAGE, plus the Dark Vesper hardcover productions of THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING. We're also taking preorders on In Laymon's Terms, which Steve is co-editing.

We're out of stock on Steve's trade paperbacks right now, but we expect to get a handful of second edition copies of THE NOCTURNE very soon. Keep an eye on the site for those if you're interseted.

So start up those preorders -- remember, at Shocklines you don't get charged anything until the book exists, is in our hands, and is ready to ship, so there's no risk in placing an early advance order.

Matt -- you've never seen a bookstore like this!

From Troy Taylor at WildRoses in Australia:

Steve Gerlach's RAGE, is now available for pre-order from Wild Roses Productions! All you have to do is visit to put your name down for a copy! But remember, there's only 26 copies available and copies are going fast! So make sure you hurry!

September 1, 2002

Win a copy of RAGE at Wild Roses!

Here's the latest news from Wild Roses Productions about Steve Gerlach's new novel, RAGE:

In line with the release of our first Premiere Collection book, RAGE by Steve Gerlach, Wild Roses Productions is giving away a FREE copy of the lettered edition, signed and inscribed by the author. To be in to win, all you have to do is answer the following questions correctly:

1) Steve Gerlach is the webmaster of which well known horror authorís official website?

2) What is the full name of the main female character in Steveís previous novel, LOVE LIES DYING?

3) Which Wild Roses Productions book is currently scheduled for publication in March 2003?

4) Who are the four authors whose novels will be published as a part of the Premiere Collection?

Please email your name, address and answers to by the 15th September 2002. All correct entries will go into the draw, which will be held on the 1st October 2002.

The judgeís decision is final and no negotiations will be entered into. The winner will be notified by Email and posted on the website. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The competition is open to residents of all countries. Prizes will be sent out as soon as the book has been published. If you have any further questions, please email us. Good Luck!

RAGE will be available for pre-orders from September 7, at the Wild Roses Productions site.

THE NOCTURNE now sold out.

People, it's official! THE NOCTURNE has now joined LOVE LIES DYING - both are now sold out from the publisher!

Matt from Shocklines just bought up the remaining stock of THE NOCTURNE from the publisher. So, it is officially SOLD OUT!

However, if you *have* been thinking about buying a copy, the final copies can be bought from Matt at - but get in early before they all go!

August 1, 2002

Gerlach US Releases in 2003/2004

The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying will see their first US hardback releases in 2003 and 2004 thanks to the wonderful folks at DarkVesper publishing!

Both novels will be released in two editions: a lettered special edition of only 26 and a limited edition of 500.

This is terrific news as both novels will appear in hardback for the first time and will be widely available in the USA.

We'll bring you updates on both novels as the news breaks. Both will be illustrated and will have some very special extras, including introductions from some big names in the horror world.

For more details, keep an eye on this news page and also the DarkVesper Publishing website. And while you're there, head on over to the Gerlach Message Board attached to the site and leave a message. You can find it at:

More details on RAGE from Wild Roses Productions

More news about the release of the next Gerlach novel, RAGE, has been released by Wild Roses Productions:

"Wild Roses Productions is thrilled to announce the publication of the new Steve Gerlach novel! RAGE will be published in a Lettered and Signed Hardcover edition, limited to only 26 copies, in December 2002!

We're excited to announce that RAGE will be the first of four (possibly five), books that Wild Roses Productions plan to publish as their 'Premiere Collection'! The Premiere Collection books will all be in lettered hardcover format and each book will be limited to only 26 copies!

Keith Minnion, who created artwork for the likes of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Richard Laymon's "The Wilds" has signed on to do the dust jack artwork for all four Premiere Collection books! Keith will be producing four full color pieces for us.

For up to date news as it happens join our mailing list at Be sure to include your e-mail address and name in the body of the e-mail."

Find out more (and sign up for your copy of RAGE before it sells out) at the Wild Roses Productions site now.

Love Lies Dying Sold Out

It's official, folks. As of 6:44pm on Tuesday, July 9, the Aussie edition of Love Lies Dying is officially SOLD OUT! This is terrific news and we had NO IDEA they would all move so quickly!

Copies of The Nocturne are low, but we still have a few left. So, it looks like the decks will be cleared for when RAGE appears later this year!

Thanks to everyone who supported Love Lies Dying. Both Zoe and Steve thank you from the bottom of their innocent little hearts... ;)


While Love Lies Dying *has* sold out from the publisher, there are still copies on bookstore shelves. The following three stores confirm they still have copies of Love Lies Dying available for purchase:

For those who live in Victoria, Australia, I suggest you try:

M.J's Bookshop
77a Boronia Rd
Boronia VIC 3155
Ph: (03) 9761 0599

** Ask at the counter for the book by name, as currently it is in the NEW RELEASES section and NOT the horror section **

For those who live in New South Wales, Australia, try:

For those in America, Matt at has stocks as well.

And, of course, The Nocturne is still available from these stores too (as well as through this site), although stocks are low.

Love Lies Dying review on

While on the subject of Love Lies Dying, a review of the novel has just been posted to Horrorfind by Brian Keene. A copy of the review is below. Beware, however, as the review does contain SPOILERS for those who are yet to read the novel!


Reviewed by: Brian Keene
On Tue Jul 23 17:16:49 2002
Review rating: 4 Skulls

LOVE LIES DYING by Steve Gerlach

(Probable Cause Productions, 2002, Limited Edition Signed Hardcover, $27.00, 563 pages, ISBN-0-9578641-1-6)

It would be easy to compare Steve Gerlach’s writing to that of the late Richard Laymon. As he did many young horror authors, Laymon befriended the Australian writer. It’s clearly evident to even the most casual reader that Gerlach cut his teeth on Laymon’s sparse, hard-hitting and unique prose. The more dedicated horror fan will also know that Gerlach is responsible for the Richard Laymon Kills website (affectionately called RLK! by devotees worldwide).

Yes, the Master was an influence on Gerlach, and it shows. But in LOVE LIES DYING, Gerlach has developed a powerful voice that, while echoing of Laymon’s style, is distinctly his own. He uses that voice to push the art of the psychological thriller to newer and even more brutal heights than any of his predecessors.

LOVE LIES DYING is the story John Murdock, an easily identifiable every-man caught up in a bizarre and horrifying chain of events. Wasting no time with literary feel-good nonsense, Gerlach opens with a bang. By the end of the first page, John’s wife Helen is missing, and a clearly psychopathic nymph is lying naked on his couch. The serial killer/sex kitten turns out to be Zoe Barber, one of the most interesting and chilling female killers since Robert R. McCammon’s MINE.

Zoe has something to do with Helen’s disappearance, and if John can resist her advances and hold her at bay long enough, he might discover what that is. But time is running out for both John and his wife, and the terror is just beginning.

(And that’s only in the first chapter!)

Gerlach’s chapters read like short stories—complete, satisfying and leaving you wanting more. Skilled at both plot and pacing, his narratives keep the story moving at hyper-speed. This is the perfect summer book.

It will be interesting to see Gerlach’s style develop with future offerings. If this sophomore work is any indication, he could prove to be a major name in psychological horror.

LOVE LIES DYING is a fast, fun and heart-pounding read! If you enjoy the works of Jack Ketchum, Ed Gorman, or (of course) Richard Laymon, then pick it up quick. The limited edition is sure to sell out fast!

* * *

Brian Keene serves as Horrorfind’s Fiction Editor, and was the editor of the BEST OF HORRORFIND anthology. He is a four-time nominee and one-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award. His books include NO REST FOR THE WICKED, NO REST REDUX, TALKING SMACK, and 4X4 (co-written with Geoff Cooper, Michael T. Huyck and Michael Oliveri). His next book is the post-apocalyptic zombie novel MORE THAN INFINITY. To learn more, visit his website at

EOD final episode online now

The final part of our original Gerlach material - the third episode of the unproduced Doctor Who story called The Emissary of Death - is now online. Enjoy the last part of this exciting story!

Click on the link below:

Emissary of Death

July 1, 2002

Breaking News: RAGE in limited edition hardback!

Australian small press publisher Wildrose Productions has just announced a limited edition hardback version of RAGE will be released later this year.

The details are yet to be released, but we hope to have a clearer idea of the specifics by our August update. This is great news for all Gerlach fans, as this will see another Gerlach novel released this year! More news on this exciting development soon.

Meanwhile, check out the Wildroses Productions website at

EOD episode two online now

Last month saw our first upload of original Gerlach material in the form of an unproduced episode of Doctor Who called The Emissary of Death. The feedback to the first episode has been quite extraordinary, so we're pleased to provide you with episode two this month.

Click on the link below to read the exclusive second episode:

Emissary of Death

Gerlach's Guides in the Galaxy

For those who have been asking where they can pick up copies of THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING, they *are* available through bookstores in Australia. All you need is each book's ISBN number (found on TerrorOz!) to order.

For those who live in Victoria, I suggest you try:

M.J's Bookshop
77a Boronia Rd
Boronia VIC 3155

Ph: (03) 9761 0599

There are plenty of copies of THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING in stock there now. And they're all signed too! ;)

For those who live in New South Wales, try:

Galaxy will have stocks within a week and they're all signed too! ;)

For those in America, Matt at is also taking orders. So you can order there too!

Of course, you can continue to order through this site as well!

So, there are many ways to get hold of THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING!

June 1, 2002

Gerlach scripts exclusively on TerrorOZ!

We've had many requests from fans to have some original Gerlach material uploaded to TerrorOZ! Steve has gone through his extensive archives and brought out some amazing stuff exclusively for us at TerrorOZ! which will be uploaded over the next few months. This month, we've got a real surprise. Here's what Steve has to say about it:

"Back in 1986, I was fully into my script writing stage. I wrote both movie and tv scripts before I wrote my first novel, which was called UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. So what I've found is a long-forgotten three-part script called THE EMISSARY OF DEATH, that I wrote and submitted for the UK science fiction program, DOCTOR WHO. The script made it on to the producer's desk but, unfortunately, the program was cancelled before any decision was made on it. I hope everyone on the site enjoys these scripts. They're a bit of fun, and I want you to produce them with all the incorrect formatting and spelling errors intact! Hahaha. Another bit of trivia, you'll find my very first pen name on the scripts, as at that time I didn't want anyone to know I was submitting sci-fi. Enjoy! -- Steve Gerlach"

We'll upload each of the three episodes over the next three months. Starting, of course, this month with Episode One of THE EMISSARY OF DEATH. Click on the link below to read the exclusive first episode:

Emissary of Death

More authors praise Love Lies Dying

Here's the latest couple of terrific quotes from well known horror writers who have read and enjoyed Love Lies Dying:

From Brian Keene:
From Rain Graves:

"Gerlach has created a tense, tightly-written, and terrifying suspense novel.
Fans of Ketchum, Laymon, and Slade won't want to pass this one by.
Love Lies Dying truly does leave the reader on the edge of their seat.
I challenge you to try putting this one down once you've started it!"

-- Brian Keene, Multiple Bram Stoker Award
Nominated Author of No Rest For The Wicked,
4X4, and More Than Infinity.

"With Love Lies Dying, Steve Gerlach gives us
a page-turning psychological thriller of bizarre
twists and never-to-be-forgotten characters.
Truly a terrific read."

-- Rain Graves,
author of Blood of a Black Bird
and The Gossamer Eye, USA

Copies of the first edition of Love Lies Dying are running out fast, so get your order in as soon as possible!

May 1, 2002

Gerlach Message Board now live.

Just a quick note that there's a new Gerlach message board that's just gone live!

You'll find it at:

Yep, it's the official Steve Gerlach Message Board, so feel free to drop by and leave a message or two for Steve. He will reply to any and all questions and comments.

April 2, 2002

The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying selling fast!

It's terrific to be able to report that copies of both The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying are selling fast!

In fact, the 1st edition of Love Lies Dying is already getting very low on stocks.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for buying copies and then waiting for them to arrive. I know some copies are still on their way to you, but I am getting feedback that copies to the UK and US are finally hitting the shores in those countries.

Thanks once again for all your support and don't forget to send us an email when you've read the books. Let us know what you think, or send a review we can upload to the site.

Last of all, tell your friends and family, let them know the books are available.

Now I have to pull my finger out and complete work on RAGE and start writing LAKE MOUNTAIN!

-- Steve G.

Non-Fiction reminder...

Just a quick reminder that Steve also writes non-fiction pieces for magazines in the UK and US. Steve has a regular monthly column in THE SPOOK MAGAZINE from New York, and also writes a column called Latest Kills for PEEP SHOW MAGAZINE in the UK.

For more details on both these magazines, follow the links below:

The Spook Magazine can be found at:

Peep Show Magazine can be found at:

Steve Gerlach to judge Aussie True Crime award

Steve will be an official judge at this year's Ned Kelly Awards for Australian Crime Writing.

The Ned Kelly Awards are Australia's crime writing awards and this year Steve will be sitting on the Best True Crime judging panel, deciding which is the best true crime release from 2001. The awards are announced at The Night Cat Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne, on the evening of Thursday, August 29. Steve is honored to be part of the awards this year as a judge and is looking forward to his role.

More details about the awards can be found here:


The Richard Laymon Kills! website recently posted the submission guidelines for the Richard Laymon tribute anthology, IN LAYMON'S TERMS which will be released later this year by Cemetery Dance.

Steve is editing the anthology along with Kelly Laymon (Richard's daughter) and Rich Chizmar. For details about submitting to this tribute anthology, check out the RLK! NEWS page now. Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2002.

Surf over to RLK! now.

March 1, 2002

The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying Update

Here's an update from Probable Cause Productions, the publishers of The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying:

"Probable Cause Update - Steve Gerlach Releases:

Copies of LOVE LIES DYING are now in stock. All orders are being filled as we speak and we hope to have the last of the orders shipped and on their way by March 8.

Thanks to everyone for ordering and hanging in there and being patient. We think you'll enjoy both LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE.

For those of you who are yet to order, get in now before they're all sold out! Remember, first edition copies of THE NOCTURNE were sold out in two months in 1999! Don't miss out on this 2nd edition of THE NOCTURNE or 1st edition of LOVE LIES DYING!"

Praise for The Nocturne: Praise for Love Lies Dying:

"A really fast paced, grim,
exciting, sexy novel. It's
very gripping, violent, and
weird. I really enjoyed it.
The Nocturne is a book
that any Laymon fan ought
to enjoy. "
-- Richard Laymon,
author of The Cellar, USA

"Love Lies Dying is a
disturbing, twisted,
sexually-charged dark
ride of suspense."
-- Douglas Clegg,
author of Naomi, USA

Shipping rates and costs are in the table below, along with the price of the novels (and a special TerrorOZ deal for buying both). All orders through TerrorOZ will receive a personally signed and inscribed copy by the author. Both novels are trade paperback size (large paperback).

Cover Price
Ship to Aus
Ship to US
Ship to UK/Europe
Ship to Rest of World
$35 AUS
$18 US
£12 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
$40 AUS
$20 US
£14 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
RLK! Special:
Order Both
$70 AUS
$35 US
£24 UK
Add $10 AUS
Add $10 US
Add £8 UK
Add $15 US

You can place your order online now by sending us an email letting us know which book or books you want and where you are located in the world. We'll get back to you with final costs. Payment methods include cash, International Money Orders and through Paypal (using as the seller ID).

Order through Paypal here:

Send us your order today! Email:

February 1, 2002

The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying Update

Here's an update from Probable Cause Productions, the publishers of The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying:

"Probable Cause Update - Steve Gerlach Releases:

Copies of THE NOCTURNE are now in and ready to ship. Orders for THE NOCTURNE will be shipped in the first week of February.

Copies of LOVE LIES DYING are due in the 2nd week of February and will be shipped in the third week of February.

Those people who ordered both books will have their copies of THE NOCTURNE held and shipped with LOVE LIES DYING."

Thanks to everyone who has ordered. Some copies of each book still remain, so get your orders in before they all sell out! Spread the word and don't forget to continue visiting the official Steve Gerlach website for more news, reviews and ordering information.

Steve Gerlach / TerrorOz Mailing List

The official mailing list for the "Terror from Down Under", Aussie author Steve Gerlach, is now up and running at Yahoo Groups.

Feel free to subscribe if you want to keep up to date with the latest news and releases! This year is going to be a big one with a minimum of 4 books planned to be released!

Send an email to:

Then you'll be first with all the news and surprises. (And even a couple of special events planned for later this year!)

January 1, 2002

Terror Australis! Welcomes you to 2002!

Welcome to 2002! With the possibility of 3 or 4 Gerlach releases this year, it's going to be a terrific year for all his fans. We'll keep you up-to-date with all the news and events from the "Terror from Down Under" as they happen! Thanks for making this site one of the most frequented author sites in Australia!

-- the TerrorOZ! team.

LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE orders steadily growing.

It's great news to be able to report that pre-orders for LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE have been flooding in. Also, some reviews from those lucky enough to receive advance proof copies of LOVE LIES DYING have been posted to the LOVE LIES DYING Reviews page. Check them out now. They certainly will whet your whistle for what's to come!

Orders are still being taken and the books should be ready by the middle of January. For more details, see the update below for December 1, 2001.

December 1, 2001

PCP announces release dates for LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE

Probable Cause Productions announce the release of Steve Gerlach's latest novel LOVE LIES DYING in a limited edition 1000 copy run. PCP also announce a 2nd-edition release of Gerlach's previously sold-out THE NOCTURNE.

Orders are being taken now, and the books will ship in January 2002. Shipping rates and costs are in the table below, along with the price of the novels (and a special TerrorOz! deal for buying both). All orders through TerrorOz! will receive a personally signed and inscribed copy by the author . Both novels are trade paperback size (large paperback).

Cover Price
Ship to Aus
Ship to US
Ship to UK/Europe
Ship to Rest of World
$35 AUS
$18 US
£12 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
$40 AUS
$20 US
£14 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
TerrorOz! Special:
Order Both
$70 AUS
$35 US
£24 UK
Add $10 AUS
Add $10 US
Add £8 UK
Add $15 US

More information on each book, including cover artwork, blurb and reviews, can be found on each book's official page on this site.

You can place your order online now by sending us an email letting us know which book or books you want and where you are located in the world. We'll get back to you with final costs. Payment methods include cash, International Money Orders and through Paypal (using as the seller ID).

Order through Paypal here:

Send us your order today! Email:

November 1, 2001

LLD: In Production...

LLD has just gone into production. So, hopefully we'll be seeing the layout and format that the book will take very soon. According to Probable Cause Productions, LLD looks like being released in December or January. More news when it comes to hand.

Copies of the final draft have been sent to the "Team Gerlach" readers for their final approval. Feedback will be incorporated into the final version of the book. We're almost there everyone!

IN LAYMON'S TERMS released 2002.

The Richard Laymon Kills! website reported the following news in its October update:

"RLK! is proud to report that Cemetery Dance will be announcing in early November the release of IN LAYMON'S TERMS, a Laymon anthology to beat them all!

Featuring some of the best horror writers in the genre today, IN LAYMON'S TERMS will be a publishing event no Laymonite will want to miss!

Edited by Richard Chizmar, Steve Gerlach and Kelly Laymon, IN LAYMON'S TERMS will feature both fiction and non-fiction from writers writing in Laymon's style or with enough blood, gore and horror to make Dick proud. IN LAYMON'S TERMS is scheduled for release in late 2002.

More news after the official Cemetery Dance announcement sometime this week. Stay tuned! You're going to love it!"

So, look out in 2002 for my first anthology. Keep up to date with the latest with the anthology by visiting RLK!.

TerrorOZ! gets Skase!

A quick note to all Aussies out there! The film LET'S GET SKASE has opened around Australia. Check it out and also look for the following on screen credit at the end:

** Historical Advisor - Steve Gerlach **

Yep, your humble author gets his first movie credit as the advisor on this film! Woo-hoo! Find out more at:

For those overseas, Let's Get Skase is a factional account of the attempt by the Australian Government to bring one of Australia's most infamous businessmen back to Australia for trial. Look out for it (if it ever makes it to your country)!

On other news...non fiction


Check out the first of my semi-regular reports on the weird and wonderful side of Australian life in The Spook Magazine. The first article, dealing with ghost tours in Melbourne, is in the October edition of The Spook. The Spook is a free downloadable online magazine that's taking the internet by storm. Download all the issues now at


My second UK column on the horror genre appears in the December edition of PEEP SHOW magazine. The first one brought some great feeedback, so I'm sure you'll really enjoy the second too. More news about this can be found at

September 1, 2001

LLD: Changes and Production

Hi again. Been a while since an update, due mainly to working on the final edit, getting feedback from the secret team of readers and making improvements here and there. We're looking at the production schedule now, and copies of LLD look like being ready around November! Just in time for Christmas! At the same time, 2nd edition copies of The Nocturne will also be available! Hang in there, we're almost there!

The LLD page has also been updated with the cover blurb and new cover image! Check it out! The cover has changed from the one shown below on January 1. A change in the storyline meant a change to the cover! Visit the Love Lies Dying page now!


Great debate here at TerrorOz over which novel will be next. LAKE MOUNTAIN has been in development for about 5 years now and should be next (in fact LLD jumped in front of it last year) but the new-comer DEAD OF NIGHT looks the favorite to be next.

More news on this when it breaks.

May 5, 2001

LLD: 1st Draft of DYING (Part III) complete

Just a quick update to let you know the final section, Part III (or what used to be called DYING) is now complete. The final edit of the whole novel will now begin. We think you're going to love it!

January 20, 2001

LLD: 1st Draft of LIES complete

As most of you know, the first section of LOVE LIES DYING was completed last year. The 1st draft of the second section was written over December-January and was completed today. So far, the book weighs in at 490 manuscript pages and we still have the final section to go.

Initally the three sections were to be titled as follows:

Section 1 : Love
Section 2 : Lies
Section 3 : Dying

But during the writing of the LIES section, it became increasingly evident that this format would have to go. Each section is now called Part I, II, and III (original, huh?).

The main reason for the change was that I felt I was giving the reader the wrong impression about the book. For example, the reader might think section one deals with Love, section two contains nothing but Lies and section three has wall-to-wall blood and bodies! This is not true, so I decided to drop the titles so no one got confused. A shame, but the book will be better for it.

Now, I'm going to take a break from the book, set it aside and let it settle. I'll be reading The Safety of Unknown Cities by Lucy Taylor in the meantime. Then I will jump straight back in to revising the first two parts before starting on Part III - which is set up and ready to go.

In other news...two new columns!

In 2001 I'll be writing two new columns for UK and Australian magazines. The details are below:


Look for my first 2001 Australian column in a new crime magazine, being launched in February called CRIME FACTORY.

Yes, after a three year break from columns (my last appearing in the Herald Sun newspaper in 1997) I'm joining the CRIME FACTORY team to feature new releases in the crime genre and generally talk up genre writing as a whole. Check out the site at and put your name down for the free first issue!


Speaking of columns, my first UK column on the horror genre will appear in the UK biannual magazine PEEP SHOW starting in June this year. I'll be bringing readers up to date with the latest news in the Horror field, as well as looking at the latest releases for publishers in the UK, US and Australia. More news about this can be found at

January 1, 2001

Terror Australis! Welcomes you to 2001!

Welcome to 2001! It is going to be a terrific year, that's for make sure you come along for the ride!

-- the TerrorOZ! team.

Love Lies Dying news break...!

Writing of the second section of LLD, called LIES, commenced in December. More news when the section has been completed.

Love Lies Dying cover images unveiled for first time!

Here's the exciting cover artwork for Love Lies Dying, revealed here for the first time.

December 16, 2000

Merry Christmas from everyone at TerrorOZ!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at TerrorOz! Thanks for making TerrorOz! such a frequented site on the internet. We couldn't have done it without all your support in the past few years!

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