THE WILDS (Novella)


There's a fine line between man and beast...and out in The Wilds, you may just cross it.

THE WILDS is a one-sit tour de force by Laymon, perfect for a late-at-night scare session that will be over in under two hours.

Ned Champion has planned a trip into the wilds with his girlfriend. But now, they've split up. Still, he isn't going to waste time sitting around moping - he decides to go without her. Into The Wilds.

Written in journal form, Laymon takes us on a trek into the underbrush of the subconscious. The deeper you go in, the harder it is to come out.

I'm not a big of novellas, but even after finishing such a short tale, you'll feel like you've been with Ned for the length of a full novel. The imagery is crystal clear and, even in journal form, you feel you are there. The story tears along at a rapid pace as Ned starts to lose his grip and becomes more beast than man. The further into the woods you go, the further you are removed from civilisation. And the more you can get away with! And, as usual, get ready for a final twist that is sharp and stunning!

If you like hiking, you'll never be the same after this. Laymon's strengths lie in the fact that he bases his fiction around everyday events that "anybody" could find themselves in. Normal daily events can become very scary indeed!

No, sir, you won't get me on a hiking track for a very long looooong time!

Reviewed by Steve Gerlach

Just finished "The Wilds", deliberately took a long time to read it because the book is very thin.

I didn't want to rush through it too quickly...

It looks like Mr. Laymon has found a new way to entertain and terrorize...

Without giving away anything I must say that it is a GREAT little work and I am curious as to how he will continue this journey, I think I might know which direction this is going...

A straight A !!

Reviewed by Monique from The Netherlands

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