Will he? Won't he? Kept me guessing, I couldn't wait for him to pull the stake and see if the 'vampire' was real. Well written. Again great, albeit unusual story line for Laymon. But however the age old story of Vampires was put to excellent use here, and yet still managed to be original. Rating 10/10 - Reviewed by Lisa Rudd.

I thought this book was a brillant twist on the usual vampire story. It had an excellent story and a suprise ending that is extraordinary. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes vampire stories but is tired of the usual fare. Like any Laymon books, this one was excellent and enjoyable! I rate it an 8 out of 10. - Kimberly Hill

I just finished reading Richard Laymon's book The Stake. Oh my god that was one of the best Vampire books I've ever read. Richard Laymon is such a great writer and I will miss him. All I can say about that books is WOW that was so great. - Savannah Grimes

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