WOW! This book brings back memories! I think everyone has known someone like Melvin at one time or another - strange, lonely and different. I can't wait to see this as a movie, it sure will be interesting. It's good to see that although the overall ending for Vicki was good, that to get there was far from smooth sailing. Her friends getting hurt adds a touch of reality. I particularly liked Ace. She was fun and a pleasure to read about. Another great book! Rating 9 out of 10! Leah Kowalski (

Along with Funland and Darkness Tell Us, this has to be one of my favorite novels by Dick Laymon. It deals with one of my personal favorite horror topics; flesh eating zombies.

Resurrection Dreams is about a High School creep named Melvin, who, for his Senior year science project, tries to resurrect the headless body of a teenaged girl with a car battery. After this sick incedent, Melvin is locked away, never to be seen again; or so you think.

After graduating from college, Vicki, a kid who was in Melvin's class, who witnessed his experiment years before and who was the only person to stand up for him, returns to Ellsworth. Since Melvin was finally released from the "hospital" Vicki knows that she'll have to see him again, but can't stand the thought.

Melvin's experiments with the dead have progressed over the years and he has finally been able to resurrect a dead body. And that's when grissly carnage begins. Melvin will control his "creatures" to do the unthinkable just to get to Vicki, or rather her body. Then he can finally realize his most "genious" resurrection dream of all.

This is, without a dought, Laymon's most gruesome novel yet. As I said in my review of Flesh, this book will have you hugging the toilet bowl, wanting to through up. Practicly anything that could possibly be splattered, gets splattered. Guts, brains, bodily fluids and human organs. Although this novel by Dick dosn't really have any major plot twists per-say, it's still one of my most favorites. Highly recomended! Resurrection Dreams gets 10/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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