Trick or Treat!?

Every true lover of horror fiction would be over the moon finding *this* juicy Laymon treat stuffed into their trick or treat bag at Halloween.

Like a gorgeous candy, lovingly wrapped, this story explodes in your mouth from the first bite and covers you in warm sticky goo. Well, at least it's guaranteed not to rot your teeth!

From page one we're swept into the chase, literally. Poor little Hunter Gordon is being chased while out trick or treating on Halloween night by some bad bad people from the local graveyard. Charging up to the front door of the old Witherspoon house where Laura and Shannon live, he desperately wants to be let inside to escape his pursuers.

By opening the door, Laura and Shannon sweep themselves into a night of horror, bloodshed, sacrifice and murder.

To tell anything more would, well, give it away.... Trust us. You don't want a pre-sucked candy, right? Of course not. So you'll have to get your own. We ain't sharing.

The proof of another excellent Laymon read is in the ingredients; plot twists, great characterisation, thrills, spills, sex and violence. This is a smaller book, more like a novella, but certainly worth your time and cash. Just like THE WILDS, Laymon proves he can deliver all the Laymon goodies once more, even in the shorter format.

ONCE UPON A HALLOWEEN is the perfect addition to anyone's candy bag...

Suck it and see - we know you'll want more.

Trick or Treat?!

Reviewed by Steve Gerlach

This book is a small departure from Richard's other halloween book (Allhallow's Eve) and still scores with good results.

It's Halloween night and trick-or-treators are roaming the streets; and so is something else.

At the old Witherspoon house (site of a grissly murder, like Allhallow's Eve) Shannon and Laura are passing out candy and getting ready to go to a Halloween party. The two women just moved into the old house and fixed it up, unfortunatley, when they cleaned out the dust and cobwebs, they didn't clean out the ghosts. The Witherspoon house is still haunted.

While Laura is passing out candy, a teenaged boy comes running into the house, ranting and raving about people in black robes coming after him. Suddenly, the house is attacked by a cult of naked people (what is this with Richard's killers always being naked?) all carrying axes, bowie knives and pitchforks. You see, this cult is holding a sacrafice ceremony in the next door graveyard. The victims will be children and it will take the unthinkable to stop the group from completing the final sacrafices!

What I liked about this book, was the sub-plot of the ghost in the Witherspoon house and the cult and how the townfolk has to stop them. I do have to admit, though that I did get a little board twords the middle. The book was good, not great. It seems to be more for Richard's fans.

Alltogether the book was still entertaining! I'll give Once Upon A Halloween an 8.5/10.

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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