I thought this was brilliant! Very original (Again!!). I couldn't guess what was going to happen next, (and not from lack of trying). I felt I could understand the character's personalities, and then when they began to change as they got wet, it was fun to see who they'd try to get to. Rating 10/10 - Reviewed by Lisa Rudd

Whoa. Need a book to satisfy your horrific needs? Well, One Rainy Night is the book for you. It's about this small town called Bixby, which is suddenly hit by a burst of rain, which happens to be black. Anyone who makes contact with the rain is turned into a blood-needy, psychopathic killing machines who would stop at nothing to kill the people who had not yet made contact with this rain.

Personally, I loved the book. If you hate the descriptive, raving on books by Stephen King, this novel is for you. Quick, easy to read, Richard Laymon doesn't drone on for one point for two pages; instead he get's straight to the point. Very exciting, immensibly thrilling. The characters aren't complex, and even though there is about eight main character's throughout the story, it is easy to follow from one character to the other, and not get confused.

Over all, it was excellent and very, very suspenseful. I recommend it to any horror fan, Laymon or not.

Reviewed by "Macka"

This was the first Laymon book I read, and have been addicted to Laymon books since.

The story centers around the vengence brought apon a small town by an old voodoo priest seeking revenge for the murder of his grandson. What follows is a story filled with violence, bloodshed (buckets full) and the moral don't go and play in the black rain!

When I read this book I could picture what was happening as if I was watching it on a movie screen and I belive it would make a brilliant movie as would many of his other books.

Reviewed by Andrew Ivens

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