Miscellaneous praise by others

"No one writes like Laymon, and you're going to have a good time with anything he writes."
- Dean Koontz.
"Dick Laymon isn't half as crazy as people think. In fact, he's a very nice man and thoroughly normal - though he is desperate to conceal this niceness lest it detract from his image of dark degeneracy.

I once saw him fix the broken wing of a dying sparrow and then nurse it back to health.

Of course once he nursed it back to health, he devoured it alive, feathers and all, in two bites.

But I suppose he was just hungry."
- Dean Koontz
"If you're in the mood for a little rollercoaster nightmare ride, then step right up...Laymon's going to take you into some dark places you won't easily forget."
- Charles de Lint.
"Laymon uses a typewriter ribbon soaked in cold blood."
- Burt Hirschfeld author of Fire Island.
"If you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat."
- Stephen King.
'Shortly after publishing THE FUNHOUSE, Dean (Koontz) met another writer, Richard Laymon, who became a close friend.

Richard had just published THE CELLAR, and he thought his work bore remarkable similarities to Dean's, although his descriptions were more extreme. They met at the house of another writer, Gary Brandner, and talked about their common sense of structure and character. Dean eventually introduced Richard to his British agent, Bob Tanner, and Richard's success in publishing increased.

Richard was impressed with Dean's knowledge of the business. "He is the person we call whenever we need advice about our careers. He's been studying all this stuff from the beginning; knows who's naughty and nice. He'll tell you who's incompetent, who's a crook, who's a crackpot - and he'll have colorful stories to back up his opinions." Dean also liked to talk to him about politics: "Dean always seemed to have the inside scoop on military and political matters. He used to scare the hell out of me with tales of how close we came to nuclear exchange with the USSR under the Carter administration. He does seem, in real life as well as in his books, to get a kick out of scaring people.'

- Extracted from Katherine Ramsland's new Koontz biography.

"A brilliant writer."
- Sunday Express (UK).
"The scares are shocking and they stay with you. This is not a book for the timid."
- Gary Brandner author of The Howling.
"Stephen King without a conscience"
- Dan Marlowe.
"Gruesome goings-on - and plenty of them."
- Publishers Weekly.
"In Laymon's book, blood doesn't so much drip drip as explode, splatter and coagulate. Its dynamic is described in salivating detail."
- Independent.
"A chilling horror story...electric...its lightheaded tone sets up some white-knuckle moments, and the ending is more than worthy of Laymon's buildup."
- Publishers Weekly on The Stake.
"Laymon's biggest strength is that he is able to provide lighthearted fun and disturb at the same time"
- Fear.
"He has a straightforward storytelling style and an uncanny grasp of just what makes characters work. In just a few sentences he presents those characters to his readers as fully-rounded people, then puts them in the worst situations imaginable, so that readers turn the pages so fast they leave burn marks on the paper."
- Horrorstruck.
"...a very fast, gripping read with some neat and clever turns of plot. The action scenes have a real, you-are-there electricty, and gave me some scarifying jolts."
- Robert McCammon on Night Show.
"This author knows how to sock it to the reader"
- The Times (UK).
"One of the best, and most underrated, writers working in the genre today."
- Cemetery Dance.
"A gut-crunching writer."
- Time Out.

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