This was an exceptionally enjoyable read. This book has suspense and so much originality that I don't think I have ever heard of the concept being used before. Sure everybody has heard of one book or seen someone on TV that has been trapped inside a cave but Laymon transforms this experience into something even more terrifying. The thing about all Laymon's books is that they have an element of truth hidden inside them. That on the off chance these things could actually happen and that is the scariest part of all. I highly recommended this book to anyone who is new to Laymon because it is not one of his longest but is a great display of his mastery. Get a copy now.

Reviewed by Chris Martin

Excellent! I love the way the story switches to different characters, instead of being restricted to one character. It made the storyline more exciting, wanting to know what was happening at each side. I love the fact that the males and females work together to 'save the day', instead of just one being labelled the hero. Rating: 9 out of 10! Leah Kowalski (crowleah@hotmail.com)

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