This book is about a Librarian, called Jane Kerry, who finds an envelope taped to her seat while she is working in her library. The envelope contains a fifty dollar note and a message with a riddle. She solves the riddle quickly (about two pages) and finds another envelope, this one containing two fifty dollar notes and another riddle. With the help of a friend, Brace, she starts to make a lot of money, the contents of the envelope doubling each time. But the riddles get harder and harder, and much more dangerous, and soon she finds herself hooked on a deadly game with the riddle sender.

The book progresses fairly slowly until about chapter fifteen (there are forty-eight chapters all together) when loads of cool stuff starts to happen, i.e. dogs getting impaled on spikes, people eating their own limbs, etc. and this cool stuff carries on until the end of the book, with a great 'grand finale' and every one lives happily ever after.

A pretty big book, but enough deaths and guns and blood to keep any twisted person of today interested.

One of Laymon's best. I couldn't turn the pages quick enough. "MOG" kept me fascinated, waiting to see what 'games' he would come up with next. Jane Kerry, the main character in the story is sent (by way of a promise of money), on errands and puzzle hunts that test her powers of endurance beyond all comprehension. The lure of the game is doubled as the prize money also doubles on completion of each stage. Gory and gut wrenching, in true Laymon style. Rating 10/10. - Reviewed by Lisa Rudd

Loved it! What else can I say? Never read a book so fast in my whole life. Not a single dull moment as you wait eagerly to see what MOG dishes out next. Lots of blood and gore, as Laymon never fails to produce. Maybe we should name Richard Laymon, MOG (Master Of Gore)? Yet another 10 out of 10! - Reviewed by Leah Kowalski.

Simply the best book ever written! I wonder if Richard will ever be able to write a book that will surpass this one, thank you thank you thank you. It's superb! This book should be an "800-page-or-so" one, or maybe some day a sequel will be written? Simply 100/10 (and I mean that!) - Reviewed by Monique van der Linden.

An envelope with one word JANE written on it, let the hunt begin.....

Laymon yet again has us on the edges of our seats, flipping the pages like there's no tomorrow! This book is about a Librarian - Jane Kerry, she finds an envelope on her desk with her name on it, she doesn't know where it came from, it just appeared. Jane opens the envelope to find a crisp fifty dollar note and a riddle from "MOG" this leads Jane to the next envelope which contains two crisp fifty dollar notes and another riddle....

This is my favourite Laymon Book, I couldn't turn the pages faster. I couldn't wait to find out what task MOG would send Jane on next. How far would Jane go? With all the usual twists and turns that you expect from Laymon this book is a must for any Laymon fan!

ONE OF HIS BEST 10/10 - Reviewed by Paulette Reed.

I'd give this one a "5-book, 9 out of 10" rating. I bought it yesterday, and began reading it today. I finished it at 9 p.m., in between my toddler, housework, laundry and errands.

Mog (Master of Games) is certainly a twisted, evil creature. And obviously quite a persuasive one! Jane shows her resourcefulness, strength and courage (underlined by an unmistakably humorous wit) in her dealings with Mog and his "games". well as her personal life. :)

And do men like Brace truly exist, in real life? He's a perfect foil for this wonderful young woman.

It was an exciting, fast paced thriller that had me snarling at my husband to "leave me alone" and sent him away laughing "She's into a good one!"

I'm glad I chose this book (I'm a junkie, and if I don't have a book on hand, I make a mad dash to the nearest store to find one).

As much as I love to read, I generally do not find one that "hooks" me (too much reading? Is there such a thing?). This is a two-thumbs up story.

Keep 'em coming Mr. Laymon...I'm going to be tracking down your past books, and I'll catch up with you soon! So, keep them coming! :)

(Yep, you can tell him I said that..ha!)

Reviewed by Ange Bryant, Texas

In the Dark was the first Laymon book I had ever read and I loved it! I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the way Brace loved Jane. She was completely nuts, but that's what made the book so intriguing. I recommend it to everyone and I intend on reading more Laymon novels. Keep 'em coming. I rate it a 10/10

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