Excellent!! Sick!!! Just the way I love 'em!! Well written. Kept me guessing. (and squeamish). Rating 10/10 - Reviewed by Lisa Rudd

This book by Laymon dosn't get reviewed that much by his fans so I'll do my best at reviewing it.

It starts off with lots of unexplained happenings such as an obese perverted man trying to run down a young woman, a loving husband munching away the flesh of his wife and wierd blood tracks in the grass leading to an old abandoned house that the couple were restoring.

One of the main charactors is Jake, a cop trying to figure out what the heck is happening in the town, and Allison, the heroine, who is trying to find the killer who is brutally, horribly mutilating and eating her friends.

It all ends up to be a long slimy "something" (you'll have to read the book to see what that something is) that climbs up into peoples' backs and turns them into hungry, flesh eating maniacs.

To tell any more would give the whole book away. All in all it's a pretty good read, although it's only 333 pages long and you will want it to be longer. The book loses half a point because the thing that I found iritating is the main character, Allison, deciding wether or not to sleep with her ex boyfriend.

This book will have you hugging the toilet bowl, wanting to throw up. It's nice and gory!

If you like gore, guts and some sex then buy this book, its one of his classics! Flesh gets 9.5/10

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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