Endless night is an extraordinary novel, which kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. A must read for all Laymon fans, and those wanting to read about a little deadly hide and seek. On a scale of one to ten, this book rates 11!

Reviewed by Leah Kowalski

I have to say that this has to be one of the most electrifying and thrilling novels I've ever read. Richard Laymon has interwoven the story around Jody and the sadistic killer Simon, from the killer kulls, quite well. It starts in on the action right away, and is probably made scarier by the fact that something like the situation in Endless Night, while unlikely, could actually happen.

The basic outlay of the story is thus: Jody is staying at her friend's, Evelyn, house. While there, a group of killers break in and slaughter the entire family except her and Evelyns' brother Andy. It then starts on a nail biting thriller of a ride as Jody and Andy escape the killers, killing one on the way, and then try to find their way to safety.

Richard Laymon switches the point of view between Jody to Simon, who is recording his story of the "Killer Kulls" (the name of the slaughtering party), quite well, with this adding to the impulse to continue reading, because you want to see what happens to the other character.

All this is wrapped up with a finale scene that would rival the ending scene of "I Know What You Did Last Summer". The only thing to improve on this brilliantly written thriller would be to make a movie out of it (A good director would probably be Wes Craven [for his work on Scream and Scream 2] or the director of I Know What You Did Last Summer, because they could probably make the movie as electrifiying as the book.)

All in all, I would have to rate it Richard Laymon's best to date (his latest being Fiends), with two close rivals with Quake and Body Rides. A 15/10 novel. READ IT NOW!!!

Reviewed by Geoff Payne

Well. What can I say. I've just finished reading Endless Night and I'm still in a hell of a lot shock!!! This book is great!! Probably the best that I have read. Richard Laymon's other books get you caring for the characters and feeling like you really know them but this one goes one step further. To me the characters were my best friends. My neighbors. My family. I was there with them watching, horror stricken, the events that unfolded around me. So far, out of the ones I've read, this is the one I'd most like to see as a movie. This book picks you up and slams you against a brick wall (not literally) more than a few times. You'll be hooked from the moment you pick it up till the moment you turn that last page. And even then you'll be wishing for more!! Any one who's looking for an excellent read, this books for you!!

Reviewed by Troy Taylor

I have just finished reading 'Endless Night' and I think it's the best book I have ever read! Richard starts straight into the action and your hooked from page one! I love the way he tells the story from both the killer's and the victim's point of view. A definate 10 / 10! -- MS

This book is my particular favourite. It is a great thriller and a fascinating read - I was hooked from the first page to the last ! I rate this book 10/10 because of its ability to keep me interested and enthralled right from the beginning - All Richard's books are amazing but this one is without a doubt his best work yet! -- Tash

ENDLESS NIGHT is a thick book, but, for it`s central concept, its a bloody frightening one. It`s also best to warn you that if you`re squeamish and/or a pyscho who is very easily-influenced then please don`t read this novel.

Whereas some authors such as Stephen King might open a 500+ page novel with a monotonous opening ramble that lasts fifty pages, Laymon, in his infinite wisdom, goes straight for the toast. A family are asleep for the night, nice and happy, with a pal staying over, when sudenly the house is broken into by a murderous gang of pyschotic teenage-boys. The family is slaughtered, but only after they`ve been subjected to sado-masichistic sexual abuse of the grossest order. But two people escape, the pal who had been sleeping over at her friends house, and the youngest boy of the household.

A little later, one of the members of the pyschotic gang, Simon, is given the task of hunting down the two escapees and disposing of them. And that`s where the book really starts. We are then treated to two plot strands; one of the two escapees and how they try to lead a normal life again, and the other of Simon [talking into his dictophone] as he slowly closes in on his luckless quarry.

ENDLESS NIGHT is a storming book, and often chosen as a favourite by Laymons fans. Possibly it`s my favourite, too, as there`s simply so much in there. For me, as with ISLAND, the climax - the last few pages - seemed a little cliched and dissappointing, but the rest of it was superb and gripped me in a big way.

One little thing I really liked was the gang calling themselves the Killer Krulls, and explaining that they chose this name from a "trashy horror novel". The novel in question is Laymon`s own early book, THE WOODS ARE DARK, proving that the author doesn`t take himself too seriously; a good thing in my book.

But anyway, in ENDLESS NIGHT, he`s created a scary novel. The story itself, though immensly gripping and inventive, isn`t really frightening; it`s the concept that terrifies; that this kind of thing, this very slaughter, rape and such that Laymon describes, is all very plausible indeed. I just hope and pray the book doesn`t fall into the wrong hands and get emulated by some sick individual with less morals than a drunken existentialist rabbi on Sunday.

But, alas, I digress. If you`re not insane, and you love a good horror/thriller read, go down to Waterstones and buy ENDLESS NIGHT. It`s one of Laymon`s best.

I`d give the book 9/10.

Reviewed by Mike Carter, England.

Well this was the last of the Laymon books for me to read, and it was well worth the wait. Laymon manages to keep the intensity up throughout the novel leaving you sweating and nervous in this amazing "hide and seek" thriller. I had to use my bookmark to hide the next line, due to my constant "What's going to happen next?" eye movement!

In fact I'm going to read it again - NOW.

Reviewed by Ian Aston.

As Mike Carter of England so humbly put it, I just hope that a psycho who is easely influenced dosn't get their hands on this novel. It is probably Richard Laymon's most devastating novel so far.

Jodie Fargo is sleeping over at her friend Evelyn's when some killers break in to the house and butcher the whole family. Jodie is able to escape along with Evelyn's twelve year old brother Andy.

Simon Quirt, one of the members of the killing group, is dumped by his "friends" to go hunt down the only two witnesses of the massacre, Jodie and Andy. Thats when the gruesome game of hide and seek begins.

The book goes back and forth between the main charactors story and the first person narrative of the killer, Simon. Simon explains to us all of his sick "confessions" that he has acomplished with his "friends" over the years.

What I like most about this book is that it makes you hate the killer, very much, but it also makes you like him in a sick and twisted way. The way Laymon accomplishes this is very brilliant. Also the charactors are another amazing thing about this book. It really makes you feel for them, so that when the scares come out at you, they are more affective. I also liked the little twist at the end Be for-warned though, this novel is exceedingly violent; but not in a fun campy way, more in a realistic way. There are times in the book that I really didn't want to read because I was devastated over the death of a main charactor. This book is so realistic, that it makes me check my door at night, to make sure it's locked. It has changed my life, in a way.

I think that this is Dick Laymon's most brilliant novels, so far. I loved it; in a dark sort of manner. Endless Night gets a 10/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

This is Laymon at his best - and quickest! I have never read a book in my life that "gets going" so quickly.

Jody is staying over at a friend's house, when, all of a sudden, a bunch of psychopaths break in and slaughter her friend's family, with the exception of Andy - a terrified 12 year old boy who takes off with Jody. Simon Quirt, has been sent by his hoard of murderers to track down the two protagonists and kill them, as they are the only witnesses to the slaughter.

There are a couple of strong bits in the book, one of which includes playing catchball with a heart.

10/10 - my favourite Laymon so far.

Reviewed by Alan Ferguson AICB, Penicuik, Scotland.

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