Take a Ouija board, a bunch of students, their lecturer, her boyfriend and a psycho put them all in a secluded mountain range looking for 'loot' and what do you get? One of Richard Laymons best books ever. It all starts one evening when a bunch of teenagers start to play a game with a ouija board against the advice of its owner their lecturer. The Ouija board springs to life and the students remain sceptical until the board shows them where a one hundred dollar bill is hidden with the promise of more to come. The group take off in search of the 'loot' which seems to grip them to keep going even when a psycho shows up on the scene. If you are a fan of thrillers and don't mind a bit of blood and gore this book is for you.

Anyway better not say anymore why not go out and grab it for yourself? It is a great read with some interesting twists at the end. Remember try not to read the last page before the end!!!!!

Reviewed by Chris Martin

O.K., I just finished Darknes, Tell Us and I thought it was a really great read!

It's about six college kids at an end of the term party. To keep the party going they bring out an old oujia board wich Corie Dalton, their professor, swore never to tuch again after her husband's death.

They get in touch with a spirit named Butler. Butler shows the kids where a one hundred dollar bill is promising them more in the future. At that moment Chad, Corie's dead husband's brother, shows up.

The six kids head off into the widerness on the say-so of the oujia board to look for the "loot" that the board promised them.

While all this is happening Corie and Chad head off into the woods to look for the kids.

The six kids run into a maniac with violence in his mind who is hiding in the mountainside.

I'm not going to say any more but I thought it was a great book; it's even better than Laymon's other camping trip books (Dark Mountain, Blood Games). It has some really cleaver twists and a nice, gory ending! (one that really sticks in your mind!) Darkness, Tell Us gets 10/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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