A great book, bringing ordinary families together in a fight for survival. I love the way the first chapter introduces us to the witch, keeping us intrigued and wanting to read more. Yet another masterpiece of many written by Richard Laymon, the master himself.
Reviewed by Leah Kowalski

Dark Mountain, what can I say? It is classic Laymon at his best. If you liked Blood Games, Funland, Midnights Lair, The Stake or you are just a Laymon fan in general then you are going to get a kick out of this book. Be warned, however, this is not one of his most violent. The book is mostly concerned with relationships between the characters which means you really think you are starting to get to know them but as you have come to expect from Laymon there are enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning. To steal a good Stephen King quote - if you've missed Dark Mountain you have missed a treat.

Note you may also find this title published as Tread Softly by Richard Kelly.

Reviewed by Chris Martin

This is my favourite Laymon novel, simply because it`s the first one I read.

I`ve read it maybe four times now but the first will always stick in my memory. It only took me a day because the book just roars along, and it was a quiet Sunday with heavy rain hammerring against my window.

DARK MOUNTAIN isn`t the most original book and obviously, in reading it a few times, I`ve spotted a few flaws but I`m not going to mention them here as they`re pretty insignificant. This novel doesn`t seem to get mentioned much by Laymon`s fans, but I`m going to stake it out as my favourite. It has brilliantly believable characters, eroticism and tension by the bucket-load, and many great plot points that will have you turning the pages so quickly, you`d better keep a damp towel on stand-by so you don`t set your fingers alight.

I`ll grease over the plot quickly, for those of you who don`t know; two families go for a hiking trip up in the mountains, not reckoning on the old hag and her depraved son who dwell there. DARK MOUNTAIN is my favourite Laymon, and one of the best horror novels I`ve ever read.

Full marks - 10/10.

Reviewed by Mike Carter, England.

This is the fourth novel by Richard Laymon that I read, and I liked it! But, of course, I like all of Dick's books.

It centers around two families that go for a camping trip (classic Laymon) high in the California mountains; but what they don't know is that their trip would turn into a Holiday of Horror!

When they get to their campsite, they find out that they're not the only ones who are inhabiting the woods! An anctient crone who worships the Evil One (the Devil?) and her sexually depraved and violent son seem to be living in the mountainside.

When the group (spoiler) kills her son, for self defense, the old hag puts hexes on all of them and warns them to get out of the mountains. While the group is back at home, trying to forget what happened in the wilderness, they realize that the gruesome spells that the hag put on all of them are just starting to begin! The grand finale is creepy and great!

Overall, I liked this book, but I do think that Richard went a little overboard with all the sex in this one. It was over the top, even for him!

Also, this book has a low body count, compaired to his other works; but who's complaining?! It has a pretty gory ending. I wish that Dick would have gone into more explanation about the grave site that the campers discover. He started something and them just forgot about it.

Despite the errors, I still liked it, although I would much prefer reading Darkness Tell Us (his other camping trip book) over this one. Still, if you love Richard Laymon, like me, you should read this book! Dark Mountain gets a 9/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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