It's a hot summer's night and Sherry and Duane are finally going to do "it".

With fires raging out of control and threatening L.A. and the warm winds sweeping the city, Sherry and Duane think the time is right to "consumate" their short but wonderful relationship.

But there's one problem. The condom Duane has is old and it splits. He'll have to go out for more. There's a Speed-D-Mart just two blocks away. He'll be back in ten minutes. It's not the place you'd want to go at night - but this is an emergency, after all.

Ten minutes.

Ten minutes, tops.

But when Duane doesn't return after an hour, Sherry knows something must be wrong. And when she hears the gunshot, she makes up her mind to go out into the night and find Duane, no matter what.

No matter what...

Little does she know that when she steps outside, she leaves all security behind her and will bring the madness of the night onto herself. Along the way she'll meet Toby Bones...and Toby has his own plans for her, and her family...

COME OUT TONIGHT is a terrific novel which, unfortunately, is hard to review. If we tell you anything more about the plot, it will give away too many of the important twists and turns. Needless to say, it's another page-burner (in more ways than you can imagine!) by Laymon and is terrific to read. Try to read it all in one sitting for added "real-time" enjoyment!

All the events take place in just over 24 hours and not only are the sickos out on the streets of LA a constant threat - but so are the fires raging around the city.

This leads to an apocalyptic-type ending where all the fires of hell surround our main characters and a finale that has a body count you wouldn't believe!

Go out today and buy Come Out Tonight!

Rating: 8 out of 10!

Reviewed by Steve Gerlach

This Laymon novel is up to the standard one would expect. Delving into the sick and twisted thoughts of even the nicest characters it provides insight into the minds of people most of us probably associate with everyday in real life.

Sherry brings new meaning to the term 'girl power' and with heaps of twist and turns you'll be a decidedly strong person if you can put the book down. Only problem is that as always it was over too fast. 311 pages long (hardcover) poses a dilemma for hard core readers. Read it at a fast pace and the pleasure is over all too quickly. Read it inbetween the menial tasks of life to extend the excitement and you'll be able to think of nothing else. This LAYMON novel was full of all the things you and I love - horror, pain, sex, psychos - and did not fail to please.

Perhaps future novels of 'The Dealers' would be in the cards. But knowing LAYMON those cards are dripping wet with blood - or some other bodily secretion and so the future is a little hard to predict, much less plan for as the characters in this novel discovered.

Reviewed by Aleisha Young - Queensland, Australia

I've just finished reading 'Come out tonight' and think its one of the BEST Laymon books yet. I loved all of the characters. Sherry was cool. Next year will be the final year of my English lit and teaching degree and will have to write my final thesis (12000 words eeeeeeekkkkkk) 'Come out tonight' has given me some great ideas on an analysis of which I will focus on Richard's books (as i've never yet read a bad one...I've loved them all)

I just wanted to let you know that this book was REALLY COOL. You have to read this one!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to give my opinion (given half the chance i'd bore you with how much i love his other books....never disrespected a spider again since reading 'Funland' lol)

Once again thankyou...

Reviewed by Aimee J - UK

As with the other two Laymon books that I have read - Blood Games and The Stake - I have enjoyed every single page.

What a page turner COME OUT TONIGHT is! I read it for three hours solid in bed one night. Indeed, it didn't take me long to finish the book.

How does he do it? Laymon just throws his characters into nightmare situations and say, "Deal with it!", or at least that's what he seems to be saying.

This is a short review, but I just want to say that Laymon is almost unique. He is like Stephen King, but without a conscience.

Toby, the madman in the book, at points made me laugh. It was so bizarre how brutal and sadistic he was! Poor Sheree - I really felt sorry for her character. I kept wanting her to kill Toby, just to get rid of him. Toby is a real nasty, and the ending is quite ironic - what with the fires ranging across the city!

COME OUT TONIGHT - 11/10, well; OK - 10 out of 10

Reviewed by Alan Ferguson - Scotland

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