"When you do something like that, you know...arrange for someone's death...even if he's the scum of the end up paying. You've gotta suffer for it. It's in the rules."- Cat, Chapter 28, page 159 of Bite.

You said it, kid.

What can you say about Laymon's BITE? Where do you begin??

In the film "Torn Curtain", Alfred Hitchcock set out to prove once and for all that it was very hard to kill someone. In fact, the scene that has Paul Newman trying to kill some nasty commie spy stumbles on and on for over ten minutes 'cause the guy just wouldn't kick the bucket.

In the film "Thelma and Louise", we find out just how nasty people in every day life can be, and just how nasty normal people have to become if they are to survive the vicious world that is the US highway network.

Both films worked. Both were successful.

Both pale into insignificance compared to BITE.

The book can only be described as a cross between Nosferatu and Thelma & Louise and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. The cover blurb on the book makes it read like some straight vampire novel, but it's much, much more. It's a "road" book, a romance, a comedy, a thriller and more.

Yep, just what we expected from Richard Laymon.

Could he improve after the fabulous BODY RIDES??

Yep! Horror just got a new meaning!

QUAKE made me scared to take a bath. BODY RIDES made me scared to go to a video store. Now, BITE has turned me off desert trips and highway travel! It also contains one of the most scary encounters I have ever read! Don't want to give too much away....but it involves walking through the desert at night, scanning ahead with a flash-light and what you can encounter....just standing there! Very creepy, scary stuff. A genuine fright that made me stop reading....I had to get a drink!

A genuine winner!

Go sink your fangs into this one now!

Reviewed by Steve Gerlach

So, there you are, in your local branch of Waterstones, money burning a hole in your pocket, in search of your next slice of hardback fiction. Who's your first choice? Clive Barker, Stephen King, Koontz, Herbert, how about the latest from Ramsey Campbell? So many books, so little cash. It's all very complicated and you've spent so much time in there agonising over the decision that the sales assistant is convinced you're a shoplifter.

Well, maybe I can offer a little helpful advice. Why not try the latest from Richard Laymon? If you haven't read his workpreviously, you've been missing out. His talent as an author has been applauded by Stephen King and Dean Koontz and he's had rave reviews in the quality press.

His latest tale of unease concerns the plight of Sam, who one evening answers the door to find his first and only love on his doorstep. Ten years have elapsed since their affair, but now she's back and in dire need of Sam's help. She needs him to kill a vampire!

Being in love with her, Sam dutifully obliges, but their real problems begin when they cross the path of an ageing biker, who just happens to be the world's number one vampire movie buff. He's never met a genuine bona-fide bloodsucker before and he isn't about to let a chance of a lifetime slip away. It's resurrection time!

This is such an enjoyable read. Straightforward and easy in style, with excellent characterisation. Shocking, but great fun at the same time. Read this and you'll only have one problem: Laymon has a back catalogue of 23 titles and you'll want to buy them all. Say goodbye to the bank balance!

Reviewed by Andrew Haigh

I think BITE is a good book.It took me a while to get into it but once I started it I read it in about a week.I dont think it's as additive as ONE RAINY NIGHT or BODY RIDES but it has the usual Laymon touch of horror, suspense and sex which its the basic ingredients for any good horror, I believe. The twists and turns of the story keep you interested from the beginning - I know this counteracts what I said earlier but it is the truth. The villians seem to come to life in your head as well as the heroes. But if you read this I recommend that you relax while reading just so you can absorb it. I read it every day while I rode my excercise bike. It is well worth the read.

Reviewed by Alex "GAMBIT" Ivens

Uncompromising horror is rare. The mainstreaming of authors such as Stephen King has taken much of the bite out of horror. Then comes Laymon's latest.

Frenetic, nihilistic and powered by the simple plot engine of discarding a corpse, Laymon's first-person narrative expertly conveys the emotions, fears and paranoia of the narrator.

The book recalls ENDLESS NIGHT for me in that the antagonist is driven by both personal power and pussy.

Wes Craven's SCREAM, a "new wave in horror", owes much to Laymon's BITE and ENDLESS NIGHT in its depiction of teenage obsession and psychosis.

A much-needed blast on the bland horror horizon.

Reviewed by Mark Savage

Laymon's twenty-fifth novel, and apart from being a tad shorter than the rest, is made up of all the wonderful elements of his fiction that drew you to him in the first place.

BITE begins as being a story of two long-seperated lovers who need to dispose of a staked vampire corpse. But when they finally get in a quiet spot where they can bury the offending bloodsucker, trouble turns up in the form of a vampire-loving pyscho biker with the odd name of Snow White. From there there`s plenty of twists and turns to keep you happy, and again, the book moves at a riveting pace.

So the book is a vampire novel, an on-the-road novel, and a frenzied chase story all rolled into one.

Not his most original book, but what the hell, this is pretty damned good. If you liked any of Laymon`s other books, you`ll enjoy this one too.

BITE can have 7/10.

Reviewed by Mike Carter, England.

When I picked up this book it was on impulse. We (my family and I) were leaving on vacation. I didn't have enough books with me so I begged my dad to take me to the store so I could pick out one. Sure enough I picked out this book. I'm glad I did. From then on I've been been reading whatever books of his I can find. -- Reviewed by Manda Hall, Louisville, Kentucky

This book by Dick is very different than his other novels, but who's complaining? The plot concerens a road trip, a romance and a vampire. A pretty good setting.

Sam can't believe it when he opens the door and finds Cat, his long lost love. Sam was always willing to do anything for her, and now Cat has a little chore to accomplish... kill a vampire!

Now Sam and Cat are faced with the chore of getting rid of the body. How about Arizona's desert? Now the two embark on a road trip into the unexplored waste lands of the desert, trying to get rid of the body that seems to want to stay with them.

On the way they pick up Snow White, a biker with long white hair and who would kill to become a vampire. Also two runaways, Peggy and Donny, come into their lives. But is everyone as innocent as they seem? After all in the center of the desert the most unlikely people can be the most likely compatriates for murder...

I really liked this book! It definately is not one of Dick's "icky" books, but it still has its moments. Also, the vampire really isn't the main story line of the book. It seems to only be a "back drop" for the story.

The only thing that I have to complain about was the ending. Dick seemed to have forgotten to tie up loose ends.

Altogether I really enjoyed this. Even though it isn't typical Laymon, it was still very riveting! I would reccomend this book to any Richard Laymon fan! Bite gets a 9/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.A

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