(Book Two of The Beast House Chronicles)

The Beast House is volume two of The Beast House Chronicles (The Cellar is vol 1, and The Midnight Tour is vol 3!) and it is a terrific book. The characters in the novel are wonderfully realistic (Gorman Hardy is as evil as he is hilarious) and, thanks mainly to Janice, we are able to delve deeper into the Beast House mythology and gory truth about the events of years past than we were able in the first book.

The novel starts slowly and quickly builds to a terrifying but totally enjoyable ending that makes you as hungry as a beast for more!

Note that you *should* read The Cellar first as many of the events that happened in the first book are mentioned here, and even some characters make a re-appearance. Read them all in order for a real fright of your life.

Highly recommended! Rating: 8 / 10.

Reviewed by Steve Gerlach

Basically, this book is cool. If you like blood, guts and monsters, you'll love this. It starts with a girl named Janice writing to a famous writer called Gorman Hardy, saying that she has a diary of some dead woman, who once owned a place called the 'Beast House', which he would be interested in. G. Hardy writes back and says that he would be very interested to see the Beast House for himself.

The story progresses like this for a while, letters to and from G. Hardy, until two new characters, Tyler and Nora, enter the book. While driving down a quiet American road, they are knocked off the road by some guy in a pickup, and harassed a bit, only to be saved by two very nice young marines. They then travel down to a town called Malcasa Point in search of Tyler's old boy friend along with the two nice young marines. Well, what do you know? Malcasa Point is the location of the Beast House.

The plot switches between the lives of Gorman Hardy and Janice, and Nora, Tyler and the nice young marines, crossing occasionally, and also revealing more info about the Beast House. After a few deaths (Finally!) the truth is revealed about the Beast House and the monsters contained within, and it all ends with a nice cliff hanger.

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