My favourite Laymon book so far (I have read Come Out Tonight and The Stake, and will soon be reading Endless Night!).

I liked Blood Games because the heroes (or heroines) were women. Five feisty, attractive and dynamic women battling for their lives from something hidden, something unknown!

Although Laymon isn't exactly the type of writer who describes his characters in great depth, you felt that you really knew Cora, Vivian, Finley, Helen and Abilene. Jim - what a psycho! He is brilliant as the guy who spends his time ogling the girls and Batty - what a guy! I won't spoil anything for you, but it is a brilliant book!

I haven't read a book so fast before! I turned the pages so quickly - the pages were on fire! - I just wanted to see what was going to happen next!

Another good point of the book is that there are some flashbacks to previous adventures of the five girls, in between the present time they are spending at the Totem Pole Lodge. This is a nice touch, because it holds you in suspense for a bit from the main storyline.

So, in order from favourite to least favourite of my Laymon books that I have read:

Blood Games - Come Out Tonight - The Stake

Blood Games - SUPERB!

Reviewed by Alan Ferguson

Well this book is special to me because it was my first ever Laymon novel. My friend lent it to me stashed between other novels by Koontz and King. I decided to read the Laymon first, however, although I don't know why because I had never heard of him. This book transformed what I knew of literature and I have been reading Laymon ever since. Blood Games is about a group of girls that have left college and now catch up with each other once a year for an adventure!!! One year their adventures go way too far when they decide to go to an old lodge which is shrouded in mystery as massacre occured there not long ago. They soon find out that they are not alone and when they want to leave they can't.

Any female will love this book because in true Laymon style the girls will get to kick some butt. It is also filled with a recipe of blood and gore without overdoing it and enough twists to keep you scorching the pages!! There are also some great short stories thrown in as extras between the chapters of his main story. A great book.

Reviewed by Chris Martin

Another great book, once again putting ordinary people in a situation, and watching them work through it to the end. Quite nail biting throughout although the ending lacked great needed detail and length. But overall, quite a worthwhile read. - Reviewed by Leah Kowalski

I absolutley love this book Dick Laymon. The charactor development here is some of his best. When you finally finish this 470 page novel you think that maybe you spent all of the college years with the charactors. You also hate to say good bye to them, it's that great!

Blood Games has to do with five former college girlfriends, Helen; Cora; Vivian; Finley and Abeline, who meet up with each other for one week every year for thrills... and chills.

This year Helen has chosen the Totem Pole Lodge. A deserted famly resort in the backwoods of Vermont, with a grissly past. Years ago a huge massacre took place (read the book to find out why). Ever since then the Lodge has been boarded up and the locals have sworn that they saw lights and heard screams in the dead of night, coming from the old place.

When the "Daring Young Maids", as they call themselves, finally reach the Lodge, they find out that it isn't as deserted as they thought and that it still has some of it's violent history left over. Lurking in the woods.

In between the main chapters, Laymon goes back to the past adventures that the girls all had in college. This also helps with character development. Although this isn't one of Dick's more "icky" novels, it still has it's gruesome moments. Overall, this is one of Laymon's best novels he has ever written. I loved it! Blood Games gets an over the top 10/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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