One of Richard Laymonís more grotesque novels, Allhallow's Eve sees the reader through to the very end in a state anticipation which could almost kill whoever reads this novel. At a measly 200 pages itís possible to read within just one day, however the action is intense and contains twists synonymous with Laymonís novels.

Sam Wyatt is a police officer in the small town of Ashburg, where a grisly and violent mass murder occurred. Now, 15 years later, someone wants to once again reap havoc in this small town, and itís left up to Sam to solve these murders. Though nothing will prepare him for what will occur within the old Sherwood house; the same house where the murders of the Sherwood family occurred 15 years earlier.

Filled with horrific and exciting events found in all Laymon novels, this book packs an extra punch, with a horrifying ending and a range of interesting (and annoying) characters, which are more than likely never to see the day after Halloween.

Although not as good as some his books, still an interesting and breathtaking novel. (If a rating is necessary, it rates somewhere between Funland and Resurrection Dreams).

Reviewed by Grant Murray

A perfect starter book for a Laymon initiation. As the quote on the cover of the New English Library edition states 'Just one human being will give you at least eight pints of blood'.

This is a gory, shocking imprint of the horror genre by Richard. The haunted house theme is twisted to a fresh tone and after reading this perfectly short novel I would dare any one to look at a gorilla suit in an un-creepy way again!

Reviewed by Kizzy Brown

This was the third book that I read by Laymon and is still one of my favorites!

It centers around a small community where a family was terribly murdered. Years later the old Sherwood house stands dark and abandoned.

Latley the familys and people neiboring the old house have been found horribly buchered and cut up.

One person,Officer Sam Wyatt, is on the case to find out who is the murderer before the person kills again. Little by little he puts the puzzle together.

All around the town strange invitations arrive telling that there will be a party on Halloween night at the old Sherwood house.

People, obviosly for fun, flock to the house only to find that a dark and greusome plan awaits them all. The party - goers get everything mixed up until they can't tell what is real or what is supposed to be the jokes and thats when the bloodfest and slauhter begins!

Over all I had lots of fun with the book. Yes, the title is hoky and it's not the best writing I've ever seen, but it's still worth your while! Even though Laymon is known for his gore this seems to be one of his more gory and violent ones. Also the book is to short; it's only 246 pages and you'll want it to be longer.

The thing that also really irritated me(and it loses half a point for this) was that the book jeust ended. It jeust seemed like the end of a normal chapter but that was the end of the book!

Any one who loves Laymon (like me!) should read this book. You'll love it!

Allhallow's Eve gets 9.5/10!

Reviewed by Mike Laskaris, Boston Mass., U.S.

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