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In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

December 19, 1999

Merry Christmas from everyone at RLK!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at RLK! Thanks for making RLK! the home of Richard Laymon news on the internet. We couldn't have done it without all your support in the past few years!

The RLK! family would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a bright and happy New Year. Let's all make 2000 the best year yet (if the Y2K bug doesn't get to us first)!

So, no matter where you are in the world: whether you're freezing your butt off in the middle of winter and tucking into a hot dinner, or sitting back by the pool with a stubby in one hand a shrimp in the other - have a great time and try to convince at least one non-believer that Richard Laymon is the best author of all time!

December 1, 1999

RLK! 3rd Birthday Competition!

December is our birthday month here at RLK! and as we turn three years old, we'd like to thank you all for making RLK! the most popular Richard Laymon site on the internet. So, help us celebrate as we give you four - yep 4! - different competitions this year! This is our biggest Birthday giveaway yet!

Thanks to Hodder Headline Australia, Hodder Headline UK, Leisure Books, Allen & Unwin, Random House, Richard Laymon, Mike Bailey, Rhian Bromage, Edward Petrie, Rachel Van Zanten, Don D'Auria, Natasha Ramia, Andrew Freeman and Jennifer Hodge for all their help with this competition. We couldn't have done it without you all!

Surf on over to the RLK! 3rd Birthday Competition page now!

IN THE DARK Movie News.

Here is the latest news from the Producers of the Laymon film IN THE DARK:

"The film is nearly complete, requiring only soundtrack work. When we find the time we may also add other pickup shots, but they'll just be for final touch-ups."

The IN THE DARK website is now open for business too. You can surf on over to the site and follow the movie news as it becomes available, check out some images from the film, read about the film's background and cast news too. It's a great site! Bookmark the site address: http://www.gemineye.demon.nl/inthedark.htm now.

Spotlight On... for December!

This month we feature UK writer Phil Rickman. Phil is well known for his eerie, atmospheric tales that cross the crime / mystery / horror genres. There's some terrific reading ahead of you with Rickman, so check him out now!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

The Nocturne feedback begins...

Here's a sample of some of the feedback we've been getting for The Nocturne:

"This is the first book by Steve Gerlach I have read and already I'm itching to get my hands on more. Laymon fans expect all the horror, sex, blood and gore from The Nocturne. This is a highly entertaining book, if you enjoy all the fast-paced, nail biting action that we have come to know and love, then The Nocturne will leave you wanting more. I won't give away the plot, read the first chapter if you haven't already, and I guarantee you will be captivated. It's a KILLER!! RATING: 9/10" -- Reviewed by Paulette Reed

Okay, Paulette was lucky - she was able to read the whole novel. But let us know what you think of the first chapter by heading on over to The Nocturne page now!

November 2, 1999

THE TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW - Book your tickets...

Here's the most up-to-date information about THE TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW from the people at Headline in the UK. There's so much news, we don't know where to start!

Okay, here goes:

The UK Hardback release date for THE TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW is June 1st, 2000.

(By the way AMONG THE MISSING is released in paperback in the UK on December 2 this year.)

Rhian Bromage from Headline UK reports: "This will be an interesting book because it is not horror as we are used to from RL. An evocative, nostalgic trip back to a time when innocence comes face to face with life’s darker forces, it is a rites of passage story for three local youths."

Mike Bailey, Richard's editor, says: "Travelling Vampire Show - set in the 60s, small town nostalgic feel, core cast of four high school kids, so it's a bit different and will be packaged differently. You won't be disappointed."

And here, as an RLK! Exclusive, is the jacket copy for the UK release:


Richard Laymon



The summer I was sixteen, The Travelling Vampire Show came to town. I heard about it from my two best friends, Rusty and Slim.

Rusty pulled a piece of paper out of the back pocket of his jeans. Unfolding it, he said, 'These are all over town.' Slim came in close so she could look at the paper too. It had four torn corners. Apparently, Rusty had ripped the poster off a wall or tree or something.

It looked like this:

[facsimile of amateurish poster]





[poster torn off here]

jacket copy/the travelling vampire show

front flap:

It's a day like any other in the hot August of 1963. Sleepy little Grandville holds few excitements for three thrill-seeking teenagers with time on their hands. Except for the posters. They've appeared on the streets overnight and for Dwight, Rusty and Slim the message is irresistible - The Travelling Vampire Show is coming to town.

Not that getting in is going to be easy. For a start, the show's only for over-18s and they can't pass for that. And the performance begins at midnight, way past their parents' curfew. There's also the price of admission - ten bucks each will take some finding.

But the whole day stretches ahead of them. What's to stop them taking off for Janks Field, the spooky venue for the show, and watching the crew set up? Maybe they can get some idea of what the performance will be like - even catch a glimpse of 'gorgeous, stunning' Valeria, billed as 'the only known vampire in captivity'. There can't be any harm in that - can there?

The Travelling Vampire Show is the story of what happens to Dwight, Rusty and their tomboy pal Slim on the day they hike to Janks Field. Three teenagers who go where they shouldn't go, do what they shouldn't do - and run into big trouble…

This sounds terrific! Another great Laymon novel is on the way. Keep visiting for more news when it breaks. Thanks to Rhian and Mike for the updates!

November 1, 1999

More Good News on BAD NEWS

Here's the latest update from Richard on BAD NEWS:

"BAD NEWS is now in Richard Chizmar's hands (from Cemetery Dance Publishers). It has a 20 page introduction by me, a novella by me, and stories by Geoff Cooper, Edo Van Belkom, Rain Graves, Jack Ketchum, Tom Piccirilli, Edward Lee and John Pelan (a collaboration), Gary Brandner, Simon Clark, Bentley Little, Nancy Holder, Richard Chizmar, Edward Gorman, Bill Pronini, Roman A. Ranieri, Lucy Taylor, Rick Hautala, and F. Paul Wilson. I think that's everyone. They're all people I know and personally asked to contribute stories. It's a hell of a book."

We can't wait to see it!!! Still due late 1999.

CD Announces THREE New Laymon Novels in 2000!

The year 2000 looks like being Laymon's biggest and best yet. Here's a sneak peek into Cemetery Dance's Laymon schedule for next year. Thanks to Rich at CD for letting us know this news ahead of time. We suggest you join the mailing list at www.cemeterydance.com to keep up with the news as it breaks! The rest of Cemetery Dance's book schedule for next year will be released in about a month. 2000 is going to be huge!!

February: The Traveling Vampire Show

Early Summer: Night In A Lonesome October

October: an untitled Halloween novel

Whew! The lineup looks terrific. We'll post more news here about the novels when we get it. Roll on 2000!


For those crime fans in Australia, a great new exhibit has just opened in Sydney. We hope you'll show your support for the exhibit by visiting it and telling your friends. Here's the press release:

Scientific Investigation Bureau archives: 1945-1960

Detectives once produced crime scene pictures with a style serving both the legal and scientific needs of the force and their own aesthetic interests. More often than not this resulted in intuitive and artistic work.

Coming just after the descriptive conformities of the mug shot and before the thorough regulation of forensic science, 1950s crime-scene images have a special 'speculative' power. These police photographers entered the crime scene, paid attention to its mood and clues, and then imagined the best way to frame the mysteries in a picture.

In the Crime Scene exhibition, the imaginative quality of the images is intensified by the fact that these image-files have been severed forever from the court-reports and the detectives' notes. Curators Ross Gibson and Kate Richards say the challenge of these images is that they can never tell a conclusive story, they can suggest but they can never prove.

Focusing on the decade after World War II, these images show an era of great turmoil, repressed yearning and complexity. In this sense the photographs are a revelation - dark and extraordinary, stimulating and challenging our common sense.

'When I began researching the crime-scene photographs, I had the inkling I was looking at rooms and streets that were in shock somehow... images of pulsing intensity... simultaneously ordinary and awful. They are street corners, foyers, ferry stops - settings you visit everyday. Yet they are also places charged with all the spirited life that has energised and warped Sydney through time.' Ross Gibson, Co-curator said.

Crime Scene wiII feature a selection of over 100 crime photographs from the Scientific Investigation Bureau archives held at the Justice and Police Museum, interviews with some of the original police photographers, interactive work-stations and more.

Venue: Justice and Police Museum
Cnr Albert & Phillip Streets, Circular Quay, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Dates: 13 November 1999 until 29 October 2000

Cost: Adult $6 Concession $3 Family $15

Times: Weekends 10am - 5pm

Enquiries: (02) 9252 1144

Laymon interviews Piccirilli

A great interview with author Tom Piccirilli has just been uploaded to Hellnotes. It's special for us as the interview is conducted by Richard! So, head on over to http://www.hellnotes.com/Archives/Intview/intview2.htm and read a great interview!

The Nocturne - Chapter 1 is online...

Thanks to everyone for their feedback about The Nocturne! It's emails like the ones we have been receiving that makes doing the book worthwhile. So, we've uploaded the first chapter of The Nocturne for your enjoyment. Give it a read and let us know what you think! The more feedback we get, the more testimonials we can show the publishers! We need your help on this one!

So, surf on over to The Nocturne page now for Chapter 1!

Spotlight On... for November!

This month we feature Australasian crime writer Paul Thomas. Paul has been writing great crime novels for years now...and he has the awards to prove it! Check out Paul Thomas now!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

"Let's Go Play At The Adams'" sequel...be a test reader!

Barry Schneebeli has written an unauthorized sequel to the terrific novel "Let's Go Play At The Adams'" called "Game's End". The original novel is a cult classic and the RLK! review of the original can be found here. Barry is interested in contacting people who have read the original novel and would like to give reactions on his sequel. From what we here at RLK! have seen of the novel so far...it's sure to be a winner! If you're interested in being a test reader, please email Barry at barschneebeli@earthlink.net.

New website...

Paul Fry has set up a new website called Short Scary Tales that should be of interest to Laymon fans. Check it out at http://www.btinternet.com/~shortscary.tales. And let Paul know what you think!

October 6, 1999

Leisure Books ONE RAINY NIGHT exclusive!

Thanks to Don D'Auria at Leisure books, we can exclusively reveal the cover for Leisure's paperback edition of ONE RAINY NIGHT to be released in the US on February 15, 2000. It's a great cover - even better than BITE! Enjoy!

October 1, 1999

Laymon and Ketchum catch up in New York

Here's a great picture of Richard and Jack Ketchum at Jack's local pub, The Aegean, in New York City. The picture was taken by Kelly, Richard's daughter, on August 10, 1999. Thanks to Richard for sending us a copy.


With the co-operation of Steve Crisp, the artist for Richard's Headline covers, we are proud to open The Midnight Tour page! Here is where you'll find the actual original artwork for Richard's novels, and each one is for sale - direct from the artist! So, take your time and enjoy The Midnight Tour page. You may even pick up one or two "Laymon Originals" while you're there.

Check out the new page now. Go to the Midnight Tour!

The Nocturne - the secret is out...

Yes, the secret has leaked out! The Nocturne is a novel that has been written by your very own RLK! website editor, Steve Gerlach. For those of you who frequent the Laymon Message Board, you will have already read what Richard has to say about the novel. His comments are included on the new page for those who have not read them. Huge thanks to Richard for taking the time to read the novel and providing his intensive feedback.

So, we've moved forward our schedule and opened The Nocturne page early. Check it out and, most important of all, tell us what you think. Currently, the cover artwork and blurb is online. We'll be including exclusive extracts in the near future!

So, surf on over to The Nocturne page now.

It's a trip to hell - and you won't be coming back.

Spotlight On... for October!

This month we feature crime writer James Lee Burke. This best selling author has been writing truly gritty and realistic novels for years. It's no wonder that he's walked away with a swag of awards either! So, check out James Lee Burke now!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

And, while we're talking about Spotlight On... features, the winners of last month's Spotlight On... Screams of Leisure competition were:

Karen Biggs
Stephen Joltin
Chris Martin
Jessica Richardson

Congratulations! We'll be in touch in the next day or so to get your postal addresses and to find out which five books you'd like to add to your collection!

The corrct answers were:

1) Ed Gorman

2) Santa Steps Out

3) Charles Dickens

Thanks to everyone who entered and HUGE thanks to Don D'Auria and everyone at Leisure! Bonza, guys!

September 9, 1999

Cook Up a Scream!

Here's the latest tasty morsel from Richard:

"I have some news that might be of interest to my readers. I have a recipe and a small write-up about it in the book, CONJURING UP DARK DELICACIES: THE COOKBOOK FOR THE NON-DISCRIMINATING TASTE, edited by Gomez and Morticia Howison. This is a cookbook full of recipes being published by Dark Delicacies bookstore, the one at which I'm always having signings over here in Burbank. It has real and fake recipes from all sorts of horror writers, artists, actors, and so on. Some of the recipes are for horrible, gruesome tidbits. Some are hilarious. And some are for actual culinary delights that YOU can create in your own kitchen and EAT.

The recipe I contributed is a real one. It's a recipe that came from my mother. During my years with the Pink Tea writers group, I often made this recipe with my own hands as the main treat when I hosted the group at my house. In more recent years, my wife Ann does up a batch for special occasions. It's a hot hors d'oeuvre, sort of quiche-like, full of eggs and cheese and butter with some green chilis in there, all baked to a drippy golden brown . . . My mouth waters just thinking about it. The recipe is worth the price of the book, but . . .

Recipes have also been contributed by Jack Ketchum, F. Paul Wilson, Simon Clark, Nancy Holder, Stephen King, Peter Atkins, William F. Nolan, Jo Fletcher, Stephen Jones, Tim Curry (the actor) and many, many others. The book will also contain artwork by Bernie Wrightson, Clive Barker, GAK and many others.

It's chock-full of recipes and artwork, plus small passages written by most of the contributors.

CONJURING UP DARK DELICACIES will be available this month, September. It costs $19.95 (U.S. Dollars) plus shipping. This is a charity book. Ten dollars from each book will be donated to the NEVA Foundation, A Project of Community Partners for the rescue, care and placement of abused and abandoned dogs.

Since you've all got computer access or you wouldn't be reading this, I recommend ordering the book by email to darkdel@darkdel.com.

Shipping cost for those in the US is $3.00, but shipping costs to other continents will vary depending on method used. So if you're over there on the other side of the world from Dark Delicacies, you'll need to check with Del or Sue about shipping costs.

If you prefer mail, Dark Delicacies is at 3725 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505, USA. The phone number is 818 556 6660. (All those sixes! Do they mean something?)

If you buy a copy of CONJURING UP DARK DELICACIES and would like it autographed and inscribed by me, let Del or Sue know. I hang out at their store quite a lot, so it'll be no trouble to personalize copies.

Many of the contributors will be at Dark Delicacies on Sunday, September 26 from 2pm - 5pm for a mass signing party. Some of us, including me, will be bringing food created from the very recipes we contributed to the book. So if you're going to be in the area at the time, make sure to drop by.

That's about it for now.


-- Richard Laymon"

Gees, I'm hungry just thinking about it! Get your orders in today!

September 7, 1999

RLK! hits 100,000 visitors!

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone out there for helping us reach 100,000 visitors! We couldn't have done it without you all!

Who knew three years ago when we started RLK! that we would grow to be the place on the net for Richard Laymon news!? Thanks to all of our supporters who have continued to visit us over the years and drop us an email now and then.

Huge thanks, of course, goes to Richard Laymon and Mike Bailey who were there from the beginning.

To everyone at Hodder Headline in the UK and Australia - Rhian and Rachel and Ed; to Don D'Auria and the crew at Leisure Books; and to Ron Clinton, Don Cannon, Karen Fry and Chris Martin - a huge thanks!

Also, thanks to all those contacts in the publishing industry around Australia (Random House, Pan MacMillan, Allen & Unwin, Penguin) who support our Same Vein and Spotlight On... sections month in and month out - there's too many of you to mention but you know who you all are!

Here's to the first 100,000 visitors. We hope you'll stay around for the second 100,000.

Normal services will now resume...

-- Steve & Addie Gerlach, and the crew from RLK!

September 1, 1999

Spotlight On... for September!

First they brought Laymon to the Americans...then they gave you the Screams of Leisure page on RLK!. And now, for this month's Spotlight On... we feature an in-depth interview with Don D'Auria, Richard's editor at Leisure Books. Learn more about Leisure, Richard and Don with this terrific interview! And, hey, 5 lucky RLK! visitors will also receive their choice of 5 Leisure Books titles! All you have to do is enter the Screams of Leisure competition!!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now to read the interview and enter the competition.

August 18, 1999

Leisure announces new Laymon releases.

Just received this news from Don D'Auria, Richard's editor at Leisure books:

"Dick and I have agreed that the next two of his books released by Leisure will be Darkness, Tell Us (Fall 2000) and Among the Missing (Spring 2001). I'll keep you posted as the publication dates get more specific, but I thought you'd want to be the first to hear the selection had been made.

All the best,


These are terrific choices and congratulations to both Richard and Leisure for their decision. It's good to see the American public will be getting regular bites of the Laymon cake which the rest of the world has been enjoying for years!

August 7, 1999

Steve Crisp Website

Steve Crisp does the cover artwork for Richard's UK releases.

For those of you interested in his work for Richard, and other authors too, check out his new website at:


It's certainly worth a look!

New Laymon Reviews

Here's a small extract from some of the latest reviews of Richard's latest releases.

Short Story in the upcoming anthology, SUBTERRANEAN GALLERY:

"...and Richard Laymon (the sly and nasty "Choppie," about a camping trip in peril, is one of his best stories in years)." -- Publisher's Weekly.


"The master of stomach-churning porno-violence (Quake, 1995, etc.) returns, unredeemed and of no social value whatsoever. Laymon fans must always be telling themselves, I'm sick. I'm very sick. I must be absolutely worthless to be enjoying this, but, as the authors numerous villainous psychopaths would undoubtedly say, Kill 'em all! Let God sort em out!...[Plot of novel then summarised giving away countless plot twists - as only Kirkus can do!]...Laymon's novel slides in slime toward a big sweet hell of pain and orgasm." -- Kirkus Reviews.

"There's not a crime novelist around who writes cleaner prose than Laymon—and few who can jack up the tension the way he does." -- Publisher's Weekly.

Now there's a cover blurb or two if I've ever seen one!

August 1, 1999

New Laymon Site

Check out a new Laymon site at: http://movies.acmecity.com/dolly/279/

CUTS and COME OUT TONIGHT review pages now online.

We've now added review pages for both CUTS and COME OUT TONIGHT. Surf on over to the REVIEWS page to read those already there - or submit one yourself!

Spotlight On... for August!

This month's Spotlight On... page features Gerald Seymour! If you're into thrills and spills and conspiracy and crime, you should check out Seymour now!!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

The winners of last month's Hodder Headline BRIAN LUMLEY KILLER READ PACKS are:

Peter Nicholson, Aus
Colleen Nation, UK
Frank Patterson, USA
Pat Davison, Aus
Simon Graham, USA

The answers to the questions were: 1) Harry Keogh; 2) Edinburgh; 3) Fruiting Bodies.

Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners will receive an email in the next day or two confirming they are winners.

July 23, 1999

Free Laymon Short Story at Borderlands.

Richard's most recently written short story, "The Boy Who Loved the Twilight Zone," is going to be available free (in actual hard copy) to anyone who requests it. Richard's friend, Alan Beatts, owner of Borderlands Books in San Francisco, asked him to write an original short story for the Halloween issue of his store's book catalog.

The story, with a cover illustration by GAK, will come out in October, 1999. If you wish to receive a copy, simply get on Borderlands' mailing list prior to September 1. You can get on the bookstore's mailing list by going to its website: www.borderlands-books.com and click on the "mailing list" link. Or you can write to Borderlands Books, 534 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Simply ask to be put on the mailing list for the catalog, and give your mailing address.

Use the above link now and grab the latest Laymon short story for your collection!

July 22, 1999

DREADFUL TALES. Terrific News!

Here's the latest scoop from Richard about an exciting new short story collection, DREADFUL TALES:

"I have just received a contract from Headline for the publication of my new book, DREADFUL TALES: TWENTY-FIVE STORIES OF MYSTERY AND HORROR. It is a major collection, consisting of 566 manuscript pages. It contains ALL of my adult short stories that have not previously been published by Headline. That is, if people have OUT ARE THE LIGHTS, FIENDS, and the forthcoming DREADFUL TALES, they will possess every professionally published adult short story (and novella) that I've written from the start of my career through 1997.

To make the situation a little more clear, DREADFUL TALES does not contain any of the stories that appeared in OUT ARE THE LIGHTS or FIENDS. Nor does it contain THE WILDS or any of the young adult (written for teenagers) stories that were published by Pitman Learning (David Lake, Penguin, etc.), nor any of the stories that I've written since 1997. It does, however contain all other published stories, including those from NIGHT VISIONS 7 and A GOOD, SECRET PLACE that have not already been published in either of the two earlier Headline books.

With the exception of one story, "Into the Pit," all of the stories in DREADFUL TALES have been previously published in various U.S. magazines and anthologies. Few if any of them have ever been published in the UK, Australia or any of the other regions covered by Headline. They are only available in various U.S. anthologies and magazines, most of which would be very difficult to find. "Into the Pit" will be appearing for the first time anywhere in DREADFUL TALES.

At present, Headline is planning to publish DREADFUL TALES some time in 2001.

-- Dick"

This is terrific news for both Richard and his readers. Congratulations to Richard and a huge round of applause for the guys at Headline!

We'll keep you posted when more news breaks....

July 16, 1999

Latest News from Richard

Here's the latest update from Richard about interviews, short stories and The Traveling Vampire Show:

"Just a quick note to let you and all the RLK readers know that an interview of me can be found at www.gothic.net/non-fiction. At the site, click on Richard Laymon, and the interview can be found. It was conducted by Del Howison (he and his wife, Sue, are owners of Dark Delicacies bookstore). The interview was conducted fairly soon after the school shootings in Colorado. Also, it was done orally -- Del taped our conversation and transcribed it. I didn't write my answers; I spoke them. So I hope people will keep that in mind when they read the interview.

THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW weighed in at 589 manuscript pages, and is now in the mail.

Also, I have just finished writing a short story called, "The Boy Who Loved THE TWILIGHT ZONE." People can check the MOT message board (July 12) for more information about that. The publisher hasn't seen the story yet, but he knows about it. The story was written especially for publication in his bookstore catalog. It will be available free to anyone who requests the catalog before September 1. As soon as the story has been accepted, I will give specific information about the bookstore and how to get hold of the catalog.

That's it for now.

-- Dick"

July 10, 1999


We're very excited at RLK! to announce our newest addition to the site, the SCREAMS OF LEISURE page! The new page will feature all the latest releases from Leisure Books in the US, the publisher who has finally brought Richard Laymon to the Americans!

The new page is great and features the Leisure backlist, their latest releases, as well as their upcoming titles and reviews so you can plan ahead and be ready for some great horror fiction. These guys know what horror is all about - so you're guaranteed Screams of Leisure from them!

And to celebrate the launch of the page, Leisure Books will soon be giving you a chance to win some of their great titles! Check out the new page now and keep an eye out for the competition details which will be uploaded soon!

Visit the new SCREAMS OF LEISURE! page now.

Thanks to Don D'Auria and everyone at Leisure Books for helping with the new page - we couldn't have done it without you all! "Bewdy!"

LEISURE signs Simon Clark!!

In a world exclusive we can announce that Leisure Books have just signed Simon Clark, UK horror writer and author of some of the best horror written in the UK for years. Leisure will be releasing NAILED BY THE HEART in April 2000. Finally, Clark breaks into the US market and he certainly deserves it!

For more on Simon Clark, check out our Spotlight On... feature from March.

July 3, 1999

Laymon in CD Graphic Comics

This press release just in from Cemetery Dance Publications:

'CEMETERY DANCE PUBLICATIONS is branching into graphic narrative/comic book publishing with two titles slated for a late 1999 debut. GRAVE TALES is a horror anthology series with each issue featuring three or four "tales of terror from today's most popular authors."

CD likens GRAVE TALES to legendary EC (TALES FROM THE CRYPT, VAULT OF HORROR) and Warren (Creepy and EERIE) comics. The first issue will feature stories by Richard Laymon, Edward Lee, and Rick Hautala with artwork from Erik Wilson, Glenn Chadbourne, and Bill Renfro. The 48-page, magazine-size quarterly will have black and white interior art and a color cover.

It will retail for $3.95. A hardcover version may also be produced. ERIK WILSON will also be featured in BODIN #0: THE DUEL, the second slated CD comic. Similar in format to GRAVE TALES, BODIN will be a 32-pager and retail for $2.95. For more info email or (410) 569-5683 or visit the new CD Web site (see below).'

July 1, 1999

Spotlight On... for July with new Competition!

This month's Spotlight On... page features UK Vampire Master, Brian Lumley! If you haven't read Lumley, you don't know what you're missing!

Plus, thanks to the wonderful people at Hodder Headline - we've got some BRIAN LUMLEY KILLER READ PACKS to give away too. Surf on over and enter the competition now!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

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