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In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

June 25, 1999

COME OUT TONIGHT UK now available.

The UK hardback version of Come Out Tonight is now available, as is the UK paperback version of THE MIDNIGHT TOUR! Get yours today.

On a more personal note, I'd like to thank Richard for dedicating COME OUT TONIGHT to my wife and me, as well as to RLK! It was a complete surprise to us all and we're honored to have COME OUT TONIGHT dedicated to us. Thanks again, Dick.

June 21, 1999

Laymon on King

Richard has just emailed these kind words about Stephen King and I know we all feel the same way. Our prayers and thoughts are with King and his family.

"I want to offer my best wishes for a full recovery to Stephen King. It's terrible that he was involved in such a situation. I think all of us who read and/or write horror owe a great dept to Mr. King. He pretty much created "horror" as we've come to know it. He has written numerous books and stories that are masterpieces -- not only of the horror genre, but of American literature.

We talk about Stephen King as being the "King of horror" or the "King of fright," etc., but his books are much more than "spooky reads." To my way of thinking, he has documented our times more vividly and accurately, in book after book, story after story, than any other author. He is the bard of the baby-boomers.

Not only has he chronicled our times, but he has played a very large role in creating our consciousness. His books and stories have become part of our daily lives. Case in point: CUJO. Can anyone NOT think of Cujo when encountering a possibly dangerous dog? Can anyone not think of APT PUPIL, RAGE or CARRIE when a teenager goes nuts and starts killing people?

For that matter, how many of us didn't think of CUJO and PET SEMETERY when we heard the strange details of Mr. King's "accident."

He has created situations and characters and places and phrases -- "Nope, nothing wrong here!" -- that have become an integral part of our lives.

Let's wish all the best for Stephen King and his family -- and hope he soon returns to the desk to give up plenty of more great stories and novels.

-- Dick"

June 20, 1999


Rich at Cemetery Dance Publications has just emailed us to let us know COME OUT TONIGHT is in and will start shipping next week....and, great news, CUTS is early and is also due early next week. So...both books will be shipped by the end of next week!

This is terrific news and if you haven't got your order in yet - then do it now!

Also, just a note that on July 17, the brand new, amazingly huge Cemetery Dance website will debut at www.cemeterydance.com. Bookmark it now!

June 15, 1999

LAYMON floodgates open!

Let the word go forth...

BITE is released for the first time in the US today! Woo-hoo! Congratulations to Richard, everyone at Leisure books and, of course, the US fans! Grab your copies now of the first paperback release of a Laymon book on mainland US of A for years. Here's to the first of many!

Also, THE MIDNIGHT TOUR has been released in paperback in the UK and Australia (oops, forgot to mention this earlier...sorry!) and that means that the SNEAK PEEK section of RLK! now contains the first chapter of THE MIDNIGHT TOUR too! If you haven't read it yet, surf over to SNEAK PEEK now to see what you are missing!

For the Laymon-addicted, June and July are looking particularly good. Not only are BITE and THE MIDNIGHT TOUR now available, but within the next few weeks, so will be CUTS in the US and COME OUT TONIGHT in both US and UK versions.

It's Laymon Heaven!

BITE Winners!

Speaking of BITE - here are the winners of our BITE competition! Thanks to all who entered - we had 94 entries from around the world and EVERY entry was correct! Just goes to prove Laymon fans know their stuff! Anyway, the answers were:

Question 1: The Stake (although we would have accepted NIGHTMARE LAKE too - Richard's young adult horror novel that was released before The Stake...)

Question 2: One Rainy Night.

Question 3: A Writer's Tale.

Question 4: The Traveling Vampire Show.

And the winners are:
Sharon Kleinert, Aus
Neville Skipworth, UK
Ken Pinto, UK
Harry Cannon, Aus
Tony Fallon, USA
Marie Neef, USA

Congratulations to all our winners! An email should be heading your way in the next twenty-four hours confirming your win and asking for your postal address. Once we receive your address, your winning copy of BITE will be on its way! Thanks to everyone who entered!

June 10, 1999

Laymon on the Horror Writers Annual Meeting

We just received this report from Richard on the Horror Writers Annual Meeting from last weekend. Thanks to Richard for taking the time to write it! Enjoy!

"We just got back yesterday from staying the weekend at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, where the Stokers were held. It's a great old hotel, directly across the street from the Chinese Theater -- where the footprints (etc.) of the stars are in concrete. The place is only about five miles from our house, probably, but we figured it would be fun to stay there for the convention.

We arrived early Friday afternoon. Things wouldn't be starting for a while, so we walked across the street and saw STAR WARS, EPISODE 1. No standing in line. The theater was far from full. The movie was -- well, that's a matter of individual taste, I guess. I'm sure it thrilled some people. Ann, Kelly and I watched it with varying degrees of appreciation -- none of us thought it was great (to put it mildly).

After the movie, we spent some time in the hotel bar. Our friends Tim and Serena Powers were there, and I had the honor of meeting a true legend, George Clayton Johnson. Anyone who doesn't know about him should check out the credits onvarious TWILIGHT ZONE episodes. He is an extremely nice man and we spent quite a lot of time talking about this and that during the weekend. (A major collection of his short stories will soon be published by Subterranean Press, and he's in the Cemetery Dance book, LEGENDS (I think that's the title)). He was part of the group that included Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, etc.

That evening, we spent most of our time hanging around in the lobby, chatting with people. Everything sort of runs together, but one of the highlights was running into my old buddy, Gary Brandner. Gary has a new book, ROT, which has just been published by Cemetery Dance. Another highlight of Friday night, we got to meet Edo van Belkom and his wife, Roberta. We'd corresponded with them in the past. I'm a big fan of Edo's writing. Also, he and Roberta notified me when their local library had a complaint against FIENDS. (Gosh, it offended someone.) With their help, we were able to prevent FIENDS from being removed from the library. One of these days, I'll write up that incident in more detail. Anyway, it was great to meet Edo and Roberta. Every now and again, we meet someone and feel as if we've become instant friends. That's how Ann, Kelly and I felt about Edo and Roberta.

That night, we also spent a lot of time drinking and chatting with Alan Beatts (the one and only!) owner of Borderlands Books in San Francisco, and with Jeremy Lassen -- his button man. Jeremy and his wife Liza, work (have worked) at Alan's store and are really cool. We also had the pleasure of meeting Bill Walker, author of the CD book, TITANIC 2012 and Steve Zell, author of WiZrD. During the course of the weekend, we saw quite a lot of Bill and Steve. Really nice guys. When Sunday came around, both of them bought copies of A WRITER'S TALE and I bought TITANIC 2012 and WiZrD.

Back to Friday night, we had a ten o'clock appointment. Just before we left the lobby/bar, Gary Brandner's wild and beautiful wife, Martine, arrived from work. (I was best man at their wedding.) We got to visit for a while, then had to hurry up to the Oscar room for a reading by Rain Graves.

Rain, who has a story in BAD NEWS, read a very strange and delightful story written from the point of view of a refrigerator -- one in which body parts were often stored.

Later that night, we joined about fifteen others for a "seance" that consisted of a Ouija Board reading. It got extremely creepy -- especially because several people ended up revealing personal experiences with ghosts (or whatever). Ouija boards scare me. (Wrote about the things in DARKNESS, TELL US.) When they got the bright idea to ask the thing for information about various people in the group, I was ready to bolt. But we hung around. Then the message came up, "This is about the flaxen-haired girl . . ." We all knew it was referring to my daughter, Kelly. I was scared and upset, but it went all right. In fact, what it said about Kelly seemed totally off base. Major relief. Finally, we got out of there more-or-less unscathed.

On Saturday morning, I listened in on a panel discussion called, "What Editors Really Want." The people on the panel were Laura Ann Gilman of Roc, Gordon Van Gelder of St. Martin's Press and Melissa Singer of Tor. Don D'Auria was supposed to be there, but something came up that prevented him from attending. I have been published by all the publishing houses represented on the panel (Roc sorta replaced Onyx), so I've had rather in-depth personal experiences with how they operate -- and wrote about most of it in A WRITER'S TALE. During the course of the panel discussion, I heard a lot of statements that gave a fairly bleak and distorted picture of the publishing scene. (For instance, the average lifespan of a paperback on a store shelf is THREE DAYS.) I have a mouth, but I managed to keep it shut. In other words, I behaved. But it wasn't easy.

Oh, yeah, I did open my mouth once. Just remembered. One of the panelists said something about how people who read Stephen King never even SEE the horror section of a bookstore. So I threw in, "Except when they go there to buy the Stephen King book." The panelists jumped all over me as if I'd blashemed. "Oh, no! He's right at the front of the store!" etc. flew at me from all over the speaker's table. Well, gosh, maybe in New York City things are different. Admittedly, there are King displays at the front of the stores -- all over the stores -- but if you want to buy his backlist, it's taking up about 30% of the horror section at just about every bookstore I've seen. (The rest of the section is Dean Koontz, Ann Rice and the deceased but extremely prolific nevertheless V.C. Andrews -- with room for a few books by half a dozen other writers.) Anyway, I didn't try to argue the point with the editors. They're the experts.

Anyway, I spent nearly the entire time throwing fits in secret. Instead, I spoke my concerns privately to a few young writers who'd been in attendance -- and just did it fairly publicly right here. Ahhhhh.

After the editor's panel, we'd planned to go to the Ackerman mansion, but a few things went wrong. We ended up exploring Hollywood Boulevard and standing out in front of the hotel for a fairly long time, talking with George Clayton Johnson, Alan Beatts, Jeremy Lassen, and GAK. GAK, like so many other people we keep meeting at World Horror and the Stokers, is a really cool guy. He's well known for the really weird and often funny illustrations he does. His works are in quite a few books done by the independent presses.

That afternoon, I did a reading. I sorta thought I should read some of BITE, but Ann and Kelly thought it'd be much more interesting for me to read from my "work in progress." I usually don't do anything like that, but what the hey . . . So I read the first two chapters of THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW.

Finally, it was about time to get ready for the Stokers. We got dressed up and hung out in the lobby bar, mostly with Bill Walker and Steve Zell, and a little later with Alan and Jeremy. I took a moment to run off and introduce myself to Peter Straub. I've been a fan of his for years. He acted as if 1) he'd never heard of me, or 2) he didn't like what he'd heard. Or maybe he wasn't feeling well, or something. Anyway, I no sooner introduced myself than he excused himself and took off. Ahhh, well.

Soon, it was time to enter the Blossom Room for the Stoker awards banquet and awards presentation. It was the very same room in which the very first Oscar awards ceremony was held, back in something like 1929.

In the past, when entering such banquets, we wander around among "reserved" tables and feel very much like interlopers. This time, however, many of the tables were full of friends and we sat at a table with friends. At our table sat Alan, Jeremy, me, Ann, Kelly, Edo and Roberta van Belkom, Bill Walker, Steve Zell and Garrett Peck. (Garrett, a theater man from St. Augistine, Florida, has done some limited edition audio CDs of such writers as F. Paul Wilson and has written some really nice reviews of my work. He was a big hit at the seance.) Not only was I surrounded by family and friends, but I had another friend in my jacket pocket in the form of Richard Chizmar's Stoker acceptance speech.

Three of us -- me, Edo and Rich (in absentia) -- were nominated for Stokers.

The long and short of it -- none of us won.

We were having such a good time at the table that I didn't get very nervous until just about the time they started handing out Stokers. Very soon, it was time for the presentation of the award of non-fiction. The presenter read the nominees:GOTHIC HORROR edited by Clive Bloom, THE SCIENCE OF THE X-FILES by Jeanne Cavelos, DARKECHO NEWSLETTER, Volume 5, #1-50, edited by Paula Guran, and A WRITER'S GUIDE by Richard Laymon.

"And the Stoker goes to DARKECHO NEWSLETTER."

Paula stepped up to the podium and gave a very gracious speech in which she mentioned the other nominees. She said a few nice things about my book, A WRITER'S LIFE.

While all this went on, there was much groaning and laughing and shaking of heads at my table. Alan told me how much he had enjoyed my book, A WRITER'S APPENDAGE.

Neither Edo nor Rich won Stokers either. However, they have the advantage over me because they weren't beaten by free email. Ah, well. I feel as if I can still hold my head up. I've lost Stokers now to Ramsey Campbell, Robert R. McCammon, Thomas Harris, and email.

The actual Stoker banquet was really enjoyable for the most part. The master of ceremonies was Ed Bryant, fiction writer and reviewer of horror fiction for LOCUS magazine. He has given me some very fine reviews over the years. Ed was a great master of ceremonies. He was very funny and kept things entertaining. I'll briefly mention a couple of the highlights.

1. Karen Black was a presenter. Man, did she look good! She must, as they say, have one of those portraits in the attic.

2. Gary Brandner presented the award for long fiction (novellas). He started his speech by saying he doesn't know much about novellas, but he knows a lot about short stories. He then talked about short stories. Very concisely and in a very amusing way, he told the straight story about short stories. Writing them is a good way to learn how to tell a real story and continuing to write them is a way to keep your tool honed. Writing them can also be a doorway into the world of professional writing, but you can't make a living by writing short stories. Gary said he couldn't think of anyone who has made a career of writing short stories. After a pause, he added, "Well, maybe one." Having known Gary for a couple of decades, I suspect he was referring to the mystery writer, Edward Hoch. Ed Hoch has indeed made a career of writing short mystery stories. Not only did Gary give a really great talk about writing short stories, but he made several cracks that were absolutely hilarious. He had the whole room cracking up.

3. Another real highlight of the banquet was Ramsey Campbell. He was presented with a well-deserved life achievement award. He then entertained us for quite a while. In particular, he suggested that we should wander around the street sometime and find a small child. While walking past the child, we're to hunch over, make awful contortions and grimaces (which Ramsey demonstrated), then whisper to the small child, "I'm dead, you know." He elaborated considerably. He was hilarious. I would really like to give his suggestion a try, sometime.

Those are a few of the highlights. The banquet went on for somewhere in the neighborhood of five hours. It was really a nice experience, though -- even for those of us who didn't win Stokers. The HWA leadership, S.P. Somtow and Ed Kramer in particular (but others, as well) did a really great job putting it together. Among other nice touches, every nominee received a very attractive certificate suitable for framing.

After the Stoker banquet, the remaining activity of the night was a Tor party. Tor nearly always hosts a very nice party during the Stokers and World Horror. I've always been reluctant (for obvious reasons) to attend their parties, even though they are open to every attendee at the convention. We did go there for a while, however, since that's where most of our friends had gone.

After we left the party, we ran into one of Leisure's star horror writers, Mary Ann Mitchell. We'd been seeing her throughout the weekend -- she was a big hit at the seance -- but now we had more of a chance to talk. Her new Leisure book, SIPS OF BLOOD, coming out in July -- is #1 on Ingram's top 50 Most Requested Horror titles. Looks as if it'll be doing really well. Which I think is great. I want all the Leisure Books to be smashing successes, but Mary Ann is really sweet, soft-spoken and friendly so it's especially great that she is having so much success. When I saw her after the Leisure party, she was looking over the edge of a balcony. I gave her a little shove -- just a little one. A much smaller shove than I'd given Matt Johnson at the Phoenix World Horror because I didn't want HER to fall. (Matt knows I'm joking. RIGHT?) Anyway, she took it in good stride, didn't fall or complain . . .

On Sunday morning, there was an HWA business meeting. Turns out, this was the best-attended Stoker awards in the organization's history. After the business meeting, we stayed and listened to a small press panel. A very interesting point was made. Some of the small presses aren't so small anymore. Maybe they should be called "independent" presses or publishers instead of "small." Del Howison was the moderator. It was a very good panel, and I enjoyed it and had no inclination to throw fits.

By the time that panel was over, checkout time had just about arrived. We had a nice talk with Rain Graves and her friend, then hurried up to our room to pack. We still had a couple of hours before time for the Dark Delicacies signing, so we went out for lunch. Took Garrett Peck with us. We had a nice lunch at a Thai BBQ place -- in honor of Somtow. Then we still had extra time, so we paid a visit to Dangerous Visions Bookstore. Garrett picked himself up a copy of A GOOD, SECRET PLACE. Then we went on to Dark Delicacies.

As always, Del and Sue Howison were great hosts. They had plenty of beer and soft drinks and snacks. My father came to the signing, and I had the pleasure of introducing him to several of my friends. He'd met Gary Brandner many years earlier. So then my dad got to watch me stand in a corner sweating and signing scads of books for an hour or so. It was pretty fast and furious there for a while. Later, though, things calmed down a little. Ramsey Campbell had it worse -- or better -- than me. He had a constant, unending flow of fans with books -- but he had a table and chair. The UK contingent included not only Ramsey but also Peter "Irish" Atkins -- novelist and screenwriter and a regular at Dark Delicacies. We had the pleasure of meeting Peter's wife during the Stoker weekend. We've been competing against her and Peter for a couple of years now in a certain unmentionable contest that is held annually at Dark Delicacies.

When we left the store yesterday afternoon, we took a box of BITEs with us. They'll be traveling to San Francisco for our signing at Alan Beatts's Borderlands Books.

Overall, it was a great, memorable weekend. We didn't win the Stoker, but we met a lot of really nice writers and their spouses, saw some old and new fans (Hi John, Gregg, Jonathan, Daniel, Lyssa . . .) and made a few new friends. The next Stoker weekend will take place together with the World Horror Convention in Denver in May, 2000. It is probably going to be one of the great events in the history of horror writing -- just about every writer I know is planning to attend -- and fans are welcome with open arms -- and glistening teeth. So if any of you are looking for a wonderful place to take a vaction next spring, you might consider trying to make it to the Stokers/World Horror weekend.

That's about it for now. I'm sure I forgot to mention a few people we spent time with --- I didn't exactly take notes -- but I tried to give you as many details as I could recall.

So long for now.

-- Dick."

BITE reviews on Amazon.com!

This is a rallying call to the troops to get more reviews of BITE online at Amazon before it is released in the US on June 15.


Can everyone who has read BITE take a moment to surf on over to Amazon.com and write a terrific review so that we can prove to the uninitiated that Laymon *is* the best!


The direct link to the BITE review submission page is:

Apparently it takes Amazon 5 days to update the reviews (heck, I update quicker than Amazon! Hahaha!) so make sure you do your review ASAP so it's online by June 15!

-- Steve

June 7, 1999

Laymon at Horror Writers Annual Meeting

Thanks to Jonathan Torres for this update about the Horror Writers Association Annual Meeting held over the weekend:

"I just got back from the Horror Writers Association Annual Meeting and Awards Weekend and have some things to share about Laymon.

Laymon was there all weekend. On Sat. he did a reading of the first 2 chapters from his near completed book THE TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW. What he read was great but not enough considering it is the beginning of a larger novel. Also, he said he will finish writing the book in about a month.

Also, Laymon has finished/almost finished editing an anthology titled BAD NEWS. Publication dates for the above books are not set, at least that is what he told me. For the anthology, Laymon told me he contacted authors who were either friends or whose work he liked, wonder if Koontz will be in it. I know Rain Graves will be in it becasue she told me so. He said there will be about 18 authors.

Laymon did not win the Stoker Award for his non-fiction book A WRITER'S TALE. At the awards ceremony, they kept referring to the title as WRITER'S LIFE. Laymon was at a mass signing for HWA authors at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, that's were I got the info. except for the reading."

New Laymon Message Board & The Laymon Project!

Thanks to Chris Martin for this latest update:

"The New Laymon MESSAGE BOARD is up and running and it can be accessed at the address below. Please everyone drop by and leave a message or two. I think this will be a great way of meeting other people that love Laymon and what's better they just need net access so people at work and Uni can use it.

I have also updated my Laymonpaedia site and named it The Laymon Project which I thought was rather catchy.

Oh I have also found a co-editor for the laymonpaedia, her name is Justine and we have been talking about Laymon on the ICQ for awhile now. She has some great ideas and has read every Laymon book so she will be extremely valuable. We hope to get a basic outline of the encyclopaedia out within the next month. Keep those contributions coming in for those of you who havent visted the site in awhile there is an example of the kind of stuff I am after. Well I think that is it for now. Happy reading."

The message board can be found at THE LAYMON PROJECT MESSAGE BOARD Check it out now!

June 1, 1999

CD Pubs covers for CUTS and COME OUT TONIGHT

Well folks, here are the covers to the CD Publications version of COME OUT TONIGHT and CUTS! These are terrific covers done by Gail Cross. Well done, Gail - these are some of the best covers we've seen in a long time! Enjoy!

COT CD Cover    CUTS CD Cover

Laymon at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta

Thanks to Richard for sending us some photos from his time at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta earlier this year. Special thanks go to Kelly Laymon, for taking the pictures, and Ann Laymon for having them developed! Below are the pictures, and Richard's narration:


1. Taken in the dealer's room at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta. I'm not sure of the name of the man on the far left, but I think he was working with Dave Hinchberger. Then is Chris Smith, an editor with Harper Collins, who came from London to attend the convention. Next to him is Bill Sheehan, who writes reviews for various horror magazines and is currently writing a book about Peter Straub. Next comes Dave Hinchberger, the owner of the Overlook Connection. Dave was one of the earliest dealers in hard-to-find horror books, and has been selling my stuff for years. Then there's me. On my other side is Hank Wagner, who writes reviews and is a very funny chap.


2. On the left stands Matt Johnson, publisher of Obsidian Press. He published the Jack Ketchum collection, EXIT AT TOLEDO BLADE BOULEVARD for which I wrote the introduction. He is publishing a couple of my short stories in the near future. You had an interview with him on RLK. He does a great Eric Cartman impression. In the middle is me. On my other side is Dave Barnett, publisher of Necro Press. Dave has published, among other things, GOON by John Pelan and Edward Lee. He is starting a new horror magazine with Matt Johnson and one or two other guys.


3. The guy with one leg up on the situation is the legendary Jack Ketchum, author of things like OFF SEASON and THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. Jack always likes to keep things interesting, not only in his books but in real life. I'm the one holding his leg. Jack has sent me a very cool, nasty story for BAD NEWS. On the other side of me stands John Pelan, publisher of Silver Salamander Press (which has published such authors as Lucy Taylor and Simon Clark). John is also a fine author in his own right, both as a solo performer and in duets with Edward Lee. Together, they've penned the novels GOONS, SPLATTERPUNK, and SHIFTERS. A nifty collaboration between John and Edward Lee will appear in my anthology, BAD NEWS.


4. And who do we have here? The Shakespeare of South Yorkshire himself, Simon Clark. He flew all the way to Atlanta for the World Horror Convention. I was delighted to meet him. We hung out together a bit. As a special honor, John Pehlan, Jack Ketchum and I invited Simon to join us as judges of the infamous Gross-Out Contest. Simon has just contributed a really creepy story to BAD NEWS.


5. The fellow standing next to me is my hero, Don D'Auria, the managing editor at Leisure Books. Don was the hit of the convention, not only because he is such a nice guy (and funny), but because he is responsible for running the only mainstream horror line in the United States. And it is succeeding because he knows what he's doing.


6. Last, but not least . . . This photo was taken in my office on the second floor of my garage. It shows some of my book collection, a cuckoo clock and a sled-dog rug that were gifts from my brother, Bob, an oil painting done by Dave Swartout, a friend of my parents, when I was a little kid, and two more of my favorite publishers. On the left, with his head in the boat, is Peter Enfantino. On the right is John Scoleri. These two guys, along with Bob Morrish, published my first story collection, A GOOD, SECRET PLACE and they published A WRITER'S TALE. They instigated both books (both of which have been nominated for Bram Stoker awards). Neither book would exist except for Peter and John. Unfortunately, they have retired from book publishing (or so they say), but they do publish a magazine called BARE BONES that is full of in-depth nonfiction articles about the earlier years of pulp magazines and paperback genre books and authors.

John and Peter come out to Los Angeles about once a year for a paperback trade show, and we always get together for dinner and have ourselves a good time.

RLK! Competition with BITE!

To celebrate the first-ever release of BITE in the US market, Don D'Auria at Leisure books has given us 6 copies of the book to give away on June 15 - the release date of BITE in US stores. All you have to do is answer four simple questions. Get them all right and you'll go into the draw to win your very own copy of the US edition of BITE.

QUESTION 1: BITE is a Laymon novel dealing with vampires. What is the title of Richard's first vampire book?

QUESTION 2: BITE is the first Laymon novel to be released by Leisure Books in the US. Which will be the second?

QUESTION 3: BITE is one of the Laymon novels discussed in Richard's recently released autobiography. What is the title of the autobiography?

QUESTION 4: BITE deals with vampires. Richard is currently working on another novel dealing with vampires. What is the title of that novel?

Email us your answers at gerlach@ains.net.au and you'll be entered. Competition closes June 14 and the winners will be uploaded here on June 15! Good luck!

Huge thanks to Don D'Auria and everyone at Leisure Books for their co-operation with the competition. Thanks guys!

Spotlight On... for June

This month's Spotlight On... page features US thriller writer, Michael Connelly. Connelly is a bit more "mainstream" than some of the other authors we have featured, but his books are still full of thrills and chills and he deserves the Spotlight for this month. Check him out - you won't be disappointed. We've reviewed each of his books and have thrown in an interview too!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

Audio Laymon?

Here's a golden nugget unearthed in the latest catalogue from Don Cannon Books:

"Laymon, Richard


Forthcoming: Project in the works: unabridged recordings read by the author."

This sounds terrific! More news on this when we get it!

MAY 4, 1999


Thanks to Rhian Bromage at Hodder Headline UK for this exclusive sneak peek at the cover blurb for Laymon's latest, COME OUT TONIGHT:

It's a hot, hot night. Too hot to be making love unless your romance is young, like Sherry and Duane's. It's their first time and the anticipation is killing. There's just one problem - they have no condoms. Of course they could wait until tomorrow...

Duane remembers the twenty-four Speed-D-Mart. In the usual circumstances, it's not a place anyone would want to visit at night. But these aren't usual circumstances. Duane throws on his clothes - the store is just ten minutes down the block.

Now Sherry is waiting. Ten minutes has gone, so has twenty. She's not worried - what's another few minutes? Then she hears the noise from down the street. It might be a door slamming. It might be the backfire of a car. But Sherry thinks it sounds mostly like a gunshot...

May 1, 1999

Laymon Encyclopaedia

Chris Martin is working diligently on a Laymon Encyclopaedia, or Laymonpaedia, and requires help from all Laymon readers! Hop on over to the Laymonpaedia site at http://homepages.picknowl.com.au/chris_nat/ to read more about it and become involved in this exciting project!

Spotlight On... for May

This month's Spotlight On... page features UK horror writer, Stephen Laws. Stephen is a terrific writer who may not be known to many horror readers! He's very popular in the UK and Australia and is certainly worth reading, believe me! Check out the great books he has written along with an interview too!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

A WRITER'S TALE Aussie Orders

The majority of Aussie orders for A WRITER'S TALE have been filled. However, there are some orders that are yet to be sent as we have not received a confirmation email from the people who ordered them. It seems some people who placed orders have changed their email address (or haven't checked their inbox)! Please, if you ordered a copy and haven't received an email from us in the past two weeks, contact us today with your new email address and also confirm your postal address. Your copy of A WRITER'S TALE is here waiting for you and will only be sent once we receive confirmation of your address. Thanks, Steve.

** Also please note that we have changed email address to gerlach@ains.net.au. The old crafti address no longer works and the emails are not redirected. If you have sent something to the crafti email address and received no reply, please send again to the ains one. Update your address book too!

April 24, 1999

More news on BAD NEWS

The latest flyer from Cemetery Dance Publications has this to say about the new short story collection Richard is editing:

"BAD NEWS (edited by Richard Laymon) - Massive anthology of all original horror and suspense, includes a brand new 100 page short novel by Laymon, plus new stories from Jack Ketchum, Ed Lee, Ray Garton, Simon Clark, Bentley Little, F. Paul Wilson, Lucy Taylor, and many others! This book is getting very lavish treatment; slipcased, with a ribbon page marker, and each story is illustrated. Signed Limited: $100, Deluxe Lettered: $300."

The anthology's release is slated for the 2nd half of 1999. More news when we are told a more precise date.

April 22, 1999


Here's the latest cover (UK) for Richard's new novel COME OUT TONIGHT due July. Congratulations to Steve Crisp for another great cover!

rlcot.gif - 108752 Bytes

April 16, 1999

RLK! New front pages design...

We hope you like the re-design of our front splash page. Now it loads even quicker! Please let us know what you think - especially if you're having problems with it - as it does contain the dreaded JAVA! Anyway, let us know your thoughts - if you like the new layout - we may change the rest of the site as well.

Latest news from Don at Leisure about the US releases!

Here's the latest news from Don:

"The official release date for Bite is June 15, but it may start showing up in US stores a few days before that. Dick has two signings scheduled in California to coincide with the Stoker Award Weekend the first weekend in June, and we're arranging a special shipment of books to those stores. These are the stores he mentioned in his latest note to the news section of your site. He knows more about the details of these signings than I do.

So far we're thrilled with the response we've gotten from our accounts. I hope this is just the beginning of a long, happy relationship between Dick and us."

April 12, 1999

The Good News about BAD NEWS

Here's the latest from Richard about the forthcoming short story collection he is editing:

"It will be published as a limited edition by Cemetery Dance. What happened is, I got in touch with a bunch of writers whose stuff I like and asked them to submit an original story for the anthology. I told them that I wanted a "scary" story. Otherwise, no theme. I've had great responses. I think it's too early to give away who will be in it, but I will say that they're people who write kick-ass horror and/or crime fiction. Except for one or two new-comers, they're all people who are very popular among those of us who read and write fiction of the rather extreme variety."

April 3, 1999

The Latest from Richard...

We just received this MASSIVE update from Richard about what he is currently working on. Check it out as there's some important stuff in here:

"As was reported in Brian Keene's report on the World Horror Convention, the novel I'm now working on is called, THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW. It takes place in a rural area in the early sixties.

In the town of Grandville, fliers appear announcing that The Traveling Vampire Show will be putting on performances -- midnight Friday and Saturday -- at a place called Janks Field --- which is in the woods a couple of miles from town. The main characters are sixteen year-old buddies named Dwight, Rusty and Slim. Slim's a gal. Though they aren't old enough to see the vampire show and it's being held in an area that their parents have declared "off limits" because a lot of bad stuff has happened there over the years -- they are determined to see the vampire show, no matter what. I've just crossed the 300 page mark on the book, so it's about half finished.

It has been going a little more slowly than usual because I've gotten involved in writing several pieces of shorter fiction. I wrote a novella called, "Double Date" for the anthology I'm editing, BAD NEWS. I wrote a short story called "Tiny" for a dog shelter charity anthology being published by Matt Johnson of Obsidian. I wrote another story, "Choppie," which is soon to be published in SUBTERRANEAN GALLERY. I also wrote "The Living Dead" and "Prudence," which I have submitted to anthologies. More about those two after (if) they're accepted.

That's a couple of hundred pages of short fiction. I'd be darn near done with the novel by now, if I hadn't done the stories, but I like writing the short fiction. They give me a change of pace. Also, they were all requested by friends.

Also the UK's Book Club Associates have selected COME OUT TONIGHT as the main selection for the World Book Club and for the Mystery & Thriller Book Club. Headline is publishing COME OUT TONIGHT in July.

A WRITER'S TALE was nominated for an International Horror Guild Award, but didn't win. It has now been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. It makes the fourth time I've been short-listed for a Stoker. One of these days, maybe I'll win one. But I ain't gonna hold my breath.

Over here in the US, COME OUT TONIGHT and CUTS will be coming out a little later than expected, but they should still be appearing by early summer. Rich sent me the cover art for CUTS, and I think everyone'll get a real kick out of it.

Leisure Books will be publishing BITE in June. The people at Leisure have really been giving BITE a big push. With Don D'Auria at the helm, they are doing exactly the sort of things I've been waiting and hoping for, lo these many years. It's ironic that I should run into a publisher like Leisure so soon after lambasting the mainstream US publishing industry in A WRITER'S TALE. Weird. Before reading "On Being a Horror Writer" from A WRITER'S TALE at World Horror -- with Don D'Auria in the audience -- I felt compelled to spend five minutes making disclaimers because I wrote all that nasty stuff BEFORE running into Don and Leisure. It was a little embarrassing, anyway.

After the reading, I gave Don my copy of A WRITER'S TALE. He seems to think it's a pretty cool book, which is very gratifying to me.

The Leisure edition of BITE is supposed to be released on June 15, but Del and Sue's bookstore in Burbank, Dark Delicacies, is supposed to be getting copies early enough for a signing party on the Sunday, June 6, following the Stoker Awards. The book order is being shared by Alan Beatts of Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco. After the signing at Dark Delicacies, we'll be going up to SF for a reading and signing at Borderlands on Wednesday, June 9.

If any RLK readers will be in Los Angeles or San Francisco during that period, I hope they'll show up for one of the signings.

I'll write more about the World Horror Convention soon -- when I send the photos. Before I sign off, however, I have to say that a highlight of the convention was meeting Simon Clark. He's not only one of the best horror writers in the business, but a very nice guy. Within about two minutes, I felt as if we were old friends.

Getting back from World Horror, I received his contribution to BAD NEWS. It's a short story called, "On Wings That So Darkly Beat" and it knocked my socks off. It's a fabulous story, very real and creepy.

Well, that's about it for now.

All my best,


April 1, 1999

Spotlight On... for April

This month's Spotlight On... page features UK psychological thriller writer, Gemma O'Connor. We feature O'Connor this month as she is currently on tour in Australia. Aussies should ask their local bookstores about tour dates in their state. Click on the link to find out more about Gemma's wonderful work!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

March 14, 1999

Richard returns from the World Horror Convention

Richard has just returned from the 1999 World Horror Convention. Once he has settled down and is back into his old routine, he will give us a run-down of all the highlights and gossip of the Convention. More on this soon!

Same Vein now faster!

Just a quick note to let you all know the SAME VEIN section has undergone a bit of a remodel which allows all books to load much much quicker. All the releases now have their own page and this means no more endless waits for the whole page to download. Check out the new SAME VEIN pages! The changes affect the NEW RELEASES and ALSO RECOMMENDED pages. This change will also allow us to store more reviews for longer! We've just uploaded five new reviews to the NEW RELEASES page - so check them all out and let us know what you think!

March 1, 1999

Spotlight On... for March

This month's Spotlight On... page features UK horror writer, Simon Clark. Click on the link to find out more about this terrific author! Thanks for all your feedback - we're thrilled you love the new page!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

Visit the Cemetery!

RLK! is proud to announce a new page in conjunction with Cemetery Dance Publications. Visit the Cemetery now and check out the latest and upcoming releases from CD, as well as the latest issue of the best Horror magazine around, Cemetery Dance Magazine! We're thrilled with this partnership so make sure you drop by and check out the page monthly as new features and highlights are added. A link has also been added to the front page of RLK!, so you can also access it from there! Keep your finger on the pulse with Cemetery Dance!

February 1, 1999

Spotlight On...

This month's Spotlight On... page features US small press publisher OBSIDIAN BOOKS! Check it out for a glimpse of the strange world of small press publishing! Also, let us know your thoughts on the new feature page too! We hope you like it!

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

Laymon ready to BITE US!

Thanks to Don D'Auria at Leisure books for providing us with the WORLD EXCLUSIVE unveiling of the new cover artwork for BITE, Laymon's first US paperback from Leisure Books, due July this year! It's a terrific cover!

Rlbitelp.gif - 48374 Bytes

Also, Don would like all to know that One Rainy Night is slotted for a March 2000 publication too! This is terrific news for both Richard, Leisure Books, and Laymon's US fans!

Laymon on tour!

Below is a selection of photos of Richard, taken by his wife Ann, during their trips to San Francisco and Monterey in October, 1998. The descriptions are provideed by Richard too! Enjoy!

Laypic1.gif - 51181 Bytes

1. Shows me in the basement of Borderlands Books (534 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA) where I was engaged in a "reading" on the night of October 28, 1998. We were invited to the reading by the owner of Borderlands, a terrific guy named Alan Beatts. Before the reading, we got to spend some time with his two helpers, Liza Erpelo and Jeremy Lassen, who are very friendly, cool people. Liza is working on her M.A. in English and Jeremy is a small press publisher. We saw a lot of them during our time in San Francisco and Monterey and really enjoyed their company.

In the photo, sitting to my right, is John Pelan. John is the co-author, along with Edward Lee, of such books as GOON and SHIFTERS. He also writes material on his own, has edited anthologies, and is the publisher of Silver Salamander Press. Sitting to my left is Norman Partridge, who has written plenty, including such books as SLIPPIN' INTO DARKNESS and WILDEST DREAMS. John and Norman are both a couple of really nice guys and terrific writers. Each of us took turns reading selections to an audience of about fifty people that night in Borderlands basement. I read my short story, "Kitty Litter."

After the reading, we stayed in the basement to sign books for customers. And we started telling Alan Beatts how creepy his basement was. You can see the brick wall in the photo. We mentioned how "Poe-ish" it seemed, bringing to mind such stories as "The Black Cat" and "The Cask of Amantillado" (sp?). Alan told us that the basement was so old that it pre-dated the big San Francisco earthquake of 1906. He then told us that, in measuring things, he had discovered a five foot gap between the outer wall and the basement's interior brick wall. We tried to talk Alan into paying a visit to his basement -- all alone, oh, around midnight sometime -- with a chizel. Just to see what might be lurking behind the wall.

After the signing, Alan took a whole bunch of us (about 18 in all) out to dinner at The Sausage Factory. We not only had a great time at the signing and at the dinner, but also at the party Alan threw a party a couple of nights later at the World Fantasy Convention in Monterey. We had great fun there. It went on till about 3 o'clock in the morning.

Laypic2.gif - 36486 Bytes

2. This photo shows me with John Pelan in a theater-like room at the World Fantasy Convention on the morning of Friday, October 30. We'd been hanging out to some extent with John and his wife, Kathy, (both great people) since arriving in San Francisco for the Borderlands signing. On Thursday, we all had breakfast together, then we drove John and Kathy from San Francisco to Monterey for the convention. We took the coast highway (way south of Malcasa Point but not far from Boleta Bay). The drive was a lot of fun and gave us lots of time to chat with John and Kathy. In preparation for our interview, I loaned John my own copy of A WRITER'S TALE to read over Thursday night. Friday morning, he conducted the official interview with me. There weren't many people in attendance, but we had a great time -- I ranted about a few things -- and John taped it. Most of the interview was later transcribed by John, and it was published in several issues of Hellnotes.

Laypic3.gif - 68787 Bytes

3. This photo was taken on December 6, 1998 at Dark Delicacies, the bookstore owned by Del and Sue Howison (3725 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA) Del and Sue are a couple of real supporters of mine, and I've had many signings there. The event shown in the photo was actually a signing for the chap sitting to my right, Jack Ketchum. Dark Delicacies flew Jack in from New York for a signing of his new short story collection, EXIT AT TOLEDO BLADE BOULEVARD. I had written the introduction, so I showed up, too. We had a wonderful time. Jack's one of my favorite writers and a really terrific guy. A couple of days after the signing, on Friday, we drove out to Laguna Beach to give Jack a lift back to the airport for his flight home. Ann and Kelly both came along for the trip because they are also very fond of Jack. We had a long breakfast at Denny's -- telling "war" stories" and so on -- before finishing the trip to the airport.

That's about it for now.


January 24, 1999

New Laymon Site

THE RICHARD LAYMON NIGHTMARE is a new site dedicated to Richard Laymon. Check it out as Ian Potter has done a great job with the site. The address is http://marina.fortunecity.com/embankment/248/index.html.

January 19, 1999

A WRITER'S TALE is nominated!

Here's some great news about A WRITER'S TALE direct from Richard himself. He also thanks all those who sent him birthday greetings. Here's the letter:

"Hi, Steve --

Thanks for the Happy Birthday message, and thanks to all my fans who sent birthday greetings. I enjoyed them a lot.

I got an unexpected birthday treat. At about 8 o'clock the night of my birthday, Tom Corey and I were in the front yard of the house while he was working on my bay window (putting stucco on it). Suddenly, Ann came running along. She had been up in the office -- on the internet -- and came down to let me know that she'd seen in Paul Guran's newsletter (Darkecho) that A WRITER'S TALE has been nominated for an International Horror Guild Award in the nonfiction category. A very nice birthday surprise."

Congratulations to Richard on this terrific nomination. We'll keep you up to date with this and we hope Richard wins the category. More soon!

January 14, 1999

Happy Birthday Richard!

Richard turns 52 today! Everyone at RLK! wishes Richard a Happy Birthday. For those who emailed us your birthday greetings for Richard, you'll be happy to know the birthday e-card has been sent.

Aussie Orders for A WRITER'S TALE close.

The Deadline for Australian orders of A Writer's Tale has closed. Those who have missed the deadline and still wish to order must contact me ASAP to arrange IMMEDIATE delivery of cheque/money order. For those who have made the deadline - the order has been placed with Deadline Press and our books will be shipped ASAP. More on this soon!

January 5, 1999

AMONG THE MISSING now available in UK.

Just a reminder, AMONG THE MISSING, Richard's newest novel is now available in Hardback in the UK. Selected US specialty bookstores are having their orders filled as we speak. From our spies in the UK, we hear AMONG THE MISING is gracing the bookstore shelves in many places. Buy yours today!

Laymon announces Competition Winners!

Our RLK! 2nd Birthday Competition is over and Richard has announced the winners of the Laymon Nursery Rhyme Competition.

Surf over to the RLK! 2nd Birthday Competition page now and see if you won. Also check out the top 10 finalists and see what Richard had to say about their rhymes!

Deadline for Aussie orders of A Writer's Tale
is January 14!

Just a quick reminder for those Aussies out there who said they would get the money to me for their copies of A Writer's Tale. Please note that our order will be sent on January 14. So make sure we have your cheques by then or you'll miss out on your discount!

And, speaking of January 14...

Happy Birthday Richard!

Richard turns 52 on January 14.

Everyone associated with Richard Laymon Kills! would like to wish Richard a happy birthday. If you would like to add your name to our "email card", email us and we will pass your good wishes on to him.

Email Us Now!

January 1, 1999

Happy New Year!

1999 looks like being a big one for Richard Laymon and his fans. With new books being published in both the UK *and* the US - the world, it seems, is finally waking up to the wonders of Laymon. We take this opportunity to thank both Richard and his fans for making RLK! the center of the Laymon universe on the internet. We couldn't have done it without you all! Here's to a great 1999!

And now...on to other matters:

Spotlight On... the new RLK! page

With the start of the new year, we here at RLK! are presenting a new "feature" page called RLK! Spotlight On.... We get many emails from people wanting to know more about other authors, publishers and booksellers. So, we decided to begin this new page which, every month, with feature a new author, bookseller or publisher we recommend. The page is an in-depth view of the subject and we turn the "spotlight on" them for a whole month.

Visit the Spotlight On... page now. January's feature is on US author John Case.

The votes are in!

After 6 months of voting, we are pleased to announce the MOST POPULAR LAYMON NOVEL of all time. Go to the Vote for your favorite Laymon novel page to see which novel was voted by the fans as the best ever!

RLK! 2nd Birthday Competition ends!

The end of December saw the end of the RLK! 2nd Birthday Competition. Jump over to the RLK! 2nd Birthday Competition page to see who won the fourth week of Passage To Laymon. Also, the best 10 nursery rhymes are currently with Richard and he will be picking the winner in the next few days! Good luck to everyone who entered!

Send us your Laymon!

Laymon seems to be everywhere, and we're not just talking about the author. Last year we gave you the Laymon 6 TABLET ASPIRIN TIN and CASCARA QUININE COMPOUND TIN!

Do you live near Laymon Street?? Do you work for Laymon industries? Do you walk through the Laymon Memorial Park? If so, we'd love to see a picture of it and we'll upload it to the site. Yes, Laymon is everywhere - so take a snap and send it to us!

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