RLK! News Archive - 1998

In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special yearly Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

December 25, 1998

Merry Christmas from everyone at RLK!

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(Sorry, we couldn't resist this Lamonesque Christmas image!)

December 19, 1998

LAYMON goes psycho.gif - 7192 Bytes

With the release of Gus Van Sant's new "improved" version of Psycho, the debate rages as to whether the remake should ever have been filmed! We here at RLK! believe that you shouldn't mess with Hitchcock - especially with PSYCHO, *the* best film ever made! Now, our very own Richard Laymon, fresh from a screening of the film, lets you know his thoughts on the matter. And, it seems, he's as damn mad as the rest of us about the situation!

Go to the Laymon Goes Psycho page here - IF YOU DARE!

December 12, 1998

CD announce two new Laymon releases.

Cemetery Dance Publications have announced two new Laymon novels for 1999. The books are COME OUT TONIGHT and CUTS. Here is what the press releases said.

Two Brand New Novels of Terror & Suspense!

COME OUT TONIGHT: It's a hot windy night in Los Angeles. The Santa Ana winds are blowing and the gusts carry the scent of smoke from distant brush fires. A bad night for running an errand. But, the Speed-D-Mart probably carries what they need. Leaving Sherry alone in her apartment, Duane takes off for the store. It's only a couple of blocks away. The trip should take no more than ten minutes. Now, he's been gone half an hour....now an hour. Sherry waiting in the candle-lit bedroom grows more worried by the minute. Until she decides, I'm going out to find him. -- Due March 1999

CUTS: In a suburb of Chicago, Albert Prince parks on a dark street thinking he's about to get lucky with Betty-only to find out she wants cash, not romance. And Albert is a few bucks short. "Dig up the rest of the money, tomorrow, " say Betty, "and give me a call. We'll have a great time tomorrow night." But, Albert won't be seeing Betty tomorrow night. He'll be having a great time without her...in a stranger's house..with a beautiful woman and a knife. -- Due April 1999

December 10, 1998

A WRITER'S TALE Now Shipping!

We just received word from John Scoleri at Deadline Press that A WRITER'S TALE is on it's way from the printers and should be ready to ship next week! This is great news and sounds like the best Christmas Present any Laymon fan could ask for. The signed/numbered limited edition is complete, although the special ultra-limited signed/lettered editions will take a month or two to finish..

But now it's time to put your money where your email is!

In the US, you can order AWT for $35 +$5 s/h (check or money order). If you live outside the US you can order AWT for $45 (shipping included) via international money order. A few copies of the Ultra-limited edition remain, and are available for $150 + $7.50 s/h in the US, $165 outside the US (shipping included) via international money order. Please remember to indicate the orders are from the RLK web site! John requests that all those people who placed an order for the book send the money now.

Send payment to:

Deadline Press
PO Box 2808
Apache Junction, AZ 85217

The sooner the money finds it's way to Deadline Press, the quicker the books will be sent! Buy yours today or you'll miss out!!!!

(Aussie orders: As per our special conditions with John on a "bulk" order, please send an email to us here at RLK! telling us you are still interested and are ready to send the money. Australian orders need to be sent to the RLK! address and all cheques and money orders need to be made out to Steve Gerlach.

Steve Gerlach
Richard Laymon Kills!
1 Elizabeth Street
Victoria 3136

When all orders and money are in - John will ship the books at a bulk rate! (Remember we need a minimum of only 5 orders to guarantee a discount! The more ordered - the bigger the discount for us all!) We will hold the Aussie orders until ALL monies from ALL orders are paid. Then the books will ship. If you don't send the money within a reasonable time, the bulk order will be shipped without your order and you risk losing your discount!

At current exchange rates [Dec 10], the Australian orders should be for $75AUS - for the $45US limited edition and $ 270AUS - for the $165US ultra-limited edition. Pay the full amount now. When we finalise the total of the discount - we will reimburse you the discount and send it back to you with your order. This is without a doubt the easiest - and cheapest - way us Aussies will be able to buy A Writer's Tale!!!)

A WRITER'S TALE is a great addition to any Laymon fan's bookshelf and will increase in value in the years to come! Deadline Press' other Laymon collection, A GOOD SECRET PLACE, was originally published with a price of $125 (for the ultra-limited edition) - someone recently paid $275 for a copy!!!!

Email John at Deadline Press on: resrvordog@earthlink.net.

Aussie orders email me at RLK! on: gerlach@ains.net.au.

LAYMON at eBay.com!

Occasionally, Laymon books appear at the No. 1 internet auction site, eBay.com. While surfing around the net today, I found the following "Laymon" products up for auction. I thought this was worth a laugh...is our favorite author branching out to other enterprises?

Lilblue.jpg - 8964 Bytes LAYMON'S 6 TABLET ASPIRIN TIN!

Mint Condition! You don't find them much better than this! LQQK! Slide open tin in perfect condition. No rust, no scratches. Interior is painted blue metal also in mint condition. Measures 1" by 1 1/4". Buyer pays $1.00 shipping & handling. Bids start at $1.00


Very Good Condition! No dings or dents. No rust! Interior still shiny metal with original paper liner enclosed! Face has a couple of fine hairline scratches that are minor enough to not disturb its overall appearance. Has one wear mark on front right where people have held it to open. Measures 1 3/4" wide by 1 3/8" length. Buyer pays $1.00 shipping & handling. Bids start at $2.25

Good luck with the bidding, everyone!

December 1, 1998

Vote for your favorite Laymon novels!
Division #6 - The Grand Final - is now online!

Follow this link to vote for your favorite Laymon novel in the December division which is now online. This is the Grand Final month - where the five winning novels from the last 5 divisions meet to decide which is the greatest Laymon novel ever! Vote today!

Help us celebrate our 2nd Birthday and win lots of prizes!

November 19, 1998

Mike Bailey on COME OUT TONIGHT!

Richard's editor at Headline, Mike Bailey, had this to say about COME OUT TONIGHT!

"Come Out Tonight is full of surprises - no one will be disappointed!"

We just had to print a comment like that! We can't wait for its release!

November 15, 1998

LAYMON writes Piccirilli Afterword

News just in from Ken Abner at Terminal Fright Press:

"Richard has turned in an 8,000! word Afterword in the form of an interview to Tom Piccirilli's upcoming 200,000+ word collection, DEEP INTO THAT DARKNESS PEERING. Though the IV is of Tom Piccirilli, Richard provides many insights into his own dark psyche as well. A signed limited-edition put out by Terminal Fright Press of Black River NY. The book will be signed by all contributors. Poppy Z. Brite does the Forward. Price is $45 U.S. plus shipping.

Terminal Fright
PO Box 100
Black River NY 13612

Email kenabner@gisco.net"

November 7, 1998

LAYMON to be published in US!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Richard will be published in mass-market paperbacks in the US from the middle of 1999. LEISURE BOOKS will be publishing Richard's titles, starting with BITE in July, 1999. But why hear it from us? Here's what Don D'Auria of Leisure Books had to say to RLK!:

"I'm delighted to be able to say that Richard Laymon has agreed to allow Leisure Books to publish some of his books in mass-market paperback in the US. We will begin with Bite in July 1999. None of these books has ever appeared in paper in the US before. Speaking as a hardcore Laymon fan, this is very exciting for us, and I'm sure his American fans will welcome the news. Our goal is to give Richard and his books the kind of treatment and exposure they have deserved for so long. "

And here's what Richard had to say about the deal:

Thanks for the congratulations. Leisure Books have bought BITE and ONE RAINY NIGHT. They've scheduled BITE for publication in July, 1999, which is much faster than I would have expected. The editor, Don D'Auria, is a really good guy. He promises to give my book a big push. If the first books go well, there may be more going to Leisure in the future. I'm very excited about the possibilities.
So long for now.

This is great news, not only for Richard, but for his US fans as well! We look forward to seeing Richard get more exposure in the US and we'll do our best to help Leisure Books with their task. Congratulations to all involved! More news when it comes to hand!

November 1, 1998

Vote for your favorite Laymon novels - Division #5 now online!

Follow this link to vote for your favorite Laymon novel in the November division which is now online. Also, check out which book won October's division and see where your favorite book finished!

Laymon short-short published in The Los Angeles Times

Thanks to Richard for sending us his short-short story published in the Halloween "Special Edition" of The Los Angeles Times of October 25. Here's what Richard had to say about the event:

"A Times staff member, Bettijane Levine, contacted Del and Sue Howison who own Dark Delicacies book store in Burbank. She asked for names of some local horror writers, so Del and Sue recommended me, along with several others. Then Sue phoned me and explained the situation. The upshot was that Bettiejane wanted to do a Halloween special for the newspaper. She "asked some local authors to conjure tales with the creepiest starting line of all: 'It was a dark and stormy night.' The stories were supposed to be about half a page long."

But Richard didn't need half a page....The story, in full, is below.

What Jimmy Saw by Richard Laymon
Los Angeles Times, October 25
Twas a dark and stormy night.

In his house beside the graveyard, Jimmy was kneeling on his bed, staring out the window. The glass felt cold against his forehead and the tip of his nose.

What was that? he wondered.

Using his pajama sleeve, he wiped his breath-fog off the glass.

He'd glimpsed something down there in the wind and pouring rain the last time the lightning flashed. A quick, lurching something by the side of that crooked tombstone. Maybe a person. Maybe something else.

What was it? Jimmy wondered.

He should probably wake up Mom and Dad, but first he needed to figure out what he'd seen.

He sure wished the lightning would flash again.

Then it did.

And Jimmy saw the thing again.

Letting out a squeak, he ducked below the window sill and prayed it hadn't seen him, too.


Also, on Wednesday October 28, Richard was in San Francisco, where he had a reading/signing at Borderlands Book Store along with John Pelan and Norman Partridge. More news on this when it comes to hand.

Then, over the weekend of 31st Oct./1st Nov. Richard will be in Monterey, C.A. for the World Fantasy Convention where he is the Special Guest. An exclusive report from the weekend, by Richard himself, will appear when Richard arrives home and has time to write it! Watch this space!

Finally, the FASTBACK series!

My apologies to all those people who have requested to see the cover artwork of the Fastback Series Horror range of books authored by Richard. I've been a bit slow in getting around to this, but they are now available below. Enjoy!

The CallerGutsLive Bait

Laymon in Japanese!

Thanks to Jonathan Torres who has provided us with the covers of the Japanese two volume horror anthology BOOK OF THE DEAD in which Richard's short story "Mess Hall" appears in volume one.

October 17, 1998

Laymon review in Publishers Weekly

We would like to thank Richard for faxing us a copy of the review of A Writer's Tale that appeared in Publishers Weekly on September 28.

A Writer's Tale by Richard Laymon
Available in a signed, limited edition, this idiosyncratic memoir by horror novelist Laymon probably won't turn up in many bookstores. But if it does readers will be able to locate it instantly by the scortched earth all around it. It's debatable if a more incendiary book about writing and publishing has ever been produced by an author with major-league credits. The tome isn't all heat: there's a lot of solid, useful advice (on rejection, writer's block, outlines, etc.) for budding writers, as well as a lengthy "Autobiographical Chronology", a biography and too much filler that only fans will relish (a list of "My 22 Favorite Poets", for example and some greenhorn stories and poems). But the heart of the book is the righteous, clear-voiced J'accuse by Laymon, once a rising star in the domestic horror firmament, toward the American editors, publishers and critics who have abandoned his work even as his novels continue to chart well overseas, particularly in the UK and Australia. Laymon doesn't help his case by name calling (some critics are "brainless assassins") or blanket condemnations ("the big establishment New York publishing industry thinks YOU [horror fans] are trash"). In the longest chapter, "My Books", however, he makes a vigorous case, through detailing the publishing history (as well as inspiration for and mechanics) of each of his novels, that he - and, by extension, other authors - has been victimized by the industry's short-sightedness and insistence on the bottom line. It's important if painful reading for anyone who cares about books, a forceful reminder that behind every book stands a writer whose career may be on the line, and whose heart nearly always is.

October 16, 1998


Here's the cover art and cover blurb for AMONG THE MISSING, due in the UK in hardback in January. Thanks to Mike Bailey at Headline for this World Exclusive!

At 2:32 a.m. a Jaguar roars along a lonely road high in the California mountains. Behind the wheel sits the beautiful wife of Professor Grant Parkington. In spite of the night's chill, she wears only a thin, skimpy nightgown. She has left Grant behind. She's after a different kind of man - someone as wild, daring and passionate as herself.

The man she wants is waiting for her in the woods. When he hears her car, he makes his way to the road and sticks out his thumb. Mrs Parkington stops for him. "Where to?" she says.

He suggests the Bend, where the Silver River widens and there's a soft, sandy beach. With the stars overhead and moonlight on the water, it's an ideal place for love.

But no love will take place there tonight. In the morning a naked body will be found at the Bend - a body missing more than its clothes...

October 1, 1998

Vote for your favorite Laymon novels - Division #4 now online!

Follow this link to vote for your favorite Laymon novel in the October division which is now online. Also, check out which book won September's division and see where your favorite book finished!

September 13, 1998

Laymon review in Publishers Weekly

We would like to thank Richard for faxing us a copy of the review of The Midnight Tour that appeared in Publishers Weekly on July 27, page 55. Many of you contacted us and requested to see the review - well, here it is below in full.

The Midnight Tour by Richard Laymon
One of the authors most affected by the domestic turndown in the horror market in the 1990s is Laymon, who published many novels, mostly mass market, here in the '80s. He remains popular in the U.K. and Australia, with new books appearing there regularly, but his fiction has for the most part gone out of print in the U.S. So kudos to Cemetery Dance for bringing his new novel, a sequel to The Cellar and The Beast House, to American readers. It's classic Laymon, which means that it's full of titillating sex and violence aimed at the teenager in us all, but also that it's constructed in stripped-down prose that spits across the page and is rife with strong characters traced in deft strokes. Laymon expertly seeds the backstory - of the notorious house in a small California town, site of numerous savagings by an unknown species of sexually ravenous, humanoid "beasts" - throughout the narrative, which follows the liaisons and perils of a woman raped decades ago by a beast, and of several guides and tourists around the house, now a tourist attraction. A copulating couple is buried alive; Peeping Toms spy on three bathing beauties; a woman is raped, then handcuffed in a cellar tunnel - and so on in Laymon's lurid tale, which speeds steadily toward a bloody climax, the eponymous tour of the Beast House, and a merciless conclusion. It's a nightmare ride but plenty of fun for those who like their horror no frills and nasty.

September 4, 1998

Foreign LAYMON Search.

Thanks to Andy Badorek for supplying the covers below of Laymon novels that have been translated into other languages. If anyone knows of any more, please let us know and we'll include them here (and, eventually, on a new Foreign Laymon page...once we have enough!). Send us a scan of the covers and we'll upload them as soon as we get them!

QUAKE and FUNLAND and...er...maybe SAVAGE?

Reviews Needed!

We have just re-designed our REVIEWS page to make it easier for people to read reviews of Richard's novels. It is now easier to use as each book gets its own page! Please feel free to check out The Reviews page now. Also note that our first reviews of The Midnight Tour are now online!

Speaking of reviews, I'd like to call on everyone out there to submit a review or two of your favorite Laymon books whenever you have the spare time. Some of the books on the reviews page only have one or two small reviews (not to mention the books that have NO reviews at all!) so we'd really appreciate it if you could drop us a few lines about the Laymon book you have just read, or even your favorite of all time. We'll upload them on the site for all to see!


September 1, 1998

New Laymon Interview

Vince from the US Laymon page has just uploaded a new interview with Richard on his Mystery Pages site. Surf on over to Mystery Pages now!

Aussie deal for A WRITER'S TALE!

This is mainly for Australian fans: We are in the process of trying to set up a deal for Richard's Aussie fans to see if we can get a discount on A WRITER'S TALE.

The cost of the book is $35 US plus shipping. However, if John at Deadline Press is able to get more than 5 orders from Australia, he will ship them all in one package to me and I will distribute them from here. That cuts down the cost we all have to pay in shipping and, because it's a bulk order, we may be able to receive a discount of around 20%!!! This is great news - but, however, relies on us ordering at least five books!

So, have a think about it - 20% would save us all $7US on the book *plus* a discount in shipping! Anyway, let us know one way or another. (I'm sure we'll get more than 5 orders, so the discount should be assured!) If you decide to order the book, place the order with John and CC: a copy of your email to me. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY NOW....we'll let you know the final price when we have all the orders. Use the email link below to email John at Deadline now.

People ordering from the rest of the world should order direct from John using the email link below. Don't forget that we *ALL* need to mention the order is an RLK! WEBSITE ORDER to help us solidify possible discounts to ALL of us, no matter where we live, in the future!

Use this link to order now!

If you can't use the link, email John at resrvordog@earthlink.net.

Vote for your favorite Laymon novels - Division #3 now online!

Follow this link to vote for your favorite Laymon novel in the September division which is now online. Also, check out which book won August's division and see where your favorite book finished!

August 21, 1998

Help Us Help You with A WRITER'S TALE!

We have, over the past few months, been in the process of trying to set up "bulk purchases" of Richard's novels for you, our friends and visitors to RLK! The more we buy, the more discount YOU get on price.

The latest news is very encouraging. We're not there yet, but we're close.

We have been talking with John Scoleri of Deadline Press concerning A WRITER'S TALE. Whilst we won't get any discount with this book, John is quite eager to see what sort of ordering "pull" we have. It's quite simple....if we can get 25 orders for A WRITER'S TALE to John via RLK! then special orders in the future are quite possible.

So, what do you need to do?

Buy a copy of A WRITER'S TALE and PLEASE use the link below. Send an email to John, tell him you'd like to order the book, give him your details and, most importantly, tell him "THIS IS A RICHARD LAYMON KILLS! WEBSITE ORDER!" Ordering the book direct is CHEAPER than buying from a store, the book will ARRIVE SOONER and you have a better chance of getting a lower numbered copy of this wonderful limited edition.

If you have ALREADY ORDERED the book, don't worry. Still use the link below and let John know that you found out about the book through RLK! This will still count!

By using the email link below, you'll be letting both John and us here at RLK! know about your order. If for some reason you can't use the link, email John at resrvordog@earthlink.net and CC: it on to us. Remember to place the words "THIS IS A RICHARD LAYMON KILLS! WEBSITE ORDER!" in your email.

If we can get 25 orders for A WRITER'S TALE, the benefits will flow on to all of us in the future.


Help us to help you.


August 12, 1998

The latest from Richard...

'THE MIDNIGHT TOUR had a terrific review in a recent issue of Publisher's Weekly. As a result of the review, I've so far been contacted by three film production companies. Also, I've heard from a major US publisher about the possibility of doing a paperback edition. It's quite possible that nothing may develop from these contacts. On the other hand, this is more interest than we've had in the US about my stuff in a long time. So my thanks to the PW reviewer -- and to Richard Chizmar, publisher of the special edition of THE MIDNIGHT TOUR, for giving my career such a big boost.

In other news -- I finished writing COME OUT TONIGHT and am pretty pleased by the way it turned out. Until you actually write the end of a book, you just never know. Gotta trust in the Master of Plots to lead you safely into port. I'll probably keep COME OUT TONIGHT for a few weeks and give it another proof-read before I send it in. Today, I came up with an idea that might be my next book. I don't want to jinx it by describing it, but I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. I'll let you know a little more after I've gotten into the story a bit more.

-- Richard.'

More on proposed LAYMON film...

Trent Haaga has been in contact with us again with more news on the proposed RESURRECTION DREAMS film idea. Here is what he had to say:

'Yep, it's been a while. Read "The Wilds" - good. Now I'm well into "Midnight Tour." Haven't talked to Cliff recently but last I heard he and an independent producer were still shopping for investors. Also, I think that they may be shooting a low, low, low (shot on video) adaptation of "In the Dark."

And, for those who have been asking, the song used on the Resurrection Dreams trailer is "Possum Kingdom" by The Toadies from their album, "Rubberneck."

-- Trent'

LAYMON message board - business as usual.

Just a quick note for the Masters of Terror Richard Laymon Message Board. After a bumpy couple of weeks the message board is open and it's business as usual!

Andy Fairclough wished the following message to be passed on to all current, past and future message board users:

"Richard has told me that he WILL continue to participate with his message board after all. I know that a hell of a lot of visitors came the board's way via RLK! initially and a number of people have probably stopped checking the board out.

The official line is that direct posting to the board has been reinstated with Richard Laymon's agreement and when he gets the time he will read and respond to selected questions and comments. The board will not be labelled 'author monitored' at present due to Richard's current family commitments.

The board is back in business after it's brief hiatus and it is still a good way to get questions and comments aired and possibly some responses from the great man himself."

Go on, you know you want to....surf on over to the Laymon Message Board now!

August 1, 1998

Vote for your favorite Laymon novels - Division #2 now online!

Follow this link to vote for your favorite Laymon novel in the August division which is now online. Also, check out which book won July's division and see where your favorite book finished!

JULY 25, 1998

EXCLUSIVE Laymon Book Signing Photos!

A HUGE thanks to Don Cannon for supplying RLK! with EXCLUSIVE images of the Laymon Book signing, held at Don Cannon Books in Fullerton, CA, on July 11!


Richard signing a copy of SCREAMPLAYS for an unidentified member of the public who would only state that he was part of the "Laymon rabble"!

Laymon's youngest fan being frisked by an undercover security officer. Notice Richard's surprised look - the girl was armed with an Uzi!

Smiles all round as the security alert is over - the Uzi was made of plastic!

JULY 23, 1998


John Scoleri of Deadline Press contacted us with an update on A WRITER'S TALE.

"We're in the final stages of putting together both versions of A Writer's Tale, including getting some very cool illustrations for the ultra-limited Woods Are Dark chapbook. I just sent the galley to Dick for him to proof. I wanted to let you know that I've placed detailed info up on our web site, with an unfinished mock-up of the cover. Keep up the great work with RLK."

Below is the press release from Deadline Press about the forthcoming book:

"Deadline Press, publishers of Richard Laymon's A Good, Secret Place and Ed Gorman's Cages, returns from the grave to offer a very unique publication:

Richard Laymon's
A Writer's Tale

From the bestselling author of The Cellar, Funland and Savage comes his most harrowing tale yet...and this time it's all true!

A Writer's Tale is an autobiographical tour through the life and work of Richard Laymon, from his earliest published work to his current success as one of the UKs hottest selling horror authors.

This book-length non-fiction work contains everything you ever wanted to know about Richard Laymon, including:

- A comprehensive book by book overview
- A chronology of his entire career
- Laymon's Lists - his favorites in fiction and film
- Early, uncollected short fiction
- Photo Gallery
- Tips for would be writers on how to survive the shark infested waters of the publishing industry

All this and more are available in two specially designed limited editions:

A 574-copy signed/numbered edition $35 + shipping

A deluxe, 26-copy signed/lettered/boxed edition with a matching signed/lettered chapbook containing never-before-published chapters edited from the novel The Woods Are Dark $150 + shipping

Write or email to reserve your copy today. Pre-order and we'll pay the shipping!

Make checks payable to:

Deadline Press
P.O. Box 2808
Apache Junction, AZ 85200
email: diepool@aol.com

Special offer to owners of A Good, Secret Place: If you'd like the matching number (or letter) for your copy of A Writer's Tale, include a photocopy of the limitation page with your order."

For more information, visit the Deadline Press site at:

July 16, 1998

Richard's latest novel nears completion!

The first details of Richard's new work, COME OUT TONIGHT, have been released. Here's what Richard had to say: "COME OUT TONIGHT came about because I was intrigued by a line in a James Bond trailer. The gal said to Bond that the last time she'd seen him (apparently years ago) he'd said to her 'I'll be back in a minute.' That was the starting point."

JULY 4, 1998

LAYMON book signing in California - JULY 11

Just got these details from Don Cannon Books. If you're in California on July 11, Richard will be signing his books between 1 and 2:30pm. The Midnight Tour, The Wilds, The Beast House, and the paperback release of After Midnight (look for the RLK! web address inside the front cover!!!!!) will all be available to purchase and have signed by Richard! This is a great opportunity to come along and meet Richard and have a chat. And, hey, take a few pictures to send on down to RLK!

To get to Don Cannon Books at 406 E. Commonwealth Ave, Unit 3, Fullerton: Exit the 91 freeway at Harbor Blvd. (the second of two Harbor exits if approaching from the west). North on Harbor one mile. Turn right on Commonwealth. Pass two signals - Pomona and Lemon. Turn right at the next treet (no signal), which is Lawrence. Don's in Suite 3. There is no signage visible from the street, although there may be a sign out on the day.


JULY 1, 1998

THE WILDS Exclusive images!

Here is the cover to Richard's THE WILDS novella.

You can order THE WILDS now from Cemetery Dance online by clicking here.

Also, check out the original artwork for the book by artist Keith Minnion!
He has uploaded the images here.

Also note that we have updated the SNEAK PEEK section of RLK! It now contains the first chapter of AFTER MIDNIGHT which has now been released in paperback. So, for those who want to whet your appetites and are yet to read it, go to SNEAK PEEK now.

JUNE 28, 1998

VOTE for your favorite LAYMON novels now!

Here's the chance to place your vote behind your favorite Laymon novels and find out which one is the MOST FAVORITE LAYMON NOVEL OF ALL TIME! Follow this link to have your say in our exclusive polling booth!

JUNE 17, 1998


A new Laymon interview has just been posted at the MASTERS OF TERROR website. It's a terrific interview, so go there now! MASTERS OF TERROR

JUNE 13, 1998


Richard Laymon Kills! is thrilled to be able to offer our visitors copies of this limited edition HEADLINE Laymon poster!! These posters are absolutely free and look great, featuring the covers of Richard's UK releases - it looks terrific framed on anyone's wall!

All we ask is for you to supply postage for your area of the world. We have many to give away but unfortunatley can not bear the costs of all the postage! We have been down to our good friends at the post office and they have supplied the costs for the following areas:

Postage to anywhere in Australia: $1.10 (Aust. dollars - or send a S.S.A.E for same amount).
AIRMAIL to US: $3 (US dollars)
AIRMAIL TO UK: 3 (UK pounds)
REST OF THE WORLD: send $3 (US dollars)
or, send us International Reply coupons for the same amount above.
(if sending a cheque or money order, please make it out to Steve Gerlach)

As soon as we receive your postage fee, we'll send you a copy!

The address to send to is:
Richard Laymon Poster Offer
1 Elizabeth Street

Get yours today!!!!

MAY 26, 1998

The Latest News from RICHARD on:


Last I've now heard, Headline is now planning to send us to Australia next spring. The delay will probably be a disappointment to some people who were expecting us to show up in August or September or whatever. But Headline is in charge of the situation. I just sit back and wait to hear.


The Cemetery Dance novella, THE WILDS, is scheduled to be published about June 12. BEAST HOUSE and THE MIDNIGHT TOUR are to come out from CD in early July. The Headline hardbound of THE MIDNIGHT TOUR is scheduled for August -- later in Australia. My nonfiction book, A WRITER'S TALE, is just about ready for the printer, and is supposed to by published by Deadline Press in August. I think Headline is planning to publish AMONG THE MISSING in January, 1999.


It was in Phoenix, Arizona. My Deadline Press guys, John Scoleri and Pete Enfantino, were there. They took us out to dinner one night, and we had a fine time.

Friday night, John and Pete and Vince Fahey (of the US website) joined us in our room to watch the season finale of HOMICIDE. On Saturday morning, I was on a couple of panels. Spent quite a lot of time out by the pool bar, drinking and chatting with the likes of Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, John Pelan, and Tom Piccirilli. They are all really nice guys -- though one might think they are monsters from the sort of stuff they write.

One of the major highlights of the weekend was meeting Jack Ketchum. I am a major fan of his stuff. His book, OFF SEASON, was published at just about the same time as THE WOODS ARE DARK. The books are oddly similar. I've been enjoying his stuff ever since. Meeting him, after all these years, was wonderful. He's a terrific guy.

Saturday evening was a big autographing session. It turned into a wild photo-shoot when Dave Hinchberger decided it'd be neat to get some snapshots of me with Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee and John Pelan. As soon as the signing ended, I went out to the lobby bar. There, Ann and I were treated to drinks by Don D'aura of Leisure Books. He seems to be a really good guy, and there's a chance that Leisure will start publishing me here in the States. Should know more about that in the next couple of weeks.

Later, a bunch of us gathered in Dave's room for a party. Then we all trooped downstairs, just before midnight, for the "Gross-Out" contest. Lee and John asked me and Jack Ketchum to join them as judges. About 70 to 80 people showed up, and I think we all had a great time. Mark MacLaughlin won with bizarre reading about a guy having a meteorite removed from his butt.

By Sunday, a lot of people had left. At a business meeting, it was decided that the World Horror in 2001 would be in Seattle and I would be a guest of honor. We spent most of Sunday afternoon hanging around, chatting with authors and publishers. That evening, Ann, Kelly, Jack Ketchum, Tom Piccirilli and Matt Johnson (Obsidian Press) piled into our jeep. I drove us through the awful traffic of Phoenix and we went to Ruth Chris steak house. The car was so packed that Kelly had to ride in the cargo area in back . When we piled out of the car at the restaurant, I forgot about Kelly. She couldn't let herself out. She was back there waving and pounding on the glass as the parking valet guy started to drive off with her. I shouted for the guy to stop, and we rescued the kid. We had a really great time that night . The waitress was very animated. Jack Ketchum said, "She's so f. . . .g perky -- let's kill her!" Matt didn't believe it when the waitress warned that his plate was hot, and he burned his hand.

Back from the restaurant, we all went to Jack's room and partied for a few hours. He had about two cases of beer left over from Dave's party. Everyone would be leaving the next day and we were the only people with a car, so Jack gave us all the beer to take home with us. We've been soused ever since.

The upshot of the whole thing. We had a great time hanging out with some old friends and we met some people who will probably be our friends from now on.

And we had a blast.

-- Richard.

MAY 23, 1998


In a WORLD EXCLUSIVE, we have been given the go-ahead to produce a limited range of Laymon t-shirts. Headline, Richard and Steve Crisp (cover artist) have all given their okay for the designs below. Now it's up to YOU to vote for which you believe is the best.

Also, we must state that the t-shirts have NOT yet been produced. We would like to offer them to you, but we need to know how many people would be interested in buying them and how many you would like to have! Only then can we work out figures and numbers as to how many of each are produced and how much they will cost - of course, the more people interested the cheaper the t-shirts will be! If the project is not viable, then we can't offer any!

The designs are below. Please EMAIL us with your two top choices and how many you would be willing to buy. We'll keep you posted as to if/when they are produced!

All t-shirts will have the same back except the Midnight Tour which will list the dates of Richard's tour in Australia and the places he visited! Anyone with other design ideas, please let us know. Or, if there are any budding artists out there who would like to offer an "original" piece of artwork for the t-shirts, please contact us!

#1: Laymon Bites

#2: Midnight Tour Down Under

#3: RLK! design I

#4: RLK! design II

The Back of all the t-shirts (except Midnight Tour Down Under)

April 18, 1998

LAYMON sweats it out - very busy.

"I've been working on a lot of projects -- a couple of new books, plus the 'busy work' involved in having four different Special Editions coming out in the next few months. Right now, I'm taking a break from proof-reading the proof pages of THE MIDNIGHT TOUR. I get a kick out of reading my own stuff -- up to a point -- but sure wish I hadn't made the darn thing so LONG. When I'm done reading the proofs for the CD version, I have to read the proofs for the Headline version -- which arrived yesterday. I'm gonna get sick of the thing."

-- Dick.

March 18, 1998


Here's the cover art for The Midnight Tour, due in the UK in August. Thanks to Mike Bailey at Headline for this World Exclusive!

March 12, 1998


Here's the latest on Richard's newest novel, from the man himself!

"AMONG THE MISSING, my next book from Headline, is sort of a dark crime novel about a headless body that is found beside a stream in the mountains. It's a fairly involved mystery, and features a couple of unusual cops. One is a beautiful gal and the other is her crusty ol' father-in-law. The plot of this one is so complex that I had to write myself a two-page memo describing what "really happens" just to make sure I got it all straight!"

March 7, 1998

Latest news from Mike Bailey at Headline UK....


We publish in hardcover next January. If you like severed heads, this one's for you. Dick tells me it's an idea he's had for a long time but I think you'd best ask him about it. (We're doing that as we speak...more soon!) When we've got a blurb straightened out, I'll send it along.


I'm about to put THE MIDNIGHT TOUR to bed - ie send it to the typesetters. It's quite something, the third in the Beast House sequence (after The Cellar and BH), and runs to nearly 1000 pages in typescript. I look forward to your opinions in due course but am prepared to guarantee you'll love it.


(A rumor floated on the internet suggested that Headline UK had dropped LITTLE from their stable after the publication of GUESTS...)

It's true about Bentley Little but - though I am not directly involved - I can assure you that Headline are not happy about it either. No publisher likes to 'drop' an author they have worked hard to build up over a number of years. Unfortunately I have lost a number of authors recently in similar circumstances and the basic reason is - the numbers don't stack up. Publishers will persevere with authors they like (and we like them all). Sometimes this works out for the author as new publishers with fresh enthusiasm step in - I hope this happens with Bentley L.

March 1, 1998


for January 1999 release!

Headline UK have accepted Richard's next book, AMONG THE MISSING and have a (tentative) release date of January 1999. More details on this book when they arrive.

So, the lineup for new Laymon in the next twelve months from Headline consists of:

THE MIDNIGHT TOUR - expected August '98
AMONG THE MISSING - expected January '99.

LAYMON 3-Vol. Set to be released

From Ron Clinton, our US correspondent:

To go along with their limited-edition release of THE CELLAR, CD Publications has announced they will also be releasing a limited-edition version of both THE BEAST HOUSE and THE MIDNIGHT TOUR. Both books are expected in June of this year. The dustjackets of all three books will be designed so that, on the shelf, they appear to be a set (as, of course, they are).

THE BEAST HOUSE will be priced at $50 (numbered) and $150 (lettered).
THE MIDNIGHT TOUR will be priced at $40 (numbered) and $175 (lettered).

February 1, 1998

WILDS Novella due soon...

From Ron Clinton, our US correspondent:

Cemetery Dance Publications has announced a brand new series of 100 - 150 page original hardcover novellas.

There are currently six scheduled - three in the late US Spring and three in the US Fall. Each sets of three will be printed and shipped and the same time. They include novellas by Ray Garton, Lucy Taylor, Jack Ketchum, William F. Nolan, Nancy Collins...AND RICHARD LAYMON! Laymon's contribution will be released as part of the US Spring package and is entitled WILDS. The cost is $30 for the 450 signed, numbered editions and $125 for the 26 signed, lettered editions.

More news on this soon!

January 24, 1998

MIDNIGHT TOUR Cover Blurb and Release Date

From Mike Bailey, Richard's editor at Headline:

The Midnight Tour is promised to me by the end of the month and due for publication (in the UK) in August. Here's the jacket blurb:

"The Beast House - legendary site of ghastly murder! See with your own eyes where the bloody butchery took place! Witness authentic reproductions of the Beast's ravaged victims in their actual death garments! Listen to the true story of the only known survivor of the Beast!"

The sales pitch hasn't changed much over the years - except now you can listen to it on earphones as you take the audio tour of the house. But the taped tour only gives you a sanitized version of the horrific events that made the Beast House infamous. If you want the full story, you'll have to take the Midnight Tour. Saturday nights only. Limited to thirteen unlucky tourists. It begins on the stroke of midnight.

Tonight the guide will show you every nook and cranny of the house. She'll tell you everything - including details too ghastly and perverse to be mentioned in daylight. But she might not be able to save you. Because this Saturday night, those on the Midnight Tour will be joined by an unexpected visitor.

They'll be lucky to get out alive...

Laymon Australian Tour Confirmed!

Mike Bailey has confirmed that Richard will tour Australia in late 1998. Dates, venues and times are yet to be confirmed. We'll post them as soon as we get them!

New Laymon Message Board

A Message board for Laymon fans can now be found here.

Richard has already visited the site. Here is what he had to say:

I've just finished two new books. One is A WRITER'S TALE, which is non-fiction. It's like a "Laymon companion" but includes a lot of material that I hope will be very useful to aspiring writers. A WRITER'S TALE is being published this spring by Deadline Press here in the States (the same folks who published A GOOD, SECRET PLACE). Theother book I just finished is THE MIDNIGHT TOUR, a really BIG book. It will make a trilogy out of THE CELLAR and BEAST HOUSE. Takes place in the present, and the manuscript was over 900 pages long. Didn't think I'd EVER get it finished.

I'll drop by this message board every so often to see what's going on.

Best Regards -- Richard Laymon

January 19, 1998


Howdy, Steve --

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday greeting. Thanks, too, to everyone who added their own messages. It was a great surprise, and really gratifying to hear from so many people who enjoy my books. It's the sort of thing that makes me glad I wrote them.

Cheers to everyone involved!



January 14, 1998


Richard turns 51 on January 14.

Everyone associated with Richard Laymon Kills! would like to wish Richard a happy birthday. If you would like to add your name to our "email card", email us and we will pass your good wishes on to him.

Email Us Now!

January 3, 1998

Resurrection Dreams trailer available for download!

Okay, you asked for it, and here it is. The trailer being used by Trent Haaga and the boys in the US (see October 28, 1997 below) to pitch for finance to get a film version of Richard's RESURRECTION DREAMS into production.

Please note that the trailer is a Quicktime .mov file that has been zipped and is approximatley 7MB in size. We have compressed the file as much as possible. The sound quality suffers slightly, but this is due to the compression - the sound on the original trailer is perfect.


January 2, 1998

More News on A Writer's Tale!

News from Richard on his new book:
"A WRITER'S TALE, is now finished. It has lists of my favorite horror movies, non-horror movies, horror novels, vampire novels, non-horror novels, and a lot more. The publishers are now busy working out details about distribution for it. One way or another, we'll have to find a way to make it available to my fans in all the non-U.S. parts of the world -- where most of my fans are!"

And, in case you're wondering, what are Richard's favorite films..."I wouldn't go for the obvious -- THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Instead, I pick films that made an impression on me in my youth -- PSYCHO, THE UNINVITED, and THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. I bet nobody would ever imagine I'd pick a couple of those as favorites."

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