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December 20, 1997


DarkEcho has a feature called The Perception and Psychology of the Horror Writer in which they ask horror writers various questions like "Why do you write that stuff?", "How do people react when they find out what you do?" and "What kind of person are you, really?"

Here is what Richard Laymon had to say:
"I write horror because I'm always been drawn to scary stuff -- SAFE (or reasonably safe) scary stuff like books, movies, amusement parks, spooky places in general. My very first published work, a poem that appeared in my high school literary magazine, ends up with a guy getting his head lopped off. In fiction, I think that horror gives the writer an opportunity to go for the ultimate experiences in fear, violence, gross-out, etc.
"As a horror writer, I go incognito. I don't sport leather duds or fingerless gloves. All the time, I get the comment, 'You don't LOOK like a horror writer.'
"As for respect, horror writing don't get none. Except among horror fans and kids. Kids think horror is the coolest thing a person can write. General readers, however, seem to think we're delving in garbage and not real authors. So I hope the door don't hit their butts on the way out."

December 1, 1997


October 28, 1997


Here's the latest on Richard's newest novel, "The Midnight Tour" straight from Richard himself. He told Richard Laymon Kills!:

"I'm busy finishing THE MIDNIGHT TOUR. It is going to be a big one, probably about 800 manuscript pages by the time I get done. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of November, but there's still a fair distance to go. It is the third book of the Beast House series. The first book was THE CELLAR, then BEAST HOUSE.

THE MIDNIGHT TOUR takes place in the present. By now, there have been some "non-fiction" books about Beast House and a series of schlocky horror flicks: THE HORROR and numerous sequels. So Beast House has become a rather large tourist draw. And they've added a special "midnight tour."

Saturday nights only.

For a hundred dollars, you get a picnic on the Beast House grounds, a screening of THE HORROR, and an "unexpurgated, adults only" tour of Beast House. The tour starts at midnight. Only thirteen guests are allowed on the midnight tour, so it's a nice, intimate group.

On this particular Saturday night, the midnight tour seems likely to run into a spot of trouble. But I haven't gotten there yet. I'm not sure what will happen, but it probably won't be pretty."


Richard gives us his thoughts and we talk with others involved!

Richard Laymon Kills! questioned Richard himself about the possibility of a film. Here is what he had to say:

"Glad you heard from Trent. I've spoken to him, and he seems like a good guy. I've been in fairly regular communication with his friend, Clifton Holmes. Clifton has written excellent screenplays based on my novels, ISLAND and RESURRECTION DREAMS. He also apparently directed and protographed the trailer of RESURRECTION DREAMS.

I've seen it, and am very pleased. It's quite an unusual trailer. It seems to capture the spirit of my book . . . the weirdness, the manic glee of Melvin.

This is the first time anything whatsoever has been accomplished in terms of actually filming one of my books or stories. They've done it all on their own, just because they're fans, want to see films of my stuff, and are hoping to use this as a vehicle for getting into the film business.

Their hope, and mine, is that people will see promise in the trailer and get behind the project. Who knows? Maybe they'll be able to film the whole story one of these days."

Richard Laymon Kills! has also spoken with Dwayne Holmes who is involved with trying to float the film. Here is what he had to say:

"I was surprised ---happily--- to find an announcement that you'll be posting our trailer (for Resurrection Dreams) on your website.

Cliff (actually Clifton) had mentioned that someone might be willing to show our trailer but I didn't know it was definite until I found the "Laymon Kills" homepage.

...The full low-down on the trailer's production:

The trailer was put together by a Chicago film production team consisting of:
Clifton Holmes (writer, director,videographer and editor)
Dwayne Holmes (sound, videographer, initial funding and assistant editor)<--Me
and Jeff Jacobson (actor).

With assistance from (and a big thanks to):
Christian Behr (cinematography and sound technician)
and Genevieve Coleman (actress).

...A short (behind the scenes) peek at the film deals:
Clifton has created two screenplays [Island and Resurrection Dreams (the latter assisted in part by Jeff and myself)] that have been read and enjoyed by Laymon (who is backing our efforts).

Larger production companies (i.e. Cunningham Prod.) have been in contact with us, but negotiations are ongoing and we are currently looking at outside sources for funding (to maintain more creative control over film content---We don't want Laymon watered down by Hollywood). For specific information on negotiations Clifton is the best man to contact, with Trent or myself coming in second and third.

..A little information about us:
We are a (primarily Chicago based) film production team whose core members are Clifton Holmes, Dwayne Holmes (me), and Jeff Jacobson. The Laymon project is just one thing we are working on (but it is by far the biggest and most popular). The interest (okay and money) surrounding our Laymon project is so great we may put out an Island trailer later next year.

Trent Haaga is a close personal friend (and New York based P.R. man) who is actively promoting our project, and apparently doing a very good job! (He already gets my thanks for having sparked my interest in Laymon as one damn fine horror writer.) Unfortunately Trent wasn't able to assist in the actual making of the trailer as we're all chained to the Windy City, and he's strapped into the Big Apple.

...A big THANKS for your support:

Resurrection Dreams has been generating a lot of excitement, and your web-site will really be a boost. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Hopefully, together, we can get Richard Laymon into people's minds (and from there, who knows what will happen!).

Keep up the good work on your web-site--- I like the dripping blood effect.

Dwayne Holmes."

This gets bigger and bigger folks, stay tuned for more....

October 25, 1997


Resurrection Dreams and Island hot chances!

Resurrection Dreams trailer available here soon
for download as QuickTime movie!

It is with great pleasure that Richard Laymon Kills! is able to give you this exclusive insight into the current attempts by some dedicated Americans to get Laymon's work onto the big screen as a feature movie.

We've been contacted by Trent Haaga from New York, who is currently working on the project. Here is what he had to say:

"We've been working with Laymon for about a year or so trying to get 'Resurrection Dreams' or 'Island' off the ground as a feature. 'We' in this case being me, Cliff (director), Duane (Cliff's brother, $$ man, crew), and Jeff (plays Melvin in Resurrection Dreams trailer) . . . We've been big Laymon fans for years and years now and just got tired of waiting for somebody to make a film.

Laymon has seen the trailer and seems to be very happy with it. He has been extremely supportive of our efforts. We talked to him the other day re: getting the trailer out/ making it available on your site, and he seems to be enthusiastic.

As for the trailer, would you be interested in making it accessable on your site as a QuickTime movie for a little grass roots/fan-based buzz? That, in my opinion, would be a great way to get some sort of buzz going. I know that (as a fan) I would download a trailer for a Laymon flick.

With the boom in horror flicks these days it's only a matter of time before the world wakes up to the creative genius that is Laymon.

We've got the script for 'Resurrection Dreams' into the hands of a few indie producers, and Sean Cunningham ('Friday 13th') is looking at the script right now . . . Fingers crossed!

Trent Haaga."

Stay tuned for more news about the movie!
The Resurrection Dreams trailer QuickTime movie will be available here
for download in the next few weeks!!

October 17, 1997

More news on The Midnight Tour...

THE MIDNIGHT TOUR is scheduled for hardcover publication in the UK in August 98.

It is book three of the story that started with THE CELLAR and continued with the BEAST HOUSE. More news on this, including copy lines, coming soon!

September 22, 1997

Laymon's next two books...
A Writer's Tale & The Midnight Tour

Here's our latest news, straight from Richard himself:

Richard has finished the first draft of his autobiography, which has the working title of, "A WRITER'S TALE." He's put it aside for now and is concentrating on polishing his next fiction novel "THE MIDNIGHT TOUR" which needs to be finished and handed to the publishers in the next couple of months.

Laymon's first screenplay published!

Richard Laymon has, to my knowledge, had his *first* published screenplay in print now in a collection of screenplays by some great writers. The book is called SCREAMPLAYS. It's edited by Richard Chizmar (editor of Cemetery Dance) and also features *brand-new* work by Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Matheson (Sr.) and Ed Gorman with an introduction by Dean Koontz. Jeez, what a lineup, huh? And it's just a $14.50 trade paperback (with a great cover! - uploaded here soon!) The title of the 78- page Laymon piece is "THE HUNTED" and here is the synopsis from the rear jacket:

"Alone in the wilderness, with a 'five-minute headstart', beautiful young attorney Kim Sanders is running for her life from the serial killer called 'The Butcher'."

It's published by Del Rey in the US.

August 8, 1997

THE CELLAR now available as Limited Edition

CD Publications in the US has announced the release of a signed, limited edition of Richard's most famous work - THE CELLAR.

This deluxe edition will feature Richard's preferred text, extensive artwork, a brand new, very lengthy afterword by Richard, and an introduction by Bentley Little.

This edition is limited to 500 signed, numbered, and slipcased copies. See our book retailers in the SAME VEIN section for ordering your copy today!

June 5, 1997

Headline UK Radically Change Laymon Covers

Headline Publishers have taken the paperback editions of Richard's works to a new level by radically changing the cover layout and design.

The new covers begin from FIENDS and will continue with the new releases to come.

Find below, in a WORLD EXCLUSIVE for Richard Laymon Kills! the new cover artwork.

The hardcover version of the same cover is available below...
Compare them and tell us what you think!

May 24, 1997

Laymon Writes On Laymon

Richard's latest work is on an unusual topic...himself! Yes, Richard is writing an autobiography! We don't know what it'll be called yet, but it will be a hardbound limited edition (and maybe a trade edition) done by John Scoleri and Peter Enfintino, two of the guys who published his first short story collection, A GOOD, SECRET PLACE -- which was short-listed for a Bram Stoker award.

This will have a LOT of information about Richard, including a full bibliography and very detailed chronology of his life and career, some tips for writers, an interview, and a small write-up by Richard about each of his novels (not unlike our "Laymon on Laymon" section in Interviews). It'll have other stuff, too, but the book is in its fairly early stages right now.

Stay tuned for updates as they come to hand....

Laymon In Print

The Fall 1996 edition of the US magazine, CEMETERY DANCE, contains a big interview with Richard by Stanley Wiater, and an original short story, "Herman."

Also, an orignal story, "First Date," has just been published in the anthology LOVE IN VEIN II, edited by Poppy Brite (US).




Hello, I'm Alice. That's not my real name. I'd have to be an idiot to identify myself, then go on to write a book that tells more than anyone should know about my private life and adventures and passions and crimes. Just call me Alice...

Alice usually lives in one room above a garage but when her friend Serena leaves town she goes to stay in her house. Alice enjoys having the whole place to herself with its wonderful kitchen, sunken bathtub and big-screen television. Best of all is the outdoor swimming pool.

But it all goes wrong at the end of the first day. Just after midnight. When a stranger walks out of the woods and jumps naked into the pool.

Alice watches him from the house. She hopes he won't be coming to get her - like so many men have before. But Alice is determined never to be a victim again. She wonders what to do. Then she remembers the Civil War relic hanging in the living-room. A cavalry sabre...



It's only a trip to the movies but it turns into Marty's worst nightmare when she sees the guy behind her in the audience. Willy. The man who burst into her house and raped her ten years ago. Now he's out of jail and back in town - and looking for Marty. Marty's date says he's going to fix the creep. And the way he goes about it makes Marty sick. But when it comes to sick, there's no one to match Willy. He's a fiend...

FIENDS is the lead-off novella in this collection of horror stores by Richard Laymon, "one of the best writers working in the genre today" - Cemetery Dance

"Laymon has established a style that has often been imitated but never equalled: plunging, pull-out-the-stops, no-limits, in-your-face, shock-packed, take-off-the-top-of-your-head, gonzo suspense and horror that will appal some people and exhilarate others...I hope that you enjoy this collection of stories as much as I do" - from the Introduction by Dean Koontz.

The collection's stories: Fiends, Kitty Litter, The Bleeder, Desert Pickup, The Mask, Eats, The Hunt, Slit, Out of the Woods, Stiff Intruders, Special, Joyce, A Good Secret Place.


Sam hasn't seen his first love, Cat, for ten years. But now she's back, asking for help - the kind of help she can only get from a man who'd do anything she asked. Like kill a vampire.

Sam doesn't believe in vampires but he does believe in the bite marks on Cat's body. And he knows he still loves her.

The vampire visits at midnight. Cat waits for him, naked, on her bed. Sam is in the closet with a stake in his hand and a million questions in his mind.

Are Cat's wounds self-inflicted? Is she insane? Or is she setting him up?

Sam needn't worry much longer. He's about to find out the truth. It's almost midnight...

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