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In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

December 1, 2002

AMARA cover

Thanks to those wonderful people at Hodder Headline UK, we're able to bring you this exclusive look at the cover of the new Laymon release AMARA. The hardback UK edition is due in April 2003. We can't wait for this one! See our October 1 update for the cover blurb.

RAGE Sold Out!

Steve Gerlach's RAGE, published by Wild Roses Publications, is already SOLD OUT!

This is terrific news for a book that is not officially released until today. Troy Taylor, Wild Roses Editor-in-chief, says the response was overwhelming and he hopes to have the novel shipped in the next week or two. Photos of Steve signing and inscribing the books will be available on the official Steve Gerlach website, www.terroroz.cjb.net soon.

If you've missed out on ordering RAGE, quickly contact www.shocklines.com or www.bloodlinebooks.com to see if they have any left in stock!

Gerlach Screenplays?

We have only limited details available at this stage, but it is believed that an Australian screenwriter has contacted Steve about producing screenplays for both THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING.

It is planned that once the screenplays are written, they will then be shopped to various production houses in the US, UK and Australia. More news on this when it breaks...

However, the good news for those people who have already pre-ordered the US Dark Vespers Hardback Lettered edition of THE NOCTURNE, due for release mid-2003, is that (pending contract signings) the screenplay for THE NOCTURNE will be included in the Dark Vespers Lettered edition, along with the novel.

More news when we know it...stay tuned.

Also, keep checking the www.darkvesperpublishing.com site, or pre-order the hardback editions of both THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING through www.shocklines.com now.

Looks like 2003 will be a bumper Gerlach year, with new releases (both in print and other forms) planned as well.

November 1, 2002

RAGE - 1 month to go!

With RAGE due to be released in December by Wild Roses Productions, the excitement is building. Below you'll find the cover artwork for the novel. Everyone involved would like to thank Keith Minnion for bringing alive the main character in RAGE and producing a truly scary piece of artwork.

Check out more of Keith's great cover artwork at: http://kminnion.com. For RAGE ordering information, head on over to the Wild Roses Productions website, or check out the TerrorOZ! RAGE page.

Gerlach gets FAMILY PLOT

Just a quick note that Steve's short story BROKEN COOKIE will be appearing in the Wild Roses anthology FAMILY PLOTS due for release in 2003. More news on this when it breaks. Also, there's a page dedicated to FAMILY PLOTS at Wild Roses Productions

Libraries can be cool!

Terror Oz! has recently voted the libraries of New South Wales, Australia, as the coolest libraries on the planet. In fact, the Campbelltown Library and St. Spyridon College library in Maroubra came out on top.


Well, they now have copies of both THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING on their shelves. So, if you missed out on buying your copies, why not join the library and check them out? Or, campaign for your own local library to put in an order today.

October 1, 2002

AMARA jacket blurb exlusive!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Hodder Headline in the UK, we're proud to be able to bring you another RLK! Exclusive! Here's the cover blurb for the next Laymon release, AMARA, due in hardcover in April 2003 (UK/Aus):

AMARA, Princess of Egypt, the once-beautiful wife of Mentuhotep the First, lies in her coffin in the Charles Ward museum. She has been dead for 4000 years and she's just an inanimate bundle of withered skin and desiccated bone. Or is she?

Barney the nightwatchman is the first to discover that the mummy's coffin has been broken open. Then it's the turn of two security guards to find that the Egyptian remains have been disturbed. It seems grave-robbers are at work, out to steal valuable artefacts, just as their kind have done for centuries. It's a pity Barney and the guards can't tell the authorities how the mummy came to be missing. But the dead can't testify to anything.

Now Amara is free again, driven by an ancient need that can only be assuaged at the cost of human life. No one can oppose her, no bullet can stop her and nothing can kill her - for she is dead already...


RLK! had the pleasure of watching the new version of IN THE DARK the movie a couple of weekends ago.

Needless to say, it's still a terrific film and the new ending really does the film some justice. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who may get to see it, but believe me, the new ending certainly is better than the old one, and really closes the movie with a shock or two. Laymonites and film fans in general will be very happy with this new cut of IN THE DARK.

See it when you can!

Reminder: The Richard Laymon Library - books for sale.

The Richard Laymon Library is a massive online store featuring hard-to-find Laymon novels from Richard Laymon's own personal library. Each book comes with an authentication from Ann Laymon and all proceeds go to the Laymon family.

Choose from dozens of titles, both hardcover and paperback, including AFTER MIDNIGHT, ALL HALLOWS EVE, the BEAST HOUSE series, BEWARE, CUTS, DARKNESS TELL US, ENDLESS NIGHT, FLESH, ISLAND, LAWMEN, MIDNIGHT'S LAIR, NIGHT SHOW, QUAKE, SAVAGE, and many, many, MANY more! Quantities are limited however.

Visit the Richard Laymon Library at: http://home.earthlink.net/~resrvordog/Laymon/laymon.html.

The RAGE builds!

Countdown for the release of the Wild Roses Productions edition of Steve Gerlach's RAGE has begun. And we can now announce some of the terrific extras that make up part of this edition. These include:

- Cover art by Keith Minnion
- An introduction by Simon Clark
- A special "launch party" that will have to be seen to be believed

More to come when we know the details, but for now, here's the cover quote from Simon Clark:

"Gerlach's RAGE is a volcano of a story that builds from
deceptively quiet beginnings to an incandescent eruption of violence.
This tale of one man's smouldering, malignant rage at society is a potent one."
-- Simon Clark, author of Vampyrrhic, UK

Advance reviews can be read at the TerrorOZ! Rage page now.

Where to buy RAGE

No matter where you are in the world, we have you covered for copies of RAGE. Check out the listings below for both Australia and the US.:

From Matt Schwartz at Shocklines in the US:

Hey Gerlach fans, I can't wait for RAGE. Just so everyone knows, we now have a complete selection of Steve Gerlach items up for preorder at Shocklines.com. Just use the URL below.


We're taking preorders on the Wild Roses Productions version of RAGE, plus the Dark Vesper hardcover productions of THE NOCTURNE and LOVE LIES DYING. We're also taking preorders on In Laymon's Terms, which Steve is co-editing.

We're out of stock on Steve's trade paperbacks right now, but we expect to get a handful of second edition copies of THE NOCTURNE very soon. Keep an eye on the site for those if you're interseted.

So start up those preorders -- remember, at Shocklines you don't get charged anything until the book exists, is in our hands, and is ready to ship, so there's no risk in placing an early advance order.

http://www.shocklines.com -- you've never seen a bookstore like this!

From Troy Taylor at WildRoses in Australia:

Steve Gerlach's RAGE, is now available for pre-order from Wild Roses Productions! All you have to do is visit www.bloodlinebooks.com to put your name down for a copy! But remember, there's only 26 copies available and copies are going fast! So make sure you hurry!

September 1, 2002

Vote for the next Laymon Leisure Release!

Don D'Auria from Leisure Books is asking for Laymonites the world over to vote and help shape the future Laymon releases at Leisure. Check out what Don has to say, and then cast your vote!

"Hi Steve,

Night in the Lonesome October is coming out in September 2002, and Darkness, Tell Us will come out in March 2003, both as planned and announced. I don't think there's anything new there.

But beginning after Darkness, Tell Us, we will increase the number of Laymon titles we publish each year due to the demand. We used to publish Dick's books every six months, or twice a year. After Darkness we will switch to every four months, or three times a year. So the next book after Darkness will come out in July of 2003. Then another in November 2003, and so on. Plus, we have the original hardcover coming out in September 2003.

The titles under consideration to be published after Darkness, Tell Us are listed below in the voting form.

I'm eager to see which book the fans would like to see us publish first and what they think of the books on the list. The main point of the poll is to see which book we should publish after Darkness, Tell Us.

Steve, remember, we can't make this a binding poll. I AM very curious to see which book folks want next and what they think of them, but I can't guarantee that their choice will be the book we pick.

I can't wait to see the results!

All the best,


Now's your chance! Choose the novel you believe should be the next published by Leisure!

Which Laymon book should be released next by Leisure?
After Midnight
Blood Games
Body Rides
Come Out Tonight
Endless Night
No Sanctuary
Resurrection Dreams
Poll by RLK! Polling Central

Win a copy of RAGE at Wild Roses!

Here's the latest news from Wild Roses Productions about Steve Gerlach's new novel, RAGE:

In line with the release of our first Premiere Collection book, RAGE by Steve Gerlach, Wild Roses Productions is giving away a FREE copy of the lettered edition, signed and inscribed by the author. To be in to win, all you have to do is answer the following questions correctly:

1) Steve Gerlach is the webmaster of which well known horror author’s official website?

2) What is the full name of the main female character in Steve’s previous novel, LOVE LIES DYING?

3) Which Wild Roses Productions book is currently scheduled for publication in March 2003?

4) Who are the four authors whose novels will be published as a part of the Premiere Collection?

Please email your name, address and answers to competitions@wildrosesproductions.com by the 15th September 2002. All correct entries will go into the draw, which will be held on the 1st October 2002.

The judge’s decision is final and no negotiations will be entered into. The winner will be notified by Email and posted on the website. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The competition is open to residents of all countries. Prizes will be sent out as soon as the book has been published. If you have any further questions, please email us. Good Luck!

RAGE will be available for pre-orders from September 7, at the Wild Roses Productions site.

THE NOCTURNE now sold out.

People, it's official! THE NOCTURNE has now joined LOVE LIES DYING - both are now sold out from the publisher!

Matt from Shocklines just bought up the remaining stock of THE NOCTURNE from the publisher. So, it is officially SOLD OUT!

However, if you *have* been thinking about buying a copy, the final copies can be bought from Matt at www.shocklines.com - but get in early before they all go!

August 1, 2002

In Laymon's Terms update...

We can announce that the initial submissions for both the BLUE BLOOD and NEW BLOOD sections of the In Laymon's Terms anthology have been processed and we are in the midst of selecting the short list for the anthology. More news on this soon, once the final selection of stories have been picked. The list of successful authors (and their stories) will be listed here soon.

Gerlach US Releases in 2003/2004

Steve Gerlach's The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying will see their first US hardback releases in 2003 and 2004 thanks to the wonderful folks at DarkVesper publishing!

Both novels will be released in two editions: a lettered special edition of only 26 and a limited edition of 500.

This is terrific news as both novels will appear in hardback for the first time and will be widely available in the USA.

We'll bring you updates on both novels as the news breaks. Both will be illustrated and will have some very special extras, including introductions from some big names in the horror world.

For more details, keep an eye on this news page and also the DarkVesper Publishing website. And while you're there, head on over to the Gerlach Message Board attached to the site and leave a message. You can find it at: http://go.ezboard.com/bdarkvesperpublishing.

More details on RAGE from Wild Roses Productions

More news about the release of the next Gerlach novel, RAGE, has been released by Wild Roses Productions:

"Wild Roses Productions is thrilled to announce the publication of the new Steve Gerlach novel! RAGE will be published in a Lettered and Signed Hardcover edition, limited to only 26 copies, in December 2002!

We're excited to announce that RAGE will be the first of four (possibly five), books that Wild Roses Productions plan to publish as their 'Premiere Collection'! The Premiere Collection books will all be in lettered hardcover format and each book will be limited to only 26 copies!

Keith Minnion, who created artwork for the likes of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Richard Laymon's "The Wilds" has signed on to do the dust jack artwork for all four Premiere Collection books! Keith will be producing four full color pieces for us.

For up to date news as it happens join our mailing list at mailinglist@wildrosesproductions.com. Be sure to include your e-mail address and name in the body of the e-mail."

Find out more (and sign up for your copy of RAGE before it sells out) at the Wild Roses Productions site now.

Love Lies Dying Sold Out

It's official, folks. As of 6:44pm on Tuesday, July 9, the Aussie edition of Love Lies Dying is officially SOLD OUT! This is terrific news and we had NO IDEA they would all move so quickly!

Copies of The Nocturne are low, but we still have a few left. So, it looks like the decks will be cleared for when RAGE appears later this year!

Thanks to everyone who supported Love Lies Dying. Both Zoe and Steve thank you from the bottom of our innocent little hearts... ;)

For more details on all of these Gerlach releases, check out the Official Steve Gerlach site, Terror Australis.


While Love Lies Dying *has* sold out from the publisher, there are still copies on bookstore shelves. The following three stores confirm they still have copies of Love Lies Dying available for purchase:

For those who live in Victoria, Australia, I suggest you try:

M.J's Bookshop
77a Boronia Rd
Boronia VIC 3155
Ph: (03) 9761 0599

** Ask at the counter for the book by name, as currently it is in the NEW RELEASES section and NOT the horror section **

For those who live in New South Wales, Australia, try:


For those in America, Matt at http://www.shocklines.com has stocks as well.

And, of course, The Nocturne is still available from these stores too (as well as through the official Steve Gerlach site, Terror Australis), although stocks are low.

Love Lies Dying review on Horrorfind.com

While on the subject of Love Lies Dying, a review of the novel has just been posted to Horrorfind by Brian Keene. A copy of the review is below. Beware, however, as the review does contain SPOILERS for those who are yet to read the novel!


Reviewed by: Brian Keene
On Tue Jul 23 17:16:49 2002
Review rating: 4 Skulls

LOVE LIES DYING by Steve Gerlach

(Probable Cause Productions, 2002, Limited Edition Signed Hardcover, $27.00, 563 pages, ISBN-0-9578641-1-6)

It would be easy to compare Steve Gerlach’s writing to that of the late Richard Laymon. As he did many young horror authors, Laymon befriended the Australian writer. It’s clearly evident to even the most casual reader that Gerlach cut his teeth on Laymon’s sparse, hard-hitting and unique prose. The more dedicated horror fan will also know that Gerlach is responsible for the Richard Laymon Kills website (affectionately called RLK! by devotees worldwide).

Yes, the Master was an influence on Gerlach, and it shows. But in LOVE LIES DYING, Gerlach has developed a powerful voice that, while echoing of Laymon’s style, is distinctly his own. He uses that voice to push the art of the psychological thriller to newer and even more brutal heights than any of his predecessors.

LOVE LIES DYING is the story John Murdock, an easily identifiable every-man caught up in a bizarre and horrifying chain of events. Wasting no time with literary feel-good nonsense, Gerlach opens with a bang. By the end of the first page, John’s wife Helen is missing, and a clearly psychopathic nymph is lying naked on his couch. The serial killer/sex kitten turns out to be Zoe Barber, one of the most interesting and chilling female killers since Robert R. McCammon’s MINE.

Zoe has something to do with Helen’s disappearance, and if John can resist her advances and hold her at bay long enough, he might discover what that is. But time is running out for both John and his wife, and the terror is just beginning.

(And that’s only in the first chapter!)

Gerlach’s chapters read like short stories—complete, satisfying and leaving you wanting more. Skilled at both plot and pacing, his narratives keep the story moving at hyper-speed. This is the perfect summer book.

It will be interesting to see Gerlach’s style develop with future offerings. If this sophomore work is any indication, he could prove to be a major name in psychological horror.

LOVE LIES DYING is a fast, fun and heart-pounding read! If you enjoy the works of Jack Ketchum, Ed Gorman, or (of course) Richard Laymon, then pick it up quick. The limited edition is sure to sell out fast!

* * *

Brian Keene serves as Horrorfind’s Fiction Editor, and was the editor of the BEST OF HORRORFIND anthology. He is a four-time nominee and one-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award. His books include NO REST FOR THE WICKED, NO REST REDUX, TALKING SMACK, and 4X4 (co-written with Geoff Cooper, Michael T. Huyck and Michael Oliveri). His next book is the post-apocalyptic zombie novel MORE THAN INFINITY. To learn more, visit his website at www.briankeene.com.

July 1, 2002

Latest Laymon Leisure Update

Following on from last month's update, the news from Leisure books just keeps getting better and better for Laymon fans. Here's what Don D'Auria has to say about the upcoming Laymon releases:

"Amara is one of a series of original manuscripts that were completed, polished and ready to go at the time of Dick's death. As I understand it there are roughly seven or eight finished manuscripts that have never been submitted for publication. (Thankfully, Dick was a prolific writer.)

Leisure plans to publish these manuscripts in the US in hardcover, with the first currently scheduled for September of 2003. Paperback editions will follow roughly one year after the hardcovers. So Dick's fans will have the pleasure of new, never-before-seen books on a regular basis, even though the man himself is no longer with us.

Please note that Amara is not absolutely definite as the title of the manuscript at this point. It seems Dick had a number of potential titles for this project, and I'll talk to Ann and Kelly to see which they feel would be Dick's choice.

And of course, in addition to publishing these original manuscripts in hardcover and paperback, we will continue to publish Dick's previous books as paperbacks, roughly every six months. This means that Dick's fans can look forward to three Laymon books per year, two paperbacks and a hardcover.

Although no definite pub dates have been set at this point, here are a few of the upcoming paperbacks, in no particular order: No Sanctuary, Body Rides, Resurrection Dreams, Endless Night, Come Out Tonight, Blood Games, After Midnight.

-- Don"

Then, in a followup, even more great news:

"We've increased the schedule for publishing Dick's books in paperback, beginning in 2003. Instead of twice a year (every six months) we'll be publishing a Laymon paperback three times a year (every four months). So in 2003 we'll publish a Laymon book in March, July and November. PLUS the original hardcover in September. So that's really four Laymon books in one year.

I'm working on putting together a new schedule, including these changes, and as soon as I have it I'll send it to you, but I thought you'd like to know in the meantime.

So far we know Night in the Lonesome October is slotted for September 2002, and Darkness, Tell Us is slotted in March 2003. -- Don"

Also note that the previously Untitled manuscript slated for April 2003 release in the UK by Hodder Headline has been confirmed as the UK hardback release of Amara. Cover artwork and blurbs will be provided when they are ready. A quick synopsis of the plot was provided by Hodder Headline:

"Amara is about an Egyptian mummy, called Amara, who escapes from her coffin and creates havoc in a museum."

The actual UK version of the title has been confirmed, so there seems to be no plans to change it for the UK edition. If Leisure decide to go with one of the different titles, we could have the same novel with two different titles!

See new IN THE DARK movie at Horrofind weekend!

Now there's even more reasons to make it to this year's Horrorfind weekend! Just look what's on the program!

"As if Laymon fans didn't have enough reasons to attend this summer's 2nd Annual Horrorfind Weekend convention in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.), now there's more!

The convention will feature an exclusive showing of the new version of IN THE DARK, (the only film adaptation of a Laymon novel). This never-before-shown version features an alternate ending! The film will be hosted by Director Clifton Holmes and Kelly Laymon, and a Q&A with the director will follow the movie. This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime chance to see this film on the big screen, as it was intended!

Other guests at the 2nd Annual Horrorfind Weekend include authors Edward Lee, John Pelan, Douglas Clegg, Jack Ketchum, and Tom Piccirilli, and movie stars such as Bruce Campbell and the entire cast of THE EVIL DEAD, Linda Blair (EXCORCIST), and Douglas Bradley (Pinhead from HELLRAISER).

For a complete list of guests and celebrities, or to learn more about the convention, please visit http://www.horrorfindweekend.com."

Kelly Laymon takes over JOBS IN HELL

The takeover is complete! Kelly Laymon is now in charge of JOBS IN HELL, the weekly horror newsletter for horror writers. Exclusive pictures and news can be found at the new Jobs In Hell website. Check it out now!

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