RLK! News Archive - January-June 2002

In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

June 1, 2002

Laymon releases - updated.

Take a moment or two to check out the LAYMON DATES table above. You'll notice a few additions and a few changes to dates. Of importance is the latest news from Leisure Books in the US and Hodder Headline in the UK.

A post to one of the Leisure Books discussion boards recently gave an insight as to what is to come in the US, including a Laymon 1st world-wide edition:

"We will have plenty more Laymon coming up in mass-market paperback, in addition to what is already available on our website. Here's the most up-to-date schedule I have:


I believe our horror editor is trying to make sure we have a Laymon out every 6 months or so. We will also publish NO SANCTUARY as well as an all-new original, currently titled AMARA. There's more in the works, so stay tuned."

Also, here's the latest news on the next Laymon hardback from Hodder Headline in the UK:

"The new Richard Laymon novel has been scheduled for UK publication in APRIL 2003, and the paperback will be out in December 2003. We'll be in touch with more details as soon as we know them and, as per usual, we'll send you the cover blurb, synopsis etc nearer the time."

When we find out more about all these releases, we'll let you know.

Shocklines.com now open for business - with special Laymon deal!

Matt Schwartz, the mastermind behind the original and best horror site, HorrorNet.com, has finally realized a life-long dream and opened Shocklines.com to the world. And to celebrate, Matt's offering RLK! fans a special discount! Here's what Matt had to say:

"Just wanted to let you know, if any of your fans are looking for an online store to get a lot of Laymon books, Laymon artwork, etc., at retail (or lower) price, my store Shocklines.com has opened.

Anyway, if you get the chance, check it out at http://www.shocklines.com. The Laymon section is at http://store.yahoo.net/shocklines/richardlaymon.html.

I've created an RLK! discount coupon code as well. If people go to Shocklines.com, they'll see we're preselling the Madman Stan collection from CD for $34, 15% off of the listed price $40. Until June 15th, if they use the coupon code "KILLMS15" (don't use the quote marks), and they have the regular version of Madman Stan in their shopping cart (this doesn't apply to the lettered edition), they'll get an additional 15% off that item -- so the price will be $28 instead of $40. Remember, people who do this will NOT have to pay anything until the item is ready to ship.

http://store.yahoo.net/shocklines/madstanandot.html is the address of the book."

Check out this terrific deal and the whole Shocklines site, you won't be disappointed!

Nemonymous Anonymous

Just a quick mention of a fabulous new magazine, Nemonymous - a journal of parthenogenetic fiction and late labelling. This is a terrific collection of horror and crime from the most popular and cutting-edge authors of today. With one catch...all the stories are anonymous until the next issue. So, you only find out who wrote the stories when the next issue is released. The stories are sharp and the design is stylish. Nemonymous is a great addition to anyone's collection.

Check out Nemonymous now at: http://www.nemonymous.com

May 1, 2002

World Horror Convention a great success.

Here's a great batch of photos from this year's World Horror Convention. Thanks to Brent Zirnheld and photographer James Futch for this set. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version. Kelly Laymon's report (with photos) is further down the page. Keep scrolling!

The Beer Run with Kelly Laymon, John Pelan, and Donn Gash.
Rebecca Clarke and John Urbancik
Tim Lebbon and John Pelan
Rain Graves, Brian Keene and *that* sock!
Michael Oliveri, GAK, Gene O'Neill, Weston
Laimo, Rain Graves, Weston Ochse, Yvonne Navarro
Regina Mitchell, Michael Oliveri, Donn Gash, Ryan Harding, and
Jenny Orosel
Mikey Huyck after too much to
David Nordhaus (AKA Victor Heck), J. Newman, Jack Harringa, William F. Nolan
William D. Gagliani, Feo
Amante, Peter Straub, Caitlan Kiernan
Mikey Huyck, Marcy Italiano, Louis Maistros
Road Kill or Victim?

By the way, unfortunately, Richard's Night In The Lonesome October did not reach the final ballot for The Stoker Awards for best horror novel of 2001.

Now, here's Kelly's report from the WHC, with thanks to John Turi and Jen Orosel for the photos.

The HWA LAers! #1 Jen Orosel, Shawn Turi, and Kelly Laymon.



The HWA LAers! #2. Shawn Turi and Ann Laymon.


Donn Gash and Kelly Laymon at the Borderands Party on Thursday night. Of the photo, Donn said, "I think that was taken during hour ten of the fifteen-hour drinking binge."
Later that Thursday night, the HWA LA decided to put the bowl of fruit from the Borderlands Party to use. Jen Orosel snapped photos as Jonathan Torres and Kelly Laymon took turns juggling oranges.

On Saturday, Kelly and Ann Laymon, and Jeff Funk.
At the Gross-Out Contest, Rain Graves, Brian Keene, and I cooked something up.

At the HWA Suite on Friday night, Mikey Huyck, Jonathan Torres, Kelly Laymon, and Eunice Magill. Lurking in the background is Bob Morrish.
I lost a bet with Jen at the airport, so I had to spend two hours of the HWA Party with "Snoochie Boochies" written on my forehead. A la Jay, of Jay and Silent Bob.
After my two hours were up, I probably ruined a hotel washcloth. Look at that green smear!

This was my pride and joy. When I was setting up the HWA Suite early Friday night, we learned what happens when I get to be in charge. heheh Donn Gash and I were the folks holding down the HWA Suite for the night, and it is customary for one of the bathtubs in the room to be filled with ice and bottles of booze. Since no one was going to be able to use the toliet right next to the tub, I decided to decorate it. After almost fighting with a woman at the hotel restaurant who refused to sell me just a bowl of chocolate
fudge, I had to buy two Snickers bars and a can of Slim-Fast at the gift shop to accomplish the desired effect. The really cool thing was that after an hour or so, there was a reaction between the Snickers and the Slim-Fast and
it started bubbling and fizzing.

Here we have chapter heads in the head. East and west unite. Adam Pepper, of the HWA NYC, and Kelly Laymon, of the HWA LA.

Gerlach Message Board now live.

There's a new Gerlach message board that has just gone live!

You'll find it at: http://www.netservices.gr/read/TerrorOZ

Yep, it's the official Steve Gerlach Message Board, so feel free to drop by and leave a message or two for Steve. He will reply to any and all questions and comments.

No Sanctuary out now in paperback.

Just a quick reminder that No Sanctuary is released in paperback this month in the UK (and next month in Australia).

Submissions for IN LAYMON'S TERMS close.

All fiction submissions for the Laymon tribute anthology, IN LAYMON'S TERMS, closed on May 1. The non-fiction deadline has been extended until May 6. Kelly, Rich and myself would like to thank all those who submitted pieces for the anthology. We've been swamped with submissions and the quality is very high. We'll be contacting those writers who make the final cut in due course. Again, thanks for the terrific response. -- Steve

April 6, 2002

NITLO Leisure Cover Art

Here is an RLK! Exclusive look at the cover artwork for the Leisure paperback release of NITLO in September.

Trust us, the scan doesn't do the artwork justice!

This is one of the best covers yet produced from Leisure, and they're producing some of the finest cover artwork in the publishing world at the moment.

April 2, 2002

NITLO nominated for Stokers!

Richard's Night In The Lonesome October has been nominated for The Stoker Awards for best horror novel of 2001. Let's all hope the book wins! The Stoker Awards for works published in 2001 will be presented June 8th at the New York Helmsely Hotel. The full list of nominations for best horror novel of 2001 are listed below:


From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury (Morrow)

The Infinite by Douglas Clegg (Leisure)

The Living Blood by Tananarive Due (Pocket Books)

American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Harper Collins)

House of Pain by Sephera Giron (Leisure)

Evil Whispers by Owl Goingback (Signet)

Straight On 'Til Morning by Christopher Golden (Signet)

The Beast That Was Max by Gerard Houarner (Leisure)

The Lost by Jack Ketchum (Leisure)

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King (Scribner)

Black House by Stephen King & Peter Straub (Random House)

A Night in the Lonesome October by Richard Laymon (Cemetery Dance)

The Nature of Balance by Tim Lebbon (Prime; Leisure)

The Association by Bentley Little (Signet)

Wire Mesh Mothers by Elizabeth Massie (Leisure)

Fireworks by James A. Moore (Meisha Merlin)

A Lower Deep by Tom Piccirilli (Leisure)

The Vampire Vivienne by Karen E. Taylor (Kensington)

Teeth by Edo van Belkom (Meisha Merlin)

Hosts by F. Paul Wilson (Gauntlet Press)

Island hits No. 5 on B&N Bestsellers list!

This terrific news just in from Kelly Laymon:


I haven't actually seen this in print anywhere yet, but after a flurry of e-mails this morning from several folks over at Dorchester (Leisure Books), it looks like Island has done something pretty cool.

There is a general mass-market paperback fiction bestseller list from Barnes and Noble. It seems that the top four people are John Grisham, James Patterson, Nick Sparks, and Maeve Binchy. The fifth person on that list is Richard Laymon.

One of the folks at Dorchester said that, as far as she knew, this was the first time a Leisure Book had cracked that list. She also said that she'd be calling the other bestseller lists (USA Today, NY Times, etc.) to see if he is being tracked.

This is a pretty exciting development. As I get new information, I'll let you know!

The Dick is pleased.


It is great to finally see the recognition that Richard justly deserved. This is terrific news for Laymon fans (especially in the US), Leisure Books, the Laymon family and the horror genre in general. More news on this as we receive it!

No Sanctuary review page now uploaded

The review page for Laymon's latest release, No Sanctuary, is now available. Check out the reviews already there or email us with your own and we'll add it to the page!

Visit the No Sanctuary review page here.

March 1, 2002

February 14 - Laymon Remembered

We all took time out on February 14 to remember the passing of Richard Laymon. We all did our little bit, we remembered and raised our glasses to the greatest writer the horror genre has ever seen. Check out below the rememberances of Brian Keene and Geoff Cooper, and find out exactly what Kelly Laymon did on the day!

One year later…

Despite what you might believe, I’m a romantic guy. Valentine’s Day has always been my second-favorite holiday (the first being April Fool’s Day, of course). But this year, I find myself dreading February 14th. I find myself wanting to ignore it, to mark it off my calendar as if it never occurred. To sleep through it, if I can.

Thinking about Valentine’s Day used to conjure good images. I had my first kiss at a Valentine’s Day “spin-the-bottle” party. I met a very important woman on a Valentine’s Day years later. You get the idea.

Now, when I start to think about the impending holiday, the only image I see is coming home from work last year, hitting the answering machine button, hearing something that must be a really awful joke, and feeling the bottom fall out of the world. It’s like a video recorder in my mind, stuck on an endless fucking loop.

And I’d rather not remember that, thank you very much.

On Thursday, Richard Laymon will have been gone a year. At times, that is STILL very hard to believe. So I’ve been trying all week not to think about it at all.

Easier said than done. If I look to my left, I see the name LAYMON taking up three and a half bookshelves, right between LAIMO and LEBBON. If I look to my right, I see a picture of him taken in my kitchen. Over my shoulder, on another shelf, is the battered copy of THE CELLAR that I purchased on a whim in 1980—the same one that Dick signed a few years ago.

I see these things and I remember…

I go to the bookstore on a weekly basis, and spend an hour or so re-arranging the horror section when the staff isn’t looking. I see all the Laymon books that are back on American shelves, courtesy of Leisure...

…and I remember.

In times of trouble, some people turn to the Bible for strength and comfort. I turn to A WRITER’S TALE. A few weeks ago, crumbling under the weight of several impending deadlines and a mire of self-doubt, I pulled it off the shelf for a recharge. Although he is gone, I swear to God that Dick talks to us through that book. I know of other authors who have said the same thing. We read it…

…and we remember.

And in remembering, we smile. Maybe even laugh. We feel the magic rekindle.

And suddenly, the memories aren’t so bad.

We miss you Dick, and we remember.

-- Brian Keene

10 February, 2002
Seattle, Washington

Heya, Dick.

It seems like we haven’t spoke in forever, though it’s been exactly one year.

Anyways… A lot has happened in this past year. Of course, DREADFUL TALES, NO SANCTUARY, FRIDAY NIGHT IN BEAST HOUSE, THE HALLOWEEN MOUSE, THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW, and TRIAGE all came out. So yeah, Mousey-mouse wasn’t until like friggin’ December or so, but you know how Rich is. I got a real kick out of the TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW dust jacket photo. You prick! That was hysterical! And I LOVED Broadway Joe in FNIBH. He kicked more ass than a donkey. A lot of the Brits and the Aussies didn’t get that, I don’t think, but I sure as Hell did! Kel had to fill me in on the bit about no goats being in the swimming pool, though. I don’t know enough Spanish to fill a thimble: you know… my brain’s too filled up with carburetor cleaner fumes for any room for shit like that.

Ann looks GREAT, and has been a real trooper. I’m sure you’re proud of her. Hell, I know you are. We all are. There was that little bit about the tattoo, but I’ll let her tell you about that…. Oh, calm down: it was just GAK playing with a magic marker. She's been taking care of a lot of shit around there. She's adopted a "no bullshit" policy, which I think you'd dig. I think we all, at one point or another, wondered how the fuck we'd handle all that she has--and depressed ourselves because we knew we'd fall short.

You’d be so proud of Kel this past year. Briguy finally gave up the ghost on JIH. Kelly bought it, will be taking over on issue #138. Ain’t that the shit? She’s also been running around taking care of all kinds of stuff. Your daughter is a busy woman. She started that HWA chapter for LA (Yeah, I told her she was nuts, but you know how she can listen when she has decided she wants to do something.) and has been helping out with WHC 2002 in Chicago. (You fuckin’ believe Kansas City got the bid for 2003? What the fuck? Explain that to me, willya? Kansas City? Who the Hell wants to go to Kansas friggin’ City, huh? I don’t get it.) We’ve all been talking quite a bit. You know. Not that we didn’t BEFORE, but maybe a little more now.

Yeah, it’s true—I’m letting my membership in HWA lapse now that your term is up. It’s FUBAR, man. All the changes you tried to get going got run into the ground soon as your back was turned. Serious. I’ve had it with ‘em. When it comes to the HWA, I’m so far away from the Giveafuck Star, it’d take the light from it 5.3 million years to reach me. Fuck it. That fuckin’ fucker is fuckin’ fucked. My suggestion to fix it is still an option, though…

We sold out of the 4x4 hardcovers—totally sold out. How cool is THAT? We had the signing at Dark Del’s (wish you coulda been there…. You’d have got a kick out of our “fan club” –of which pictures are somewhere…) and up at Alan’s store. That went pretty well…. Until Briguy started in on the tequila. You know how THAT goes… then, of course, he was hitting on every woman he saw. (I think he proposed marriage to the waitress). No, no… not me. Serious! I was good! I didn’t even hit on… anyway, let’s ignore that topic for now. I had my girlfriend with me.

Yeah, you read that right. Go figure. Been together a little while now. She came down for the signings and stuff. I dunno… she reads (she’d read SAVAGE, THE CELLAR, and ALARUMS before we’d even met), digs dogs, and thinks that going to the range on a Friday night after dinner is a perfectly fine way to spend a night out. Yeah: cool chick. Funny though… a Canadian (did I mention she was from Vancouver?) with a handgun. Her friends don’t quite know what to make of her new-found hobby (they’re brainwashed up there into that bullshit “guns are bad” thing, you know). She prefers the Baretta 92 (eh... I'm not wild about 'em, but to each their own). Yeah, I taught her to shoot. She does real well, considering she's only been doing it a little while. I’ve got her targets scanned somewhere—you should check ‘em out.

No, Don hasn’t responded to the BELIALIAN submission yet. Surprised? Yeah, me neither. I’ve about given up on novels. At least, that’s what I say. I’m still WRITING them, but I’ll be damned if I can bring myself to give a fuck about them anymore, considering that European empires can rise and fall in the time it takes to receive a reply on 'em. It’s hard to finish them anymore. Once they start giving me problems, I say fuckit and go on to something I know I can sell (read: Under 5,000 words).

I know, I know… can’t make a living on short stories. I know. But you can’t make a living on novels you can’t get anyone to look at, either. At least people BUY my short fiction. There’s a rumor or two about a Brackard’s Point collection… I’ll keep you posted. Maybe? Maybe after that, SOMEONE in this Goddamned industry will give me an answer? No, I ain’t holding my breath. Don’t worry… I haven’t been overtaken with nauseating amounts of optimism.

Brian and Cassandra are finally getting married. No shit! May 18th. Surely, this is a sign of the apocalypse. Jets are really gonna win the Superbowl next year. NO REST FOR THE WICKED came out—then came out again, because Imaginary Worlds should have been called Imaginary Books. Heh. He's been cranking shit out, as usual. Still a total ham. Still pissing people off--you oughta SEE this one freak on HorrorNet's message boards! HA! I’ll let him tell you the story.

Mike and Melissa just had a baby boy! He’s got the pics up on his webpage. Cute kid! Mike also finished another novel. Who? Me? Jealous of my friends? Pshaw….

Oh, and James Futch’s wife is pregnant, too. He has a chapbook coming out.

Hmm… I’m seeing a pattern. New kid, new book….

Huh? Why're you looking at me like that? No, no--trust me--I wouldn't wish half of my genes on my worst enemy. There are fates worse than death--and to have me as your father, I think, would be up there on the scale.


Mikey’s neck has been forty-four shades of fucked up. That surgery he had didn’t do a damned thing to help him. They fused a couple more vertebrae. I’m thinking it’s time they just made the guy a new spine out of titanium or something. Speaking of surgery, Ray had some done on his hip. That poor guy… SHIT! But he had SEX AND VIOLENCE IN HOLLYWOOD come out from Subterranean. God…. What a book! You’d really dig that one.

Lee damned near had a stroke around Easter. Scared him so bad, he quit drinking and smoking. No shit—but he said the doctor said he can have all the seafood he wants, so that’s good. I think he’d fuckin’ explode if he had to cut crab out of his diet. (Do they make tofu crab?) But he had CITY INFERNAL come out from Leisure (Zebra reprinted COVEN around the same time that deal went in. Let’s see… go into a second printing after what—10 years? Hmmmmm… sounds like THE STAKE, don’t it?), and PARTNERS IN CHYME come out from Necro. Ryan's Gross out story from Atlanta? Yeah--kick ass. I'm happy as shit for him. That's too damned cool, ain't it?

Oh, and you won the Stoker. Just thought I'd fill you in. Kel accepted on your behalf. She read the thing you'd written for A WRITER'S TALE, in case that won. (I still think you got gypped that year--that was total bullshit. But anyway... don't get me going on the HWA. They pissed me off.).

So, yeah, I’ve been hanging in there, Dick. You know—there was all that rough shit going down there for a while. Got real bad about July… which lasted until right after the September 11th bullshit. (Be glad you missed that. You’d have gone bugshit. It was fuckin’ horrible. And all these flower-in their hair, pansy-ass, politically correct, pro-victim motherfuckers (you know--the ones that think we should ALL be victims, because they're too pussy to defend themselves and want to give our streets to the criminals by outlawing guns?) Yeah. Those fuckin' assholes were all saying “no more killing…” and the conspiracy theorists were out in droves. The World Trade Center? It's gone. Gone. As in, does not fucking exist anymore. It was that whack-fuck that organized the USS Cole bombing--that Bin Laden dude. I still say we level that whole fuckin' region. Take him, Saddam, the whole bunch and have some target practice.)

Happier news: I got a new job—still wrenching, but I’m the Big Dog now. Yeah, I’m the Lead Mechanic at this little 3 bay shop. Capital letters and everything. Heheh. Pay ain’t GREAT… have had to threaten the owner’s life a couple of times to get him to open the purse strings, but we’ve got a semi-decent deal now. I’ll hit him up again in a couple of months when I break a couple more records for him. Heh. What I do is run the shop, as well as work on the cars. So it’s damned close to what I wanted to be doing anyway.

I’m sick of wrenching. My body can’t take much more of this. My hands? Oh, forget it… they’re history. Ditto for my back, my knees, and my ankles. I’m getting too old for this shit.

Started going to the dentist for that cracked molar I'd been putting off for 3 years. Nightmare. They gave me Tylenol #3's for the pain, but they started scaring me, to be honest. The pills, I mean. I mean, if I'm gonna be popping a T-3 soon as I get home from work, shit, I might as well grab a drink, ya know? I found I wasn't doing as much as a result of 'em--just getting zoned and playing Civilization III --crazy strategy game, highly addictive, big time sucker-upper--so I quit taking 'em. I sleep less now, but get more done. Hell, I haven't even told Bri about that. Didn't tell anyone, really. Considering my history, I didn't want anyone thinking.... I dunno. Hard to explain, but I'm kind of sensitive about that. Ya know.

Anyways, Dick, I’ve got to get getting, but I wanted to write today, fill you in on what’s been going down. Basically this: Ann and Kelly both are doing okay, considering. You’d be real proud of ‘em. I know you would. I am. They’re both amazing women. The rest of us, well… some are doing better than others.

But we all have one thing in common, Dick:

We miss the fuck out of you.



The big news, I guess, is that I "celebrated" the one year anniversary of my father's death by going out and getting a tattoo.

A tattoo's been inevitable for a few years. It's something I've talked about with a lot of people. Getting advice and whatnot. One thing led to another and I ended up in the right mindset for doing it on Thursday, February 14, 2002.

I went with a place recommended by one of the gals I hang out with from the HWA Los Angeles chapter. The place was right on my way home from school, so it was very convenient. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, it was about three hours.

By 4:00pm, I was fully tattooed. Many thanks to Carlos at Suicidal Tendencies Tattoo Salon for doing a real kick ass job. The detail blows me away. It looks fantastic.

I chose a design a lot of you out there will probably recognize. It's the cover art from BAD NEWS, which was done by Vince Natale.

-- Kelly Laymon

Chick on the thumbnails below to check out Kelly's BAD NEWS tattoo!


IN LAYMON'S TERMS Submission Guidelines released

More details about the upcomming Laymon tribute anthology, IN LAYMON'S TERMS, have been released. Find below the submission guidelines for the project. Here's YOUR chance to pay tribute to Richard by submitting a short story for the NEW BLOOD section of the anthology!

IN LAYMON'S TERMS Submission Guidelines

IN LAYMON'S TERMS - edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach & Richard Chizmar - will be published in the second half of 2002 by Cemetery Dance Publications.

It will be available in three editions:

- Trade Edition bound in full-cloth with full-color dust jacket artwork
- Slipcased Limited Edition of 400 signed and numbered copies -- signed by all contributors!
- Traycased Lettered Edition of 52 signed and lettered copies (bound in leather, with satin ribbon page marker and additional interior artwork)


IN LAYMON'S TERMS will be an oversized, huge tribute anthology for Richard Laymon, featuring original and reprint short fiction, essays, interviews, personal remembrances, photos, etc. from dozens of the biggest names in horror! Personal, moving, and wildly entertaining, this oversized hardcover is a collection that Richard Laymon would be very proud of!


IN LAYMON'S TERMS will be divided into three sections.

The main short story section, BLUE BLOOD, is for popular horror writers known in the genre and is by INVITATION ONLY. Please DO NOT submit stories for this section unless you have been asked.


The NEW BLOOD section will feature new and unknown writers from around the world who have been influenced by Richard Laymon. This section is freely open to unsolicited submissions. All we ask is that your story be a horror story that Laymon would have enjoyed: fast, bloody, violent and maybe even a little funny. Word length should be between 1000-5000 words and all original fiction, please. NO REPRINTS. All submissions should come with a 250 word "Laymon Remembrance" in which the author talks about Laymon's influence on their life or writing.

Submissions for the NEW BLOOD section should be emailed to gerlach@ains.net.au as a Word .doc attachment with ILT SUBMISSION in the Subject line, or sent in hardcopy via snail mail to:

Steve Gerlach
1 Elizabeth Street
Victoria 3136

Deadline for the NEW BLOOD section is May 1, 2002.


The Non Fiction section of IN LAYMON'S TERMS is also open for submissions. Whether they be articles on Richard's work or life, fond memories, interviews or interesting true life stories of meeting Laymon. Submissions should be sent IN HARDCOPY ONLY to:

Kelly Laymon
7900 Loyola Boulevard
Campus Box 3285
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Deadline for non fiction is May 1, 2002.


The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying Update

Here's an update from Probable Cause Productions, the publishers of The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying:

"Probable Cause Update - Steve Gerlach Releases:

Copies of LOVE LIES DYING are now in stock. All orders are being filled as we speak and we hope to have the last of the orders shipped and on their way by March 8.

Thanks to everyone for ordering and hanging in there and being patient. We think you'll enjoy both LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE.

For those of you who are yet to order, get in now before they're all sold out! Remember, first edition copies of THE NOCTURNE were sold out in two months in 1999! Don't miss out on this 2nd edition of THE NOCTURNE or 1st edition of LOVE LIES DYING!"

Praise for The Nocturne: Praise for Love Lies Dying:

"A really fast paced, grim,
exciting, sexy novel. It's
very gripping, violent, and
weird. I really enjoyed it.
The Nocturne is a book
that any Laymon fan ought
to enjoy. "
-- Richard Laymon,
author of The Cellar, USA

"Love Lies Dying is a
disturbing, twisted,
sexually-charged dark
ride of suspense."
-- Douglas Clegg,
author of Naomi, USA

Shipping rates and costs are in the table below, along with the price of the novels (and a special RLK! deal for buying both). All orders through RLK! will receive a personally signed and inscribed copy by the author. Both novels are trade paperback size (large paperback).

Cover Price
Ship to Aus
Ship to US
Ship to UK/Europe
Ship to Rest of World
$35 AUS
$18 US
£12 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
$40 AUS
$20 US
£14 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
RLK! Special:
Order Both
$70 AUS
$35 US
£24 UK
Add $10 AUS
Add $10 US
Add £8 UK
Add $15 US

For more information on each book, including cover artwork, blurb and reviews, check out the newly re-designed official Steve Gerlach site, Terror Australis! at http://www.terroroz.cjb.net.

You can place your order online now by sending us an email letting us know which book or books you want and where you are located in the world. We'll get back to you with final costs. Payment methods include cash, International Money Orders and through Paypal (using steve.gerlach@ot.com.au as the seller ID).

Order through Paypal here:

Send us your order today! Email: gerlach@ains.net.au.

New Laymon releases from Leisure Books

In a recent post to his message board, Leisure Horror editor Don D'Auria let some exciting news slip:

"And we have more hardcovers in the works. We'll be publishing previously unpublished novels by Richard Laymon, as well as original novels by Simon Clark."

Exciting news indeed! We'll bring you more details when they break.

February 1, 2002

In Memoriam, Richard Laymon

A year ago this month, the world lost a loving husband and father, a terrific friend, and a wonderful author. No one can replace Richard Laymon in the horror scene, but thankfully he will live on in the stories he has given us, and the tales that he told. We all miss you, Dick.

IN THE DARK - The Aussie Laymon Memorial Campout

Here's the latest news on the Aussie Laymon Memorial get together tentatively scheduled for Feb 23 and 24 (RLK! webmaster work dates permitting).

Under the banner of "IN THE DARK with Richard Laymon" this year's Memorial will see us (most likely) trekking into the darkness at Mount Disappointment, to the West of Melbourne, for a night of scares, thrills and chills. Also, in a major coup, we've received permission to screen IN THE DARK - the movie as well!

Last year's Laymon memorial event was a huge success, but this years will even top that! What could be better than sitting around an open fire, late at night, telling ghost stories and talking about Laymon's works? As so many of Richard's books involved camping, we've decided this would be a perfect way to remember him.

Anyone interested in joining the growing list of Laymonites already attending should let us know ASAP. Email us at gerlach@ains.net.au for more details.

The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying Update

Here's an update from Probable Cause Productions, the publishers of The Nocturne and Love Lies Dying:

"Probable Cause Update - Steve Gerlach Releases:

Copies of THE NOCTURNE are now in and ready to ship. Orders for THE NOCTURNE will be shipped in the first week of February.

Copies of LOVE LIES DYING are due in the 2nd week of February and will be shipped in the third week of February.

Those people who ordered both books will have their copies of THE NOCTURNE held and shipped with LOVE LIES DYING."

Thanks to everyone who has ordered. Some copies of each book still remain, so get your orders in before they all sell out! Spread the word and don't forget to visit the official Steve Gerlach website at Terror Australis for more news, reviews and ordering information.

Steve Gerlach / TerrorOz Mailing List

The official mailing list for the "Terror from Down Under", Aussie author Steve Gerlach, is now up and running at Yahoo Groups.

Feel free to subscribe if you want to keep up to date with the latest news and releases! This year is going to be a big one with a minimum of 4 books planned to be released!

Send an email to: SteveGerlach_TerrorOz-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Then you'll be first with all the news and surprises. (And even a couple of special events planned for later this year!)

HWA LA Update

Here's the latest selection of photos from the HWA LA meetings. Thanks to Kelly Laymon for sending the photos to us. Click on the thumbnail to open the full picture!

Friday, October 26, 2001

The HWA LA chapter meeting for the month of October was held in conjunction with a book signing at Dark Delicacies by Doug Clegg and Joe Nassise. In the foreground, Jen Orosel and GAK. In the background, Eunice Magill and Maria Alexander.

Photo by Kelly Laymon
Friday, October 26, 2001

Doug Clegg, at his book signing and our HWA LA chapter meeting, recognizes the photographer in her Halloween costume.

Photo by Kelly Laymon
Friday, October 26, 2001

Uma, Doug. Doug, Uma. (Kelly Laymon, dressed as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction for Halloween, with Doug Clegg.)

Photo by Raul Silva
Friday, October 26, 2001

Still at Doug Clegg's book signing. The folks are Weston Ochse, Kelly Laymon, and Staci Wilson.

Photo by Enzo Giobbe.

Spoton... Ketchum

Just a reminder about our excellent interview with Jack Ketchum, now showing in the Spotlight On... section. We've had terrific feedback about this interview, so if you didn't read it last month, surf over there now and check it out!

We're honored to be able to present you with probably the most definitive examination to date of the man and his work. (And we're not just saying that - Jack said it too!)

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

Horrorfind 2002 Latest

Here's the latest on the Horrorfind Weekend for 2002:

"The Second Annual HORRORFIND WEEKEND CONVENTION is in full gear. If you attended last years event you know that we put on a kick ass show. This years show will be bigger and better than ever with a full fledged EVIL DEAD reunion. That's right the stars of ED!

We have a top notch line-up of guests already and are waiting on confirmation from some other huge guest stars.

Although the site is not fully done take a look http://www.horrorfindweekend.com/.

Dealers, act fast on dealers tables as we are selling fast, last years dealers were thrilled and are buying them up. Halloween product and prop dealers, our attendees asked for more of you, you can't go wrong. Online form makes it easy to reserve tables fast."

PEEP SHOW needs your help...

The best horror magazine to come out of the UK in years, PEEP SHOW needs your help to survive. Here's the latest news from the editor, Paul Fry:

"I’m desperate to sell some adverts in PEEP SHOW magazine (http://www.peepshowmagazine.co.uk). If I can’t, it looks like issue #3 (out June 2002) will be the last one. So if you have a new novel, collection, website, etc. then I have ad space available for you! And at very good rates!

Also, as PEEP SHOW is based in England it’s a good chance to promote your stuff overseas.

I really need your support!

Please enquire to the editor / publisher either by e-mail or by regular mail if you are interested in advertising with Peep Show.

E-mail: adverts@peepshowmagazine.co.uk
Post: Paul Fry, 15 North Roundhay, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9PE, England."

January 1, 2002

RLK! Welcomes you to 2002!

Welcome to 2002! Last year was a particularly hard one for us all, losing Richard in February. The horror field will never see the likes of him again, and no one will ever take his place. We miss you, pal.

Thankfully, new Laymon releases are due in 2002 and we'll make sure we keep you up to date with everything that's happening in the Laymon world. New Laymonites contact RLK! every day, and with the increasing exposure of Richard's work in the US, we're assured he'll be gracing the shelves of bookstores for many years to come. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of RLK! in 2001. We couldn't do it without you all.

And finally, please take a moment to remember Richard's birthday on January 14. He would have been 55.

-- Steve and the RLK! team.

The Richard Laymon Library - books for sale.

The Richard Laymon Library is a massive online store featuring hard-to-find Laymon novels from Richard Laymon's own personal library. Each book comes with an authentication from Ann Laymon and all proceeds go to the Laymon family.

Choose from dozens of titles, both hardcover and paperback, including AFTER MIDNIGHT, ALL HALLOWS EVE, the BEAST HOUSE series, BEWARE, CUTS, DARKNESS TELL US, ENDLESS NIGHT, FLESH, ISLAND, LAWMEN, MIDNIGHT'S LAIR, NIGHT SHOW, QUAKE, SAVAGE, and many, many, MANY more! Quantities are limited however.

Visit the Richard Laymon Library at: http://home.earthlink.net/~resrvordog/Laymon/laymon.html.


In mid-2002, Cemetery Dance will be publishing a brand new Laymon short story collection, featuring classic and hard-to-find reprints and also brand new material by Richard. This is the first of many future titles to be released in Cemetery Dance's "Richard Laymon Library"!

The collection will be available in two states: Limited Edition of 1,500 copies and Traycased Lettered Edition of 26 signed and lettered copies (bound in leather, with satin ribbon page marker and additional full-color artwork.)

The stories contained in the collection are:

The Hunt
The Worshipper
The Maiden
Desert Pickup
A Good Cigar is a Smoke
Invitation to Murder
The Champion
Paying Joe Back
The Fur Coat
A Good Secret Place
Pickup on Highway One
Saving Grace
Kitty Litter
Madman Stan

Find out more about the release, and preorder your copy now, at http://www.cemeterydance.com.

ISLAND and NO SANCTUARY paperback covers.

Here are the paperback covers to look out for in the new year. ISLAND is released by Leisure books in the US in March. NO SANCTUARY is released in the UK in May.


Ketchum joins RLK!

It's an absolute delight to be able to announce that Jack Ketchum has joined RLK!

Well, okay, he's just joining us for this month's Spotlight On... but this is a facinating and in-depth interview with one of the best writers in the field today.

Ron Clinton, USA Contributing Editor for RLK!, recently had an opportunity to speak with Jack. An author whose work has for twenty years tested and redefined the conventions and constraints of the genre, Mr. Ketchum's material is often as subject to controversy as it is to acclaim…and he makes no apologies for it.

We're honored to be able to present you with probably the most definitive examination to date of the man and his work. (And we're not just saying that - Jack said it too!)

Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

Aussie Laymon Memorial Campout for February 2002?

Last year's Laymon memorial event was a lot of fun and it was terrific to meet so many Laymonites as we took in a ghost tour of Melbourne. This year, we're looking at marking the 1st Anniversary of Richard's passing with a Memorial Campout in Victoria's bushlands! What could be better than sitting around an open fire, late at night, telling ghost stories and talking about Laymon's works? Hopefully, we'll scare eachother silly! As so many of Richard's books involved camping, we've decided this would be a perfect way to remember him.

The idea is in the early stages and, of course, depends on how many people are interested in attending. We would be looking at the weekend of the 16th and 17th of February - arriving on the 16th, camping for the night and then heading home on the 17th.

Any interested Laymonites should let us know ASAP so we can work on numbers/figures/possibilities and so on. Email us at gerlach@ains.net.au for more details.

Screams Of Leisure page updated.

The Screams Of Leisure page as been updated to include all the releases for 2002, along with the cover artwork through to June.

Surf on over to the Screams Of Leisure page to check out the terrific horror fare to come this year from those wonderful guys and gals in New York!

LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE orders steadily growing.

It's great news to be able to report that pre-orders for LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE have been flooding in. Also, some reviews from those lucky enough to receive advance proof copies of LOVE LIES DYING have been posted to the official Steve Gerlach site at Terror Australis. Surf on over there now to read the reviews.

Orders are still being taken and the books should be ready by the middle of January. For more details, see the Terror Australis site, or check out the update below for December 1, 2001.

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