RLK! News Archive - July-December 2001

In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

December 1, 2001

PCP announces release dates for LOVE LIES DYING and THE NOCTURNE

Probable Cause Productions announce the release of Steve Gerlach's latest novel LOVE LIES DYING in a limited edition 1000 copy run. PCP also announce a 2nd-edition release of Gerlach's previously sold-out THE NOCTURNE.

Orders are being taken now, and the books will ship in January 2002. Shipping rates and costs are in the table below, along with the price of the novels (and a special RLK! deal for buying both). All orders through RLK! will receive a personally signed and inscribed copy by the author. Both novels are trade paperback size (large paperback).

Cover Price
Ship to Aus
Ship to US
Ship to UK/Europe
Ship to Rest of World
$35 AUS
$18 US
£12 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
$40 AUS
$20 US
£14 UK
Add $7 AUS
Add $7 US
Add £5 UK
Add $10 US
RLK! Special:
Order Both
$70 AUS
$35 US
£24 UK
Add $10 AUS
Add $10 US
Add £8 UK
Add $15 US

For more information on each book, including cover artwork, blurb and reviews, check out the newly re-designed official Steve Gerlach site, Terror Australis! at http://www.terroroz.cjb.net.

You can place your order online now by sending us an email letting us know which book or books you want and where you are located in the world. We'll get back to you with final costs. Payment methods include cash, International Money Orders and through Paypal (using steve.gerlach@ot.com.au as the seller ID).

Order through Paypal here:

Send us your order today! Email: gerlach@ains.net.au.

IN LAYMON'S TERMS - More information.

Find below the official release blurb from Cemetery Dance for IN LAYMON'S TERMS, available next year.

Edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach and Richard Chizmar

A tribute anthology in Richard Laymon's honor - featuring original and reprint short fiction, essays, interviews, personal rememberances, photos, etc. from dozens of the biggest names in horror, plus work from Laymon himself! Personal, moving, and wildly entertaining - this oversized hardcover is a collection that Richard Laymon would be very proud of!

Trade Edition: $40
Signed slipcased Limited Edition: $100
Deluxe Lettered Edition: $300

Place your order now for what will be one of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2002! Order through the Cemetery Dance website.

NO SANCTUARY available now!

NO SANCTUARY is now available in hardback in the UK and Australia. It's another terrific Laymon read that you'll all enjoy. Buy your copy ASAP! A review page for NO SANCTUARY will be uploaded in January, so get your reviews in now!

Leisure Updates.

Head on over to the Screams of Leisure page and check out the update to their Upcoming Releases list. We've got every Leisure release from December 2001 to December 2002! A whole 12 months of horror that you're going to love. With names like Laymon, Ketchum, Lee and Clegg to be released next year, you know you're in for a treat! Check it out now! The covers will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

Also, the official Leisure site now contains message and discussion boards for many Leisure authors. Check them out via the Screams of Leisure page.

November 1, 2001

IN LAYMON'S TERMS anthology to be released...

RLK! is proud to report that Cemetery Dance will be announcing in early November the release of IN LAYMON'S TERMS, a Laymon anthology to beat them all!

Featuring some of the best horror writers in the genre today, IN LAYMON'S TERMS will be a publishing event no Laymonite will want to miss!

Edited by Richard Chizmar, Steve Gerlach and Kelly Laymon, IN LAYMON'S TERMS will feature both fiction and non-fiction from writers writing in Laymon's style or with enough blood, gore and horror to make Dick proud. IN LAYMON'S TERMS is scheduled for release in late 2002.

More news after the official Cemetery Dance announcement sometime this week. Stay tuned! You're going to love it!

RLK! features in The Spook magazine.

RLK! is featured in a two-page spread of the September edition of The Spook magazine. The interview covers Laymon's works, the site itself, and your very own humble webmaster.

Check out one of the best horror magazines around today. Visit The Spook website now and download the September edition (and also the just released October edition).

New photos from WHC weekend.

Thanks to Kelly Laymon for providing a second batch of photos from the WHC earlier this year. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version of the photos.

On their way to Seattle, Brian Keene, Ann Laymon, and GAK stop in Bodega Bay...
Photo by Ann Laymon
...and get attacked by The Birds.
Photo by Ann Laymon
Along the coast of California, Brian Keene ponders his decision to drink audience saliva at the WHC Gross-Out Contest.
Photo by Ann Laymon
GAK at the drawing board.
Photo by Ann Laymon
We learn what happens when bookdealers run out of copies of Brian Keene's No Rest for the Wicked.
Photo by Ann Laymon
Just before arriving in Seattle on Wednesday night, Brian, Ann, and GAK stopped at Mount Ranier to play in the snow.
Photo by Ann Laymon
Brian Keene and GAK play in the snow.
Photo by Ann Laymon
At journey's end, Brian Keene, Ann Laymon, and GAK stand at the tail of their rental car, affectionately known as the "Ford Exploder" thanks to Geoff Cooper. Once the WHC/HWA weekend was winding down on Monday afternoon, Ann Laymon and GAK embarked on their journey back to Los Angeles. Brian Keene flew home to Baltimore, but I, Kelly Laymon, scrapped my plane ticket and took his place.
Photo by Kelly Laymon

RLK! gets Skase!

A quick note to all Aussies out there! The film LET'S GET SKASE has opened around Australia. Check it out and also look for the following on screen credit at the end:

** Historical Advisor - Steve Gerlach **

Yep, your humble RLK! editor gets his first movie credit as the advisor on this film! Woo-hoo! Find out more at: http://www.letsgetskase.com.au

For those overseas, Let's Get Skase is a factional account of the attempt by the Australian Government to bring one of Australia's most infamous businessmen back to Australia for trial. Look out for it (if it ever makes it to your country)!

In other news...

* -- Richard's BOO! (originally published in OCTOBER DREAMS) has just been reprinted in the First Annual WORLD'S FINEST MYSTERY AND CRIME STORIES (ed. by Ed Gorman, Oct. 2001). Unlike the other various mystery anthologies, The World's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories collects stories from writers around the globe, so as one of only 40 selected authors, this certainly puts Laymon in esteemed - and rare - company.

* -- Early October saw the Leisure edition of Richard's IN THE DARK hit the USA Today bestseller lists at #128 and rising!

* -- THE CHILDREN OF CTHULHU will be out from Del Rey Books in January 2002. This anthology includes Richard's short story THE CABIN IN THE WOODS.

* -- NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER is now available in paperback in the UK and Australia.

Spotlight On... Rich Chizmar

This month's Spotlight On... features an interview with Richard Chizmar, the man behind Cemetery Dance Publications.

The interview covers Cemetery Dance Magazine as well as the CD book and comic releases. It's a great interview and there's even more details about the upcoming IN LAYMON'S TERMS anthology too! Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

October 1, 2001

RLK! - Our thoughts are with you all...

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones in the September 11 tragedy in New York. We recognize that it is impossible to return to business as normal, but hope that we are all able to find strength and resolve during these difficult times... -- The RLK! Team

Cover artwork for next 2 Cemetery Dance Releases.

Here's the cover artwork for the next two Laymon releases through Cemetery Dance Publishers. Thanks to Richard Chizmar for the artwork. For more information on these USA-only releases visit www.cemeterydance.com.


Jobs In Hell gets the Laymon treatment...

JOBS IN HELL founder and editor Brian Keene, announced the Jobs In Hell newsletter has been purchased by Kelly Laymon, for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 1999, Jobs In Hell is a weekly newsletter that provides market and publishing news for horror writers, artists and poets. It had built an impressive subscriber base, and is known for its distinct "attitude".

Keene promises that Laymon will continue to bring that same attitude to the newsletter under her tenure. "Many still regard Kelly as 'Richard Laymonís daughter' and she is. But she is also much more." Keene commented this week. "Kelly is somebody who has lived her entire life with a front row seat to the inner workings of the horror genre. She has the contacts and the inside knowledge needed to publish a newsletter like this. She's going to surprise a lot of people when she takes the helm."

Laymon takes over as editor with issue #138. Keene, the author of NO REST FOR THE WICKED, and the upcoming 4X4 (co-written with Geoff Cooper, Michael Huyck, and Michael Oliveri), plans to concentrate on writing.

"I've got folks asking for novels, and it's time I focused on that," he said. "I'm proud of the time I've spent with JIH, but I need to move on and take my writing career to the next level."

For more on this story, visit www.briankeene.com

Spotlight On... gets Spooky!

October is fright month, so RLK! is thrilled to bring you this RLK! Exclusive interview with Anthony Sapienza, editor of the terrific online magazine, THE SPOOK. This is one of the classiest thrills-and-chills magazines we've ever seen and you should do yourself a favor and download the issues you've missed now! And, even better, it's free! Visit the Spotlight On... page now as we talk with Anthony about all things Spookish.

In other news...

* - The winners of the Laymon chapbook The Keeper have been chosen. The answer to the question: Name the publisher who has printed The Keeper? was Gauntlet Press.

The winners are: Kris Gilpin and Richard Niesche.

Thanks to everyone who entered and also huge thanks to Ann & Kelly and Stephen. The winners need to email their postal address to us ASAP.

* - The new Laymon site mentioned last month, http://www.zianet.com/rsace/laymon.html is holding a major competition to name the site! Surf on over and check out the wonderful prizes you can win! 1st Prize includes a copy of BAD NEWS!

September 1, 2001

NO SANCTUARY is coming...

We're proud to present the world exclusive cover artwork and cover blurb for Richard's new novel, NO SANCTUARY, due from Hodder Headline UK in December. It sounds like another Laymon tour de force is on its way just before Christmas!

Rick would do anything for his girlfriend, Bert. He'd even spend his vacation in the wilderness, walking the trails around Fern Lake - though after what happened last time, it's the one place in the world he'd rather not go. But Bert is a woman with a passion for the outdoors - and a passion for other things too. With her cute blonde hair and curves where it counts, she looks sensational in her hiking shorts. Rick would follow her to hell and back - which is what's he's about to do...

Gillian is off on vacation too, only her idea of a holiday is a little weird. She likes breaking into people's homes while they are away and just hanging out, watching their TVs, lounging in their pools, sleeping in their beds. It's how this beautiful rich girl gets her kicks. Pity that this time she chances on the home of a serial-killer. The kind of guy who likes to take his female victims out into the wilderness for his fun.

It turns out that Rick and Bert are not the only ones heading to Fern Lake...

Also note that there is a wonderful review of FRIDAY NIGHT IN BEAST HOUSE in Publisher's Weekly, Aug. 13, 2001, on page 290. They call it "terrific, nasty fun" and finish up with "All Laymon fans--and anyone who likes horror served with a cackle--are going to like this one." And, trust us, you WILL! :)

"Ketchum's Ax" arrives Down Under at RLK!

Check out the images below of the now infamous, "Ketchum's Ax", which was signed by Jack Ketchum for RLK! at this year's World Horror Convention in Seattle. Jack was terrific when presented with the ax to sign and he didn't miss a beat, gleefully signing the ax for RLK! U.S. editor, Ron Clinton. Ron skirted security guards and weird looks to present Jack the ax to sign. Jack said, "Well, I've never signed one of these before!" and signed away!

The inscription reads: "5/26/01. To Steve Gerlach - DON'T USE THIS!! Jack Ketchum"

Both Jack and Ron are, we hope, quite pleased with the final framed product. Many thanks to Jack and Ron for making this possible.

-- Steve.

Exclusive Photos from the Horrorfind Weekend!

RLK! is proud to provide you with exclusive photos from the Horrorfind weekend held on August 24th, 25th and 26th. Thanks to Stephen Joltin for the images below:

Stephen Joltin, Brent Zirnheld,
Ann & Kelly Laymon

Kelly Laymon & Stephen Joltin

Jack Ketchum, signing books...

Jack Ketchum & Stephen Joltin

We also have two copies of the Laymon chapbook The Keeper to give away, thanks to Ann & Kelly and Stephen. The chapbook has been signed by both Ann and Kelly Laymon.

To enter the draw, send us an email with the answer to this question:

Name the publisher who has printed The Keeper?

We've thrown down the Gauntlet on this one...so email us your answer now.
(One entry only per person...winners announced on October 1.)

Don D'Auria on the future of Laymon in the US...

Recently, Don D'Auria, the editor of the Leisure Books Horror range, spoke about the future publishing plans for Laymon in the US. Here's what he had to say:

"Sadly, when Dick Laymon passed away he was only about half-way through Queen of the Sunset Palace, from what I hear. I don't believe it's his family's wish to have someone else complete the manuscript, at least not at this time, so we may never get to read that book. But who could fill in for Dick and finish the manuscript, anyway? On a much happier note, though, Dick left behind a number of completed, polished manuscripts that are all ready to go. Our plan at this point is to begin publishing these finished manuscripts in hardcover soon, followed by paperbacks down the road. Of course, we also plan to continue publishing those books of Dick's that have already been published in paperback in the UK. These we'll publish in paperback without a hardcover release. So I hope we'll continue to bring new Dick Laymon books to readers for a long time to come."

Spotlight On... with Barry Hoffman!

RLK! is thrilled to bring you this RLK! Exclusive interview with Barry Hoffman, one of horror's most hard working writers, editors and publishers.

In one of our most in-depth interviews ever, we discuss Barry's books, his editorship of Gauntlet Magazine, censorship, being a book publisher and even offer you a terrific chance to read one of Barry's novels online, in 12 easy-to-prepare installments! What more could you ask for?? Visit the Spotlight On... page now.

In other news...

* - Be sure to check out www.alternatespecies.com. This new site deals with all sorts of fiction, including horror. In fact, if there's any Laymonites out there with a few gruesome tales in them, and who might benefit from getting a little exposure, www.alternatespecies.com could be for you!

* - A new Laymon site can be found at http://www.zianet.com/rsace/laymon.html. It's a work-in-progress as we speak, and Rudy is asking all Laymon fans to help out with the few cover scans on the book pages that he is missing. Full credit will be given.

* - The folks at Camelot Books are auctioning two lettered copies of the Laymon chapbook, IN THE ATTIC: "We will be auctioning off two lettered copies with all the proceeds going to the Laymon family. Dig deep bidding will start at $500.00." Further details on their site.

August 1, 2001

Latest Laymon Releases!

Here's the latest Laymon releases:


The special FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE BEAST HOUSE novella will soon be available from Cemetery Dance in the US.

September sees the Leisure Books release of IN THE DARK.

And also, Cemetery Dance is currently offering a very special Laymon chapbook, TELL ME A TALE which you won't find anywhere else.

For more information on these releases, head over to:
http://www.cemeterydance.com/ and http://www.dorchesterpub.com/horror.htm

Alan M. Clark Laymon artwork now available.

Alan M. Clark, one of the artists who produces covers for the Cemetery Dance Laymon releases, can now provide Laymon fans with limited edition prints of his artwork.

To whet your appetite, check out Alan's stunning artwork for the forthcoming FRIDAY NIGHT IN BEAST HOUSE:


Alan has the following artwork available:

Friday Night in the Beast House (Also a frontispiece and four interior sepia tone pieces)
The Traveling Vampire Show
Night in the Lonesome October
(Also a frontispiece)
Once upon a Halloween

Copies of his artwork for The Cellar, Midnight Tour, Beast House are not available, however.

But the frontispieces provided for the lettered editions of those books are available in prints, along with the frontispiece that was provided for the lettered edition of Cuts. So, there's a total of 10 pieces, to choose from!

The prints are created as they sell on Photo Archival printer. They are printed on 13" X 19" archival quality heavy card stock with inks rated to last 200 years. Resolution is 1440 dpi.

They are incredible! And at $24.00 each, you can't go wrong!

Contact Alan at:

IFD Publishing
P.O. Box 40776
Eugene OR 97404

Fax: (541)461-3686

Or visit his website at: http://www.ifdpublishing.com/

From the Laymon Inner Sanctum...

We're proud to bring you this selection of photos from the Laymon family. The descriptions of each are below and they cover a variety of events, from the Laymon Memorial earlier this year, to the first meeting of the HWA L.A. chapter and more. Thanks to Kelly Laymon for supplying the photos. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

Early Friday morning, March 2, 2001
Brian Keene and Geoff Cooper outside the Laymon house, feeding the Laymon family pets...squirrels.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Late Friday night, March 2, 2001
Mike Huyck, Brian Keene, Weston Ochse, Geoff Cooper, and Melissa Oliveri enjoy a clip from the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN in which, based on a viewer mail letter from Kelly Laymon, Letterman builds a skit around Geoff Cooper's stolen Jets Hat.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Friday evening, March 2, 2001
At the Laymon house, Geoff Cooper fell asleep with a nearby stuffed rabbit.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Saturday afternoon, March 3, 2001
Mike Oliveri irons Brian Keene's jacket before the memorial service at Dark Delicacies.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Saturday evening, March 3, 2001
Alan Beatts and Jude Feldman of Borderlands Books outside the Laymon house before leaving for Dark Delicacies.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Saturday, May 19, 2001 - Dark Delicacies
After the signing, Brian Keene says "Goodbye bro" to GAK, who has to go home to pack for the road trip.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Saturday, May 19, 2001 - Dark Delicacies
Brian Keene and the Dark Delicacies Frankenstein.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Saturday, May 19, 2001 - Dark Delicacies
Ann Laymon opens and disassembles copies of Lone Wolf's PERSONAL DEMONS CD for Brian Keene and GAK to sign. In about twelve hours, Brian, GAK, and Ann will begin their trek to Seattle for the World Horror Convention/Horror Writer's Association weekend. Kelly will fly up four days later.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
Tuesday, May 22, 2001
GAK, Brian Keene, and Ann Laymon drive to the Seattle WHC/HWA. In California's Redwood Country, Brian Keene poses with a wooden carving of Bigfoot.
Photo by Ann Laymon
August 4, 1993
On a trip to Seattle, Dick Laymon poses with the very same wooden carving of Bigfoot.
Photo by Kelly Laymon
August 4, 1993
In addition to Brian Keene and Dick Laymon, Kelly Laymon also posed with the wooden carving of Bigfoot.
Photo by Dick Laymon
HWA LA Chapter Meeting - June 30.
Pictured: Cindy Nevins, Michelle Mitchell-Foust, Kelly Laymon, Eunice Magill, Ann Laymon, Jenny Orosel, Jonathan Torres, and Maria Alexander.
Photo by by Jason Coon
HWA LA Chapter Meeting - June 30.
Kelly Laymon, Eunice Magill, and Ann Laymon
Photo by Cindy Nevins


HWA L.A. & Kelly Laymon News.

The first meeting of the Los Angeles chapter of the Horror Writers Association went off without a hitch. See the photos above for all the fun. Kelly Laymon is currently heading the group, and the details of their next meeting are outlined below. Also, here's a neat interview with Kelly conducted recently by Eunice Magill. Thanks to Eunice for her permission to reprint it here.

* What made you want to start the chapter now?

Meeting Adam Pepper (the founder of the NYC HWA Chapter) at the World Horror Convention in Seattle probably played the biggest role in my decision to start an LA Chapter. When he got started, he wrote to my father quite a bit and let him know what he was up to. About a month before Seattle I corresponded with Adam as well.

Many of the members of the HWA NYC Chapter attended the World Horror Convention in May. For just about all of them, it was their first convention. Attending a convention for the first time can be sort of scary, like the first day of school or something. Chances are you don't know anybody. It can be very intimidating. However, for the HWA NYC folks, they at least knew each other. I thought that was great.

At the first LA Chapter Meeting I learned that, of the ten people there, eight of them were in Seattle at the WHC. If I remember correctly, none of those eight people talked to each other during that weekend. (Other than my mother, Jonathan Torres, and I. My mother is, well, my mother. My family has known Jonathan for three or four years.) Even though all of those eight people had a lot of fun at the WHC, their experience probably would have been much better if they could have gone into it knowing a few people and having them to hang out with. Someone to show them around, introduce them to other good people. That kind of thing.

* What's the purpose of the chapter?

I'm not sure what our purpose or goal is yet. I sort of feel like we've already accomplished a lot just by getting to know each other. I heard several people say how refreshing they thought it was to be around like-minded people, to know they WEREN'T total freaks for doing what they do. There was also a lot of useful information going around. People were recommending websites to one another. I suggested to several people that they subscribe to the market report JOBS IN HELL. (One of whom said, "I can't talk to anyone without having that magazine recommended.")

* What are the expectations/plans for the chapter?

I'm not sure what the future holds. For the time being, we'll just keep meeting at the bar, hanging out, drinking, all that good stuff. I'm working on figuring some things out.

* Did your father want a chapter? Did you discuss his expectations for a chapter with him? Do you see the LA HWA Chapter as a tribute to your father's memory?

My father thought Adam Pepper's work with the NYC Chapter was very cool. In fact, it inspired him to try to start an LA Chapter. He put out a call to the membership and heard back from several folks. (Oddly enough, the overlap between the people I heard from and the people my father heard from was one person. Jonathan Torres is always game!)

My father had tentatively planned to have the first meeting near the end of February, so it never happened. The whole LA Chapter idea stayed in my head after his death though.

I don't think I ever seriously considered starting an LA Chapter of the HWA. My decision to do it happened within a period of about five minutes while driving through Santa Monica the Friday after the WHC. I was running errands and my mind was all over the place. I had the windows down and the radio up. Moby and Gwen Stefani's "Southside" was playing. The idea hit me. I made a u-turn. I drove to my college campus so I could access the internet through their computer lab. I opened this Yahoo account, gorillayoureadesperado@yahoo.com, sent an announcement to JOBS IN HELL and HELLNOTES, sent a letter to every officer in the HWA to make sure what I was doing was kosher, printed out a copy of the HWA membership application, and filled it out in the campus cafeteria. My mother didn't even know what I had done until she found the stub in the checkbook and read about it on the Topica Laymon List.

* What's your role within the chapter and the HWA?

My role? Ack. I guess it's my fault, that's for sure.

* What's the date of the next chapter meeting? Location?

I can't say for sure, but it will probably be one of the final weekends of July. It will probably be held at the same bar, The Warehouse. The only change I really plan on making is scheduling it AT LEAST thirty minutes earlier. Hell, maybe an hour. The only real problem I saw with the Chapter Meeting was the cover band that showed up two hours into our fun and drove us out onto the dock with their bad renditions of "Rickie Don't Lost that Number" and "Take it Easy."


HWA LA Chapter Meeting Dates for August

Due to Brian Keene's Horrorfind Convention, the HWA LA Chapter Meeting in August will be held on the 18th. Not only will I be out of town the last weekend of the month, but about half of the LA chapter members on this mailing list are either going or have expressed interest in going.

For more information on the Horrorfind Weekend in Baltimore, Maryland, go to http://www.horrorfind.com

So, to recap...

Saturday, August 18, 2001 at 6:00 pm in the bar of
The Warehouse Restaurant
4499 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey
(310) 823-5451

After 6:00 pm, parking is available in the neighboring bank's lot. Otherwise, The Warehouse has valet parking.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail: gorillayoureadesperado@yahoo.com. You can also drop me an e-mail if you'll be attending just so I know how many people will be there and so I can watch for you. I hope to see you there!

Kelly Laymon

** Also of note, check out the terrific Richard Laymon 101 Primer by Randall Wiggins on our Biography Page.

July 1, 2001

Get Killed by Douglas Clegg!

Good friend to RLK! and excellent author, Douglas Clegg is running a once-in-a-lifetime competition! Yes, one lucky reader will be killed in Clegg's next novel. Details are below:

The Name Game Contest
(Beginning July 1, 2001, and Ending July 31, 2001)

Get killed in a horror novel!

Well, not really *you*. But someone with your name could be killed in Douglas Clegg's novel The Hour Before Dark, due out the fall of 2002! A character with your name could fall prey to some sort of horrible death!

This is all for fun -- and the horror (fiction) of it.

All you have to do is send Doug a snail mail letter, and in approximately 50 words or less, explain why your name should be the name of a character in the novel.

To enter, you need to be 18 years of age or older, and all entries must include your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number in order to qualify.

Doug will pick the winner, and provide a terrifying fate for the character named after you. There will be no other similarity between you and the character: just a name.

On the back of your envelope, clearly mark it "Name Game." Send your letter to:

Douglas Clegg
c/o R Silva
PO Box 263
Jersey City, NJ 07303

In addition to the opportunity to have a character named after you, Doug will also randomly select someone who has submitted to the contest to receive an inscribed & autographed copy of The Infinite, his new hardcover due out from Leisure this fall.

The contest will only be open to entries postmarked by July 31st and received by August 15, 2001. Letters postmarked after July 31st or received after August 15, 2001, will be considered invalid for the Name Game contest.

The winner of the Name Game contest will be announced as soon as a waiver is signed and returned by the potential winner. The winner of the free copy of The Infinite will be announced on September 15, 2001 at this website.

The fine print:

There will only be one final winner for the Name Game, chosen by Douglas Clegg, based on whichever entry appeals to him -- at his sole discretion.


No email submissions will be considered -- this must be through the regular mail, and must include a full name, address (including zip code), email address (if one is available) and phone number for notification purposes.

The contestant must be 18 years of age or older, and must give permission to both Douglas Clegg and Leisure Books that his or her name may be used. Anyone who submits an entry for the Name Game (including their snail mail address, phone, and email address) will receive email notification of each winner (of Name Game contest, as well as of the free copy of The Infinite), as well as other information on Doug's upcoming novels.

In the event that the winner cannot be reached via email or phone within 30 days of the contest's end on July 31st, 2001, that entry will be disqualified and another one will be chosen. To win, a waiver must be signed (a waiver will be emailed to the potential winner, and then must be returned, signed, by snail mail within 10 business days of receipt, or again, a new winner will be chosen.)

For legal purposes, the value of this contest is $1.00 (one dollar.) But the fun of it should be priceless. The winner of the Name Game contest must sign a waiver attesting to the fact that he or she is 18 years of age or older, and that he or she gives Douglas Clegg and Leisure Books full permission to use his or her name within Doug's novel, The Hour Before Dark, in all editions, which will be first published sometime between 2002-2003.

This contest is completely run by Douglas Clegg and http://www.douglasclegg.com

Douglas Clegg and DouglasClegg.com are not responsible for entries lost in the mail or not received due to circumstances beyond the author's control.

PEEP SHOW is here!

The first issue of PEEP SHOW is now available, and we're sure you'll just love it!

With a stunning color cover image 'Jar' by Mike Bohatch, Peep Show #1 features excellent fiction by Sheri White, Daniel Harr, Michael O'Connor, Alex Severin, Glen Hamilton, Kobe Nihilis and Jim Lee. Also featuring a latest release column by Steve Gerlach. Plus amazing interior story illustrations by Mike Bohatch.

Color laminated cover, 5" x 8", 65 pages, perfect bound.

Single issue by PayPal secure credit card transaction. All prices include postage!

Single issue: $8 US, £4.50 UK, £5.00 Europe, £5.50 Rest of World.

Two issues: $15 US, £8.50 UK, £9.50 Europe, £10.50 Rest of World.

All issues sub by check/cheque/postal order or IMO.

Postal Payments:

US customers can send a check in US dollars for a single issue and a two issue subscription. UK customers can send a cheque or postal order for a single issue and a two issue subscription. Europe and Rest of World customers can send an International Money Order for a single issue or two issue subscription.

Please make all checks/cheques/postal orders and IMOs payable to:

Paul Fry,
15 North Roundhay,
Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9PE,

Visit the web site for more details at http://peepshowmagazine.co.uk

From the archives:
Richard Laymon Book Signing at Don Cannon Books, July 11, 1998

In memory of Dick, we're dipping into the RLK! archives once a month to bring you a photo of the world's best author, so we can all be reminded of happier times. Here's the fourth, which we uploaded in July, 1998:

Richard signing a copy of SCREAMPLAYS for an unidentified member of the public who would only state that he was part of the "Laymon rabble"!

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