RLK! News Archive - July-December 2000

In an effort to keep all historical news releases and important Laymon dates available for his fans, we archive all events that made it to our NEWS page in these special Archive pages. Want to know what date something was released? Want to know what issue of that magazine Richard was in? Then this is the place to look.

December 16, 2000

Merry Christmas from everyone at RLK!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at RLK! Thanks for making RLK! the home of Richard Laymon news on the internet. We couldn't have done it without all your support in the past few years!

So, no matter where you are in the world: make sure your New Year's resolution is to convince as many people as possible that Richard Laymon is the best author of all time!

December 1, 2000

RLK! 4th Birthday Competition!

December is our birthday month here at RLK! and as we turn four years old, we'd like to thank you all for making RLK! the most popular Richard Laymon site on the internet. So, help us celebrate as we give you the chance to win the latest Laymon releases...and a few surprises too!

Thanks to Hodder Headline Australia, Hodder Headline UK, Leisure Books, Richard Laymon, Rhian Bromage, Edward Petrie, Amanda Baldwin, Brett Osmond and Don D'Auria for all their help with this competition. We couldn't have done it without you all!

Surf on over to the RLK! 4th Birthday Competition page now!


Hot off the press, here's the hardback cover artwork for the Hodder Headline March/April 2001 release of Richard's NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER. Steve Crisp has done it again! Congrats to all involved!

Visit Lynchville Pop. 5150...

A good friend to RLK!, Brent Zirnheld, has just released his first novel. Laymon fans will certainly enjoy Lynchville as from the first page you're taken on a ride you won't easily forget. But, hey, don't take our word for it, surf on over and find out for yourself. Check out the official website at: http://www.lynchville5150.com. But a word of warning, many enter Lynchville, but few leave...

Spotlight On... for December!

This month we feature some true classics of the crime genre. Some great crime novels can be lost to the sands of time, but luckily there is one collection of books that is reviving the true classics and making them available for everyone once more....

Find out more about these classics by heading on over to the Spotlight On... page now!

November 1, 2000

Leisure does it again!

The good folks at Leisure Books have done it again! Just take a look below at the terrific cover artwork for the US paperback release of The Traveling Vampire Show (due: March 2001)!

Also, it's great to hear the first print run of Leisure's paperback version of Among The Missing sold out and is now going back for a second printing! This is terrific news for US Laymonites!

Headline artwork for DREADFUL TALES.

And, speaking of covers, here's the paperback cover artwork for the Hodder Headline December release of Richard's massive short-story collection DREADFUL TALES.

From out of COLD STORAGE...

A good friend to RLK!, Paul Fry, has just released an Anthology of Terror called COLD STORAGE. The anthology is terrific and the details of the book are below:

Cold Storage

Introduction by Graham Masterton
Edited by Paul Fry
Additional editing by Carl Hose
Cover art by Mike Bohatch

"Cold Storage" is a collection of horror stories based on the theme of the undead. It includes tales from some of the most talented authors in the horror genre today. Some have been published extensively, while others are very promising newcomers. The anthology contains stories by Walt Hicks, Carl Hose, Amy Grech, Steven E. Wedel, Paul Melniczek, Horns, Kevin James Miller, L.J. Blount (Myth Spinner) and Paul Fry.

Short, Scary Tales Publications / Deep South Publishing Company.
(Trade Paperback. 111 pages. October, 15 2000.)
ISBN 1-929072-67-8
$13.95 (Booklocker.com)
$18.95 (Amazon.com/B&N.com)

Now Available from:
Barnes and Noble.com - soon to be listed.

All the info is on the official "Cold Storage" web site at: www.coldstorageanthology.com

Spotlight On... for November!

This month we feature John Sandford, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and novelist whose real name is John Camp. Sandford's novels are based on the exploits of Minneapolis Police detective Lucas Davenport, and they crackle with action and living, breathing characters, with razor sharp prose and provocative atmosphere.

So, what's stopping you? Surf on over to the Spotlight On... page now!

October 1, 2000

A Message from the President...

Here's the latest news from Richard about his new role as President of HWA and also his new writing projects:

"I want to thank everyone for the congratulations on the HWA elections. We were away for a long time and I'll be a long time playing catch-up with all the emails and stuff. I've started responding to the posts on the MOT message board, but I'm way behind. However, I've spent a lot of time putting together some major programs and making changes in HWA. We're getting things ready for the exchange of power, which will probably happen on October 31. People who claimed it'll be 'business as usual' will have to pick themselves up off the floor.

The election went very well for the most part. Kelly told us the results over the phone while we were in Virginia, and I knew from the sound of her voice that something was wrong. Turns out, I'd won the race for president, but Alan Beatts had been beaten out for the office of vice-president. (He lost by five votes.) He'd been my running mate -- and had been largely responsible for my decision to run, so it came as a shock. However, Simon Clark and Jason Williams won their races for seats on the board of trustees. So three out of four of our team won.

In the course of the election, we also had another major victory. The vote went in favor of removing the English exclusionary rule. This was the rule that had sort of pulled me into the race for HWA president. Two of my books had been disqualified from Stoker eligibility because they'd been published in the UK prior to their publication in the US. In getting rid of the rule, we've now made it possible for books by such as Simon Clark, Bentley Little, Jack Ketchum, Ed Gorman and many others to be eligible when they become published in the US, even though the books had been first published in the UK.

There is no longer a problem with the fact that Alan Beatts didn't get elected vice president. Vice-president David Niall Wilson and I are working well together, and Alan Beatts will be acting as my chief assistant.

David, who won the election for vice-president at the time I was elected president, has already taken office. He was appointed to the position by current HWA president S.P. Somtow to fill in for vice-president Ed Kramer, who was arrested last month in Atlanta on charges of child molestation and who is currently being held in jail without bail. Though David is already the new vice president, I don't become president until October 31 when Somtow's term officially comesto an end.

When we do take office, we'll 'hit the ground running' and some big things will happen fast. I want to remind everyone that HWA is Horror Writer's Association, not Horror Writers of America. We have several UK and Canadian members and would welcome more. It would also be nice to have members from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other areas on the other side of the world from us. Anyone with professional interest in horror is welcome to join. We want professional horror writers, aspiring horror writers, horror poets, horror artists and illustrators, horror publishers, and so. To check out details, please take a look at the official HWA website at www.horror.org

On news of other things, I'm still between novels, though I know what the next one will be about and I can't wait to get going on it. In the meantime, I've been doing some research, and I've been busy fufilling a lot of other writing obligations. I'm now almost caught up on short stories I promised people. After getting back from our trip last week, I managed to write a short story for HAUNTED MUSEUM, the HWA anthology being edited by Dennis Etchison, to be published by Dorchester (Leisure) as a hardbound. I still need to revise and submit the story. It's pretty nasty, and I'm ashamed of myself for writing such a thing.

BAD NEWS is finally about to be shipped. I hear it looks great. Also, ONCE UPON A HALLOWEEN will be ready shortly before Halloween. Both books are published by Cemetery Dance. They can be ordered directly from the CD website. OCTOBER DREAMS, also published by CD, will also be out in October. It contains an original short story ("Boo!") by me, a nonfiction Halloween memory by me, and a nonfiction Halloween memory by Kelly Laymon. So you'll get two Laymons for the price of one. OCTOBER DREAMS has fiction and nonfiction by a huge number of the best horror writers in the field. It's one of those 'must-buy' books, especially for anyone with a special fondness for Halloween -- or horror. Also in October, Leisure is publishing a mass market paperback edition of my novel, AMONG THE MISSING. Though the book was previously published by Headline, this will be its first US publicaton.

Right now, before embarking on my next major novel, I am busy working on a novella to be published by Cemetery Dance. I hope to have it finished by the end of October. It's called FRIDAY NIGHT IN BEAST HOUSE.

Before leaving, I want to mention I've been watching a bit of the Olympics. Three cheers for Australia! Your athletes are kicking ass!

So long for now.


4th Beast House book to be released by CD Pubs in 2001!

Friday Night in Beast House, the 4th Beast House book, is to be released as a special edition by Cemetery Dance Publications sometime in 2001. This is all the information we have on this at the moment, but more news will be posted here as soon as we receive it!

Here's what Richard had to say about the book: "FRIDAY NIGHT IN BEAST HOUSE, by the way, is a novella, not a novel. It is intended to be about 124-135 manuscript pages, not the approx. 600 like most of my recent novels. Just wanted to let everyone know that so you won't have expectations beyond what I intend to meet. "

This is great news though, as it means Richard will be continuing the story started in The Cellar, and continued through The Beast House and The Midnight Tour.

More Reviews for IN THE DARK!

From Dwayne Holmes:

We just got two press clippings from the SFIndieFest's Digital Underground. I have posted the entire reviews in the "reviews" section of our website at www.gemineye.demon.nl.

They were both positive, one saying "...wins the prize for creepiest film in the fest... mak[es] it clear what's important in a movie regardless of technology." and the other one saying "...surprisingly gripping black-and-white thriller that will hook you despite your better judgement..."

I love that last quote as that fits with the whole idea of the movie, getting hooked on something despite your better judgement.

My only reservation is one of the reviews starts by saying how apparent it is that we were influenced by Blair Witch. Uhhhhh, maybe we should add at the beginning or ending of the film that this was shot before that movie.

UK Paperback Cover for The Travelling Vampire Show

The Travelling Vampire Show is released in paperback in the UK on December 7. Here's the cover to look out for:

A reminder that the hardback version of The Travelling Vampire Show is released in Australia in December also. DON'T believe staff at bookstores when they say they've never heard of it. Get them to ring Hodder Headline Customer Service in Sydney to confirm all details.

Spotlight On... for October!

Get ready for crime with a twist as this month we feature Robert Crais! Those long-time visitors to RLK! will know how much we enjoy the work of Crais, so now find out all about him in this month's Spotlight On...!

Surf on over to the Spotlight On... page now!

September 12, 2000

Laymon voted HWA President!

The terrific news for Laymon fans (and horror fans in general) is that Richard is now President of the Horror Writers Association! More news on this as it comes to hand. We'll also get an official statement from Richard as soon as he arrives back from his holiday on the east coast of America.

Gemineye's IN THE DARK - More news!

Here's the press release from Gemineye Productions concerning the recent screenings of IN THE DARK in the US.

In the Dark plays at Chicago Underground Film Festival
and SFIndie's Digital Underground Program

The last two weeks have been very busy for all of us at Gemineye, and the movie hasn't had much rest either. It managed to play two separate film programs in two weeks.

The first stop was ItD's world premiere at the Chicago Underground Film Festival on Saturday, August 19 at the Fine Arts Theatre. As the film itself was shot entirely in the Chicagoland area, CUFF was the perfect venue for In the Dark's world premiere.

To keep things short and simple, the premiere was a success. We sold out the theatre and have been receiving great feedback from audience members all week long.

Thanks to all the CUFF programmers who put on a great festival and gave us a very nice opening-weekend timeslot in that festival. Thank you thank you thank you.

The following weekend ItD made it's second public appearance, at the SFIndie Digital Underground Program. Unfortunately none of the Gemineye staff could make it so we don't have any first hand reports. However the program's director, Jef Ross, sent us an email after the showing, saying: "Screening went well, you got good press... good audience reaction..."

He'll be forwarding us more info in the near future, including some of that press stuff he was talking about, so we'll get an update out on the DU program as soon as possible.

But don't think we're about to take a rest, ItD will be screened at the IFP Market in New York on September 22. This showing is designed for industry types alone (hence the name "IFP Market"), which include producers directors and festival programmers from around the world. In other words, unless you are a producer or distributor, don't run out looking for tickets to that showing.

What happens after the market? We continue entering ItD into as many festivals as we can, until we attract full-scale distribution interest. If the market goes really well, ItD might be showing at a theatre near you... or for rent anyway...

Let's keep those fingers crossed. And in the mean time you can stay up to date on upcoming screenings and the latest reviews by visiting the gemineye website at: www.gemineye.demon.nl (and don't forget to refresh your browser!)

If you are interested in contacting us directly you can find our individual email addresses at the gemineye site, or write to: info@gemineye.demon.nl

September 1, 2000

IN THE DARK Success!

Well, the sneak screenings of IN THE DARK were a success. We're waiting on an official announcement from Gemineye Productions about the screenings, and so while you're waiting for that, feast your eyes on the reviews of the film below.

RLK! has been lucky enough to have its own sneak viewing of IN THE DARK. Here's our official review of the film:

In the Dark 8/10.

Once in a while a film comes along that manages to do something Hollywood hasn't been able to do for years: scare you. Really scare you.

In The Dark is that film.

Filmed without Hollywood bigwigs or studio sets, In The Dark will quickly become a horror classic wherever it is screened. The action, filmed with hand-held cameras and accompanied by sharp editing, is non-stop from the first (pre-credits) scene to the very last.

Gemineye Productions has turned in a film which is absolutely staggering. Not only have they produced the first film from a Richard Laymon novel and filmed it while staying almost totally loyal to the book (something Hollywood would never do!), they have also been able to invoke a feeling of real terror in the audience by using black and white film (changing to color for only one horrifying scene...with the color making it even more horrific) and getting by with only the bare necessities - making the film feel oh-so-very much like real life.

Every aspect of this film is perfect: from the actors with their top-rate dialogue to the locations and their murky lighting.

In The Dark is the first film since Hitchock's version of Psycho to instill real fear into the audience. It also succeeds in "real-life-horror" much better than Blair Witch could ever have hoped.

The film was watched by Laymon fans who had read the book, and also by non-Laymonites. Both groups were equally spellbound and were on the edge of their seats...right to the very end, where there is a surprise for everyone - even Laymon fans who remember the book so well.

With the right backing and a distributor to push the film through the Hollywood quagmire and onto cinema screens, In The Dark could easily become a blockbuster.

No matter what you do, see it.

And here's what the Chicago Tribune had to say about the film:

In the Dark *** 1/2 (Clifton Holmes).

It's been a long time since I've seen a horror film that really scared me, but I was feeling more than a little on edge when I pulled this tape out of my VCR after midnight. Shot on black and white video (an underused but effective format), "In The Dark" is a story of game-playing that grows dangerous, as a bored and frustrated librarian named Jane starts finding money in envelopes addressed to her, along with instructions on where to go and what to do next for more cash. They are signed "M.O.G." (Master of Games), and as you can probably guess, things get out of hand as Jane's greed and curiosity take her to places she definitely shouldn't be. I won't tell you any more about it, so you can enjoy the whole creepy experience yourself, but I will say that this is a much better film than "The Blair Witch Project," and that director Clifton Holmes is definitely somebody to keep an eye on. (10 p.m. Saturday) --J.P.

Leisure Books 2001 Schedule

Thanks to Don D'Auria at Leisure Books for providing us with their 2001 New Release schedule!

So, we've updated the Screams Of Leisure page with the list. Surf on over there now to check out some of the great reading coming your way next year!

And look for the special Laymon releases too!

Laymon interviews online...

A couple of Laymon interviews have just been uploaded to the internet. Check out the following:

Laymon interview #1 at The Cabinet of Dr. Casey website: http://www.drcasey.com

Laymon interview #2 at Bloody Muse: http://westwood.fortunecity.com/chanel/338/bm/bm.htm

Enjoy! They're both great interviews!

Spotlight On... for September!

This month we feature the hilarious works of Janet Evanovich. Crime has never been so funny! So jump on in and hold on tight...and get ready to count the number of blown up cars!

Surf on over to the Spotlight On... page now!

August 19, 2000

RLK! takes AFTER MIDNIGHT delivery!

RLK! is delighted to announce that it has purchased the original cover artwork for AFTER MIDNIGHT from the artist, Steve Crisp.

Needless to say, we're thrilled! The painting is everything you see on the cover of the book - but 1000 times better! More vibrant, more stunning, more...well, more everything! The artwork now adorns the RLK! office.

All I can say is, if you've been thinking about buying one of Laymon's cover art pieces, DO IT! The quality is amazing and nothing complements your Laymon collection better than a "Laymon Original"!

Check out The Midnight Tour page to see the cover artwork still for sale and for more information on ordering.

"Updated" Cover Copy for Dreadful Tales

Thanks to Rhian Bromage from Hodder Headline, UK, for supplying us with the "updated" cover text for Hodder Headline's release of Dreadful Tales, Richard's Short Story collection (due Dec). The original cover copy gave too much away (see July 1) and has been rewritten.

It's a hot summer night in West LA, a night when the fresh breeze from the ocean fails to cool those with no air conditioning. Shane Malone sits sweltering in front of the computer, thinking how easy it should be to write a contribution for an anthology; an anthology in which every chilling tale must end in the death of a twenty-two-year-old woman in her apartment.

Ideas swirl, but it has to be a grabber - Shane doesn't want to look like a slouch. And the deafening music blaring from next door is not helping.

Shane furiously bangs on the neighbour's door, ready to let rip. But Francine just happens to be a twenty-two-year-old woman who will not be argued with...and Shane is about to find out that life really can imitate art.

[then carries on with 'so begins the first tale...']

Artwork for the cover is also currently being finalised. We'll bring you the final cover as soon as we receive it.

August 11, 2000

Once Upon A Halloween cover art!

Thanks to Rich at CD Publications for this exclusive sneak peek at the Once Upon A Halloween cover artwork! Click on the image below to see the full cover, including the cover blurb!

Contact http://www.cemeterydance.com to place your order!

BAD NEWS confirmed release date!

The good news on BAD NEWS is that we now have a confirmed release date of September 15. So get your orders in today! Contact http://www.cemeterydance.com to place your order!

August 10, 2000

Laymon on IN THE DARK, the movie.

Richard has just completed an article about his involvement with the IN THE DARK movie. You'll find the article published in the next edition of HELLNOTES. The article is called "In the Dark and Me" and will appear in the very next issue. So, act quickly! Surf on over to Hellnotes and subscribe! Make sure you mention that you're interested in Laymon's article about the IN THE DARK movie!

Speaking of the movie, anyone in the San Fransisco area should note the San Fransisco Indiefest's Digital Undergound festival will be screening the film on Saturday, August 26th at 9:30 pm. For more information, such as location, go to www.sfindie.com.

Enter In Today to win Come Out Tonight!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Hodder Headline Australia, we have 10 copies of the UK paperback release of Come Out Tonight to give away! All you have to do is email us and tell us the names of two of the artists who have painted cover artwork for the Hodder Headline versions of Richard's books.

The competition will close September 1 and the winners will be drawn the next day. So, email us your answers today!

Huge thanks (again!) to Amanda Baldwin, Ed Petrie and everyone at Hodder Headline Australia for all their help!

August 1, 2000

The Nocturne interview and sales status...

Chris Martin, at The Unpublished Horror Writers Guild website, has extensively updated his terrific site. The update now includes an interview with the author of The Nocturne. Yes, it's my first big web interview and I think you'll all enjoy it! Find out what went on behind the scenes of The Nocturne and also catch a glimpse of the current work-in-progress, Love Lies Dying. Also featured is some background history on RLK!

Head on over to Interview with a Gerlach now.

By the way, all first edition publishers review copies of The Nocturne have now sold out. If you're interested in purchasing a second edition copy, please let us know at gerlach@ains.net.au. Second edition copies should be available early next year.

Thanks to all those people who bought the first edition and for all the feedback too! It all helps! -- Steve :)

Winners of Travelling Vampire Show UK Hardbacks.

August 1 was the deadline for entries to win a UK hardback edition of The Travelling Vampire Show. Thanks to all those who entered. All correct entries went into the draw and the ten lucky winners are below:

Andrew Dent
John Brenton
Tarant Kendal
Melanie Greaves
Frank Carr
Warren Gough
Jill Ritchie
Leanne Kent
Vicki Rhodes
Martin Lawrence

Congratulations to you all! An email will be coming your way within 24 hours with more details. Again, a huge thanks to Brett Osmond, Ed Petrie, Amanda Baldwin, Leanne Corfield and everyone at Hodder Headline Australia for all their help once more!

Spotlight On... for August!

This month we feature the fantastic crime author, Jim Thompson. From the 1920s through to the 1970s, Thompson wrote crime novels like no one else. We're proud to be able to bring you one "from the vaults" for this month's Spotlight On....

So, kick back and enjoy a ride through terror with Jim Thompson.

Surf on over to the Spotlight On... page!

July 15, 2000

IN THE DARK tops the bill in Chicago!

Here's the latest on the IN THE DARK film from the film's producers:

"The movie adaptation of Richard Laymon's In The Dark will be premiering opening weekend at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. Scheduled for only one showing, at this point, it can be seen on August 19th, 10:00 pm, at the Fine Arts theatre in downtown Chicago. Though the movie is still relatively unpolished, awaiting completion funds -- so more of a work-in-progress -- the programmers at CUFF favored it enough to put it in a prime slot on the weekend. Word is, they 'really like it.' It will be shown via video projection system. If you want to know more, you can write me at Bluedraft@msn.com.

In the Dark will also be showing at the IFFM festival in New York in September. As soon as I have dates and times I'll let you know.

Otherwise, I'll be posting any additional pertinent information as it comes. -- Clifton Holmes"

Don't forget that up-to-the-minute news on the film can be found at the IN THE DARK website.

July 8, 2000

News Update from Richard

Here's the latest from Richard:

"I have now turned in the manuscript of NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER to both Headline and Cemetery Dance. Also, I've sent ONCE UPON A HALLOWEEN to Cemetery Dance. Rich has read ONCE UPON A HALLOWEEN, seems to like it quite a lot, and plans to publish it in September or October of this year -- in time for Halloween, 2000."

Also, an extensive interview of Richard, conducted by Denise Dumars, can be found at www.fandom.com.

Richard said, "This is one of the very few times when anyone has actually asked why my books so often 'dwell on the rape and degradation of women.' I give a very detailed response. I speak my mind in response to various other questions, as well, such as 'What is it about vampires that keeps us coming back for more?' and 'Do you do any smoozing with the film community?'

"The same website has a review by Denise of my book, ONE RAINY NIGHT in which I find myself referred to as 'the last surviving splatterpunk.' I'm sure readers of RLK! will enjoy both the interview and the review. A review of THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW is supposed to appear on fandom.com in the near future. -- Dick"

Also, congratulations to Kelly Laymon on the publication of "A Quiet, Normal Life" in Brian Keene's Jobs In Hell newsletter. It's a great article! Well done, Kelly! (See below for details on getting your own copy...)

Win Travelling Vampire Show UK Hardbacks.

Thanks to Brett Osmond from Hodder Headline in Sydney, we have 10 copies of the Travelling Vampire Show UK edition hardback to give away!

All you have to do is name two other Laymon novels that feature Vampires, and two other novels by any other author that feature Vampires too! Couldn't be simpler!

All correct entries go into the draw to win.

Closing date is August 1! Good luck!

Email your answers to RLK! at gerlach@ains.net.au.

Huge thanks to Brett Osmond, Ed Petrie, Amanda Baldwin, Leanne Corfield and everyone at Hodder Headline Australia for all their help once again!

July 1, 2000

Among The Missing US Leisure Cover Artwork

In this RLK! Exclusive, check out the terrific cover artwork for the latest Laymon release from Leisure Books. Among The Missing is due in October.

Thanks to Don D'Auria and all the staff at Leisure Books for another great cover!

Also, don't forget to check out the Screams of Leisure page as we've just updated it with the Leisure New Release list for the rest of 2000. There's some great reading coming our way, that's for sure!

Cover Copy for Dreadful Tales

Thanks to Rhian Bromage from Hodder Headline, UK, for supplying us with the cover text for Hodder Headline's release of Dreadful Tales, Richard's Short Story collection (due Dec).

It's a hot summer night in West LA, a night when the fresh breeze from the ocean fails to cool those with no air conditioning. Shane sits sweltering in front of his computer, thinking how easy it should be to meet a deadline for an anthology he is contributing to; an anthology in which every chilling tale must end in the death of a twenty-two-year-old woman in her apartment.

Ideas swirl round and round in his head, but it has to be a grabber - he doesn't want to look like a slouch. And the deafening music blaring from next door is adding to his frustration.

He furiously bangs on his neighbour's door, ready to let rip. But Francine just happens to be a twenty-two-year-old woman who will not be argued with...and Shane is about to find out that life really can imitate art.

So begins the first tale in this terrifying collection of short stories - a delicious cornucopia of homicidal maniacs, vampires and lust-crazed teenagers - that showcase the macabre genius of Richard Laymon

Like Father, Like Daughter: Jobs In Hell to publish Kelly Laymon

Here's a terrific news release from Brian Keene:


Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up with a father who was a famous horror writer? Kelly Laymon (daughter of Richard Laymon)has lived that very life, and will be sharing it with the world when she makes her non-fiction debut in the pages of JOBS IN HELL.

JIH Editor Brian Keene comments that Ms. Laymon's article, "A Quiet, Normal Life", is an outstanding essay. "I was a bit nervous about it when I approached her with the idea," Keene said. "But the finished article was WONDERFUL! She really delivered beyond my expectations. It must run in the family..."

Although Keene was tight-lipped about what the article will reveal, he did say that in addition to plenty of anecdotes about her father, the article also features remembrances of Douglas Clegg, Dean Koontz, Gary Bradner, and many others. "This isn't just 'A Writers Tale: Part Two'," Keene stated. "Kelly has a totally unique perspective on the genre, and on the people who create it. I think that both the authors and their fans will be very pleased with it."

JOBS IN HELL is a weekly electronic newsletter for those making a living in the horror genre. Keene acknowledged that Laymon fans interested in the article may not want to subscribe to a business publication for horror professionals. To make the article available to the fans, JIHad Publishing will be giving away free copies. "Richard Laymon's readers are some of the most loyal genre fans in the world. This is our way of rewarding that dedication." Keene said.

Interested parties can email jobsinhell@hotmail.com to request their copy.

"A Quiet, Normal Life" will appear July 12th, in Jobs In Hell #38.

New look Richard Laymon Nightmare site

The Richard Laymon Nightmare fan site has undergone a facelift. Check out the new page at http://move.to/laymonnightmare.com now. Thanks Ian for the update!

The Travelling Vampire Show reviews begin to arrive!

With last month's double release of The Travelling Vampire Show both in the UK and USA, the reviews are starting to arrive!

Head on over to the REVIEWS page to read them all - or submit your own to us at gerlach.ains.net.au.

Spotlight On... for July!

This month we look at the incredible story of the Oxford English Dictionary. No other dictionary comes close to the classic Oxford English Dictionary. Now spanning 20 volumes, the OED recently jumped into the techno-world by releasing both cd-rom and online versions of the dictionary.

Read about the OED's fascinating history now.

Surf on over to the Spotlight On... page!

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