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Richard Laymon died on February 14, 2001. Many readers are not aware of this fact - especially new Laymon readers.

Since 2001, new releases have been sold by Ann Laymon, Richard's wife, and consist of previously unpublished manuscripts that Richard left behind at his death.

These previously unpublished manuscripts are:

AMARA (To Wake The Dead in the US)
and THE GLORY BUS (Into The Fire in the US)

American readers please note: these novels listed above are the ONLY novels that were sold by Ann Laymon. All other new Laymon releases in the US are first edition releases of novels that were available in the rest of the world when Richard was alive.

Love Lies Dying - coming soon!

July 20, 2008

Leisure Confirms Laymon Releases until 2011!

Don D'Auria at Leisure Books has been kind enough to send us the Laymon release schedule for the next few years. Keep in mind this schedule can possibly change, but as for the moment, here's what's coming to US bookstores through Leisure in the next few years:

Nov 08: Beware
Mar 09: Dark Mountain
Sep 09: Flesh
Mar 10: Friday Night in Beast House (including THE WILDS)
Sep 10: Funland
Mar 11: Quake

FNIBH will finally complete Laymon's Beast House series in the US, but it's also notable for another reason... Since FNIBH is fairly short, Leisure is including the extremely hard-to-find bonus novella, THE WILDS as part of the release! This is excellent news for anyone who never managed to snap up THE WILDS when it was a Cemetery Dance limited release.

Travelling Vampire Show Audio released!

The guys at have just released Laymon's THE TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW as an audio book. This release is available for download and for purchase on CD via the website at: and it is worth every cent! In fact, follow the special link and look for the RLK! special offer! have also released Jack Ketchum's Hide and Seek and will soon be releasing Brian Keene's The Rising on audio too, so why not order them all! We'll be reviewing each of these soon, and we highly recommend supporting this terrific endeavor that will hopefully see more Laymon audio releases in the months ahead!

Surf over now to: and don't forget to look for the RLK! special offer!

December 19, 2007

IN LAYMON'S TERMS Cover Artwork Finalized.

Cemetery Dance has released the finalized cover artwork for IN LAYMON'S TERMS. The signature sheets have been returned and we can look forward to this excellent memorial to Dick's work being released (finally!) in 2008! Fingers crossed!

August 17, 2007

IN LAYMON'S TERMS coming soon...

Finally, the most sought-after Laymon tribute work - in progress for over SIX YEARS - is one step closer to becoming a reality. Check out the latest Cemetery Dance update, which includes the cover artwork for the anthology - revealed for the first time! Can't wait for this one to finally hit the streets!

August '07 Production Status:

The final manuscript for In Laymon's Terms is being assembled now and copyediting will begin by the end of the month. After that it'll be designed and proofread. The signature sheets are already circulation among the THREE DOZEN+ contributors, and we hope to announce the table of contents later this year. Now that Richard Chizmar is back in the office, the last of the contracts will be signed and this title will be rushed through production.


Gerlach UK Paperback releases announced!

Excellent news reaches us that Screaming Dreams Press in the UK has signed and sealed a deal to release paperback editions of all Steve Gerlach novels. The first release will be LAKE MOUNTAIN early in 2008. Here's what Screaming Dreams editor, Steve Upham, had to say in a recent email newsletter:

I've updated the What's New page to include a brief announcement regarding the Steve Gerlach novels. Some of you may already be aware of this info as the deal has been in progress for a while, but I'm only just getting around to making the news public now.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Steve's work, he is one of of Australia's foremost dark thriller writers and has released some wonderful novels through Bloodletting Press in the US. I look forward to working with him on these titles.

The first book to be released will be LAKE MOUNTAIN and is sheduled to be published early in 2008. I will add further details and upload a dedicated page for this book in due course.

The dedicated page for LAKE MOUNTAIN is now online and can be found at: Screaming Dreams is committed to releasing paperback editions all of the Steve Gerlach novels in the next few years, and they will be widely available through the publisher's website, and Brilliant!

Bloodletting Press to announce THE NOCTURNE US edition!

It's yet to be announced, but we're 100% certain that Bloodletting Press will soon confirm the release date of Steve Gerlach's hardest-to-find novel, THE NOCTURNE, for an early 2008 release. HUNTING ZOE AND OTHER STORIES is on track for a late 2007 release, and we believe Bloodletting want to follow it up with THE NOCTURNE as soon as possible. More news on this when it breaks, but expect an excellent cover by Vince Natale (artist for the Bloodletting editions of LAKE MOUNTAIN and LOVE LIES DYING) and an introduction by Barry Hoffman.

May 3, 2007

TRIAGE coming in 2008.

Leisure Books has scheduled TRIAGE by Laymon, Ketchum and Lee for release in January 2008. When we have more details we'll list them here.

January 26, 2007

More Laymon in 2007

Confirmed Laymon releases in both the UK and US this year:

March - US - Leisure paperback The Beast House
May - UK - Hodder Headline HARDBACK Friday Night in Beast House
July - US - Leisure paperback The Midnight Tour
November - US - Leisure paperback Savage


Any changes, we'll let you know.

RLK! 10th Birthday Competition winners announced!

Well, the competitions are closed and the judges have made their final decisions. Below are the winners of our 10th Birthday competition...

Competition 1: Most creepy Laymonesque Photo

Winner: Michael Moon who sent in this very creepy abandoned house on the island of Gotland in Sweden. Phantom lights are seen throughout the long, dark winters, and we felt this would be a terrific location for a Laymon novel.

Michael wins a copy of A WRITER'S TALE, the tell-all writing guide and autobiography written by Laymon himself - long out of print, kindly donated by Ann Laymon. Plus a complete set of the three Laymon Hardcovers published by Leisure Books thanks to Don D'Auria at Leisure.

Congrats Michael!

Competition 2: Which Laymon novel was made into a low-budget independent film?

The answer was IN THE DARK, and the winner was Chris Elston who wins a choice of any ten paperback Laymon titles published by Leisure Books (One Rainy Night is temporarily out of stock but will be available again soon). Congrats Chris!

Competition 3:

Name the Laymon novel from which the following line appears:

"My thoughts were in a terrible whirl, so I was glad when Freemont the porter came along to make up the beds."

The answer was SAVAGE and the winner was Karen Dewvall who wins a copy of BAD NEWS, the Laymon hardback mega-short story collection - long out of print, kindly donated by Ann Laymon.

Congrats Karen!

Competition 4:

Richard was named President of which Association? And in what year did he take office?

The answer was the Horror Writers Association, and he took office in 2000. The winner was Kent Knopp-Schwyn who has won a complete set of Hodder Headline Laymon Library Volumes (up to Volume 9), kindly donated by Hodder Headline and Ann Laymon.

Congrats Kent!.

Congrats to the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered. We were quite surprised just how many entries we received. Winners will be contacted in the next few days. Here's to the next 10 years...

December 1, 2006

RLK! Celebrates 10 Years online!

Wow, it's hard to believe that 10 years ago RLK! broadcast to the world for the first time. Yes, December 1996 was the first time we published Laymon news, and it's hard to believe we've been around so seems like only yesterday. We've accomplished quite a lot in ten years, and we've had the highs as well as the lows, but we're proud to still be here, giving you the best Laymon information on the planet, and keeping Richard's memory alive.

We'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in RLK! - both those who stuck by us, and those who have moved on - the list is too long to print here. But you all know who you are and we couldn't have done it without you.

To celebrate, we're bringing back an old RLK! tradition - the December RLK! birthday competitions! This year, to celebrate 10 years of publishing here at RLK! H.Q., we're bringing you some terrific competitions along with some fantastic prizes - with thanks to Ann Laymon, Don D'Auria at Leisure Books and Hodder Headline in the UK. Read on to see how you can be in the running for some fantastic prizes!

Competition 1:

Send us your creepiest photo of a place, person or thing that you think is something that would appear in a Laymon novel. Anything goes in this competition - if you don't have a camera, feel free to sketch something, or produce it via computer and send it in to us. The top 10 entries will be uploaded here in January.

All entries go in the draw for a copy of A WRITER'S TALE, the tell-all writing guide and autobiography written by Laymon himself - long out of print, kindly donated by Ann Laymon. Plus a complete set of the three Laymon Hardcovers published by Leisure Books thanks to Don D'Auria at Leisure.

Email your answers to: RLK! is 10! Competition #1.

Competition 2:

Which Laymon novel was made into a low-budget independent film?

All correct entries go in the draw for your choice of any ten paperback Laymon titles published by Leisure Books (One Rainy Night is temporarily out of stock but will be available again soon). The winner can choose any ten Laymon titles published in the Leisure paperback range - thanks to Don D'Auria at Leisure Books.

Email your answers to: RLK! is 10! Competition #2.

Competition 3:

Name the Laymon novel from which the following line appears:

"My thoughts were in a terrible whirl, so I was glad when Freemont the porter came along to make up the beds."

All correct entries go in the draw for a copy of BAD NEWS, the Laymon hardback mega-short story collection - long out of print, kindly donated by Ann Laymon.

Email your answers to: RLK! is 10! Competition #3.

Competition 4:

Richard was named President of which Association? And in what year did he take office?

All correct entries go in the draw for a complete set of Hodder Headline Laymon Library Volumes (up to the current one, Volume 9), kindly donated by Hodder Headline and Ann Laymon.

Email your answers to: RLK! is 10! Competition #4.

All competitions close at midnight, 31st December, 2006 and winners will be announced in the January update.

And, as a special thank you to all our RLK! loyal readers, Ann Laymon is offering a 30% discount on all personal purchases from her Laymon Library website to all who enter the competitions above (offer expires April 30, 2007). Those who wish to take part in this offer must email us at RLK! 30% offer to request the code for the 30% discount. The Laymon Library site can be found at:

Gerlach's LOVE LIES DYING about to be unleashed!

Here's an exclusive look at the final full-cover artwork for the Bloodletting Press US version of Steve Gerlach's LOVE LIES DYING.


Zoe is now due to arrive just in time for Christmas. Yes, it's been a long wait, but well worth it. Wouldn't you like Zoe under your Christmas tree this year? Orders are available through and now. More information can be found at

April 9, 2006

Covers for Laymon Collection VI, VII and VIII now available.

Hodder Headline continue churning out the Laymon Library titles. Below is the cover art for volumes 6-8.


February 4, 2006

Hodder Headline announce Laymon Collection V & VI

Hodder Headline continue announcing upcoming Laymon Library titles. The Laymon Dates board at the top of this page has been updated again to include volumes V and VI (out in July and August). Below is the cover art from volume V.

January 14, 2006

Leisure Books schedule new Laymons!

The new year started well for Laymon fans with Leisure Books in the US confirming their schedule of Laymon releases will continue with some classic Laymon re-releases, as well as the final "new" Laymon works as well. Here's what they had to say:

"In March AFTER MIDNIGHT will be published. In July we will be publishing INTO THE FIRE in paperback. Coming this November we will be publishing THE CELLAR which many US fans have been clamoring for.

There will still be several previously unpublished manuscripts that we will be publishing and once those completed manuscripts have been published we will then look at UN-completed manuscripts. All in all there should be plenty of Richard Laymon’s works for you to look forward to."

More details will be posted here when we get them!

Hodder Headline continue with Laymon Collection - vols III & IV announced

As announced in December last year (see below) Hodder Headline are creating a Laymon Library, collecting all his UK published works. The Laymon Dates board at the top of this page now lists the first four volumes, all of which will be available in the UK by June. We'll keep the dates updated as the releases are confirmed. We're also thrilled to be able to show you the cover art from volumes III & IV now.


Gerlach's LOVE LIES DYING readying for US release.

Steve Gerlach's acclaimed LOVE LIES DYING sees its first US hardback release in the next month or so via Bloodletting Press. We'll upload the cover artwork here as soon as it's confirmed. Meanwhile, more details can be found at and pre-orders can be placed through and

December 4, 2005

Laymon Collection Announced - Releases Monthly in 2006

Hodder Headline UK has announced they are re-releasing all of Laymon's novels, in a collected paperback form as "The Laymon Collection". Releases begin in March 2006 and will be released monthly. The novels will be collected in chronological order except for the first volume, which will consist of the three Beast House novels Hodder Headline published. Other collections will follow chronologically from there. The Laymon Dates board at the top of this page lists the first three volumes, all of which will be available in the UK by May. We'll keep the dates updated as the releases are confirmed. We're also thrilled to be able to show you the cover art from the first volume, containing the Beast House stories. Look for the other re-releases to follow this style and format. (Australian release will be two months AFTER the UK release dates.)

AFTER MIDNIGHT after New Years

Leisure has announced AFTER MIDNIGHT as their next Laymon paperback release in the US. Look for it in store in March.

September 1, 2005

INTO THE FIRE burns across US!

Laymon's latest hardback edition, INTO THE FIRE is now available across the US through Leisure Books. Remember, this is the same novel as the UK's THE GLORY BUS, released earlier this year.

July 1, 2005

THE GLORY BUS, Second Ride

Hodder Headline has announced the release date for the paperback version of THE GLORY BUS. Look for it on the 5th of December in the UK and early January in Australia. Hodder Headline will continue the unfortunate trend of cropping the excellent hardback cover artwork and picking a garish color for the paperback release (see below.) PLEASE NOTE: this is the LAST contracted new release Laymon novel for Hodder Headline in the UK.


Just a quick reminder that our review section is alive and kicking once more. Thanks to everyone who emailed us to welcome it back. Your feedback was terrific and confirmed resurrecting SAME VEIN was the right thing to do.

So, enjoy this month's reviews at SAME VEIN. Check them out now!

June 1, 2005


Leisure Books has announced the next Laymon hardcover will be released in September of this year. It is the US verion of THE GLORY BUS, retitled INTO THE FIRE.


Yes, it's been a crazy few months here at RLK! H.Q., with a move to new offices not once, but twice. One of the things to suffer in this inevitable shift was our SAME VEIN reviews section. However, you'll be happy to know that we've settled in and are ready to roll once more, with our review department processing the large backlog of review books as fast as they possibly can. So, it's with great excitement that we announce the SAME VEIN section of the site is back open for business. Monthly updates will begin again, starting with this month. We have 8 titles we think you'll love; some scary, some quirky, some just so bizarre we had to include them, and also a liberal dose of non-fiction for the aspiring writers and genre freaks amongst us.

There's something for everyone at SAME VEIN, so check it out now!

Also, don't forget, anyone who has read THE GLORY BUS and would like to review it for our review pages, feel free to email the review to us here and we'll upload it.

December 1, 2004

Jump aboard THE GLORY BUS

Hodder Headline in the UK have announced the next Laymon release, due in Hardback in April next year. It's called THE GLORY BUS and the cover and blurb are below. Sounds like it's going to be fantastic!

The Glory Bus by Richard Laymon
ISBN: 0747269343
Publisher: Headline 4/4/2005
£18.99 RRP Hardback

One moment Pamela is a newly-wed with a loving husband and a comfortable home. The next, she's the prisoner of a killer who has lusted after her since high school - and now intends to make her his slave. Norman wouldn't say boo to a goose, so he's never going to throw bad-boy Duke out of his car or say no to Boots, the hyper-sexed hitch-hiker who tags along for the ride. Together the lawless pair take him on a wild journey that looks like it's heading straight for the electric chair. But when the glory bus comes along there's hope of salvation for all. Pamela and Norman are just two who climb on board. They don't know their destination is the furnace heat of the Mojave Desert, where a special welcome awaits the weary traveller. It can't be worse than what's gone before. Or can it?

LAKE MOUNTAIN is coming.

Here's the flyer that is making the rounds for the January 1 release of LAKE MOUNTAIN. Orders can be made through and

October 17, 2004

Leisure Schedule Updated - including Laymon!

We've just received the latest Leisure books schedule for November '04 - May '05. The schedule includes two new Laymon releases TO WAKE THE DEAD in November and RESURRECTION DREAMS in March 2005. For the full schedule for both Thriller and Horror lines, head over to the Screams of Leisure page now.

October 1, 2004

THE LAKE paperback release details.

News just in that the UK paperback version of THE LAKE will be released on December 6 in the UK. Aussie readers can look for the paperback instore early in January. Look for the following cover:


News from the gang at is that the long awaited HUNTING ZOE is now available and shipping from both Australia, through the publisher, and the US, through

Steve also reports that the final manuscript for LAKE MOUNTAIN has been submitted to Bloodletting Press, so look for its release in January next year. Cover details for LAKE MOUNTAIN will be announced soon. Pre-orders can be placed through and

July 25, 2004

Double release in July

July is a big month for Laymon fans, with the US release of ENDLESS NIGHT in paperback through Leisure Books, and MADMAN STAN AND OTHER STORIES in hardback through Cemetery Dance. Both covers can be seen in the March 1 update below.

June 6, 2004

An Important IN LAYMON'S TERMS Update

It's hard to believe this book still isn't out yet, but we have an important update from Cemetery Dance about this anthology:

"The editors have now made all the final content decisions for IN LAYMON'S TERMS! Kelly Laymon just sent out the non-fiction contracts last week and the fiction contracts will be mailed next week. All acceptance and rejection notices have been sent. As soon as we have the signed contracts back, we'll announce the Table of Contents and we'll start work on the book's layout and design! We plan to publish it in late summer or early fall. Keep watching our website for more information about this project!"

And, of course, we'll bring you the news as it breaks as well!

Madman Stan and Other Stories Publishers Weekly review!

Publishers Weekly recently reviewed Madman Stan and Other Stories, the Laymon short story collection to be released in July:

"Laymon cognoscenti will get just what they expect from this celebrated and castigated writer: shock, suspense, sexual violence and prose as sharp as a slap. The 20 entries include recycled material (e.g., from Night Visions 7, which Wiater edited) as well as unpublished stuff. The lead-off tale, "The Hunt," is Laymon unvarnished, an intense story of a woman selected as a hunter's prey.

The final story, "The Slit," is also prime Laymon, the author's psychological acuity on display as he traces the happy fate of a young man who likes to cut women. Also first-rate and representative of the author's better work is "A Good, Secret Place," wherein two male adolescents attempt to punish a nagging third only to see the tables turned; here as in so much Laymon, the author's understanding of the psyche of youth-callous, hypersensitive, obsessed with sex-is spot on.

Some of the stories, though, are lesser, and often softer, relying on simpler biter-bit turnarounds or on poetic justice for their punch. Leisure Books editor D'Auria says in his forthright afterword, 'I know you loved [these stories].' Every Laymon fan, and globally they are legion, will nod in agreement: even lesser Laymon is a treat."

May 2, 2004

THE LAKE Leisure Cover Exclusive

Hot off the presses is the cover artwork for the Leisure Books US release of THE LAKE. It's a terrific cover and everyone at Leisure should be congratulated. THE LAKE is scheduled to be released in Hardback in the US in September.

April 4, 2004

Dive into THE LAKE

The newest Laymon release is available in the UK now. THE LAKE was released today in hardback in the UK from Hodder Headline. Australia's hardback release follows in May. This is another fantastic Laymon tale, so get your copy ASAP from your local store or online dealer.

March 1, 2004

Body Rides hits US, with Endless Night and The Lake to come!

A quick reminder that the first US paperback printing of Body Rides hits US bookstore shelves this month. Once again Leisure Books have done a wonderful job! See the November 1 update for the cover artwork.

We can also reveal the Leisure cover artwork for Endless Night, due in the US in July. See below.

And, as if that wasn't enough great news already, Leisure has announced The Lake will be released in its first US hardback edition in September. Great news!

Cemetery Dance announce Madman Stan release date. ILT announced soon!

Lots of great news coming from Cemetery Dance right now as well. Their schedules have been updated and they have announced that Madman Stan and Other stories, the long-promised Laymon short story collection, is to be released later this year. Check out the Cemetery Dance website here for more details.

Keep a watch out for some terrific In Laymon's Terms news soon as well. We're getting closer on this one too!

New Fastback is Old. The Hearse is GUTS...

A new Laymon Fastback title entered the online bookseller databases in the last few months. It's called The Hearse, but Laymon fans should be wary as The Hearse is really just a repackaging of the original Fastback release of GUTS. Title and cover have changed, but the story is still the same.

February 1, 2004

RLK! monthly updates end.

First of all, we apologise for no January update this year. With the amount of Laymon news slowly declining, we have decided to end our "monthly updates" in favor of "as the news breaks" updates. So, be sure to check back whenever you can for new Laymon news and releases. We'll still keep you up-to-date, but now we'll do it as soon as the news breaks.


After the successful release of the paperback version of Steve Gerlach's RAGE by Leisure books, we are happy to report the limited edition extreme uncut hardback from Bloodletting Press is also now shipping. Add to this the great news that Bloodletting Press will be bringing out the all new Gerlach novel, LAKE MOUNTAIN as book two in their "Gerlach Library" and the start of 2004 is looking great for Gerlach fans! Find out more about the Gerlach releases (including the almost ready to ship HUNTING ZOE) at

December 1, 2003

AMARA loose in UK

Just a reminder that the UK paperback release of AMARA is now available in the UK. She'd make a perfect Christmas gift. The cover artwork is below, as part of the September 1 update.

RAGE announcements

Here's the latest words on the release of Steve Gerlach's RAGE from both Bloodletting Press and

Bloodletting Press released this statement in early November:

"Read RAGE the way it was intended to be read, in its uncut and unedited version. This book is hard, psychotic and brutal and delves deeply into the mind of madness, of pain and love lost; only in the uncut version will you truly feel ...RAGE. Order yours now while they last, only 300 of these are being produced. You will never be the same again.

And RAGE is only the beginning; we will be publishing the entire Gerlach library including LOVE LIES DYING, THE NOCTURNE and LAKE MOUNTAIN. Don't miss any of these awesome titles by one of the hottest new-comers to the genre.

-- Larry @ Bloodletting Press"

Meanwhile, have a terrific "package deal" for the paperback release of RAGE. Check it out at:

Also note the Australian release of HUNTING ZOE, the so-called "sequel" to LOVE LIES DYING, hits the stores in Australia just before Christmas.

Find out more about the Gerlach releases at the official Steve Gerlach website: (it's newly designed and light on the calories!)

November 1, 2003

Laymon in 2004 - We've got you covered!

Here's the latest World Exclusive cover unveilings for upcoming Laymon Releases in 2004.

First off, here's the terrific cover by Steve Crisp for next year's Hodder Headline hardback release of THE LAKE. We're extra excited to be able to bring you not only the final cover artwork for the novel, but also the ORIGINAL artwork in its full glory (on the right), thanks to Steve Crisp.

Also, here's the back-cover blurb for the novel, which is due for release on April 5, 2004:

Leigh is young, rebellious and beautiful - and she yearns for a summer of excitement by the lake. Maybe she'll find it in the arms of the handsome boy who rows her out to the abandoned beach house. Or maybe she'll stumble into a legacy of terror which will shatter her life...

Eighteen years on, Deana has no knowledge of her mother's troubled past and not that much interest. She just wants to make out somewhere cool with her boyfriend - to let her hair down and live a little. If only living were that simple. But that summer at the lake casts a long shadow. And when the horrors of the past meet the perils of the present, both mother and daughter are plunged into a nightmare of blood and terror from which there is no escape.

Sounds like another great Laymon release, for sure!

As if that wasn't enough to whet your appetites for Laymon in 2004, here's the Leisure books paperback cover for BODY RIDES. Another fantastic cover by the talented people at Leisure in New York.

By the way, our SCREAMS OF LEISURE page has been updated with all the Leisure releases for the first half of next year. There's some great reading to come, including more Laymon, so head on over and check it out!

RAGE to see Leisure Release

Aaah, our little secret has been leaked! For those of you who don't already know, Leisure Books will be releasing the paperback version of Steve Gerlach's RAGE in January! Yep, just two months away! Below you'll find the cover artwork and blurb.

The book is already available for pre-order on, Barnes & Noble and (as is the hardback limited edition.) Surf on over and also check out the reviews from readers who have already read the book. Feel free to add your reviews too, if you've already read the novel.

Also remember that the signed hardback, extreme, uncut version of RAGE (with an introduction by Simon Clark) is available through Bloodletting Books and Not only is it signed in the author's blood, but it is also the most complete and extreme of all the versions available. Plus, if you pre-order the hardback through Bloodletting or Shocklines, you'll pick up the Gerlach chapbook "CellCandy" for free! It's a great deal, so grab your copy today!

TerrorOZ becomes

Batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters, and change your bookmarks!

The official Steve Gerlach website moves to a new home, with a new design, starting November 1. So, the TerrorOZ site at is closing down, replaced with

Surf on over and check out the new design and new site, lovingly hosted by "Gerlach Fans Inc". A big thanks to each and every one of them for their time and effort!

Send us an email and let us know what you think! Also drop by the new message board, hosted by Horror World, and leave a message or question or two!

October 1, 2003

News on Gerlach RAGE and HUNTING ZOE Limiteds...

October is the month that sees two Steve Gerlach new releases, both RAGE and HUNTING ZOE are released. RAGE receives its first release in the US and HUNTING ZOE is released in Australia. Below is the latest news on both releases:

RAGE: The latest from Larry Roberts at Bloodletting Press

"The prototype for the metal slipcase for RAGE is now complete and is painted to look like a video cassette case for one of the Snuff Films the main character watches in the book. These are really cool. I'll have some pictures up on the web-site in the coming days at Orders can be taken on the site or at Also remember that if you order from us you'll get a free chapbook with an all new Gerlach short story called CellCandy. We have a lot more Gerlach releases in Bloodletting Pressís future...many surprises to come, so stay tuned!! -- Larry."

HUNTING ZOE: The latest from Troy Taylor at Wild Roses Productions

"At Wild Roses we're having a Zoe Giveaway! Yep, you heard right, each and every pre order of HUNTING ZOE will go in the draw to win a signed and (if requested) inscribed 1st edition copy of the book that introduced the world to Zoe Barber - LOVE LIES DYING. This is a VERY sought after book and is one of only two hundred trade paperback copies ever produced.

To enter, all you have to do is place a pre-order for the highly anticipated accompaniment, HUNTING ZOE. It couldn't be any easier! For more on the LOVE LIES DYING giveaway (including the terms and conditions) please see the news page on the website. -- Troy."

September 1, 2003

Hodder Headline AMARA cover artwork.

AMARA is released in paperback in the UK on December 1. Those good folks at Hodder Headline have provided us with the cover for the release. Here it is below:

Barry Hoffman's Curse of the Shamra

We're proud to bring you this update on Barry Hoffman's young adult novel, Curse of the Shamra:

Barry Hoffman is the author of a number of mass market published novels including EYES OF PREY, JUDAS EYES and BORN BAD. He has recently undertaken an author in residence program at the Horizon Middle School in Colorado Springs and is using a new young adult dark fantasy novel which he has written as the course text. Barry joined RLK! to answer some questions.

RLK!: Barry, tell us the origins of CURSE OF THE SHAMRA.

Barry Hoffman: I wrote CURSE OF THE SHAMRA (originally titled OF TROCS, KRIMPKINS AND OTHER SUCH THINGS) in the early seventies. I couldn't sell it then (I know why, now) so I put it away. The main character's name is Dara and my then-wife and I named our first daughter Dara. Fast forward almost thirty years. Dara is married and is pregnant with my first grandchild. Dara asked for a copy of the novel so he son/daughter could see how she got her name. So I started typing it up and realized that while the plot was good and the characters strong, the writing was pretty pathetic. I hadn't yet found my voice in the early seventies and it showed. So, I literally rewrote the entire book, adding a number of characters, changing the ending and even changing the main characters from "Krimpkins" to "Shamra." Krimpkins sounded warm and fuzzy and these characters weren't warm and fuzzy, hence the name change. Assuming (correctly) that my first grandchild would be a girl, Dara is given a companion named Tyler, which is the name of my granddaughter.

RLK!: If you had to pitch the story to the audience, how would you desribe the novel?

BH: CURSE OF THE SHAMRA is a dark fantasy adventure about of race of humanesque creatures who are enslaved by another race. Dara becomes leader of a band of resistance fighters. When it appears the resistance will be futile against their oppressors Dara leaves to find allies and encounters numerous adventures and obstacles on her way.

RLK!: This is book one of the Shamra Chronicles. How many more do you have in mind? Are you working on them at the moment? What can we hope to see in the future in the Shamra World.

BH: My plans right now are for four books, but just as with my EYES series I'm flexible. Even after Book Four is complete there will be room for Dara to seek new adventures. I recently finished the second book, SHAMRA DIVIDED. It is both a sequel and prequel to the first. A lot of the mythology of the series is unveiled in the second book. I have the third book roughly plotted and CURSE OF THE SHAMRA was just picked up by an agent. What I'll probably do is hold off on the third book for a bit as I want to see if the first sells and if so will my publisher agree to the path the series is taking. Unveiled in the second book and important in the third and last is a NEW enemy who is far more dangerous that the Trocs of the first book. The fourth book will deal almost entirely with a battle between this new antagonist.

RLK!: How did the classroom idea first appear on your radar?

BH: I was a teacher for close to thirty years-mostly fifth and sixth graders. I wasn't impressed by a lot of what my kids had to read, which is why I began a young adults novel in the seventies. So, when I had completely revised the book it was only natural for me to use it in a classroom setting. I approached a school in South New Jersey and the book was received enthusiastically by a member of the school board, then the superintendent, the principal and finally a teacher I would work with. If these kids liked it then I was on the right track.

RLK!: Why use this novel in particular, and not, say, one of your others?

BH: My other books are ALL "adult" novels and not appropriate for kids in middle school. With the sex and language that appear in my adult books there is no way I'd be able to use them in a school setting. This is not to say I dumbed-down CURSE OF THE SHAMRA. There is no sex and there is no profanity. I don't use over-the-top violence in any of my novels so that wasn't a concern. Actually, CURSE OF THE SHAMRA (and SHAMRA DIVIDED) is probably more violent than my adult novels. They're adventures whereas my adult novels are psychological thrillers. But, with CURSE OF THE SHAMRA, just as with my adult novels, characterization is most important. Many of the themes readers find in my adult novels can also be found in CURSE OF THE SHAMRA.

RLK!: Did the "Born Bad experience" with schools stop you from using that particular novel in the classroom?

BH: BORN BAD was censored at a college. I never used the novel with children, nor was it intended to be read by children. It's most definitely an adult book. Sex is used as a weapon by Shanicha. And, as in real life, the language of the cops is pretty coarse. So, we're talking apples and oranges here. I wouldn't ever have been allowed to use BORN BAD in a middle school setting so its censorship had no impact whatsoever on my I used in the classroom.

RLK!: How have your visits to the classroom been? Tell us what usually takes place during the course?

BH: I had a ball in the classroom. While my plan was to spend about forty-five minutes per visit in the classroom I found that I ended up spending two hours in the class per visit, five total visits. The kids pepper me with questions about writing, movie-making, the various characters in the book and what will happen next. When I visited the class I knew which pages the students had read. I start off with a quick summary of the action and then have the kids analyze what they read, both as regards content and style. Dara faces many dilemmas and makes any number of choices that have repercussions she didn't expect. So, a lot of my time is spent discussing Dara's choices and what the alternatives were. We discuss how the characters have grown and evolved. We look at figurative language. The kids really eat this up. The first day when I went over figurative language I really had to work to get the kids to understand what I meant. When I came in the third time kids had their hands up immediately wanting to give me examples of figurative language they'd found in the book. We also spend some time each lesson comparing the artist's interpretation of what I wrote to what is actually described. I intentionally didn't ask for changes in the cover art so the kids could see that was a pretty drastic difference between what I wrote and what the artist saw. The hair of the Shamra is white. On the book cover it's brown. This and other differences allows me to discuss how different readers interpret what they read in a different manner. During another visit I brought in BORN BAD, just for the cover art. The cover in that book is pretty atrocious. You can't tell what the hell is going on. So, I showed the kids the book and gave them a lesson on what an author gives up to be published my a mass market publisher. It's the type of inside information that kids eat up because it's not common knowledge. The kids keep me on my toes with question after question. My only regret is that I didn't have the kids write more. Much of the reason deals with working with another teacher. In the future, now that I know the program is a success, I will be more assertive and give a writing assignment each time I go to class. This is the only ways kids learn how to write-by writing!!!

RLK!: What has been the reaction of the students?

BH: The kids I worked with really enjoyed the book. Tyler (named after my granddaughter) was their favorite character. She's kind of cranky and cantankerous, but good-hearted. She helps Dara, but complains constantly. I wanted the book to contain some humor and the interchanges between Dara and Tyler adds that ingredient to the novel. They also enjoy the action scenes. Interestingly enough the kids wanted even more action (and violence) BUT some were upset that some protagonists were killed. I didn't find this out until after my last visit, when I read they critiques. In the future I will make sure I can visit AFTER their critiques so I can discuss it with them. I find their desire for violence and constant action a bit disconcerting. There's more to reading a book than action and this should be pointed out to kids. And, discussing how protagonists can meet a violent end is important, too. In too many films the heroes go through hell pretty much unscathed. Real life isn't at all like that.

RLK!: Do you plan to do anything like this again in the future?

BH: I've already lined up a school in Colorado Springs for the Authors In Residence project. I'll be working with six classes-150 students in all-starting in late-August. At the moment I am paying all expenses and each student gets a free copy of the book to keep. If it works well in this school (they have 9 week sessions and then change teachers) I'll probably do it again with another 150 students.

RLK!: Do you think you've perhaps turned at least one young mind to being a writer someday in the future?

BH: When I was a teacher my students took part in plays I wrote. These were mammoth productions with music and dancing. As a result a number of students majored in the performing arts. I think the same can be said with the Authors In Residence program. One girl wrote a poem-without being assigned-and the excitement the book generated by the book could well have a lasting impact. With the program expanding to 150 students late this month and the greater emphasis on actual writing by the kids, I think it's a good bet one or more will be turned onto a career in writing.

RLK!: HUNGRY EYES, EYES OF PREY, JUDAS EYES and BORN BAD are all emotive thrillers with strong characters. Was CURSE OF THE SHAMRA a hard book to write, as it's pitched at a different audience? Or was it easier?

BH: Characterization is foremost in CURSE OF THE SHAMRA so once I gave each character its voice it wasn't difficult to write. I've already mentioned the Tyler character. There is also Meeko (named after a nickname for my son) who is a self-deprecating ruler of one of the lands Dara visited. When they meet Dara kneels before him as a symbol of respect. Meeko then kneels before Dara saying he is a "ruler" while Dara is a "leader" who earned respect rather than having it passed down as was the case with him. That one symbol made it easy to write the character. And when I finished writing the book I decided to write a short story based on the character. That first short story led to my writing nine altogether. One was incorporated in CURSE OF THE SHAMRA. Seven others became the basis for the sequel/prequel. They almost wrote themselves. On the other hand, with CURSE OF THE SHAMRA I did far more rewriting than I did with my adult books. I changed the opening several t imes to provide more action. The last third of the book is adventure after adventure so I thought it necessary to rewrite the beginning to capture the reader right from the start. Today's children are so influenced by television, movies and video games that it's necessary to hook them immediately. I didn't add action at the expense of character development, however. The action actually furthers characterization. I was more aware of the audience I was writing for than with my adult novels. And that meant more rewriting.

RLK!: Of all your novels, Which is your personal favourite and why?

BH: That's not an easy one. I often feel that my most recent novel is my best. I also have to qualify my answer because I have five unpublished novels of which I'm quite proud. Of the novels that have been published I'd have to say BORN BAD is a favorite. It's the first of my novels in which the antagonist is truly evil. I love Shanicha. She's truly evil, but she's multi-layered, with demons of her own. She's not your typical villain. I also think both Ariel and Chanda are powerful characters. Ariel, in particular, intrigued me. I used her as a secondary character in one of my as yet unpublished novels. And the TRUE villain in BORN BAD is a bureaucrat, Ariel's boss who is a "do it my way or the highway" asshole we've all encountered. Being that it was a stand alone novel I didn't have the constraints of a series to worry about. Much as I love the EYES series there just so much room you can maneuver. Shara and the others have to stay in character and at times that can be a bit confining. So, of my published books I think I was able to stretch a bit more with BORN BAD than with any of my other novels.

RLK!: Gauntlet magazine is as strong as ever. Do you feel this balances well with your writing career, or does it take up time that you could be using to write?

BH: Actually the magazine is now an on-line publication rather than a print publication. Financially it just didn't make sense to continue with a print publication. And we're seeing what the response to the current on-line issue (#24) is before we put another issue on-line. Having recently moved to Colorado to spend more time with my granddaughter I HAVE found that my priorities have changed. Spending time with my granddaughter is number one. My writing comes next (along with working in schools with my young adult novel). Publishing is third. The magazine is now last. I don't want to say its run its course, but honestly I don't have the same passion for the magazine after 24 issues as I have for my own writing, publishing the likes of Matheson and Bradbury (previously unpublished work in particular) and spending time with family.

RLK!: What can we hope to see in the future from Barry Hoffman?

BH: I'm excited about continuing my young adult series. I've also been playing with a sequel-not a series-to BORN BAD. Let's just say Chanda is far more than she appears to be. I've finished the fourth and fifth books in the EYES series and the end isn't in sight. I have several stand alone novels I hope to see published and one or two of them may warrant a sequel. And what with the news that occupies the front page I'm sure that they'll trigger other ideas for novels.

August 1, 2003

To Wake The Dead cover art released!

This month, we're proud to be able to bring you the cover artwork for the Leisure Books Hardback release of Richard's To Wake The Dead (UK Title: AMARA). We think you'll agree it's another terrific Leisure cover for Richard's work! This is a September 2003 release from Leisure Books.


July 1, 2003

Leisure releases Blood Games cover art.

With this month's release in the US of No Sanctuary from Leisure Books, the focus now shifts to Leisure's next Laymon releases, To Wake The Dead, scheduled for a hardback release in September, and Blood Games, scheduled for a November paperback release.

Below is an exclusive sneak peek at the Blood Games cover artwork. Thanks to the guys and girls at Leisure for giving us the scoop.

US RAGE Builds...

Just a reminder that the US hardback edition of Steve Gerlach's RAGE is set for a September release. The publishers are calling this the "Extreme Uncut US edition" and it includes scenes originally removed from the Australian version.

From what we've seen and heard so far, it's going to be a killer hardback, and you won't want to miss it. The lettered edition is already sold out! There are still stocks of the limited edition available for pre-order, but remember this is a strictly limited edition!

For our Australian readers, because this edition will be shipped from the US, RLK! is trying to cut down on shipping costs for you all with a bulk order of the books being sent down to us. We'll then forward your orders on to you - saving shipping costs.

The more people who order, the cheaper it will be for everyone "Down Under". So, if you are interested in ordering through us, email us and we'll see what sort of a discount we can get.

For the REST OF WORLD, orders should be placed online via and

Check out what everyone else is saying about Steve Gerlach's RAGE on the TerrorOZ! RAGE page.

"CellCandy" part of RAGE extras...

Bloodletting Press and have teamed up to bring their customers of Steve Gerlach's upcoming limited edition RAGE a little gift. If you preorder (or have already preordered) the limited edition or lettered edition of RAGE, you'll get a bonus Steve Gerlach promotional chapbook not available for sale called CellCandy -- completely free!

Click here for info on the limited edition of RAGE:

Click here for info on the lettered edition of RAGE:

Click here for Caniglia art prints for sale from RAGE:

Or visit the publisher's site at:

One reader, lucky enough to get a sneak peek at CellCandy, had this to say:

"I needed a break at work and decided to read that Gerlach short story you sent me, CellCandy.
Bad decision, because now I feel a little sick and even ashamed of myself.
It's a very perverted and disturbing story...and part of me liked it.
I feel like I've committed some sort of crime and am going to burn in hell. "
-- Jason Villeneuve,, USA

Who could ask for more? ;)

Know your Rites: Simon Clark's newest release...

VAMPYRRHIC RITES, Simon Clark's sequel to VAMPYRRHIC, appears on July 7 from Hodder & Stoughton in the UK.

To mark its publication, Simon is running a competition. In the next couple of weeks he's posting VAMPYRRHIC OUTCAST on his website, a short story set in the 'Vampyrrhic world.' The winner receives the VAMPYRRHIC OUTCAST hand-corrected manuscript, complete with coffee spills and what appear to be red wine stains...but then this is a vampire story, so who knows?

Simon says the prize was inspired by the rocketing value of his hardcover first editions and manuscripts. This artefact will be a limited edition of one! That's right - just ONE!

For more details, surf over to Simon's official website at: and take a stab at your rites!

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