Help Us Celebrate Our 4th Birthday!

Richard Laymon Kills! has been online for four years now and we want to thank you all for making the site what it is today! We're about to notch up 160,000 visitors, and we couldn't have done it without all of you! So, with the help of Richard Laymon, Hodder Headline UK, Hodder Headline Australia, and Leisure Books US, we're delighted to bring you our 4th birthday competition!

The competition starts December 1 and ends December 31, 2000. Winners will be announced in the first week of January 2001 on this page!

Good luck!


This year we're giving away 3 different "terror packs" full of great thrills and chills.

All you have to do is tell us which Laymon books the following paragraphs come from. There's four to choose from, from easy to hard. Name the right novel and you'll go into the draw. You can enter all four competitions, but only one entry per competition - multiple entries will result in disqualification. As an added bonus, tell us what page the paragraph appears on (stating which version of the book you are using) and we'll double your chances of winning!

10 winners will receive the grand prize of a copy of Laymon's DREADFUL TALES hardback and TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW paperback - both released by Hodder Headline this month.

20 runners-up will receive a copy of two other terrific books, 24 HOURS by Greg Iles and ON WRITING by Stephen King also just recently released from Hodder Headline.

Good luck!

Competition 1
After a while, she tilted her head sideways and kissed me again. This time, her lips barely touched mine before she took them away. 'You're all spitty,' she whispered. She eased away from me, but not very far. She was wet around the mouth herself, and a little bit red. Smiling softly, she leaned toward me again. She stretched out the neck of her T-shirt and rubbed it across my mouth. Then she moved back and wiped her own mouth in the same place. 'Kissing can be messy, huh?' she asked.
Answer: The Travelling Vampire Show
Competition 2
After racing to her car, she'd tossed the paper onto the passenger seat, keyed the ignition and sped away - eyes on the rearview mirror, watching for Rale or Swimp. Only after driving halfway across town had she pulled to a curb and stopped. There, she's turned on the courtesy light and read the note.
Answer: In The Dark
Competition 3
He turned off the lamp, then came back to the bed. He lay down beside Sherry. She hadn't changed her position, still lay sprawled on her back, arms at her side, legs spread. She supposed she could move, but she wasn't sure of it. She knew, however, that she didn't want to. She hurt everywhere. And if she moved, Toby might do something to make it worse.
Answer: Come Out Tonight
Competition 4
Ian knelt in front of her. He gazed into her eyes. His hands cupped her shoulders and drew her gently against him. A tremor spread through Stephanie as her nipples brushed his chest. Wrapping her arms around him, she squeezed him tightly to her feverish body and sought his lips. His mouth opened to her questing tongue. His hands slid down her back, curled over her bottom, roamed up her hips and sides. She moved against him, sliding her bare skin on his thighs and belly and chest as her tongue thrust against his tongue. Her belly felt the pressure of his aroused manhood. Its touch made her flesh burn with need.
Answer: Okay, okay, we tricked you all. This *is* from a Laymon novel, but a Carla Laymon novel! The one Romance novel Richard wrote, "A Stranger's Arms."

It's hard to find, and no one guessed it right, so we put all the names of those who at least *tried* to answer it into the draw as well!
And the winners were:
20 runners-up who will receive a copy of 24 HOURS by Greg Iles and ON WRITING by Stephen King:

Bill Brame
Kay Wiseman
Joan Miller
Jack Devon
Lucy Turner
Hanna Healey
Paulette Haines
Martin Doyle
Bruce Wilson
Wayne Bell
Colin Pagan
Martina Alexis
Kay Lucas
Megan Shannon
David Webb
Paul Tyas
Daryl Jones
Melanie Rhodes
Saravanah Chocolahm
Hubert Lloyd
10 grand prize winners who receive a copy of Laymon's DREADFUL TALES hardback and TRAVELLING VAMPIRE SHOW paperback:

Alan Thompson
Wendy Bloy
Ed Pinsent
Michael Tonkin
Gayle Austin
Jean Deboisbriand
Matthew Hayworth
Bob Gilmartin
Andrew Pye
George Kane

Plus, thanks to Leisure Books in the US, we're also giving you the opportunity to take your pick from these terrific Leisure titles:

Five lucky winners will be able to choose 5 books from the ten above. All you have to do is tell us:

Leisure Competition
"List your top 5 favorite authors on the Leisure list, and name 5 authors who you would LIKE to see Leisure publish?"
And the winners were:

Tammy Donovan
Ron Dickie
Eoghain O'Keeffe
Derek Chard
Michael J. Percival
And the top ten authors were:
Top 10 favorite authors on the Leisure list:

Richard Laymon - 855 votes
Douglas Clegg - 497 votes
Simon Clark - 333 votes
Ed Gorman - 308 votes
Tom Piccirilli - 236 votes
Graham Masterson - 213 votes
Mary Ann Mitchell - 201 votes
Barry Hoffman - 145 votes
Elizabeth Massie - 133 votes
J. N. Williamson - 72 votes
Top 10 authors who you would LIKE to see Leisure publish:

Ramsey Campbell - 216 votes
Bentley Little - 204 votes
Jack Ketchum - 190 votes
Ray Garton - 186 votes
Edward Lee - 113 votes
Dean Koontz - 109 votes
Robert McCammon - 105 votes
Shaun Hutson - 105 votes
F. Paul Wilson - 87 votes
Steve Gerlach - 74 votes

Thanks to:


Thanks to Hodder Headline Australia, Hodder Headline UK, Leisure Books, Richard Laymon, Rhian Bromage, Edward Petrie, Amanda Baldwin, Brett Osmond and Don D'Auria for all their help with this competition. We couldn't have done it without you all!

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