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Bentley Little earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications and his Master's degree in English at California State University, Fullerton, where he was news editor of the university newspaper. His award-winning short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Born in Arizona, Bentley Little now lives in Fullerton, California.

Bentley Little, long a cult favorite among die hard horror fans breaks out with his best book! In THE WALKING, Little has devised a plot that incorporates the past into the present, the unknown with the known and revenge with justice. The book is told from two fronts: the era around turn of the 20th Century and present day. The first 8-10 pages are pure genius and show how impossible it is to stop reading this great book.

In the parts marked THEN, Wolf Canyon is land the U.S. government gave a band of witches to develop as their own city in the Arizona desert. William is the founder/leader of the witches that includes Jeb Freeman, his best friend, and Isabella, a strange, vicious witch that all other witches are leery of...and for good reason! All is going well until Isabella decides to show what she is really made of. The govt. Decides to build a dam, putting Wolf Canyon in the middle of 2 dams...except nobody told the witches and then the water came...

NOW consists of Miles Huerdeen and his father Bob live a ho-hum life together in Southern California...until Bob's heart attack. Miles is a private investigator and finds himself trying to make sense of a client's father's weird actions. Miles also stumbles across a body that has been literally torn in half...right down the middle! He thinks this is a pretty unique way to die but none of his business until his dad dies...but he doesn't go quietly, instead he "walks" in circles until one day he leaves...and nobody can find him. Meanwhile, Miles' cases are tied together by a list of names of people recently and brutally killed... all having a linked past with Wolf Canyon. In comes a mysterious homeless lady who says all this has to do with "Wolf Canyon and the Walkers". On to present day Wolf Canyon, which is now a lake. The homeless lady informs Miles of the history of Wolf Canyon and the pa! rt she and Miles' father, Bob, played. The climax is a culmination of the past meeting the present.

The way Little weaves past characters into his novels gives a sense of reality that some writers don't achieve. Characters from THE SUMMONING, THE REVELATION and, even another appearance by the pen name Bentley once used, Philip Emmons, helps out Miles.

Little's characters are well-rounded, the dialogue moves the plot along nicely and the whole idea of dead people walking in circles gave me the creeps! THE WALKING also contains some of the most violent and vicious gross-out scenes in recent memory. Beware all other writers of horror...Bentley Little has arrived! -- Reviewed by

When Gregory Tomasov wins the lottery, he turns his back on Southern California and takes his mother, his wife and three children back to his home town of McGuane, Arizona. But the idyllic small-town life he so desperately wants for his family doesn't materialize. Something else is waiting for him in McGuane instead.
Something strange. Something frightening. Something that is making the inhabitants of McGuane die.
Neither Gregory nor most of the other local residents understand what is happening to their town. But his mother and the other Russian members of her Molokan church do.
Uninvited guests have arrived in McGuane. Guests that cannot be seen. Cannot be heard.
And cannot be stopped.

Bentley Little's newest UK release, GUESTS, is a wonderful harkening back of both his professional and personal roots.
Much like his debut Stoker award-winning novel, THE REVELATION, this newest work - of a lottery winner and his family battling demons as well as the bonds of their religious anscestry - unfolds its horrific drama within the deceiving calm of a small rural town. With liberal influences of Stephen King's THE SHINING thrown in for good measure, GUESTS rapidly builds to a paranoiac fable of religious traditions gone awry, of a small town battling both tangible and inner demons and of family ties torn viciously asunder.
To build the religious framework so vital to this book, Little has - at least judging by the inscription - drawn upon his own personal experience and family heritage. This intimate personalizing of the Molokan religion and its fervent believers adds a depth and vivid humanity to the novel that is quite rare.
GUESTS is a special kind of novel. It beautifully displays an author at the top of his form coming full-circle to his beginnings...and enriching his readers in the process. -- Ron Clinton, USA

GUESTS is a haunted house story, a "possessed" story and also a story about religious conviction or lack thereof. Unfortunately, it is also a novel that does not combine these elements into a believable narrative.

GUESTS opens with Gregory winning the California lottery, $40,000 a year for 20 years. And this convinces both Greg and his wife Julia to quit their jobs and move as soon as possible.. And that's the first problem. I could see one person quitting their job, not both, but that's just my opinion.

On we go to follow this family moving to Arizona, a small town called McGuane..."a haunted place" as one character sums up the town. This is a town that Greg grew up in and has a sordid history of religious intolerance. Greg's family is of Russian molokan descent, a culture that is richly described in this book, being part of Little's ancestry.The town has culture lines firmly drawn and 25 years has not changed that aspect. All that's needed is for some conflict to occur, and the town will pick its favorites.

As soon as Greg's family moves into a house where brutal infanticide occurred a while back, strange murders start to happen to the people of McGuane...and you know who gets blamed.

Next problem is the believability of the real reason for these is a very thin thread to tie this book's plot around and, for me, it didn't do so convincingly.Little's prose is crackling with life and his scenes are described vividly, but it's just that I wasn't buying what Little was selling in this novel.

For those looking for the traditional Little gore factor, I must inform you that, except for a few early and ending deaths, this is a strongly character-driven piece.It's not that I hated the book, far from it. But being one of his biggest fans, I know he can and has come up with better plots...this just isn't one of them.

Recommended for Little fans. -, USA

Limited 250 edition, small press release, with illustrations by Roseanne Dobrinin. Nine short stories, includes an introduction by Richard Laymon. The short stories are: The Backroom, Blood, Projections, The Garage Sale, Estoppel, The Beach, The Mailman, The Murmurous Haunt of Flies, In The Warehouse.


It takes an author of extraordinary talent to achieve any measure of accomplishment in both long and short-story formats. Within the current horror/suspense genre, Richard Laymon certainly has this rare ability. As does Stephen King, Ray Garton, Ed Gorman and a handful of others. Yet, as one demands an even higher standard to writing, this short list grows smaller still.
Bentley Little is among this very select group.
His debut short-story collection, MUMUROUS HAUNTS, has at last been released and is truly a remarkable achievement. Without exception, each piece could stand alone as a glowing example of the massive potential of horror fiction - what it can say, how it can make you *feel*. Grouped together as they are (seven reprints, two original stories), it's a short 81-page tour-de-force that no reader or collector should be without.
Be warned, however: it is unfortunate that Little's first collection had to be so shoddily packaged. From a misspelling of MUMUROUS (reads "MUMEROUS") on the cover - on the cover, for God's sake! - to numerous misspellings within the text to misplaced paragraph breaks to bold, primitive artwork that seems a strange bedfellow for Little's polished prose.
Bentley Little deserves much, much better.
- - Ron Clinton, USA


A young man bumming around the West. An unemployed family man living off his wife's salary in Pennsylvania. A high-school teacher in Iowa approaching retirement. A successful video distributor in New Mexico. A female business executive in California. None of these people have ever met and they have nothing in common.
Except that they have all started dreaming about frightening but tantalizingly blurred events that seem to have happened years before in the dark and forbidding houses where they were born. And all of them have recently endured terrifying experiences that they can neither explain nor forget.
They do not yet know it, but the identical homes of their childhoods are connected to a bizarre series of supernatural events stretching across the length and breadth of the Unites States.
And by returning to these houses each will be forced to confront a horrifying past - and face an unknown future.


An old adage comes in quite handy right about now. When Bentley Little is good, he's very, very good. One of the best, actually. When he's bad, he's...well, he's still pretty good. Perhaps "uneven" would be a better label.
Little is the author of such acclaimed works as THE REVELATION, THE STORE, THE IGNORED, EVIL DEEDS, NIGHT SCHOOL and THE MAILMAN. He is also, however, the author responsible for DARK DOMINION, THE SUMMONING and now HOUSES, three novels whose quality falls quite short of the versatility and talent displayed in the aforementioned novels. Little had quite a streak going with his two previous novels but HOUSES has neither the eerie malevolence of THE STORE nor the poignant alienation of THE IGNORED and has no stand-alone qualities to bring it up to either's level. It was a shame to see this streak sputter to a halt. Don't misunderstand me - it wasn't a *bad* book. The last third of the novel had some good stuff: great pacing, horrific, sparkling imagry and intriguing conundrums. But prior to that, the book was frustratingly slow and replete with excess character/situational development and, in a few instances, frankly a bit confusing.
To make matters worse, as the five protagonists had essentially the same background and situation, it became rather repetitive as well. But all in all - as with THE SUMMONING and DOMINION - Little's incredible talent made HOUSES, an otherwise ordinary and somewhat flawed book, very readable. Perhaps GUESTS, his newest one coming out soon, will harken back to his glory days that were not so long ago. HOUSES gets a reserved recommendation but, hey, wait for the paperback. -- Ron Clinton, USA

Bob Jones is your ordinary guy, with a good job and a pretty girlfriend. Yet Bob has to admit he does have one problem. Nobody notices him, nobody remembers him. In a life where the common man goes unrecognised, Bob Jones is...ignored.
But one day Bob Jones is noticed. He is remembered. But he may have wished to remain unseen, for what the stranger who calls himself Philipe has in mind is something horrible. Something dreadful. He has revenge on his mind. Revenge against a world that has long ignored not just Bob, but others.
It's payback time for the ignored....

Novelist and short-story master Bentley Little has produced one of the most original and engrossing works the horror genre has seen for years:THE IGNORED. Examining the ground first tread upon by Ellison's INVISIBLE MAN, Little turns his attention to the alienated, admittedly lackluster individuals who wander ignored and literally unobserved like ghosts among us and their fruitless - and often violent - attempts to become noticed. In another author's hands this bizarre tale would have stretched its credulity and its premise likely seem absurd. But Little's exemplary talent and clarity of focus and intent bring this story to vivid life. Don't ignore this one - it's a stunner!
-- Ron Clinton, USA

The residents of the small town of Willis, Arizona, have always taken their postal service for granted - until the new mailman arrives.
That's when household bills stop being delivered...embarrassing personal letters fall into the wrong hands...dark secrets and shameful indiscretions become public knowledge. And people begin to die.
With the whole summer vacation ahead, high-school teacher Doug Albin is the first to notice that, bit by bit, the entire community is falling apart.
It is then he becomes aware of the cold menace behind the friendly wave and plastic smile of the new mailman...and he finally recognises the true face of evil.

Little's best novel to date has all the right ingredients of characterisation and plot. A terrific story that will have you turning the pages so fast you'll get paper-cuts! Nothing better than watching a small society start to fall apart when the fundamentals are slowly taken away from them. Bills go missing, secrets leak out - how can they all survive. A terrific story that brings horror and paranoia into the every-day world of the postal service...and much more! And just when you think it's all over - there's plenty more to come. The plot springs from troubles Little had with his local post office - and it shows! Unrelenting and great fun. Buy it!
Beware fear when its power is greatest...when your mind snaps in the face of the inconceivable.
For the town of Randall, Arizona, the fear starts quietly, oddly. A senile woman in her eighties becomes pregnant. Then the local minister mysteriously disappears, leaving his church hideously defiled by obscenities scrawled in blood. But whose blood?
Going out to the fields in the morning, farmers find their entire herds of goats slaughtered. Then the farmers themselves are massacred. The whole town begins to smell of death...
This relentless tide of killing is only the prelude to an even more unspeakable onslaught. And soon the remaining townsfolk will face an implacable evil as old as the world and as relentless as the Arizona sun.

Gritty, apocolyptic, not for the faint-hearted. This is a huge novel in terms of scope and really takes on a "end is nigh" feeling. The characterisation is top notch and the graphic nature of the novel will leave you squirming for more! This was Little's first novel and it is a stunning debut. He won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel with this story that will hit you like a shovel to the back of the head. Put this one on your list!
Rio Verde is a small town in the Arizona desert. Rio Verde is about to become hell on earth...
There was nothing left of Manuel Torres but a skeleton covered with skin. Manuel Torres had been literally sucked dry.
This is only the first horrific manifestation of the atrocity which has come to feast on Rio Verde. Formless, shapeless, mysterious, a predator slips through the streets like the desert wind. Even the buried dead in the graveyard are no longer safe.
As panic stirs and surges through the community, only a chosen few can comprehend the true nature of the aggressor. And only they can resist the demonic rantings of a sinister evangelist who offers an alternative path into the deepest pit of hell.

Much like Little's The Revelation, this work is epic in scope and the characterisation is spot on. A small community in fear and terror as normality is twisted from their grip and the horror begins. You'll have no problems putting yourself in the middle of this one. Nothing that is normal is safe and the feeling of brooding evil shadows you as you read. Make certain the lights are on when you read this one! Probably a bit too long, but otherwise a terrific read.
The Store is coming... In a meadow next to the highway, the sign appears one night. America's fastest-growing discount store is coming to the small town of Juniper, Arizona. And soon everyone is talking about the vast new world of consumer choice coming to their out-of-the-way community.
But technical writer Bill Davis doesn't share their excitement. He begins to notice the bodies of wild animals that have dragged themselves to the construction site to die - and when The Store opens, the townspeople's initial euphoria is replaced by unease as other things begin to die. Businesses fail. Shops burn down. People disappear.
Bill and his schoolteacher wife Ginny know they have to do something to stop The Store and its mysterious black-clad Night Managers, but the price may be a terrible one.
Their daughters have been hired by The Store. And The Store will not allow them to quit. Ever.

With his explosive new novel, THE STORE, Bentley Little continues his evocative, horrific examination of alienation and subjugation, areas also explored in THE IGNORED and DOMINION and certainly broached in his other works as well. These subjects are naturally at home in the horror genre and Little consistently portrays them better than most of his contemporaries. With THE STORE, however, Little exceeds even his own high standards and has produced his best work to date, a chilling, fully-fleshed cautionary novel of total economic subjugation by a demonic marketing mammoth simply called The Store and the chainstore's bizarre impact upon a small town. Little's flair for originality and spare, well-written prose has never been so flawlessly displayed as in this remarkable novel. Rush out and buy a copy today - though it might be wise to avoid the huge chainstores. You never know... -- Ron Clinton, USA
The house was dark as she pulled into the driveway. She got out of the car and looked across the street at the Lauter place. The removal van had gone, and sheets had been put up over the inside of the windows. From behind the sheets came a soft glow.
The idea of someone actually living in the Lauter house made her shiver. It seemed strange for people to be there, wrong almost.
She had only been six when Keith Lauter had killed both himself and his wife, but she remembered the events as clearly as if they'd happened yesterday. She'd been playing outside when she heard the first shot.
And the scream.

Many years later, that same quiet street in Phoenix, Arizona, is blighted once more by the smell of death. For pretty Cathy Riley, now living alone with her bitter, disabled father, it's like an old nightmare reborn.
What kind of devil could devise a new and intricate method of killing each time - turning each horrifying death into an act of creative genius? Who could this artist of slaughter be and what fiendish form would the next murder take?
Caught in a closing web of terror, Cathy is thrown together with Detective Allan Grant, who has so far been chasing one false scent after another. But unless they uncover a secret no rational mind could suspect, the grisly slayings will move ever closer.
I found this book at a car boot sale. 'That looks ok I thought' so I bought it, even though I'd never heard of the author. I could not put it down…I think it must have taken me about 2 days to read it. The book is extremely well written and now I am a devout Little fan. The book could be considered gory and sick but then that's the way us horror fans like 'em. I found the style of writing not unlike Richard Laymon's work, but at the same time truly original. I now eagerly await the release of more of Little's work as I can't wait to sink my teeth into another great book.
-- Lisa Rudd, UK.

The University of Brea, in Southern California, has 25,000 students. It also has an abnormally high rate of violence, crime, suicide, rape and murder.
And that rate is steadily rising.
English professor Ian Emerson and college newspaper editor Jim Parker have both noticed a frightening change in the university this semester...The unnatural subjects now being taught by the faculty. The increased hostility of students towards each other. The bizarre and unexplainable events erupting all over campus.
Amidst a surging torrent of twisted violence and supernatural weirdness, these two men - along with beautiful transfer student Faith Pullen, and Gilford Stevens, a deranged occult scholar - are forced to fight off Brea's smothering influence and resist an all-devouring evil.
Until the university can no longer safely tolerate them in its midst...
Excellent book. Typically "Little". Started off a bit on the slow side. But it soon heated up. Soon I was reading it at work...I couldn't put it down. I love the way he keeps me guessing, and the way he keeps me holding the book at arms length...trying to read with one eye shut. Great!! -- Lisa Rudd, UK.

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