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Welcome to our latest page which features new and upcoming releases from Leisure Books in the US! Leisure Books publish new horror titles each month by the best horror writers on the planet - including Richard Laymon! Check out their new and upcoming release lists as well as some of the cream of the crop already available from US bookstores or directly from Leisure. One thing's for sure - we'll have you screaming with Leisure!

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Leisure schedule: H = Horror Line, T = Thriller Line

March '05:
H: Resurrection Dreams--Richard Laymon
H: Desolation--Tim Lebbon
T: The Dead Stone--Vicki Stiefel
T: Turnabout--Jeremiah Healy

April '05:
H: Rabid Growth--James A. Moore
H: Fiend--Jemiah Jefferson
T: Vengeance--Brian Pinkerton
T: Edge of Death--Maura Sheridan

May '05:
H: The Abandoned--Douglas Clegg
H: The Demonologist--Michael Laimo
T: The Pegasus Secret--Gregg Loomis
T: Blood Witness--Mary Germano







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