Episode Three

© 1998, Lee Ruby.


                                  1.  EXT.  ANOTHER ALLEY.  NIGHT. 

                                       (AS THE DOCTOR STANDS 

                                       OVER ACE READY TO STRIKE,

                                       ACE FINDS A SHORT PLANK

                                       NEAR HER. 

                                       SHE PICKS UP THE PLANK 

                                       AND FENDS OFF THE DOCTOR

                                       BY HITTING HIM IN THE

                                       STOMACH AND THE HEAD. 

                                       AS ACE HITS THE DOCTOR IN 

                                       THE HEAD, A SMALL PORTION

                                       OF THE DOCTOR'S FACE,

                                       FALLS TO THE GROUND. ACE

                                       SEES THIS. IT IS A MASK. 

                                       THE RIPPER, HOLDING HIS 

                                       HEAD AND TRYING TO HIDE

                                       THE HOLE IN HIS MASK,

                                       STUMBLES AWAY FROM ACE AND

                                       MOVES OUT OF THE ALLEY. 

                                       ACE GETS UP CARRYING THE 

                                       PLANK, AND PICKS UP THE

                                       PIECE OF MASK LEFT BEHIND

                                       BY THE RIPPER. SHE LOOKS

                                       AT IT AS SHE SLOWLY WALKS

                                       TO THE MOUTH OF  THE


                                   2.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                        (AS SHE EXITS THE ALLEY, 

                                        THE DOCTOR GRABS HER

                                        FROM BEHIND.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I thought  I told you  to 

                                    stay inside. 

                                       (ACE RAISES THE PLANK, 

                                       THEN RETHINKS, AND

                                       LOWERS THE PLANK AGAIN.) 

                                    ACE : Is it really you, Doctor?

                                    THE DOCTOR : Well,  who else would   it 

                                    be?  I  heard   a  scream  and   came

                                    running. What happened? 

                                    ACE : I was attacked. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : By the Ripper?

                                    ACE : Yes.

                                    THE DOCTOR : What did he look like?

                                    ACE : You.

                                    THE DOCTOR : What?

                                    ACE : He looked like you. Dressed  the 

                                    same and everything. He was wearing a

                                    mask that  made  him look  like  you.

                                    Look, some of it fell off when I  hit


                                       (ACE GIVES THE PIECE OF MASK 

                                       TO THE DOCTOR. HE LOOKS

                                       AT IT, AND NODS HIS HEAD.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Just as I thought.  Did 

                                    you see which way he went? 

                                    ACE : I saw him  turn left out of  the 


                                    THE DOCTOR : Right, I  want you to  go 

                                    back to the house   

                                    ACE : But Professor  

                                    THE DOCTOR : Don't argue now, Ace.  Go 

                                    back to the house, wait with  Parkes,

                                    and do  what  we  discussed  earlier.


                                    ACE : Alright, Doctor.

                                    THE DOCTOR : Good girl. Now go.

                                    ACE : What about you?

                                    THE DOCTOR :  I'll  be  alright.  Just 

                                    stick to  the plan.  Try to  convince

                                    them of the  truth when they  arrive.

                                    Hurry, go! 

                                       (ACE TURNS AND RUNS 

                                       BACK TOWARDS THE HOUSE. 

                                       THE DOCTOR, ONCE 

                                       SATISFIED ACE IS ON HER 

                                       WAY, RUNS DOWN THE 

                                       STREET AFTER THE RIPPER..) 

                                   3.  EXT.  SIDE STREET..  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR STOPS AT 

                                       A CORNER, TO SURVEY

                                       THE STREET. 

                                       AT THE FAR END OF 

                                       THE STREET, THE RIPPER

                                       STILL SUFFERING FROM THE

                                       BLOW TO THE HEAD, SLOWLY

                                       TURNS ANOTHER CORNER. 

                                       THE DOCTOR SEES THE 

                                       RIPPER TURN THE CORNER,

                                       AND HE RUNS AFTER


                                   4.  EXT.  ANOTHER BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR TURNS THE 

                                       CORNER TO SEE THE RIPPER

                                       SLOWLY WALKING ALONG THE


                                       THE RIPPER HAS HEARD THE 

                                       FOOTSTEPS AND TURNS

                                       AROUND TO SEE WHO IS

                                       FOLLOWING HIM. 

                                       THE DOCTOR IS AMAZED 

                                       TO SEE HIS OWN FACE

                                       LOOKING BACK AT HIM. 

                                       AS THE RIPPER SEES THE 

                                       DOCTOR, HE BEGINS TO RUN

                                       DOWN THE STREET. THE DOCTOR

                                       RUNS AFTER THE RIPPER. 

                                       AFTER A SHORT CHASE, 

                                       THE RIPPER STOPS RUNNING

                                       AND ENTERS ONE OF THE

                                       GAS STREET LIGHTS  

                                       HIS TARDIS. 

                                       THE DOCTOR HAS GAINED ON 

                                       THE RIPPER, AND DIVES INTO

                                       THE TARDIS AFTER HIM.) 



                                    5.  INT.  RIPPER'S TARDIS.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR TACKLES THE 

                                       RIPPER TO THE FLOOR,

                                       AND TURNS HIM OVER.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I always suspected  these 

                                    murders   could   only   have    been

                                    committed by someone like you. But it

                                    never occurred to me that it was you!

                                    Then you gave  yourself away. When  I

                                    arrived at  the scene  of the  second

                                    murder, I  heard  the sound  of  your

                                    TARDIS  dematerializing.  I  realized

                                    then   who   was   committing   these

                                    appalling crimes. 

                                       (THE RIPPER SAYS NOTHING.)

                                    Come on,  enough  of this  facade.  I 

                                    know who you are.  I know you're  the

                                    Master. Take off the mask. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR STANDS TO LET 

                                       THE RIPPER GET TO HIS


                                    RIPPER : So  you think  you're  smart, 

                                    Doctor. You feel you have solved this

                                    whole mystery? Well  I'm afraid  that

                                    you are  only  half correct  in  your


                                    THE DOCTOR :  Stop  playing  games,  I 

                                    know it's  you.  Who  else,  but  the

                                    Master would do such a thing? 

                                    RIPPER : Who else indeed, Doctor?

                                       (THE RIPPER PULLS OFF 

                                        HIS MASK. THE DOCTOR TAKES

                                        A STEP BACK IN SURPRISE. IT

                                        IS THE VALEYARD.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : No!

                                    VALEYARD : Why yes, Doctor. As you now 

                                    see, it's not  the Master  committing

                                    the crimes. It  is, in  all point  of

                                    fact, yourself!! 

                                    THE DOCTOR : No,  it can't be.  You're 


                                    VALEYARD : Ah, but  it is, my  friend. 

                                    And you can  see, I'm  not dead.  The

                                    Valeyard has returned. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : But  why? Why, would  you 

                                    go to all this trouble of taking  the

                                    Ripper murders out  of their  correct

                                    time stream  and committing  them  on

                                    different dates?  Surely not  out  of


                                    VALEYARD : I  shall say  this  slowly, 

                                    Doctor, so even you can understand. I

                                    am the Keeper of the Matrix,  another

                                    piece of information you are  unaware

                                    of. As the keeper,  I have access  to

                                    all the  flight paths  of TARDIS'  in

                                    all of  time. Surely,  by now  it  is

                                    obvious that if I incriminated you in

                                    five murders, and the tampering  with

                                    history, I could strip the Presidency

                                    of the High Council from you. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  A  position,  no  doubt, 

                                    that you would readily fill. 

                                    VALEYARD : Naturally. I now have  many 

                                    followers on Gallifrey, and I am in a

                                    position to  do what  I have  stated,

                                    giving   me   supreme   power    over


                                    THE  DOCTOR :   Why   did   you   come 

                                    personally? You  could have  tampered

                                    with the Matrix  on Gallifrey.  There

                                    was no need for you to come to  Earth

                                    and commit the murders yourself. 

                                    VALEYARD : That's true, Doctor. But it 

                                    would have  been  a  hollow  victory.

                                    Doing   it    my    way    guarantees

                                    satisfaction. Once you were convicted

                                    of the  murders,  I was  planning  to

                                    show myself, to let you know who  had

                                    finally destroyed you! 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Why this planet?

                                    VALEYARD : You have  an affection  for 

                                    this planet, do you not? At random, I

                                    picked one of your visits here. I see

                                    no reason why you favour it. It's too

                                    primitive and  dull. But  I shall  be

                                    rid of  this planet,  and you,  in  a

                                    short time. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  But you  can't  possibly 

                                    succeed with your  plan. You've  only

                                    committed two  murders out  of  five.

                                    And I'm here to  make sure you  don't

                                    commit any more! 

                                    VALEYARD : Very  gallant of  you.  But 

                                    you're wrong  again,  Doctor.  You're

                                    too late. I've already committed  the

                                    double  murder  tonight.  I  did   it

                                    earlier than  planned, just  in  case

                                    you were on to  me. There's only  one

                                    murder left for me to commit, and  as

                                    I was returning, I saw Ace. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : How did  you know it  was 


                                    VALEYARD : Come  now,  Doctor.  Surely 

                                    you haven't forgotten? We're both the

                                    same person. You're a part of me, and

                                    I'm a part of you. Remember? She  was

                                    my companion too. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Why  did you attack  her? 

                                    She's not one of the five victims. 

                                    VALEYARD : Oh,  I know  that,  Doctor. 

                                    Butt I know  more about  Ace than  you

                                    do. I know what  will become of  her.

                                    She was fair game, after all. Anyway,

                                    I'm beginning to  enjoy my new  role,

                                    it's all quite satisfying. Revenge is

                                    now only secondary. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : You're mad!

                                    VALEYARD : What's your point?

                                       (THE DOCTOR RUSHES THE 

                                       VALEYARD, BUT THE

                                       VALEYARD IS ABLE TO FEND

                                       HIM OFF.. THE DOCTOR FALLS

                                       TO THE  GROUND. THE VALEYARD

                                       RUNS OUT OF THE TARDIS. 

                                       THE DOCTOR SLOWLY GETS 

                                       UP AND RUNS OUT OF THE

                                       TARDIS AFTER THE VALEYARD.) 

                                   6.  EXT.  ANOTHER BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR RUNS ONTO 

                                       THE STREET AND LOOKS 

                                       AROUND, THE VALEYARD 

                                       IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.) 

                                   THE DOCTOR : Damn! 

                                   7.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (ABBERLINE, JOHN, AND 

                                       THREE CONSTABLES ARE

                                       STANDING IN THE LOUNGE

                                       ROOM ARGUING WITH PARKES

                                       AND ACE. 

                                       ACE MANAGES TO GET THEIR 

                                       ATTENTION WITH ONE, SHARP


                                    ACE : We have no  time to waste.  I've 

                                    tried to explain to you what's  going

                                    on, and you'll have to believe me. Do

                                    not arrest the Doctor, listen to him! 

                                    ABBERLINE : Dear girl,  your story  is 

                                    quite  imaginative.  I  suggest   you

                                    write books and not waste police time

                                    and money. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR STORMS IN, 

                                       OUT OF BREATH. THE

                                       POLICE TRY TO GRAB THE

                                       DOCTOR, BUT HE FIGHTS

                                       THEM OFF.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Listen, listen to me, all 

                                    of you. 

                                    ABBERLINE : No, you listen to me  

                                    THE DOCTOR : Oh,  be quiet  Inspector, 

                                    and listen  for  a  change!  You  are

                                    looking for a man who is wearing  the

                                    same garments  as myself,  but has  a

                                    different face. 

                                    JOHN : Not more stories!

                                    THE DOCTOR : Listen. I know where this 

                                    murderer is headed. If we don't  stop

                                    him  soon,   he'll   commit   another

                                    murder. He is desperate now, he  must

                                    complete what he has set out to do. 

                                    ABBERLINE : Look  you, I've  had  just 

                                    about enough  of  these  stories.  We 

                                    know  who  we're  looking  for.  He's 

                                    standing in  this room.  Another  two

                                    murders have been committed  tonight,

                                    while you were out of police custody.

                                    If  that  doesn't  prove  you're  the

                                    murderer,   then   my   name's    not

                                    Frederick George  Abberline.  So,  do

                                    not  waste  my  time  with   childish

                                    games, sir. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Listen to me,  Inspector. 

                                    Can you afford to  take the risk  and

                                    let another woman die? Another murder

                                    on your back? At least go and call on

                                    the address. If nothing happens,  you

                                    can  arrest  me  then,  and  I'll  go


                                       (JOHN AND ABBERLINE LOOK 

                                       AT EACH OTHER.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : Alright,  Doctor, tell  us 

                                    what you know. 

                                   8.  EXT.  SIDE STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE VALEYARD WALKS ALONG 

                                        A LONELY SIDE STREET.) 

                                   9.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : He's on his way to Dorset 

                                    Street, and  he must  be stopped.  We

                                    have to get to the scene of the crime

                                    as  soon   as  possible,   preferably

                                    before the Valeyard. 

                                   10.  EXT.   DORSET STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE VALEYARD TURNS A 

                                       CORNER AND WALKS DOWN

                                       THE STREET. ON THE SIDE

                                       OF THE CORNER BUILDING

                                       IS THE STREET NAME  

                                       DORSET STREET.) 

                                   11.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : So  if we  all split  up, 

                                    and cover  every  possible  route  to

                                    Dorset Street,  we  may  be  able  to 

                                    capture him before  he gets  anywhere 

                                    near the  girl.  You all  know  which

                                    route you are taking? 

                                      (THEY ALL NOD.)

                                    Right, let's get going! 

                                   12.  EXT.  DORSET STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                        (THE VALEYARD KNOCKS ON 

                                        AN OLD WOODEN DOOR.) 

                                   13.  EXT.  ALLEY.  NIGHT. 

                                        (ABBERLINE, JOHN AND 

                                        THE CONSTABLES RUN

                                        THROUGH THE ALLEY

                                        AND FIND THEIR WAY

                                        BLOCKED BY A STUBBORN

                                        HORSE AND CART. 

                                        THEY TURN AROUND AND 

                                        RUN BACK UP THE ALLEY.) 

                                   14.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                        (PARKES AND ACE RUN  DOWN 

                                        THE STREET. ACE IS CARRYING

                                        HER BASEBALL BAT. PARKES

                                        HAS TROUBLE KEEPING UP

                                        WITH ACE, AND SHE HAS TO

                                        KEEP STOPPING AND WAITING

                                        FOR HIM TO CATCH UP.) 

                                    15.  EXT.  DORSET STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                        (THE WOODEN DOOR OPENS. 

                                        MARY KELLY TAKES ONE LOOK

                                        AT THE VALEYARD AND


                                   KELLY : Evenin' Guv. Want to come in?

                                       (THE WOMAN STEPS BACK, 

                                       AND THE VALEYARD ENTERS

                                       THE HOUSE. 

                                       FROM AROUND THE CORNER, 

                                       THE DOCTOR SPRINTS INTO

                                       DORSET STREET.) 



                                   16.  INT.  KELLY'S ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE ROOM HAS A DILAPIDATED 

                                       BED IN THE CORNER, AND A

                                       SINK OPPOSITE. 

                                       WITH HIS BACK TO KELLY, 

                                       THE VALEYARD TAKES FROM

                                       HIS JACKET THE KNIFE. HE

                                       MOVES OVER TO THE DOOR

                                       AND LOCKS IT. THEN HE

                                       TURNS AROUND AND SLOWLY

                                       WALKS TOWARDS KELLY. 

                                       KELLY SITS ON THE BED. 

                                       UNAWARE OF THE VALEYARD

                                       APPROACHING FROM BEHIND.) 

                                   17.  EXT.  DORSET STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR RUNS PAST 

                                       THE DOOR THE VALEYARD


                                    18.  INT.  KELLY'S ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (KELLY TURNS AROUND TO 

                                       SEE THE VALEYARD COMING

                                       TOWARDS HER WITH THE KNIFE.

                                       SHE SCREAMS.) 

                                   19.  EXT.  DORSET STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR HEARS THE 

                                       SCREAM AND REVERSES HIS

                                       DIRECTION. HE GOES BACK

                                       TO KELLY'S DOOR. 

                                       THE DOCTOR TRIES THE 

                                       KNOB, BUT IT IS LOCKED.

                                       THERE IS ANOTHER SCREAM.

                                       THE DOCTOR TRIES TO BREAK

                                       DOWN THE DOOR. AFTER A

                                       FEW GOOD RAMS, THE DOOR

                                       BUCKLES AND THE DOCTOR

                                       CHARGES INTO THE HOUSE.) 

                                   20.  INT.  KELLY'S ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE VALEYARD, STANDING OVER 

                                       KELLY ABOUT TO KILL  HER, 

                                       SWINGS AROUND TO FACE THE 

                                       DOCTOR. THE  VALEYARD

                                       HAS NO TIME TO REACT AS

                                       THE DOCTOR CONTINUES

                                       HIS CHARGE IN THE

                                       DIRECTION OF THE VALEYARD

                                       AND TACKLES HIM SOLIDLY. 

                                       THEY BOTH FALL TO THE 

                                       FLOOR, AND THE KNIFE

                                       IS KNOCKED FROM THE

                                       VALEYARD'S HAND. 

                                       KELLY RUNS OUT OF 

                                       THE HOUSE YELLING


                                       THE VALEYARD FIGHTS 

                                       THE DOCTOR AND THEY

                                       BOTH MOVE SLOWLY

                                       TOWARDS THE KNIFE. 

                                       THE STRENGTH OF THE 

                                       VALEYARD IS GREATER

                                       THAN THAT OF THE DOCTOR,

                                       AND HE MANAGES TO GRAB

                                       THE KNIFE. 

                                       THE VALEYARD PINS THE 

                                       DOCTOR TO THE FLOOR

                                       AND RAISES THE KNIFE.) 

                                    VALEYARD : This  was  not part  of  my 

                                    original plan, Doctor.  But it  seems

                                    everything  will  turn  out  for  the

                                    best. I'm  going  to kill  two  birds

                                    with one stone. (HE LAUGHS)  Good-bye,


                                       (ACE RUNS INTO THE ROOM 

                                       AND SEES THE FIGHT IN

                                       PROGRESS. TAKING HER

                                       BASEBALL BAT, SHE

                                       STRIKES THE VALEYARD

                                       ON THE HEAD. THE

                                       VALEYARD DROPS THE

                                       KNIFE AND FALLS TO THE

                                       FLOOR UNCONSCIOUS. 

                                       THE DOCTOR LOOKS AT 

                                       ACE AND SMILES.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Well done, Ace.

                                    ACE : Thanks, Professor.

                                       (ABBERLINE, JOHN AND 

                                       THE CONSTABLES ENTER

                                       THE ROOM.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : There you are, Inspector, 

                                    Jack the Ripper. And to make your day

                                    easier, you  even have  the  intended

                                    victim as a witness. 

                                    ABBERLINE : It seems you were correct, 

                                    Doctor. We found the girl at the  end

                                    of the  street. She's  hysterical  at

                                    the moment, but we'll get her to talk

                                    once she's calmed  down. I believe  I

                                    owe you an apology, and a great  deal

                                    of thanks. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Think nothing of it,  but 

                                    make sure  he gets  what's coming  to


                                    ABBERLINE : Oh  he  will,  Doctor.  He 


                                       (THE POLICE GRAB THE 

                                       VALEYARD, AND DRAG HIM

                                       FROM THE ROOM. 

                                       PARKES ENTERS, TOTALLY 

                                       OUT OF BREATH.) 

                                    PARKES :  Did  I  miss  anything,  old 


                                       (THE DOCTOR AND ACE 


                                    THE DOCTOR : Come  on Alexander,  I'll 

                                    tell you all about  it over a cup  of


                                       (THEY LEAVE THE ROOM.) 

                                   21.  INT.  HOLDING CELL.  DAY. 

                                       (THE VALEYARD IS PACING 

                                       THE CELL, RUBBING THE

                                       LUMP ON HIS HEAD. 

                                       THE DOCTOR ENTERS, AND 

                                       THE VALEYARD STARES AT


                                    THE DOCTOR : I knew your plan wouldn't 

                                    work, and now look where you've ended

                                    up. Not a fitting home for the Keeper

                                    of the  Matrix. But  I don't  suppose

                                    you'll be the Keeper much longer. 

                                    VALEYARD :  And  why  wouldn't  I.  My 

                                    colleagues will soon look for me, and

                                    find me.  They'll  make sure  no  one

                                    will find out about this. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  You're  too  late.  I've 

                                    already  sent  the  details  of  what

                                    you've done  to Gallifrey.  Using  my

                                    position as the President of the High

                                    Council of Time Lords, you will  find

                                    your men rounded up, and locked away,

                                    just like you. I've asked other  Time

                                    Lords  who   are  familiar  with   the

                                    Matrix, to  see if  they can  rectify

                                    your  interference   and  place   the

                                    events back  in  their  proper  time.

                                    Hopefully, the  original murders  can

                                    be placed back in their original year

                                    and  dates.  Sadly,  the  outcome  is

                                    still the same. 

                                    VALEYARD : I'll  defeat  you,  Doctor. 

                                    I'll escape from here, and I'll  hunt

                                    you down.  When I  find you,  I  will

                                    have  no  pity!  When  I  return   to

                                    Gallifrey, with the knowledge I  have

                                    of the Matrix, I'll again  re arrange

                                    the events. 

                                    THE   DOCTOR  :   You   haven't    been 

                                    listening, have you? They know  about

                                    your scheme. They know what you  did,

                                    and they will make sure the knowledge

                                    of the Matrix is taken from you!  And

                                    even if they  don't, the Matrix  will

                                    be of little  use down here,  because

                                    you have no hope of ever getting back

                                    to Gallifrey. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR LEAVES THE 


                                    YALEYARD : We  shall see,  Doctor.  We 

                                    shall see. 

                                   22.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (ABBERLINE, JOHN, ACE

                                       AND PARKES ARE 

                                       STANDING OUTSIDE THE

                                       POLICE STATION. ACE

                                       IS NOW DRESSED IN HER

                                       USUAL CLOTHES. 

                                       THE DOCTOR WALKS DOWN 

                                       THE STEPS TOWARDS THEM.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : Once again, Doctor, I must 

                                    thank you  for your  help, and  I  am

                                    sorry  we   suspected  you   of   the


                                    THE DOCTOR :  No  need  to  apologise, 

                                    Inspector. You were  only doing  your


                                       (THE DOCTOR  MOVES OVER 

                                       TO PARKES.) 

                                    Thank  you  for  a  most  interesting 

                                    visit, Alexander. 

                                    PARKES :   Surely  you're  not  leaving 

                                    already, Doctor? 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Alexander, I wish I could 

                                    stay, but  I  feel  I've  had  enough

                                    adventure for this trip, and we  have

                                    a pressing engagement elsewhere. 

                                    PARKES : So  be it,  Doctor. You  will 

                                    promise to visit again? 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Definitely,   Alexander. 

                                    See you in about ten years. 

                                    ACE : Good-bye, Alexander.

                                    PARKES : Cheerio, Miss Ace.

                                       (THE DOCTOR AND ACE 

                                       BEGIN TO WALK AWAY.

                                       ACE SEES JOHN AND STOPS.) 

                                    ACE : You  go ahead,  Doctor. I'll  be 

                                    with you in a minute. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR STOPS 

                                       WALKING, TURNS AROUND

                                       AND WATCHES ACE WALK

                                       TOWARDS JOHN.) 

                                    JOHN : So you're leaving.

                                    ACE : Yeah, I have to. 

                                    JOHN : Couldn't you stay a while.

                                    ACE :  No.  I  have  to  be  with  the 

                                    Doctor. I feel guilty about  doubting

                                    him like I did, I owe him something. 

                                    JOHN : I  suppose this  means I  won't 

                                    get to take you out to the theater to

                                    see Jeckyll and Hyde. 

                                    ACE : I've had enough of monsters  for 

                                    a while. I have to go, this isn't  my

                                    world, it's  yours.  I'm  as  out  of

                                    place in your world, as you would  be

                                    in mine. Good-bye, John. 

                                    JOHN : Good-bye Ace.

                                       (ACE TURNS AND RUNS 

                                       BACK TO THE DOCTOR.

                                       THEY RESUME THEIR WALK

                                       UP THE STREET.) 

                                    ACE : Doctor.  Who  is  the  Valeyard, 


                                    THE DOCTOR :  Oh, Ace.  That's such  a 

                                    long story, from a  part of  my  life

                                    I'd rather forget. I'll tell you  one


                                        (THE DOCTOR TOUCHES HIS 


                                    Oh dear!

                                    ACE : What is it, Professor?

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  I  haven't  changed  my 

                                    clothes. We have to  go back and  get

                                    my clothes.  I  can't go  around  the

                                    galaxy in  this primitive  get up,  I

                                    need my clothes back. 

                                       (ACE PULLS THE DOCTOR'S 

                                       NORMAL CLOTHES FROM HER

                                       BACK PACK.) 

                                    Oh, Ace! You're a life saver!

                                    ACE : Again. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR TURNS AROUND 

                                       AND CALLS TO PARKES WHO IS

                                       NOW TALKING TO JOHN.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Alexander!  I'll  return 

                                    the clothes on my next visit! Do  you


                                    PARKES : Don't worry, Doctor. The suit 

                                    was too small for me! Keep it! Add it

                                    to your collection!! 

                                       (THE DOCTOR NODS HIS 

                                       HEAD AND WAVES. PARKES AND

                                       ABBERLINE WAVE BACK. JOHN

                                       TURNS AWAY AND BEGINS TO

                                       WALK BACK INTO THE STATION.) 

                                    ACE : Professor?

                                    THE DOCTOR : Yes Ace?

                                    ACE : Promise me something.

                                    THE DOCTOR : Anything.

                                    ACE :  Never  leave  me  out  of  your 

                                    battles again. 

                                      (THE DOCTOR THROWS AN 

                                       ARM AROUND ACE'S


                                    THE DOCTOR :  That's a  promise,  Ace. 

                                    That's a promise. 

                                        (ACE AND THE DOCTOR 

                                        WALK AROUND THE CORNER.) 

                                   23.  INT.  HOLDING CELL.  DAY. 

                                       (THE VALEYARD SITS 

                                       ON A CHAIR IN THE

                                       CELL. HE STARES AT

                                       THE WALL AND DOES

                                       NOT MOVE. 

                                       ABBERLINE ENTERS THE CELL. 

                                       STILL THE VALEYARD DOES

                                       NOT MOVE.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : Alright, are you ready  to 

                                    talk yet?  We've got  a witness,  the

                                    Doctor's testimony and your knife. It  

                                    won't take  me  long to work out  where 

                                    you  come from, and why you did it. So

                                    why don't you make it easier on  both

                                    of us, and tell me the whole story? 

                                       (THE VALEYARD STILL 

                                        REFUSES TO TALK.) 

                                    Alright, you're going to be stubborn. 

                                    Just remember, I've got all the  time

                                    in    the    world.    You're    just

                                    incriminating yourself further.  When

                                    you're ready to talk, I'll be here. 

                                       (ABBERLINE LEAVES THE 


                                       THE VALEYARD MOVES HIS 

                                       GAZE TO THE DOOR. AFTER

                                       A PAUSE, HE PULLS BACK

                                       HIS SLEEVE. ATTACHED TO

                                       HIS ARM IS A SMALL DEVICE. 

                                       THE VALEYARD TAKES IT FROM 

                                       HIS ARM AND TURNS IT ON. A

                                       LIGHT BLINKS AND A HIGH

                                       PITCHED BEEPING CAN BE


                                       SUDDENLY, IN THE CORNER 

                                       OF THE CELL, BEHIND THE

                                       VALEYARD, HIS TARDIS


                                       THE VALEYARD GETS UP 

                                       FROM HIS CHAIR AND MOVES

                                       TO THE TARDIS. HE TOUCHES

                                       ITS SIDES, SMILES, AND

                                       BEGINS TO LAUGH...) 

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