Episode Two

© 1998, Lee Ruby.



                                 1.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (PARKES AND ACE ARE 

                                       SITTING AT THE DINNER

                                       TABLE STILL AWAITING THE

                                       DOCTOR'S RETURN. 

                                       PARKES IS HOLDING A DECK 

                                       OF CARDS, AND HE IS TRYING

                                       TO TEACH ACE THE CARD GAME


                                       ACE IS CLEARLY NOT 

                                       INTERESTED IN THE GAME, AS

                                       SHE IS WORRIED ABOUT THE

                                       WHEREABOUTS OF THE DOCTOR.) 

                                    PARKES : Now  you see  dear girl,  you 

                                    can place  a  red seven  on  a  black

                                    eight. Then  you turn  over the  card

                                    underneath. (HE TURNS OVER  A CARD) 

                                    ACE : How  long  has the  Doctor  been 

                                    gone now, Alex? 

                                    PARKES : Sorry? Oh, the Doctor!  Well, 

                                    let me see. (TAKES OUT WATCH FROM TOP

                                    POCKET) He's  been out  well over  an

                                    hour now. I hope  he hasn't got  into

                                    any trouble. 

                                    ACE : So do I.

                                    PARKES : I remember  when he was  here 

                                    last time   

                                       (PARKES IS CUT OFF AS 

                                       THERE IS A LOUD KNOCKING

                                       AT THE FRONT DOOR.

                                       PARKES AND ACE RISE FROM

                                       THE DINNER TABLE, AND

                                       RUSH OUT INTO THE HALLWAY.) 

                                     2.  INT.  HALLWAY.  NIGHT. 

                                       (ACE MOVES OVER TO THE 

                                       DOOR AND UNLOCKS IT.

                                       THE DOCTOR CHARGES IN

                                       AND SLAMS THE DOOR BEHIND

                                       HIM. HE STANDS PANTING

                                       WITH HIS BACK RESTING 

                                       AGAINST THE DOOR. HIS 

                                       CLOTHES ARE COVERED

                                       WITH DIRT, AND HIS

                                       HANDS ARE BLOOD STAINED.) 

                                    ACE : You're back Prof   (ACE  NOTICES 

                                    THE BLOOD  ON  THE  DOCTOR'S  HANDS.)

                                    Gordon   Bennet,   Professor!    What


                                       (THE DOCTOR, STILL OUT OF 

                                       BREATH, SHAKES HIS HEAD

                                       AND DOES NOT ANSWER.) 

                                    PARKES : Mercy me,  old boy. What  the 

                                    devil happened  out  there?  Are  you


                                       (THE DOCTOR PUSHES HIS 

                                       WAY PAST THEM AND MOVES

                                       INTO THE LOUNGE ROOM.) 

                                   3.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                        (THE DOCTOR LOOKS 

                                        FRANTICALLY AROUND THE

                                        ROOM FOR SOMETHING TO

                                        WIPE HIS HANDS ON. 

                                        ACE AND PARKES FOLLOW 

                                        HIM INTO THE ROOM.) 

                                    ACE :  Doctor,  what's  wrong?  What's 


                                    PARKES : You're not  injured are  you, 

                                    dear chap? 

                                       (THE DOCTOR SHAKES HIS 

                                       HEAD VIGOROUSLY AND

                                       STILL REFUSES TO ANSWER. 

                                       HE SPOTS THE KITCHEN 

                                       DOOR AND HEADS FOR IT.) 

                                   4.  INT.  KITCHEN.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE KITCHEN IS SMALL 

                                       AND ONLY CONTAINS THE

                                       ESSENTIALS. THERE IS A

                                       SINK ON A FAR WALL, AND

                                       A SMALL TABLE IN THE

                                       MIDDLE OF THE ROOM. 

                                       THE DOCTOR MOVES OVER 

                                       TO THE SINK, AND BEGINS

                                       TO WASH THE BLOOD FROM

                                       HIS HANDS. 

                                       ACE AND PARKES ALSO ENTER 

                                       THE ROOM) 

                                    PARKES : Come on, Doctor. You can tell 

                                    us.   It's   rather   obvious    that

                                    something has  happened.  We're  your

                                    friends, please tell us. 

                                    ACE : Wicked, Professor.  Fill us  in. 

                                    Did you get in  a fight? Hate to  see

                                    the other guy   

                                       (ACE STOPS AS THE DOCTOR 

                                       SWINGS AROUND FROM THE

                                       SINK TO FACE THEM. HIS

                                       FACE FILLED WITH ANGER.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Quiet!  Don't you see!  I 

                                    wasn't in a fight.  I told you II  had

                                    something to  take care  of, and  I'm

                                    doing just that.  It doesn't  concern

                                    you two. It's better if you both just

                                    keep out of it. It's my problem,  and

                                    I have to solve it. 

                                    ACE : But, Professor?

                                    THE DOCTOR : No, Ace! I don't want  to 

                                    talk about it any more. 

                                    PARKES :  Look,  old  chap,   couldn't 

                                    you  -

                                    THE DOCTOR :  No I  couldn't. I  don't 

                                    need your advice Parkes, and I  don't

                                    need your help.  Everything is  under

                                    control, it will just  take me a  bit

                                    longer than  I first  thought to  fix

                                    this whole  mess.  Now if  you  don't

                                    mind, I'd  like  to go  to  bed.  I'm


                                       (THE DOCTOR PUSHES PAST 

                                       PARKES AND ACE AND EXITS

                                       THE KITCHEN.) 

                                    ACE : I don't  believe it. I've  never 

                                    seen him like this before. 

                                       (ACE AND PARKES EXIT THE 


                                   5.  INT.  HALLWAY.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR SLOWLY 

                                       CLIMBS THE STAIRS

                                       TO HIS ROOM, AS ACE

                                       AND PARKES ENTER FROM

                                       THE LOUNGE ROOM.) 

                                    ACE : Doctor, can't we help?

                                       (THE DOCTOR SHAKES HIS 

                                       HEAD AND CONTINUES TO

                                       SLOWLY WALK UP  THE STAIRS.)  

                                    THE DOCTOR : Not now, Ace. I'm  tired. 

                                    Why don't we all  get a good  nights'

                                    sleep. Everything will be clearer  in

                                    the morning. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR REACHES HIS 

                                       BEDROOM DOOR, AND OPENS

                                       IT. HE PAUSES FOR A MOMENT,

                                       THEN CONTINUES INSIDE. HE

                                       CLOSES THE DOOR AND THE

                                       FAINT GLOW OF A LIGHT IS

                                       SEEN UNDER THE DOOR. 

                                       PARKES AND ACE STAND AT 

                                       THE FOOT OF THE STAIRS

                                       LOOKING AT THE DOCTOR'S

                                       BEDROOM DOOR.) 

                                    PARKES : He seems to have a lot on his 


                                    ACE : He's had a lot on his mind  many 

                                    times before, but  he's never acted in

                                    this way. It's out of character. 

                                    PARKES :  He's  a  mystery  man    from 

                                    another time, another place. 

                                    ACE : What could have affected him  so 


                                    PARKES : Only  time  will  tell,  Miss 

                                    Ace. But for now, we might as well do

                                    as he suggested. A good nights' sleep

                                    will do us all good. 

                                       (THE LIGHT UNDER THE 

                                       DOCTOR'S DOOR GOES OUT. 

                                       SEEING THIS, ACE BEGINS 

                                       TO WALK UP THE STAIRS.

                                       PARKES FOLLOWS BEHIND HER

                                       EXTINGUISHING THE LIGHTS.

                                       AS ACE REACHES HER BEDROOM

                                       DOOR, SHE TURNS TO PARKES.) 

                                    ACE : Good night, Alex.

                                    PARKES : Good night, dear girl.

                                       (ACE OPENS THE DOOR AND 

                                       ENTERS HER ROOM. PARKES

                                       EXTINGUISHES THE LIGHT

                                       AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS

                                       AND ENTERS HIS BEDROOM. 

                                       AFTER A SHORT WHILE, 

                                       THE LIGHT IN THE DOCTOR'S

                                       ROOM IS TURNED BACK ON,

                                       AND THE FAINT GLOW UNDER

                                       THE DOOR IS ONCE AGAIN


                                   6.  INT.  KITCHEN.  DAY. 

                                       (ACE IS STANDING BY THE 

                                       SINK AND PARKES IS

                                       SITTING AT THE TABLE

                                       READING A NEWSPAPER.

                                       HE SHAKES HIS HEAD.) 

                                    ACE : Well? What do you think.

                                    PARKES : Surely, you're not saying  

                                    ACE : What else can  I think when  the 

                                    Doctor charges  in  here  covered  in

                                    blood and won't talk to us, and  then

                                    I read something like that? 

                                    PARKES : But  surely you  don't  think 

                                    the Doctor is responsible for this? 

                                    ACE : Why not? He hasn't given us  any 

                                    other explanation. Look at this. 

                                       (ACE TAKES THE PAPER 

                                       FROM PARKES AND POINTS

                                       TO ONE OF THE COLUMNS.) 


                                  7.  INT.  HALLWAY.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR OOPENS 

                                       HIS BEDROOM DOOR AND

                                       SLOWLY MAKES HIS WAY

                                       DOWN THE STAIRS. HE HAS

                                       HAD NO SLEEP, AND STILL

                                       LOOKS TERRIBLY WORRIED.) 

                                   8.  INT.  KITCHEN.  DAY. 

                                        (ACE IS NOW SITTING AT 

                                        THE TABLE WITH PARKES.

                                        THE NEWSPAPER STILL

                                        IN HER HANDS.) 

                                    PARKES : I'm really  not sure if  it's 

                                    the best thing to do, Miss Ace. 

                                    ACE : Won't  you at  least give  it  a 

                                    try? I'll  take  full  responsibility

                                    for my  actions. Just  go along  with


                                    PARKES : I suppose  it's for the  good 

                                    of everyone. We can only try. 

                                    ACE : Great! Now I think  

                                       (THE DOCTOR ENTERS THE 

                                       KITCHEN, AND ACE STOPS

                                       TALKING. SHE QUICKLY

                                       TAKES THE PAPER OFF THE

                                       TABLE AND MOVES OVER

                                       TOWARDS THE SINK. 

                                       THE DOCTOR STANDS BY 

                                       THE DOOR FOR A SECOND,

                                       STARING AT ACE AND PARKES.

                                       AS HE SITS AT THE TABLE,

                                       HE SMILES.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Good morning Ace, Parkes. 

                                    I'm starving. What's for breakfast? 

                                       (PARKES IS SURPRISED BY 

                                       THE DOCTOR'S PLEASANT

                                       CHANGE IN MOOD.) 

                                    PARKES : Oh,  well let's  see  Doctor, 

                                    what would you like? 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Eggs.  Do you  have  any 


                                    PARKES : Why, yes of course, old chap. 

                                    How would you like them? 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I'll leave that up to you 

                                    Alexander. Surprise me!  By the  way,

                                    do you have a copy of this  morning's


                                       (PARKES LOOKS AT ACE, 

                                       WHO IS STANDING BY THE

                                        SINK SMILING AT THE

                                        DOCTOR. SHE ROLLS UP

                                        THE NEWSPAPER AND HIDES

                                        IT IN THE BACK OF HER

                                        DRESS. PARKES LOOKS

                                        AT THE DOCTOR.) 

                                    PARKES : Ah, no. No, not yet.

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Oh. Ace,  why don't  you 

                                    sit down and have some breakfast? 

                                    ACE : I've already eaten, Doctor.

                                    THE DOCTOR : I see. Never mind.

                                       (ACE MOVES OVER TO 

                                       THE KITCHEN TABLE

                                       AND TAKES A SEAT.) 

                                    ACE : Doctor?

                                    THE DOCTOR : Yes, Ace.

                                    ACE : What happened last night?

                                    THE DOCTOR : Ace, what did I tell  you 

                                    when I returned last night? 

                                    PARKES : Oh come  on old thing,  don't 

                                    leave us hanging.  Tell us what  went


                                    THE DOCTOR : I have  told you all  I'm 

                                    going to tell  you. There are  things

                                    happening here  that you  just  don't


                                    ACE : Then explain it to us, Doctor.

                                    THE DOCTOR : I have explained  enough! 

                                    You are to do  what you are told  and

                                     I don't want either of you to mention

                                     last night again. 

                                        (ACE STANDS UP AND 

                                        MARCHES TO THE DOOR.) 

                                    ACE : You  know  Doctor, I  thought  I 

                                    knew you.  I  would have trusted  you

                                    with anything. After all the time  we

                                    have spent together, you were the one

                                    person I truly admired and cared for.

                                    Well, I can see now how wrong I  was.

                                    You're just like  all the rest.  I've

                                    seen a side to your character I don't

                                    like, and it's  your true  character.

                                    You've lied  to  me  all  this  time.

                                    You're a fake. 

                                       (ACE CHARGES OUT THE KITCHEN 

                                       DOOR. THE DOCTOR LOOKS AT

                                       THE DOOR CONFUSED. HE THEN

                                       SHRUGS HIS SHOULDERS.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Women! 

                                    9.  INT.  HALLWAY.  DAY. 

                                        (ACE RUNS UP THE STAIRS 

                                        AND INTO HER BEDROOM.) 

                                   10.  INT.  BEDROOM.  DAY. 

                                        (ACE'S BEDROOM IS 

                                        SPARSELY FURNISHED

                                        WITH A BED AND CHEST

                                        OF DRAWERS. THERE

                                         IS A WINDOW IN THE FAR


                                         ACE SITS ON THE BED 

                                         AND PULLS THE PAPER

                                         FROM HER DRESS. SHE

                                         PLACES IT ON THE BED

                                         AND READS THE HEADLINE,

                                         "ANOTHER WOMAN SLAUGHTERED

                                         IN WHITECHAPEL" 

                                         ACE DECIDES WHAT COURSE 

                                         OF ACTION TO TAKE AND

                                         LEAVES THE ROOM.) 

                                   11.  INT.  HALLWAY.  DAY. 

                                         (ACE SLOWLY MOVES 

                                         DOWN THE STAIRS. SHE 

                                         CHECKS THAT THE DOCTOR 

                                         AND PARKES DO NOT SEE

                                         HER. SHE QUIETLY

                                         OPENS THE FRONT DOOR AND

                                         LEAVES THE HOUSE.) 

                                   12.  INT.  KITCHEN.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR IS 

                                       FINISHING HIS EGGS, AND

                                       PARKES IS SITTING NEXT

                                       TO HIM TRYING TO CREATE

                                       A CONVERSATION. THE

                                       DOCTOR SEEMS DISTRACTED

                                       AND PARKES IS NERVOUS AND


                                    PARKES : So  anyway, then  I tried  to 

                                    show the  dear  girl  the  card  game

                                    Patience. I  don't think  she  really

                                    understood it.  More tea?  No?  Where

                                    was I?  Oh, that's  right, silly  me.

                                    I'm  always  forgetting  what  I  was

                                    talking about, what  about you?  Then

                                    again you're younger than me.  Aren't

                                    you? You  never  can tell.  Why  just

                                    this morning  when I  read about  the

                                    second Whitechapel murder, I almost   

                                       (THE DOCTOR QUICKLY  

                                       STANDS UPRIGHT. HE

                                       REACHES OVER THE KITCHEN

                                       TABLE AND GRABS PARKES

                                       BY THE SHIRT.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  What do  you know  about 

                                    the second Whitechapel murder? 

                                    PARKES : Sorry, old boy. Did I mentionn 

                                    a second murder? I, I meant the first

                                    murder, not the second! 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  But you  know about  the 

                                    second murder! 

                                    PARKES : Yes, well,  no. I,  I mean  I 

                                    only glimpsed  the  headline  in  the

                                    paper.  Ace  was  the  one  who   was

                                    reading it. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  You told  me you  hadn't 

                                    got a copy of today's paper. 

                                    PARKES : I didn't know it was  today's 

                                    paper, it  could  have been  any  old

                                    paper. Your hurting me old chap. Ace,

                                    Ace  got  the  paper,  not  me.  Your

                                    hurting, Doctor. She wouldn't let  it

                                    out of her sight. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR RELEASES 

                                       PARKES FROM HIS GRIP.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Where is she now?

                                    PARKES : Well, I'm not sure.

                                    THE DOCTOR : Ace! Ace!

                                       (THE DOCTOR STARTS 

                                       SHOUTING ACE'S NAME.

                                       WHEN HE RECEIVES NO

                                        ANSWER, HE CHARGES

                                        OUT OF THE KITCHEN.) 

                                   13.  INT.  HALLWAY.  DAY. 

                                        (THE DOCTOR RUNS 

                                        UP THE STAIRS AND

                                        CHARGES INTO  ACE'S


                                   14.   INT.  BEDROOM..  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR LOOKS 

                                       AROUND THE ROOM.

                                       HE GRABS THE PAPER

                                       OFF THE BED AND QUICKLY

                                       READS THE HEADLINE.

                                       HE THROWS THE PAPER

                                       BACK ONTO THE BED AND

                                       THEN RUNS OUT OF THE


                                   15.  INT.  HALLWAY.  DAY. 

                                        (THE DOCTOR RUNS DOWN 

                                        THE STAIRS, PUSHES ASIDE

                                        PARKES AT THE FOOT OF

                                        THE STAIRS, OPENS THE

                                        FRONT DOOR AND CHARGES

                                        INTO THE STREET.) 


                                  16.  EXT.  MAIN STREET.  DAY. 

                                        (THE DOCTOR RUNS DOWN 

                                        THE STEPS AND HAS A

                                        QUICK LOOK UP AND DOWN

                                        THE BUSY STREET. BUT

                                        ACE IS NOWHERE TO BE


                                        PARKES IS STANDING IN 

                                        THE DOORWAY OF HIS HOUSE.

                                        THE DOCTOR RUNS UP TO HIM.) 

                                   THE DOCTOR :  Where  is  she,  Parkes? 

                                   Where has she gone? 

                                    PARKES : I'm sorry old chap, I haven't 

                                    got the foggiest idea where she could


                                       (THE DOCTOR LOOKS 

                                       DISGUSTEDLY AT PARKES,

                                       AND HE RE- ENTERS THE


                                       PARKES QUICKLY GLANCES 

                                       UP THE STREET, AND ALSO

                                       RE ENTERS THE HOUSE.) 

                                   16.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (ACE CAN BE SEEN TALKING 

                                       TO A WOMAN WHO POINTS

                                       DOWN THE STREET. ACE

                                       NODS, AND BEGINS TO

                                       WALK  TOWARDS WHERE THE

                                       WOMAN POINTED. 

                                       AT THE END OF THE STREET, 

                                       SHE STOPS AND LOOKS AT AN

                                       OLD STONE BUILDING. THE

                                       SIGN OUTSIDE THE BUILDING

                                       READS "LOCAL POLICE". 

                                       AFTER A PAUSE, ACE ENTERS 

                                       THE POLICE STATION.) 

                                   17.  INT.  POLICE STATION.  DAY. 

                                        (THE POLICE STATION 

                                        IS A SMALL, NARROW

                                        BUILDING WITH AN

                                        INFORMATION DESK 

                                        IN THE FIRST ROOM, 

                                        AND THE CELLS AND

                                        OFFICES IN THE TWO

                                        ROOMS BEHIND. THEY

                                        ARE ALL CONNECTED BY

                                        TWO SMALL DOORS AND

                                        A NARROW CORRIDOR. 

                                        ACE WALKS UP TO THE 

                                        OFFICER  AT THE DESK.) 

                                    ACE : I want to talk to someone  about 

                                    the Whitechapel murders. 

                                   18.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR IS SLUMPED 

                                       IN A CHAIR LOOKING

                                       EVEN MORE TIRED AND


                                       PARKES HAS PULLED UP A 

                                       CHAIR NEXT TO HIM, AND

                                       IS TRYING TO GET HIM TO

                                       TALK ABOUT HIS PROBLEMS.) 

                                    PARKES :  Come  on,   old  chap!   I'm 

                                    pleading with you  to tell me  what's

                                    on your mind. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Don't you see, Alexander? 

                                    I'm up  against  something  you  know

                                    nothing about. How  can you  possibly

                                    help me? 

                                    PARKES : I may not know what it is you 

                                    are   fighting   against,   but   I'm

                                    certainly a good learner, Doctor. And

                                    I may bee able to provide some backup. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR THINKS THIS 

                                       OVER FOR A SHORT TIME.) 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  It  seems  I  have   no 

                                    choice. I  don't think  I can  handle

                                    this on my own anyway. 

                                    PARKES : That's the spirit!

                                    THE DOCTOR : You see, Alexander,  it's 

                                    about these Whitechapel murders. 


                                   19.  INT.  POLICE STATION.  DAY. 

                                       (ACE IS WAITING ON A 

                                       CHAIR IN THE OUTER


                                       ENTERING THROUGH THE 

                                       DOOR TO THE CELLS, JOHN

                                       O'NEIL NOTICES ACE. HE

                                       MOVES OVER TO HER.) 

                                    JOHN : Excuse  me.  Can I  be  of  any 

                                    assistance, madam? 

                                    ACE : I'm waiting  to talk to  someone 

                                    about the Whitechapel murders. 

                                     JOHN : I see. Weren't you at the scene 

                                    of the first  crime? I  think we  saw

                                    each other.  I was  the constable  at

                                    the mouth of the alley. 

                                    ACE : That's  right. I  remember  now. 

                                    You smiled at me. Do you think I  can

                                    talk to someone  about these  murders


                                    JOHN : They are all rather busy at the 

                                    moment, but I'll see  what I can  do,


                                    ACE : Ace.

                                    JOHN : Miss Ace. I'm John O'Neil.

                                    ACE : It's a pleasure to meet you.

                                    JOHN : Let's go into the back  office. 

                                    Inspector  Abberline  is   there,  I'm

                                    sure you can  talk to  him. Any   help

                                    with this  ghastly crime  is  greatly


                                       (THEY BOTH EXIT THROUGH 

                                       THE DOORWAY LEADING TO

                                       THE OFFICE.) 

                                   20.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR HAS RELATED 

                                       HIS STORY TO PARKES WHO

                                       NOW LOOKS TOTALLY BAFFLED.

                                       THE DOCTOR SEEMS REFRESHED 

                                       AND ALL SIGNS OF TIREDNESS 

                                       HAVE NOW VANISHED.) 

                                    PARKES :   You're  trying to  tell  me 

                                    that these murders have happened  two

                                    years too  early,  and on  the  wrong


                                    THE DOCTOR :  That's right  Alexander. 

                                    (THE DOCTOR STANDS AND BEGINS  PACING

                                    AROUND THE ROOM) These murders should

                                    have happened in  1888, but they  are

                                    happening now.  The original  murders

                                    happened over a  three month  period.

                                    These are happening every night.  The

                                    murderer is  obviously  not  of  this

                                    time  or  planet,   as  he  has   the

                                    knowledge of  the future  and of  the

                                    original crimes   themselves.  If  the

                                    killer is  not  stopped,  he  may  go

                                    beyond the original five murders  and

                                    become unconquerable. 

                                    PARKES : I have no reason to doubt you 

                                    Doctor,  but   I  must   ask  you   a


                                    THE DOCTOR :  Anything, Alexander.

                                    PARKES : Where were you last night? 

                                   21.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (ACE, JOHN O'NEIL, 

                                       ABBERLINE, AND A HANDFUL

                                       OF POLICE EXIT THE POLICE

                                       STATION AND BEGIN TO

                                       QUICKLY WALK UP THE STREET.) 

                                 22.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  DAY. 

                                    PARKES : Well now it all makes  sense. 

                                    Why didn't you just  tell us that  in

                                    the  first  place?   We  would   have

                                    understood your reasons. 

                                    THE   DOCTOR :   I   see   that   now, 

                                    Alexander.  I   apologize   for   not

                                    confiding in you sooner. 

                                    PARKES : No, Doctor.  I apologize  for 

                                    ever having doubted you. Now you  say 

                                    there  will   be  a   double   murder 

                                    tonight, is that correct? 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  That's  right.  I  have 

                                    every  reason  to  believe  that  the

                                    double murder will happen tonight. 

                                    PARKES : Well, what can we do to  stop 

                                    them being committed? 

                                       (THE FRONT DOOR IS 

                                       SUDDENLY KICKED IN. ACE,

                                       JOHN, AND ABBERLINE ALL

                                       RUSH INTO THE LOUNGE ROOM.

                                       ONE CONSTABLE GRABS THE

                                       DOCTOR AND HOLDS HIM.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : Do  not resist,  sir.  You 

                                    are under arrest for having committed

                                    the murders in  the Whitechapel  area

                                    on  the  fourth  and  fifth  off  this


                                       (THE DOCTOR SAYS NOTHING. 

                                       HE DOES NOT STRUGGLE.

                                       HE STARES AT  ACE DURING

                                       THE  WHOLE PROCEEDINGS. 

                                       ACE TRIES TO AVOID HIS 

                                       GAZE, BUT IS UNABLE TO.) 

                                    PARKES : Now just a minute.

                                    ABBERLINE : I'm sorry sir, we  haven't 

                                    got time  to worry  about you.  We've

                                    got to get this  monster down to  the

                                    station. Anything  you  wish  to  say

                                    will be taken  down  at a later  date.

                                    (HE LOOKS  AT  THE DOCTOR)  I  had  a

                                    funny feeling about  you when we  met

                                    in that alley. You knew too much  for

                                    your own good. I should have held you

                                    for questioning right there and then.

                                    But I've got  you now  so it  doesn't

                                    make a whole lot of difference.  Just

                                    an extra murder on the charge  sheet.

                                    Move him out. 

                                       (THE POLICE LEAVE THE 

                                       HOUSE TAKING THE DOCTOR

                                       WITH THEM. ACE, JOHN, AND

                                       PARKES ARE LEFT IN THE

                                       LOUNGE ROOM. JOHN MOVES

                                       OVER TO ACE AND TAKES HER


                                    JOHN : I know  how hard  that was  for 

                                    you. But I think  it was all for  the

                                    best. He's  less  dangerous  off  the

                                    streets. I'll see you later? 

                                        (ACE NODS HER HEAD, AND 

                                        JOHN LEAVES THE HOUSE.

                                        AFTER MAKING SURE HE HAS

                                        GONE, PARKES QUICKLY MOVES

                                        OVER TO ACE.) 

                                    PARKES : My dear girl, we have made  a 

                                    terrible mistake. 

                                    ACE : What do you mean?

                                    PARKES :  You  were  wrong.  All  your 

                                    suspicions were incorrect. The Doctor

                                    finally explained it all to me. 

                                    ACE : He did?

                                    PARKES : Yes. He hasn't killed anyone. 

                                    He's trying to stop the killer. 

                                    ACE : What about the blood last night.

                                    PARKES : He  was  trying to  stop  the 

                                    Chapman girl  from being  killed.  He

                                    arrived there  too late,  the  murder

                                    had  already  taken  place,  but  the

                                    Doctor still tried to resuscitate the

                                    girl. That's  why he  was covered  in


                                    ACE : But that doesn't explain  

                                    PARKES : And did it ever occur to you, 

                                    that both  yourself  and  the  Doctor

                                    hadn't even   arrived when the  first

                                    murder was committed? 

                                    ACE : Yes,  Alex.,  it did.  You  see, 

                                    with the TARDIS he could have   

                                    PARKES : Quick, no  time now, we  must 

                                    catch up  with  the police  and  tell

                                    them the facts. You have to tell them

                                    you were wrong. 

                                    ACE : But what about  

                                    PARKES : I'll   tell  you on  the  way, 

                                    dear girl. Trust me, the Doctor  knew

                                    what  he  was  doing.  But  we   have 

                                    interfered with his  plan.  Hurry  we 

                                    must go now. 

                                       (ACE AND PARKES LEAVE TTHE 


                                   23.  INT.  HOLDING CELL.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR SITS IN 

                                       A SMALL HOLDING CELL

                                       AT THE POLICE STATION.

                                       THERE ARE ONLY TWO CHAIRS

                                       IN THE CELL. ABBERLINE IS

                                       STANDING BY THE DOOR.) 

                                    ABBERLINE :  Come  on Doc., admit  it. 

                                    You've   even   got   your    friends

                                    believing you killed  the girls,  why

                                    not confess? 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Look  I  am  not   your 

                                    murderer. I am  not Jack The  Ripper!

                                    I'm trying to stop him. 

                                    ABBERLINE :  Oh, that's nice. Is  that 

                                    what  you're   calling  yourself?   I

                                    haven't heard that before.  Jack  the

                                    Ripper. Very posh! (HE LAUGHS) 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I'm  only trying to  warn 

                                    you, if you  don't let  me go,  there

                                    will be another two murders tonight. 

                                    ABBERLINE : Oh really? And how do  you 

                                    know that? 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Because I know. You  have 

                                    to trust me. 

                                    ABBERLINE :  Very  amusing,  sir.  Why 

                                    don't you leave the detective work to


                                    THE DOCTOR : Detective  work! What  to 

                                    do you know about detective work? The

                                    police in this city have no nous! You

                                    have no  means  of getting  the  best

                                    information  quickly!  You  have   no

                                    system of detective work!! 

                                    ABBERLINE : Thank you for your  views, 

                                    sir. I'll let you ponder them on your

                                    own for a while. 

                                       (ABBERLINE LEAVES THE CELL. 

                                       AFTER A SHORT WHILE, ACE,

                                       PARKES, AND JOHN ENTER THE


                                    JOHN : I  really shouldn't  be  giving 

                                    you this time alone  with him, but  I

                                    don't  suppose  it  will  hurt.  Five

                                    minutes, that's all. (JOHN LEAVES THE


                                        (ACE STANDS IN A CORNER 

                                        OF THE CELL, AND THE

                                        DOCTOR STARES AT HER.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  I  believe  you  owe  me 

                                    something, Ace. 

                                    ACE : I'm sorry, Doctor.

                                    THE DOCTOR : Are you going to obey  my 

                                    commands from now on? 

                                    ACE : Yes, Doctor.

                                    THE DOCTOR : Are you going to doubt my 

                                    intentions again? 

                                    ACE : No, Doctor.

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Alright  then,  apology 

                                    accepted. Now listen very  carefully.

                                    (THE THREE HUDDLE  TOGETHER). I  have

                                    no doubts  that tonight  will be  the

                                    night of  the  double murder.  I  now

                                    know who the murderer is. 

                                    PARKES : Who, old chap?

                                    THE DOCTOR : You  don't know him,   and 

                                    who he  is does  not matter  at  this

                                    stage. But I have to find him  before

                                    he commits another murder. 

                                    PARKES : I'm sorry,  old boy. I  triied 

                                    to tell the Inspector that it was all

                                    a big mistake.  But he  feels he  has

                                    enough evidence  to incriminate  you.

                                    The sooner  he  has a  murderer,  the

                                    sooner Scotland  Yard  gets  off  his

                                    back. There's no way  we can get  you

                                    out of here. 

                                    ACE : Don't  bet  on it,  Alex.  These 

                                    might help. (ACE PULLS OUT A RING  OF 

                                    KEYS   FROM    HER   POCKET.)    They 

                                    accidentally fell into my pocket when

                                    I  passed  a  rather  handsome  young

                                    constable.   What   do   you   think,


                                    THE DOCTOR : Oh Ace! You may have just 

                                    saved  the  lives  of  two   innocent

                                    girls,  and  one  innocent   Doctor!!

                                    Quick, leave now.  As you go,  create

                                    some sort of diversion, and I'll meet

                                    you back at the house. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR TAKES THE 

                                       KEYS. PARKES YELLS FOR

                                       THE CONSTABLE. JOHN OPENS

                                       THE CELL DOOR AND LETS THEM

                                       OUT. AFTER THEY HAVE LEFT,

                                       THE DOCTOR MOVES TO THE

                                        DOOR AND UNLOCKS IT. HE

                                       OPENS  IT SLIGHTLY TO AWAIT

                                       THE SOUND OF THE DIVERSION.) 

                                   24.  INT.  POLICE STATION.  DAY.

                                       (JOHN IS ESCORTING ACE AND 

                                       PARKES FROM THE CELLS.) 

                                    JOHN : Did  you  talk any  sense  into 


                                    ACE :  No.  He  doesn't  want  to  say 


                                    JOHN : Can I  still come  and see  you 


                                    ACE :  Sure.  Nothing  else  will   be 

                                    happening. I'm sure of that. 

                                       (PARKES GRABS HIS CHEST 

                                       AND CRIES OUT IN PAIN.

                                       HE COLLAPSES ONTO THE

                                       DESK IN AGONY. 

                                       THE POLICE AND ACE CROWD 

                                       AROUND HIM TO TRY AND HELP

                                       IN ANY WAY THEY CAN.) 

                                   25.  INT.  HOLDING CELL.  DAY. 

                                        (THE DOCTOR HEARS THE 

                                        COMMOTION AND QUIETLY

                                        EXITS THE CELL.) 


                                  26.  INT.  POLICE HALL.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR SLOWLY 

                                       MOVES DOWN THE HALL

                                       AWAY FROM THE COMMOTION.

                                       AT THE END OF THE HALL

                                       ARE THREE DOORS AND A


                                       THE DOCTOR TRIES TO OPEN 

                                       THE WINDOW. AFTER A COUPLE

                                       OF PUSHES, THE WINDOW

                                       FINALLY GIVES WAY. 

                                       THE DOCTOR CLIMBS OUT 

                                       THE WINDOW, AND RUNS

                                       DOWN THE STREET.) 

                                   27.  INT.  POLICE STATION.  DAY. 

                                       (PARKES PICKS HIMSELF OFF 

                                       THE TABLE WITH THE HELP

                                       OF THE POLICE AND ACE.) 

                                    PARKES : I'm  so dreadfully  sorry.  I  

                                    don't know what came over me!  Please

                                    forgive me. I should be alright  now.

                                    Ace can help me walk home. 

                                        (ACE HOLDS PARKES AS THEY 

                                        WALK TOWARDS THE DOORS.) 

                                    ACE : Well done, Alex. 

                                   28.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (ACE AND PARKES ARE 

                                       READY FOR ACTION. PARKES

                                       HAS A LARGE GUN, AND ACE

                                       HAS HER BASEBALL BAT. THEY

                                       ARE SITTING AT THE DINNER

                                       TABLE AWAITING THE DOCTOR.) 

                                    ACE : I wish he'd hurry up. The longer 

                                    he takes,  the more  time the  police

                                    have to catch him here. 

                                    PARKES : I'm  surprised they  believed 

                                    us earlier   when  we said  he  wasn't

                                    here. You would think they would have

                                    searched the  place  for  an  escaped

                                    criminal! But  I must  say I'm  quite 

                                    excited. I haven't had so much fun in 

                                    years. I feel like a young man again. 

                                      (THE DOCTOR ENTERS.)

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Right   you  two,   I'm 

                                    leaving now. 

                                    ACE : We're ready to go.

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Ace,  I wish  you  would 

                                    listen to me. You  and Parkes are  to

                                    stay here.  It is  too dangerous  for

                                    you out there in Whitechapel. 

                                    ACE : But Doctor  

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Ace, remember  what  you 

                                     promised me in the cell today? 

                                    ACE : That wasn't a promise.

                                    THE DOCTOR : It was close enough.  You 

                                    are to stay here. Understand? 

                                    ACE : Yes,  Doctor.  (ACE  THROWS  HER 

                                    BASEBALL BAT IN  THE CORNER. IT  HITS

                                    THE WALL AND REBOUNDS ONTO THE FLOOR)

                                    I never have fun any more. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I  shall not  be late  in 

                                    returning, I  hope. Remember  what  I

                                    told you to do  if the police  arrive

                                    again. Parkes,  watch my  friend  for

                                    me, will you? 

                                    PARKES : No worries  there, Doctor.  I 

                                    said I'd be your backup, and if  this

                                    is where you want  me. This is  where

                                    I'll be. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Good  man! See  you  all 


                                       (THE DOCTOR LEAVES THE 

                                       HOUSE, AND PARKES REPLACES

                                       HIS GUN IN A CORNER.) 

                                    PARKES : Well, there goes our fun  for 

                                    tonight, Miss Ace. Do you care for  a

                                    cup of tea? 

                                    ACE : Yes, Alex. That would be lovely. 

                                    I'll just go and change. 

                                    PARKES : Right you are. 

                                       (PARKES MOVES INTO THE 

                                       KITCHEN, AND ACE MOVES

                                       INTO THE HALLWAY.) 

                                    29.  INT.  HALLWAY.  NIGHT. 

                                       (ACE CHECKS THAT 

                                       PARKES IS NOT WATCHING

                                       HER. SHE OPENS THE

                                       FRONT DOOR, AND QUIETLY

                                       LEAVES THE HOUSE. 

                                       HER FORGOTTEN BASEBALL 

                                       BAT IS STILL LAYING ON THE

                                       FLOOR IN THE LOUNGE ROOM.) 

                                    30.  EXT.  MAIN STREET.  NIGHT.. 

                                        (ACE LOOKS UP THE STREET 

                                        JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE

                                        DOCTOR TURN A CORNER. SHE

                                        QUICKLY FOLLOWS HIM.) 

                                    31.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (ACE TURNS THE CORNER BUT 

                                       THE DOCTOR IS NOT IN

                                       SIGHT. SHE HAS LOST HIM. 

                                       SHE MOVES OVER TO A STREET 

                                       LIGHT AND STANDS UNDER

                                       IT. SHE LOOKS OUT INTO THE

                                       NIGHT, SEARCHING FOR THE


                                       FROM BEHIND, A HAND IS PLACED 

                                       ON HER SHOULDER. SHE SWINGS

                                       AROUND TO SEE THE CALM,

                                       SMILING FACE OF THE DOCTOR.) 

                                    ACE : There you are. I'm sorry. You're 

                                    not mad at me for following you? 

                                       (SUDDENLY, THE DOCTOR'S FACE 

                                       FILLS WITH ANGER, AND HIS

                                       OTHER HAND RISES ABOVE HIS

                                       HEAD. IN THIS HAND, THE DOCTOR

                                       HOLDS A SHARP, GLEAMING KNIFE 

                                       ACE SCREAMS AND BREAKS AWAY 

                                       FROM THE DOCTOR, AND SHE RUNS

                                       DOWN AN ALLEY.) 

                                     32.  EXT.  ANOTHER ALLEY.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR FOLLOWS ACE 

                                       DOWN THE ALLEY,  STILL

                                       WITH THE KNIFE IN HIS


                                       THE ALLEY IS A DEAD END, 

                                       AND ACE HAS NOWHERE TO RUN

                                       TO. SHE CROUCHES IN A

                                       CORNER OF THE ALLEY. 

                                       THE DOCTOR SLOWLY TOWERS 

                                       OVER HER, KNIFE IN HAND,

                                       AND LAUGHING.)

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