Episode One

© 1998, Lee Ruby.



                                  THE DOCTOR


                                  ALEXANDER PARKES

                                  INSPECTOR ABBERLINE

                                  CONSTABLE JOHN O'NEIL


                                  DRUNK (EP. 1)

                                  EMILY (EP. 1)

                                  MARY NICHOLS (EP. 1)

                                  POLICE DOCTOR (EP.  1)

                                  PAPER BOY (EP. 1)

                                  BARMAN (EP. 1)

                                  ANNIE CHAPMAN (EP. 1)

                                  MAN (EP. 1)

                                  THE VALEYARD (EP. 3)

                                  MARY KELLY (EP. 3)

                                  POLICE CONSTABLES



                                  Back Street

                                  Another Street

                                  Main Street


                                  Hanbury Street

                                  Back Yard

                                  Police Station

                                  Another Alley

                                  Side Street

                                  Another Back Street

                                  Dorset Street


                                  Lounge Room





                                  Police Station

                                  Holding Cell

                                  Police Hall

                                  Ripper's Tardis

                                  Kelly's Room


(Setting: Whitechapel, England. 1886) 

                                    1.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (LOUD CHEERS CAN BE 

                                       HEARD ISSUING FROM A

                                       CLOSED DOOR OF A BAR,

                                       ON A WET, OLD

                                       COBBLESTONE STREET. 

                                       A DRUNK IS THROWN 

                                       OUT OF THE BAR AND

                                       HE STUMBLES INTO

                                       THE STREET. 

                                       HE MUMBLES ABUSE 

                                       TOWARDS THE OWNER

                                       AND SLOWLY WALKS

                                       DOWN THE STREET PAST

                                       TWO WOMEN STANDING

                                       UNDER A SINGLE GAS

                                       STREET LIGHT. 

                                       THE WOMEN LOOK OLD 

                                       AND HAGGARD AND THEY

                                       BOW TOWARDS THE

                                       DRUNK. THE DRUNK

                                       FAILS TO NOTICE THEM

                                       AND CONTINUES DOWN

                                       THE STREET. EMILY  IS

                                       POORLY DRESSED AND

                                       SHE SEEMS COLD. MARY

                                       HAS WARMER CLOTHING,

                                       AND IS WEARING A NEW


                                     EMILY : Oh  come  on, Mary.  Let's  go 

                                     back into the bar. It's too cold  out

                                     here tonight. 

                                     MARY : No, you go ahead. I'll stay out 

                                     here a while longer. 

                                     EMILY : Are you sure?

                                     MARY : Yes of course I am love.  You go 

                                     along and have a nice night. 

                                        (EMILY MOVES DOWN 

                                        THE STREET TOWARDS

                                        THE BAR.) 

                                     MARY : Emily! 

                                       (EMILY TURNS AROUND, 

                                       AND MARY POINTS TO THE

                                       BONNET ON HER HEAD.) 

                                     Look what a pretty bonnet I got.

                                     EMILY : I  hope  it  brings  you  some 

                                     luck, dear! 

                                       (EMILY TURNS AWAY 

                                       AND ENTERS THE BAR.

                                       MARY TURNS TO

                                       LOOK UP THE STREET. 

                                       FROM BEHIND, A HAND 

                                       APPEARS AND TOUCHES

                                       HER SHOULDER. SHE

                                       SWINGS AROUND IN

                                       SHOCK, BUT REALISING

                                       CERTAIN BUSINESS,

                                       CALMS DOWN.) 

                                     MARY : Can I help you, Guv?

                                       (THEY BOTH  WALK DOWN 

                                       A DARK SIDE ALLEY

                                       AND OUT OF SIGHT. 

                                       A STRUGGLE CAN BE 

                                       HEARD, BUT IS QUICKLY

                                       MUFFLED. A RIPPING

                                       SOUND THEN FOLLOWS.) 

                                    2.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (A LARGE CROWD HAS 

                                       GATHERED IN THE MOUTH

                                       OF THE SIDE ALLEY.

                                       THEY ARE BEING KEPT

                                       BACK FROM THE ENTRANCE

                                       BY A YOUNG CONSTABLE  

                                       JOHN O'NEIL.) 

                                    3.  EXT.  ALLEY.  DAY. 

                                       (DOWN THE ALLEY INSPECTOR 

                                       ABBERLINE, A MAN IN HIS

                                       MID FORTIES, IS BENDING

                                       OVER THE BODY OF MARY.

                                       ANOTHER CONSTABLE IS 

                                       PRESENT, AND SO IS A 


                                       ABBERLINE PLACES A SHEET 

                                       OVER THE BODY, AND MOVES

                                       OVER TO THE CONSTABLE.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : Make  sure  you  move  the 

                                    body as  soon as  possible. We  don't

                                    want the  crowd to  see any  of  this


                                       (ABBERLINE MOVES OVER TO 

                                       THE POLICE DOCTOR WHO

                                       IS TAKING NOTES IN A

                                       SMALL HANDBOOK.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : What  do you  make of  it, 


                                    POLICE DOCTOR : It is one of the  most 

                                    horrific things I have ever seen. The

                                    injuries have  been made  by  someone

                                    who has considerable anatomical skill

                                    and   knowledge.    There   were    no

                                    meaningless  cuts.  I  can't  believe

                                    anyone would have  mutilated a  woman

                                    so. This murder in all its details is

                                    inhuman, and  could  only  have  been

                                    done by a bloodthirsty beast in human


                                    ABBERLINE : Do  you  think  there  was 

                                    much of a struggle? 

                                    POLICE   DOCTOR :   Initially,    yes. 

                                    However, the poor lass seems to  have

                                    been drunk, most  probably with  Gin,

                                    and once the killer started to attack

                                    the poor  girl,  she would  have  had

                                    little chance. As you can tell by the

                                    horrific injuries she sustained. Have

                                    you any  ideas  who could  have   done


                                      ABBERLINE : Not  as yet.  But if  what 

                                    you state is  true, and the  murderer

                                    possesses   considerable   anatomical

                                    skill, then all we have to do is find

                                    all  those  in  Whitechapel  who  are

                                    skilled in  anatomy. There  can't  be

                                    many in this area,  so I would  think

                                    my investigations are  now very   much

                                    narrowed. I'm  sure we'll  have  this

                                    case cleared up in no time at all. 

                                    POLICE DOCTOR : What about the body? 

                                    ABBERLINE : It will  be taken away  as 

                                    soon as we can  get this crowd to  go


                                    POLICE DOCTOR : Well,  the sooner  the 

                                    better. The  girl deserves  a  better

                                    resting place than this alley. 

                                       (ABBERLINE MOVES TOWARDS 

                                       THE MOUTH OF THE ALLEY,

                                       AND THE  POLICE DOCTOR

                                       CONTINUES TO WRITE NOTES

                                       IN HIS HANDBOOK.) 

                                   4.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (BEHIND THE CROWD, THE 

                                       TARDIS MATERIALIZES.

                                       THIS GOES UNNOTICED BY

                                       THE CROWD WHO ARE ALL

                                       PEERING DOWN THE ALLEY. 

                                       FROM WITHIN THE TARDIS 

                                       THE DOCTOR AND ACE EMERGE.

                                       THE DOCTOR NOTICES THE

                                       CROWD AND PAUSES.) 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Ace.

                                    ACE : Yes, Professor.

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Could you  re check  the 

                                    time period displayed  on the  TARDIS

                                    console for me?? 

                                    ACE : Sure.

                                       (ACE RE-ENTERS THE TARDIS 

                                       AND THE DOCTOR SLOWLY

                                       MOVES OVER TOWARDS THE


                                       FROM WITHIN THE ALLEY 

                                       INSPECTOR ABBERLINE

                                       MOVES TOWARDS THE

                                       CROWD, WIPING HIS HANDS.

                                       HE THEN INSPECTS THE


                                    ABBERLINE : There is  nothing for  you 

                                    to  see  here.  I  suggest  you   all

                                    disperse and go home. 

                                       (THE CROWD TAKES LITTLE 

                                       NOTICE OF THIS AND

                                       REFUSES TO MOVE.) 

                                    ABBERLINE : Did you hear me? I said go 


                                       (STILL THE CROWD DOES 

                                       NOT MOVE FROM THE SCENE.

                                       ABBERLINE TURNS TO


                                    ABBERLINE : Get rid of them, O'Neil.

                                    JOHN : How Inspector?

                                    ABBERLINE : I don't care how, just  do 


                                    JOHN : I'm only one man, Inspector.  I 

                                    need a few  more men to  get them  on

                                    their way. 

                                    ABBERLINE : Look  John, I've  got  the 

                                    mutilated  body of a woman back  here,

                                    and a very limited  number of men  to

                                    work with. If I had the proper number

                                    of men  under  my command  you  would

                                    have a  couple  of fellows  to  shift

                                    this lot.  But I  haven't, so  you'll

                                    have to do your best. Is that  clear,


                                    JOHN : Yes, Inspector.

                                       (AS JOHN TRIES TO 

                                       DISPERSE THE CROWD,

                                       THE DOCTOR MANAGES TO

                                       MOVE PAST HIM AND

                                       CATCH UP WITH ABBERLINE

                                       WHO HAS BEGUN TO WALK

                                       BACK UP THE ALLEY.) 

                                   5.  EXT.  ALLEY.  DAY. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Excuse me, Inspector!

                                    ABBERLINE : (TURNS TO FACE THE DOCTOR) 

                                    I'm sorry  sir,  the  public  is  not

                                    permitted within the crime scene. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I'm the Doctor and -

                                    ABBERLINE : Well,  we've  already  got 

                                    the police doctor on the scene,  sir.

                                    You are not required. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Could   you tell  me  the 

                                    victim's name? 

                                    ABBERLINE : I beg your pardon, sir?

                                    THE DOCTOR : I said, could you tell me 

                                    the victim's name? 

                                    ABBERLINE : The  name   of  the  victim 

                                    will be released in due course, and I

                                    really don't see   

                                    THE DOCTOR :  We are  in  Whitechapel, 


                                    ABBERLINE : Do not play the fool, sir. 

                                    You know we are in Whitechapel. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : And the body is that of a 

                                    Miss Mary Anne Nichols, I presume? 

                                    ABBERLINE : May  I ask  where you  got 

                                    that information from? 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Oh,  from  one  of  the 


                                    ABBERLINE : I'm sure you did,  sir.  So 

                                    I  can  presume  that  you  knew  the


                                    THE DOCTOR : Not personally. The  year 

                                    is 1888 is it not? 

                                    ABBERLINE : Sir, you know it is 1886.

                                    THE DOCTOR : Yes, but  -

                                    ABBERLINE : Look sir, I have a  murder 

                                    to investigate, so I haven't got  the

                                    time to play childish games. Scotland

                                    Yard wants to  know what's going  on,

                                    and I have  limited time and  limited

                                    men. So if you don't mind, good day. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : But all I want to know  

                                    ABBERLINE : Good day, sir!

                                       (ABBERLINE MOVES FURTHER 

                                       INTO THE ALLEY. THE 

                                       DOCTOR BEGINS TO FOLLOW 

                                       ABBERLINE, BUT RECONSIDERS

                                       AND DECIDES TO WALK BACK

                                       TOWARDS THE STREET). 

                                   6.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (ACE IS STANDING OUTSIDE 

                                       THE TARDIS TRYING TO

                                       LOCATE THE DOCTOR. 

                                       THE DOCTOR WALKS PAST 

                                       JOHN WHO IS STILL

                                       TRYING TO DISPERSE THE

                                       CROWD, AND QUICKLY MOVES

                                       BACK TO THE TARDIS.) 

                                    ACE : Where have you been, Professor?

                                    THE DOCTOR : Never mind now Ace,  what 

                                    was the time period displayed on  the

                                    TARDIS console?? 

                                    ACE : Whitechapel 1886.

                                    THE DOCTOR : How very odd.

                                    ACE : Why?

                                    THE DOCTOR :   I'll tell you later. All 

                                    I  know   at  the   moment  is   that

                                    something is dreadfully wrong. 

                                    ACE :  Nothing   new   there!   What's 

                                    attracted the crowd? 

                                    THE DOCTOR : There's been a murder.

                                    ACE : Gordon Bennet! Let's go and  get 

                                    a look. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : No, no, Ace. We have more 

                                    important things to do. 

                                    ACE : Oh come on Professor, what could 

                                    be better than this! 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Come with  me Ace!  It's 

                                    time I paid a visit to an old friend. 

                                    ACE : But  

                                    THE DOCTOR : No buts. Come on! 

                                       (THE DOCTOR AND ACE MOVE 

                                       OFF DOWN THE STREET. AS

                                       THEY LEAVE, ACE CATCHES

                                       THE EYE OF JOHN. HE

                                       SMILES AT HER, AND ACE

                                       SMILES BACK. THE CROWD

                                       SURGES FORWARD AND JOHN

                                       IS TEMPORARILY DISTRACTED.) 

                                    JOHN : Please  stop pushing!  You  are 

                                    not permitted past this line!   Please

                                    go home! 

                                       (JOHN GLANCES BACK 

                                       TO WHERE ACE WAS, BUT

                                       SHE HAS GONE.) 

                                   7.  EXT.  ANOTHER STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR AND ACE 

                                       TURN THE CORNER AND

                                       BEGIN TO WALK DOWN

                                       A BUSY STREET. THEY

                                       ATTRACT MANY GLANCES

                                       AND STARES FROM PEOPLE

                                       AS THEY LOOK OUT OF PLACE

                                       IN THEIR NORMAL APPAREL. 

                                       DURING THIS WALK, THE 

                                       DOCTOR BUYS A PAPER

                                       FROM A PAPER BOY

                                       STANDING IN THE MIDDLE

                                       OF THE STREET. THE

                                       DOCTOR LOOKS AT THE

                                       PAPER AND SHAKES HIS

                                       HEAD. THE HEADLINE

                                       READS  "WHITECHAPEL


                                       DEPOSITING THE PAPER 

                                       IN HIS BACK POCKET,

                                       THE DOCTOR AND ACE

                                       TURN ANOTHER CORNER.) 

                                   8.  EXT.  MAIN STREET.  DAY. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR AND ACE 

                                       TURN INTO A MAIN

                                       STREET, AND THE DOCTOR

                                       HEADS STRAIGHT FOR A

                                       HOUSE SITUATED HALF WAY

                                       ALONG THE STREET. 

                                       THE DOCTOR PAUSES 

                                       OUTSIDE THE HOUSE

                                       JUST LONG ENOUGH FOR

                                       ACE TO CATCH UP.) 

                                    ACE : Where are we going, Doctor?

                                       (THE DOCTOR PLACES 

                                       A FINGER TO HIS LIPS

                                       INDICATING SILENCE.

                                       HE THEN SMILES,

                                       HASTILY WALKS UP THE

                                       STEPS TO THE HOUSE,

                                       AND KNOCKS LOUDLY

                                       ON THE DOOR. ACE

                                       SLOWLY FOLLOWS THE

                                       DOCTOR'S PATH UP THE


                                    ACE : Professor, what -

                                       (ACE'S QUESTION IS 

                                       INTERRUPTED BY THE

                                       DOOR SLOWLY BEING

                                       OPENED. ALEXANDER

                                       PARKES, THE ENGLLISH

                                       SCIENTIST AND INVENTOR

                                       OF CELLULOID IN 1855,

                                       IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF

                                       THE DOOR FRAME. HE IS IN

                                       HIS SEVENTIES, AND IS

                                       TOTALLY BAFFLED BY THE

                                       TWO STRANGERS ON HIS


                                    PARKES : Can I help you sir?

                                    THE DOCTOR :  It's me,  Parkes.  Don't 

                                    you remember. 

                                    PARKES : You'll have to do better than 

                                    that if you want me to remember  you,

                                    sir. My memory isn't what it used  to


                                    THE DOCTOR : I'm  the Doctor,  Parkes. 

                                    The Doctor. 

                                    PARKES : Very good. Doctor who?

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Brown curly  hair.  Long 

                                    scarf. I helped you with the problems

                                    you were having  with your  celluloid


                                    PARKES :  Bless   my  soul!  It's  that 

                                    Doctor! You've changed again. Why,  I

                                    would never  have known  it was  you.

                                    Not after all this time. It's been so

                                    long!  But  please, don't just  stand

                                    out there,  come  in,  come  in  dear


                                    THE DOCTOR : Thank  you. (MOVING  INTO 

                                    HALL) Oh,  by  the way,  this  is  my

                                    companion,   Ace.   Ace,   this    is

                                    Alexander  Parkes,  the  inventor  of


                                    ACE : Nice to meet you.

                                    PARKES : Charmed I'm sure.

                                        (ALL THREE MOVE INTO 

                                        THE HALLWAY AND PARKES

                                        CLOSES THE DOOR.) 

                                   9.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  DAY. 

                                       (FROM THE HALLWAY, 

                                       THE DOCTOR ENTERS

                                       THE LARGE LOUNGE ROOM

                                       FOLLOWED BY ACE AND


                                       THE ROOM IS FURNISHED WITH 

                                       A LOUNGE SUITE, DINNER

                                       TABLE, AND BOOKCASES

                                       IN 19TH CENTURY STYLE.

                                       THERE IS A SMALL DRINKS

                                       CABINET IN ONE CORNER,

                                       AND A WINDOW NEAR IT.

                                       THERE ARE TWO DOORS,

                                       ONE LEADING TO THE

                                       KITCHEN, AND THE OTHER

                                       TO THE HALLWAY.) 

                                    PARKES : Please,  do  sit  down,  make 

                                    yourselves at  home. (THEY  ALL  SIT)

                                    Tell me Doctor, whatever happened  to

                                    that other lovely, sweet lass you had

                                    with you last time? 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  We  have  since  parted 


                                    PARKES : And  I  suppose it  would  be 

                                    hard to  keep  in  contact  with  her

                                    where you go. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : This is true. 

                                    ACE : Did  you hear  about the  murder 

                                    Mr. Parkes. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Ace, really!

                                       (TAKES NEWSPAPER OUT OF 

                                       BACK POCKET AND PLACES

                                       IT ON A TABLE) 

                                    We have only  just arrived here,  and 

                                    you want to  bring up   the murder.  I

                                    must   apologise   for   my   friend,


                                    PARKES : No  apology  necessary,  dear 

                                    fellow. As a matter  of fact, I  have

                                    heard  about  it.  Dreadful  business

                                    really. Who would do such a thing  to

                                    a  woman? 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I have an idea.

                                    ACE : Who Doctor?

                                    PARKES : You mean you know?

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Oh  no, of  course  not. 

                                    What I meant was, that I have an idea

                                    what type  of mind  would do  such  a

                                    thing.  The  mind   of  a   predatory

                                    animal, a  demon  crawling  from  the

                                    dark shadows  of  the  alleys  called

                                    Whitechapel. I have  come in  contact

                                    with such types before. 

                                    PARKES : Steady  on  old  thing.  It's 

                                    only one murder. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : No. You don't understand, 

                                    Alexander. This madman will not  stop

                                    at just one murder. He will turn  the

                                    streets  of  London  into  a  hunting

                                    ground. This murder is  the act of  a


                                    PARKES : Dreadful, just dreadful. They 

                                    should be rounded  up. Every mad  one

                                    of them. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Alexander, that's  rather 

                                    a harsh judgment. Wee are all capable

                                    of committing  a  murder    not  just

                                    those who are  insane. Labeling  the 

                                    murderer a  madman does not imply that 

                                    he must have escaped from an  asylum.

                                    Why, even you and I have the  ability

                                    to kill. 

                                    PARKES : Even so I  -

                                    THE DOCTOR : Alexander, my friend here 

                                    has a great interest in celluloid. 

                                    PARKES : Oh  really!  How  delightful. 

                                    Come and  I'll show  you some  of  my

                                    experiments my dear. 

                                       (ACE IS SURPRISED BY THE 

                                       SUDDEN BURDEN THE DOCTOR

                                       HAS THROWN HER WAY, AND

                                       GLANCES OVER TOWARDS HIM.

                                       THE DOCTOR SMILES AND

                                       NODS HIS HEAD FOR HER TO


                                    ACE : Maybe later, Mr. Parkes.

                                       (THE DOCTOR THROWS ACE 

                                       A LOOK OF DISGUST, AS

                                       SHE FAILS TO CO OPERATE.) 

                                    PARKES : Of course,  you must be  worn 

                                    out from  your trip.  Relax a  while,

                                    and recover. Meanwhile Doctor, I must

                                    thank you  again for  your help  with

                                    the celluloid idea, it's starting  to

                                    become rather  popular if  I may  say


                                    THE DOCTOR : Well that is good news.

                                    PARKES : Could I offer either of you a 


                                    THE DOCTOR : Thank  you, Alexander.  A 

                                    drink would  be lovely,  but  nothing

                                    alcoholic. Ace   and  I both  have  to

                                    keep on our toes. 

                                        (PARKES MOVES TO THE 

                                        DRINKS CABINET AND

                                        POURS BOTH THE DOCTOR

                                        AND ACE A DRINK.) 

                                    PARKES : This  should  help  you  both 

                                    recover  from  your  journey.  (HANDS

                                    THEM THE DRINKS) 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Tell me   Alexander,  the 

                                    year is 1888, is it not? 

                                    PARKES : (laughs)  That machine  still 

                                    giving you trouble, Doctor? The  year

                                    is in fact 1886. 

                                    ACE : That's  what  the  TARDIS  said, 


                                    THE DOCTOR : But it can't be.

                                    ACE : Why not Professor?

                                    THE DOCTOR :  This  is indeed  a  most 

                                    baffling problem. 

                                    PARKES :  I'm  sorry  Doctor,  but  as 

                                    usual, I don't quite follow you. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : I am baffled,  Alexander, 

                                    by the Whitechapel murder. 

                                    PARKES : Yes,  well  who isn't  I  ask 

                                    you?  It's  baffling  everyone  so  I

                                    hear. I  haven't  been to  the  scene

                                    myself, I try to keep away from those

                                    areas, but it's been the talk of  the

                                    street  all  morning!  They  say  the

                                    murder is being compared to the  play

                                    that has just  opened at the  Lyceum.

                                    Mansfield's,  "Doctor   Jeckyll   and

                                    Mister Hyde".  Have you  seen it  yet

                                    Doctor? I believe my neighbour across

                                    the road was one of the first to   

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Alexander, could  I  ask 

                                    you a small favour? 

                                    PARKES : Name anything Doctor.

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Ace   and  I  will   be 

                                    spending a few days in this area,  as

                                    I have a  bit of unfinished  business

                                    to do, and  I'm wondering whether  or

                                    not  -

                                    PARKES : Why of course, the answer  is 

                                    yes my dear chap.  You can stay  here

                                    as long as  you wish.  I've got  many

                                    inventions that I am having  troubles

                                    with if you  find you  have the  time

                                    for some tinkering. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Well, I'm afraid we shall 

                                    be quite busy. 

                                    ACE : Doing what?

                                    THE DOCTOR : You'll see.

                                       (THE DOCTOR MOVES TO 

                                       LOOK OUT THE WINDOW) 

                                    From here,  I  can  keep  an  eye  on 


                                    PARKES : What the devil would you want 

                                    to do that for? 

                                    ACE : What's worrying you Doctor?

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Nothing  Ace,  nothing! 

                                    (QUIETLY   TO   HIMSELF)   There   is

                                    something dreadfully wrong here. 

                                    PARKES : Sorry  old friend,  I  didn't 

                                    quite hear  that  last  sentence.  My

                                    hearing is not as it used to be. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  (MOVING BACK  TO  CHAIR) 

                                    "Sometimes the Devil is a Gentleman."

                                    a quote  from  the poet,  Shelley.  I

                                    wonder if  you  have any  clothes  we

                                    could borrow, as  we look rather  out

                                    of place in these. 

                                    PARKES : No problem,  Doctor. You  can 

                                    borrow some  of mine,  and I'll  just

                                    pop over to number 21 to see if I can

                                    borrow  a  dress   for  your   lovely


                                       (PARKES LEAVES THE 

                                       LOUNGE ROOM) 

                                    ACE : What  do I  have to  wear  those 

                                    awful things for. I'm happy with what

                                    I've got on. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Because Ace, we'll  blend 

                                    in with the crowd better. And  that's

                                    exactly what I want to do. 

                                    ACE : I blend in fine already! No  one 

                                    noticed me,  they  were  all  looking

                                    down that alley -

                                    THE DOCTOR : Ace!

                                    ACE : Oh alright,, I'll wear the stupid 


                                       (THE DOCTOR MOVES BACK 

                                       TO THE WINDOW. ACE

                                       FOLLOWS HIM AND LOOKS

                                       OVER HIS SHOULDER.) 

                                    ACE : What's troubling you, Professor?

                                    THE DOCTOR : Ace,  this murder of  the 

                                    girl Nichols, happened  in 1888!  Now

                                    everyone around  here, including  the

                                    TARDIS,  states  the  year  is  1886.

                                    Something is wrong, and we've got  to

                                    find out what it is. 

                                    ACE : Does it really matter that much? 

                                    What difference does  it make if  she

                                    was killed in 1886 or 1888? It's only

                                    one murder. 

                                    THE DOCTOR :  It matters  to me!  It's 

                                    not  so  much  what  difference  this

                                    murder makes, Ace. I can't save  that

                                    woman now. But  I do  know that  this

                                    woman has  been  murdered  two  years

                                    earlier than she should have been. We

                                    are in  the stalking  grounds of  the

                                    most notorious and elusive killer  of

                                    all time.  Jack  the  Ripper  is  out

                                    there somewhere,  two  years  earlier

                                    than he  should be.  I'm not  worried

                                    about what has happened, I'm  worried

                                    about what could follow. 


                                  10.  INT.  LOUNGE ROOM.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR, ACE AND 

                                       PARKES ARE SITTING

                                       AT THE DINNER TABLE

                                       HAVING JUST FINISHED


                                       THE DOCTOR AND 

                                       ACE ARE NOW IN PERIOD

                                       DRESS. THE DOCTOR IS

                                       DRESSED IN A  DARK SUIT

                                       AND ACE IS DRESSED IN A

                                       LONG, CREAM EVENING DRESS. 

                                       PARKES IS DESPERATELY 

                                       TRYING TO SHOW THE DOCTOR

                                       ANOTHER ONE OF HIS NEW 

                                       INVENTION IDEAS. THE DOCTOR 

                                       LOOKS UNINTERESTED AND

                                       NERVOUS. HE PLAYS WITH A

                                       HALF FILLED GLASS. ACE

                                       WATCHES PARKES SKEPTICALLY.) 

                                    PARKES : The trouble with the idea, my 

                                    friend, is that  the system seems  to

                                    fall down in the middle somewhere,  I

                                    think. There just doesn't seem to  be

                                    enough strength to  hold the  package

                                    together. What  do  you  think?  (THE

                                    DOCTOR DOES NOT ANSWER) Doctor? I  do

                                    hope I'm not boring you. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : Oh no no no, Alexander! I 

                                    just have   a few  things on  my  mind

                                    that I have to take care of. I'm sure

                                    you'll understand if  I ask for  some

                                    time to myself. 

                                    PARKES : Well, I suppose I have little 

                                    choice.   There    will   be    other


                                    THE DOCTOR : Yes.  That's the  spirit, 


                                       (THE DOCTOR, WITH HIS 

                                       DRINK, MOVES FROM

                                       THE TABLE OVER TO THE

                                       WINDOW, AND LOOKS OUT

                                       INTO THE NIGHT. 

                                       ACE MOVES INTO THE DOCTOR'S 


                                    ACE : Hey  Alex., wouldn't  the  whole 

                                    system  work  better   if  you   used


                                    PARKES :  I'm  sorry  dear  girl,  I'm 

                                    afraid you can't do that. How would I

                                    harness this  electricity  anyway?  I

                                    have read  people  are  experimenting

                                    with electrical  currents, but  I  am

                                    not familiar enough with the topic to

                                    do any experimenting  of my own.  How

                                    do you suggest I harness this power? 

                                    ACE : Stick it in a power  point.

                                    PARKES : A what? What are you  talking 

                                    about, girl? Really Doctor, where did 

                                    you pick this one  up from? Some  far 

                                    off galaxy. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : (TURNING TO PARKES) She's 

                                    from this  planet's future  actually.

                                    But  that  may  as  well  be  another

                                    galaxy  in  your    eyes.  (TURNS   TO

                                    WINDOW) So many things change in  the

                                    short years  between your  earth  and

                                    hers. (TURNS BACK TO PARKES  SMILING)

                                    But I like to think I have taught her

                                    most of what I know. 

                                    PARKES : Oh no,  one of  you is  quite 

                                    enough, Doctor. I don't think I could

                                    handle another. 

                                       (ALL THREE LAUGH. THE 

                                       DOCTOR TURNS BACK TO THE

                                       WINDOW. HIS SMILE CHANGES

                                       INTO A WORRIED FROWN. 

                                       THE DOCTOR LOOKS DOWN 

                                       AT HIS WATCH, PAUSES FOR

                                       A SECOND, THEN PLACES HIS

                                       DRINK ON A TABLE NEARBY

                                       AND HEADS FOR THE DOOR. 

                                       ACE NOTICES HIS 


                                    ACE : Where are you going, Doctor?

                                        (THE DOCTOR DOES NOT 

                                        ANSWER, AND MOVES INTO

                                        THE HALLWAY.) 

                                   11.  INT.  HALLWAY.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE HALLWAY HAS A FLIGHT 

                                       OF STAIRS LEADING TO

                                       THE BEDROOMS. A HAT RACK

                                       IS SITUATED NEAR THE FRONT

                                       DOOR AND CONTAINS VARIOUS

                                       HATS AND A CAPE. 

                                       THE DOCTOR GRABS HIS 

                                       CAP AND CAPE AND MOVES

                                       TO THE DOOR. 

                                       ACE MOVES INTO THE 

                                       HALLWAY FOLLOWED

                                       CLOSELY BY PARKES.) 

                                    ACE : Doctor, where are you going? 

                                    PARKES : Yes, old  chap, it's not  the 

                                    time  to  be  walking  the   streets.

                                    Especially  with  that  murderer  out


                                       (THE DOCTOR OPENS THE 

                                       DOOR AND STOPS.

                                       HE TURNS BACK TO THEM.) 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  Parkes,  Ace,  I   have 

                                    something important I must do   

                                    ACE : Well, I'm coming too.

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  And  it  must  be  done 

                                    alone. Ace, I want you to stay here   

                                    ACE : But Professor -

                                    THE DOCTOR :  Parkes,  I want  you  to 

                                    take care  of  Ace  for  a  while.  I

                                    shouldn't be very long, but  whatever

                                    you do, don't let her out after me. I

                                    have something to take care of, and I

                                    must do it myself. 

                                    PARKES :  Well...whatever   you   say, 

                                    Doctor. Don't worry, the girl will be

                                    fine with me. 

                                    ACE : But Doctor, I want to come  with 


                                    THE DOCTOR : Ace,  I haven't got  time 

                                    to argue   

                                    ACE : Good. Then I can come then?

                                    THE DOCTOR : No! For once in your life 

                                    do what  you are told to do. 

                                       (THE DOCTOR STEPS OUTSIDE, 

                                       GRABS THE DOOR AND CLOSES

                                       IT BEFORE EITHER PARKES

                                       OR ACE HAVE TIME TO SAY

                                       ANYTHING ELSE.) 

                                    ACE : I don't  believe it. What's  got 

                                    into him. 

                                    PARKES : Well, I'm  afraid he's  right 

                                    Miss Ace. The Whitechapel area is  no 

                                    place for a woman of your age at this 

                                    time of night. 

                                    ACE : I can take care of myself.

                                    PARKES : I have no doubt you can.  But 

                                    there is evil  out in those  streets.

                                    And I  have a  feeling it  will  take

                                    more than  strength  to  conquer  it.

                                    Shall we move back into the lounge? 

                                       (PARKES AND ACE MOVE 

                                       BACK INTO THE LOUNGE


                                    12.  EXT.  BACK STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE BAR, SEEN AT THE 

                                       BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE

                                       IS STILL A HIVE OF

                                       ACTIVITY. PEOPLE ARE

                                       COMING AND GOING IN

                                       REGULAR INTERVALS. MOST

                                       OF THE MEN EITHER LEAVE

                                       THE BAR DRUNK OR WITH A

                                       WOMAN COMPANION. CHEERS

                                       AND SINGING CAN STILL BE

                                        HEARD FROM WITHIN.) 

                                   13 .  INT.  BAR.  NIGHT. 

                                       (THE SMOKE FILLED BAR 

                                       IS CROWDED WITH PATRONS

                                       ALL WITH DRINKS IN THEIR

                                       HANDS. A PIANIST IS

                                       PLAYING A TUNE MANY TRY TO

                                       SING ALONG WITH. 

                                       THE DOCTOR ENTERS 

                                       THE BAR TOTALLY OUT

                                       OF BREATH. HE BEGINS

                                       TO SEARCH THE BAR. 

                                       HE CAUSES SOME 

                                       DISTURBANCE WHEN HE

                                       BEGINS TURNING WOMEN

                                       AROUND, AND PUSHING

                                       PEOPLE OUT OF THE WAY,

                                       TO LOOK AT THEIR FACES. 

                                       AFTER CHECKING MOST OF 

                                       THE WOMEN IN THE BAR, 

                                       THE DOCTOR MOVES QUICKLY 

                                       TO THE BARMAN.) 

                                    BARMAN : What'll it be, Guv?

                                    THE DOCTOR :  No no,  I don't  want  a 


                                    BARMAN : Well that's all we sell.

                                    THE DOCTOR : I'm looking for a woman.

                                    BARMAN : There's  plenty around  here, 

                                    Guv. Take your pick. 

                                    THE DOCTOR : You don't understand. I'm 

                                    looking for Annie Chapman! 

                                    BARMAN : Oh  Annie! Well  sorry  Guv., 

                                    you've just missed her. She left here

                                    a few  minutes  a go.  Why  not  pick

                                    another one? 

                                    THE  DOCTOR :  No,  I  must  find  the 

                                    Chapman girl.  Did you  see in  which

                                    direction she was headed? 

                                    BARMAN : Sorry, can't help you  there. 

                                    I just saw her leave. Didn't take any

                                    notice after that. Although I do know

                                    you can usually find her near Hanbury


                                    THE DOCTOR : Thank you for your help.

                                    BARMAN:  No trouble at all.

                                       (THE DOCTOR TAKES ONE 

                                       LAST LOOK AROUND THE

                                       BAR BEFORE RUSHING OUT

                                       THE DOOR.) 

                                   14.  EXT.  HANBURY STREET.  NIGHT. 

                                       (AN OLD, WELL BUILT WOMAN 

                                       SLOWLY MOVES DOWN HANBURY

                                       STREET, WHISTLING TO

                                       HERSELF. ANNIE APPROACHES

                                       A HOUSE WHICH HAS A SIGN

                                       IN THE WINDOW READING

                                       "LODGINGS". ANNIE

                                       PAUSES FOR A MOMENT,

                                       THEN MOVES TO THE DOOR 

                                       OF THE HOUSE, AND KNOCKS 

                                       ON IT. 

                                       THE DOOR IS OPENED BY 

                                       A ROUGH LOOKING MAN,

                                       WHO STUDIES ANNIE FOR

                                       A MOMENT.) 

                                    MAN : Can I help you, lady?

                                    ANNIE : I would like to sleep inn  your 

                                    lodgings tonight, sir. 

                                    MAN : Well, I don't really know. We're 

                                    already overcrowded. 

                                    ANNIE : It would only be for  tonight, 


                                    MAN : Have you got eight pence?

                                    ANNIE : I must  admit that   I do  not, 

                                    sir. Sorry, sir. 

                                    MAN : Well, you can't stay here  then. 

                                    These  places  aren't  free  for  the

                                    likes of you, you know. 

                                    ANNIE : Please sir, it would just be  

                                       (THE MAN SLAMS THE DOOR 

                                       IN ANNIE'S FACE. SHE HITS

                                       THE DOOR IN ANGER,  BUT

                                       THEN CALMS DOWN AND

                                       CONTINUES HER WALK

                                       ALONG THE STREET.

                                       SHE BEGINS TO WHISTLE

                                       ONCE AGAIN. 

                                       SHE WALKS TO A STREET 

                                       LIGHT AND STOPS

                                       BENEATH IT. 

                                       AS SHE WHISTLES, SHE FAILS 

                                       TO HEAR THE FOOTSTEPS


                                       AS THE FOOTSTEPS BECOME 

                                       LOUDER, SHE STOPS

                                       WHISTLING AND REALISES

                                       SHE COULD HAVE A CLIENT.

                                       SHE STRAIGHTENS HER DRESS

                                       AND HAT, AND GESTURES

                                       TOWARDS HIM.) 

                                    ANNIE : You looking for me, sir? 

                                       (THE DARK FIGURE TAKES 

                                       HER BY THE ARM, AND

                                       SLOWLY MOVES HER INTO

                                       A BACKYARD. 

                                       ONE SHORT, SHARP SCREAM 

                                       IS HEARD, BUT IT IS CUT

                                       OFF BY THE SOUND OF


                                   15.  EXT. BACK YARD.  NIGHT. 

                                       (WHEN THIS ATTACK HAS 

                                       FINISHED, THE DARK

                                       FIGURE SITS BACK ON HIS

                                       HAUNCHES AND HIS FACE

                                       CATCHES THE LIGHT FROM

                                       THE STREET. IT IS THE


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