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Welcome to our new page detailing the latest and upcoming releases from Cemetery Dance Publications. We believe at RLK! that the best small publisher in the business is Cemetery Dance, and we're thrilled to be able to bring you the latest line-ups from both their new releases and coming soon lists! Cemetery Dance Publications bury the rest of the competition with their first-class quality and presentation. Enjoy!

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July 3, 1999

Laymon in CD Graphic Comics

This press release just in from Cemetery Dance Publications:

'CEMETERY DANCE PUBLICATIONS is branching into graphic narrative/comic book publishing with two titles slated for a late 1999 debut. GRAVE TALES is a horror anthology series with each issue featuring three or four "tales of terror from today's most popular authors."

CD likens GRAVE TALES to legendary EC (TALES FROM THE CRYPT, VAULT OF HORROR) and Warren (Creepy and EERIE) comics. The first issue will feature stories by Richard Laymon, Edward Lee, and Rick Hautala with artwork from Erik Wilson, Glenn Chadbourne, and Bill Renfro. The 48-page, magazine-size quarterly will have black and white interior art and a color cover.

It will retail for $3.95. A hardcover version may also be produced. ERIK WILSON will also be featured in BODIN #0: THE DUEL, the second slated CD comic. Similar in format to GRAVE TALES, BODIN will be a 32-pager and retail for $2.95. For more info email or (410) 569-5683 or visit the new CD Web site (see above).'

The Latest Issue of Cemetery Dance magazine contains:

Issue #32
Shipping October 14, 1999
Cover art by Alan M. Clark
$5.00  postpaid

"The Kingdom Of Heaven" by Peter Straub
"Disaster Club" by Joe R. Lansdale
"Night Dive" by F.Paul Wilson
"Kindred Souls" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
"Mr. Hands (Part Two)" by Gary A. Braunbeck
"Dog Days" by Chaz Brenchley

"On Peter Straub's Mr. X" by Putney Tyson Ridge

Feature Reviews
"L.A. Requiem by Robert Crais," by Gary Jonas
"Shelter by Chaz Brenchley," by Bill Sheehan

Feature Interviews
"A Conversation with Peter Crowther" by Michael Marshall Smith
"A Conversation with F. Paul Wilson" by Henry Wagner

The Usual Suspects
"Words From The Editor" by Richard Chizmar
"It Came From The Drive-In" by Norman Partridge
"Guilty But Insane" by Poppy Z. Brite
"Needful Kings & Other Things" by Tyson Blue
CD Reviews by Various

The Latest News from CD Publications:

Cemetery Dance is proud to announce two brand new novels of terror & suspense by Richard Laymon! Both COME OUT TONIGHT and CUTS will be the first true First Editions of these books! The UK edition of COME OUT TONIGHT is not due until late 1999 and there is currently no other edition of CUTS planned anywhere in the world. Both will be available in two deluxe hardcover states: a cloth-bound Limited Edition and a 52 copy leather-bound, traycased, with extra full-color artwork, signed and Lettered edition! Both are now available! For more information, see the NEWS section of RLK!

 Now Available from CD Publications...

 Richard Laymon: Come Out Tonight 1st release now available.
 Richard Laymon: Cuts 1st release now available.
 Dean Koontz:Seize The Night The eagerly awaited autographed, limited edition of the sequel to FEAR NOTHING!
 William F. Nolan & William Schafer (eds): California Sorcery Celebrating the "West Coast School of Writers" with stories by Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Harlan Ellison, Robert Bloch, Charles Beaumont, George Clayton Johnson, William F. Nolan and others.
 Richard Chizmar (ed.): Legacies This is THE limited edition event of 1999 -- King, Koontz, Barker, Straub, Bradbury, and many more.
 Ray Garton: Biofire His long-awaited new novel!
 Stanley Wiater: Richard Matheson's The Twilight Zone Scripts A classic look at the best of the best.
 Bill Walker: Titanic 2012 A love story and a breathless thriller -- a stunning debut from newcomer Bill Walker.
 Peter Crowther: The Longest Single Note The first collection of Crowther's featuring over 100,000 words of short fiction, plus original story notes, an Introduction by Michael Marshall Smith, and artwork by Alan M. Clark
 Lucy Talor: Spree Cemetery Dance's Hardcover Novella Series #2

 All available now! Use the link below to order...

CD Spotlight On....

The Best of Cemetery Dance

edited by Richard T. Chizmar

A massive volume containing the very best selections from the first eight years of Cemetery Dance magazine. Contributors inlcude Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ray Garton, Hugh B. Cave, Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Laymon, Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, and dozens of others -- over 55 stories in all! Limited and lettered edtions are already sold out! 85% of the Trade Edition is sold, so place your orders now.

Signed, Limited edition of 400 copies: SOLD OUT
Signed, Lettered Edition of 52 copies: SOLD OUT
Trade Edition: $35.00: GOING FAST!!!!

 Coming Soon...

  Edward Bryant: Flirting with Death A new collection by this fabulous author.
  Gary Brandner: Rot Author of The Howling, new release due March.
  Ed Gorman: The Poker Club 1st release due April.
  David Morrell: Black Evening due late 1999.
  Ray Garton: Eye Contact due late 1999.
  Douglas Clegg: You Come When I Call You due late 1999.
  Edward Lee: The Stickmen due late 1999.
  Richard Laymon (ed.): Bad News due late 1999.
  Thomas Tessier: Ghost Music due late 1999.
  Edward Lee & Elizabeth Steffen: Dahmer's Not Dead due late 1999.
  Rick Hautala: Bed Bugs due late 1999.
  William F. Nolan: Helltracks due late 1999.
  Al Sarrantonio: Head Tales due late 1999.

 All dates subject to change, check here often...


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