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Date of Release: Aug '98

Publisher: Orion

Review Source:

INDIGO SLAM by Robert Crais

Indigo Slam is another great Elvis Cole mystery. Three years after the witness relocation program hustled his family out of Seattle, seconds away from some men with guns, Clark Hewitt is on the run again--but this time he hasn't taken his family with him. So his eldest daughter Teri, only 15 but acting 40, arrives at Elvis Cole's office waving a handful of bills in Cole's face as a retainer for tracking down her father. Cole eventually tracks down Clark, only to find he is a terminally ill druggie and a counterfeiter who'd turned state's evidence against Russian mobsters who are now bent on killing him and his kids, and he can't turn to the feds this time because he's gone back to printing funny money. Simple, isn't it?

The novel has it all: the witness protection program, the Russian mob, Vietnamese patriots, Federal agents, countefeiting, child neglect, romance and thrills and sprints towards the finale with a fantastically bizarre edge-of-your-set showdown in, of all places, Disneyland! Is Crais hoping this novel will make it to the big screen in Hollywood? You better believe it. But in these Hollywood-inspired times when most people think a good mystery involes another boring serial killer, Robert Crais shows what a true crime novel is all about.

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