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Date of Release: Jul '98

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

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THE DARK EDGE by Richard Harland

"The Dark Edge" is the first in a series of sci-fi detective novels featuring Eddon Brac and Vail ev Vessintor. Eddon Brac is a no-nonsense Central Inspector, who has been assigned the sexy Vail as his parapsych assistant, who has only just graduated from the Psychoseminary. No kiddin'! The Hegemony has sent them to the breakaway planet, Independent P-19, to solve a series of gruesome murders that may be the work of a serial killer. When they arrive, they find P-19 on the brink of a horrific and inexplicable nightmare and a society about to collapse. But can these murders be attributed to a lone serial killer? Or is there something more dark and menacing at work? Eddon and Vail must unravel the mystery, or face the annihilation of all P-19ers.

The Dark Edge is totally compelling and certainly hard to put down. Harland expertly creates an eerie atmosphere like a chill that seeps into your bones. Uniting the genres of sci-fi and detective thriller is a massive task and a brilliant idea, and Harland seems to be the man to pull it off. Warning to the faint-hearted: there's lots of gore! A fantastic read.

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