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Date of Release: Apr '98

Publisher: Tor/Forge

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DEEP AS THE MARROW by F. Paul Wilson

F. Paul Wilson's novel, DEEP AS THE MARROW, is described as a combination of medical and political intrigue - a rather lofty labeling that suggests an extremely serious book. But don't you believe it...this is a chase novel, a kidnapping cat-and-mouse thriller that leaves the reader breathless from the first page to the last.

What would actually happen if the President decriminalized drugs? The drug cartel, concerned over their tax-free, $50 billion annual income disappearing, has coerced his personal physician into murdering the President...if the doctor ever wants to see his daughter alive again. Problems with the cartel's plan soon arise and the chase to recover the young girl is on at an unflagging pace. The kidnappers' frustrations mount as the quirky personalities within their group begin to assert themselves and violence inevitably follows. The concluding, brilliantly-conceived chase in the New Jersey pine barrens will leave readers exhausted and mourning the end of this exciting novel.

When it comes to quality and readability, F. Paul Wilson is one of the most accomplished and consistent authors writing today. His novels are populated by well-drawn characters in situations of unbearable suspense, propelled by pacing that is simply second-to-none. DEEP AS THE MARROW is no exception.
-- Ron Clinton, USA

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