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Date of Release: Aug '98

Publisher: Tor/Forge

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LEGACIES by F. Paul Wilson

Jack is back!

This is an occasion for celebration for those F. Paul Wilson readers who have been patiently awaiting Jack's return since his debut in THE TOMB more than 15 years ago. Since then, Jack has appeared in a series of short stories, novellas and as a side character in NIGHTWORLD. LEGACIES, however, marks his return in a full-blown novel treatment. And Stephen King (who dubs himself "President of the Repairman Jack Fan Club"), Joe Lansdale (who says Repairman Jack " my favorite creation") and other admirers will not be disappointed.

Repairman Jack fixes things. When people need help, when situations rage out of control, they hire Jack. He's the best, a master at his game, and he doesn't hesitate risking his life - or taking another's - when that's what it takes to get the job done. While THE TOMB relied on an occult/horror scenario, LEGACIES focuses on matters more scientific in nature. Jack is hired by a woman whose past is threatening her present...and that of the world's. She has inherited a house and a scientific secret and suddenly finds herself pursued by powerful, mysterious forces that will stop at nothing to acquire both. This pulp-like tale is spirited and thrilling and even sheds a bit more light on the vulnerable human foibles of the enigma known as Repairman Jack.

LEGACIES is a well-crafted follow-up novel for the most intriguing series character in popular fiction. Recent interviews with F. Paul Wilson indicate that he is planning a stronger focus on the exploits of Repairman Jack and, even more exciting, hints that several new Jack novels are currently planned. Jack is indeed back - and just as good as we remember him!
-- Ron Clinton, USA

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