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Date of Release: 1995

Publisher: New English Library

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BLOOD CRAZY by Simon Clark

Richard Laymon has labeled Simon Clark "A master of eerie thrills" and Deathrealm calls Clark "One of the best contemporary British horror writers". Glowing comments such as these and many others like it are being deluged upon this new horror writer whose debut novel (NAILED BY THE HEART) did not even appear until 1995. Heady stuff for a newcomer...and yet it's all completely deserved. And BLOOD CRAZY may be his best work yet.

Told in the first person by apocalyptic survivor Nick Aten, BLOOD CRAZY is the shocking and brutal tale of adults becoming murderously insane - literally. They've become infected with a crazed, uncontrollable urge to kill anyone under the age of 20. Including their own children. In just days, civilisation is in ruins and the young survivors must learn to survive and adapt in a world where their existence is being rapidly erased by an older population with a sinister, mysterious purpose. Told in the staccato-paced style of Richard Laymon's ONE RAINY NIGHT, Clark has produced a masterpiece of horror fiction whose shock value is tempered only by the rich, poignant characterizations of his protagonists.

Simon Clark's lean prose resonates with an honest and unflinching look at the savageness of human nature...and BLOOD CRAZY is (thus far) his ultimate achievement. Highly recommended!
-- Ron Clinton, USA

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