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Date of Release: Sept '98

Publisher: Orbit

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THE CHAOS BALANCE by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

This is newest novel in the bestselling "Saga of Recluce" series and is the latest addition to Modesitt's intelligent fantasy series about the planet of Recluce and its warring Order and Chaos magic. In this latest work we find that the "angels" led by Ryba, surrounded by aggressive macho cultures, have developed a tight, clean and orderly but oppressive feminist dictatorship. Nylan can no longer tolerate being used by Ryba as a stud and a source of new weapons, so he departs with his son Weryl and his lover, the healer and singer Ayrlyn. But the male-dominated, expansionist empire of Cyador, with its unmatchable Chaos magic, must still be restrained; and so Nylan agrees - although somewhat reluctantly - to help the primitive beasts of Lornth.

Sound heavy? You better believe it! This maybe an impressive series, but a bit heavy for those who like a more light-hearted or thrilling fantasy read. This is not the best of the series and tends to get bogged down somewhat half-way through. However, the ending does pick up the pace and is worth getting to. There's better fantasy out there, but still, Modesitt has many fans and this work is certainly entertaining.

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