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Date of Release: Sept '98

Publisher: Macmillan

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LUCKY YOU by Carl Hiaasen

Who'd live in Florida?

Once again Hiaasen has written a cracker of a tale. All the standard Hiaasen traits are there; witty dialogue and colorful characters and the plot sounds ludicrous, but you know it could be all too real. You name it, it's here. Religious fanaticism, marriage, divorce, race relations, environmental concerns - they're all here and lampooned in Hiaasen's normal wacky syle.

It sounds simple enough, a lottery drawing makes the holders of two tickets very happy—$14 million each worth of happy. JoLayne Lucks, a black veterinarian wants to use the money to save an environmental refuge from becoming a shopping mall (naturally). The holders of the other winning ticket are Bode and Chub, who want to use their winnings to found a militia (but, of course). When it occurs to Bode and Chub (a poacher and a counterfeiter, respectively) that they could buy a lot more rifles and concrete bunkers with the whole $28 million, they track down JoLayne and steal her ticket (but you knew that already, right?). You get the idea, and you know it's going to be a hoot!

Enter Tom Krome, a newspaper writer with a wife he can't get rid of and an editor he can't stand, who is assigned to write a story on JoyLayne and her winning ticket, but manages to get involved in the hunting down of the men that took it from her.

Then comes the mayhem. JoLayne and Tom are standard Hiaasen heroes—bright, funny, a bit antisocial. Hiaasen’s depiction of the frauds and fanatics behind Florida’s devotional- miracle industry makes the book a priceless read. And look out for “the Road-Stain Jesus,” a “holy splotch” on the highway. This will keep you laughing!

Probably not his *best* book, but certainly worth the read.

Florida can't *really* be like this. Can it?

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