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Date of Release: Sept '98

Publisher: Hutchinson

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JUDAS CHILD by Carol O'Connell

People familiar with Kathy Mallory, O'Connell's original heroine in her four previous suspense novels, may be disappointed to find that this book does not feature her. But don't be, Ali Cray, Rouge Kendall, and Sadie and Becca Green in JUDAS CHILD will win you over just as easily.

Ali Cray, a brilliant forensic psychologist, with a scarred face hinting at a childhood trauma, ties a sudden strange disappearance of two young girls to the rape and murder long ago of Susan Kendall, the twin sister of a small-town New York policeman, Rouge. She realises the priest who was convicted of Susan Kendall's murder is in fact innocent, and Rouge has a personal as well as professional reason for joining Ali in tracking down Susan's killer before the killer completes the ritual murder of at least one of the missing girls. The hunt is on, and Rouge and Cray make a pretty good team.

Throw in other deeply involving characters: Dr. Mortimer Cray, Ali's uncle, who knows more than he can tell; clever Sadie Green, the Judas child of the title; her hysterical and emotionally wrecked mother, Becca; FBI agent Arnie Pyle, who would like to know more about Ali; and Father Paul Marie, the Priest wrongly convicted; and you have a thriller that will stay with you for a long long time. O'Connell's skill shines through as she makes us feel like we know all her characters, which makes the ending so emotionally heartwrenching.

A real page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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