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Date of Release: Sept '98

Publisher: Arrow

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DEJA DEAD by Kathy Reichs

Cornwell meets King - that about sums up Deja Dead.

Temperance Brennan is just as stubborn and astute as Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta, and the gory details in this novel read like something straight out of King. The Cornwell / King cross may sound strange, but Reichs manages to pull the whole story together particularly well, considering it is her first novel.

While investigating a ghastly discovery for the Montreal coroner's office, Tempe remembers an investigation she conducted on the remains of a woman who was savagely dismembered and stuffed in garbage bags that seems all too strangely familiar.

When the police dismiss her concerns about a serial killer, she decides to pursue the matter herself - a plan that will not only see her gambling with her career, but with her own life as the murderer sets his sights on her. Reichs' wealth of authentic medical detail (she's a forensic anthropologist herself!) shows through as we follow Tempe on her gripping, convoluted quest to catch a psychotic killer.

The descriptions of Montreal are excellent (both Reichs and Brennan work there) as are the forensic matters....look out for the the bathroom plunger and the statue of the Virgin Mary, inside a rotting rib cage and get ready for room-spinning descriptions of maggots and putrid corpses...the stench, the's enough to make you gag!!

Reichs isn't as strong as Cornwell - not yet anyway. Given some time, however, and a growing reader base who can't get enough of ghoulish detail and hints of unfathomable evil, we'll see her name on the spines of more and more books in the future.

There's some great suspense here and you won't be able to put the novel down during the last hundred pages.

Cornwell and King fans will love it!

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