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Date of Release: Sept '98

Publisher: Mysterious Press

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RUMBLE TUMBLE by Joe Lansdale

Joe Lansdale's newest novel, RUMBLE TUMBLE, continues the often-hilarious, always-enthralling 5-novel series featuring Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, the most intriguing pairing in current suspense fiction. The series, begun first with SAVAGE SEASON, has grown more adventurous and confident with each successive novel and RUMBLE TUMBLE continues exciting trend.

Hap's fiery and feisty ladyfriend, Brett Sawyer, has learned that her prostitute daughter, Tillie, has become the unwilling property of The Bandito Supremes, a biker gang/Nazi Survivalist organization headquartered just over the Mexican border. Hap and Leonard rally around Brett and, with the questionable and reluctant assistance of a red-haired midget pimp, his 6'4" preacher brother and former Bandito Supreme, an armadillo and a host of other characters, brave bullets, beatings and carnage to rescue her daughter.

RUMBLE TUMBLE is the funniest contribution yet to the Hap and Leonard saga and shows Joe Lansdale at his lighthearted best. Rumors are circulating that Lansdale's next mainstream novel will be somewhat of a return to his darker roots. While this will be welcome news to his more discriminating admirers, diehard Lansdale fans and those that simply prefer a lighter, brisker fare will find RUMBLE TUMBLE irresistable and immensely satisfying.

----Ron Clinton, USA

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