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Date of Release: Jan '98

Publisher: Mojo Press

Review Source:

DEAD HEAT by Del Stone

Mojo Press, known primarily for graphic novels and its close association with Joe Lansdale, has released their first full-length text novel. Decorated profusely with haunting black-and-white illustrations, DEAD HEAT by Del Stone tells the lean, mean story or a Harley-riding zombie in a post-apocalyptic setting. While this premise may sound quite intriguing, the actual deliverance falls somewhat short of the promise.

Hitch is a mutant among mutants: a zombie that can actually think, a singularly unique trait among the large, mindless zombie populace that preys on the surviving humans. Haunting thoughts and bizarre images inexplicably burrow into his pocked mind and urge him into a mysterious quest with literally earthshattering implications. With a warhead strapped to his Harley's sidecar, he sets off only to find his path plagued by duplicitous human beings, flying monsters, a Hitler-like foe, robots and other monstrous obstacles.

Stone's apparent strength is his imaginative plotting and visualization of gutwrenching violence. However, his one-dimensional characters and stiff dialogue offset these strengths and leaves DEAD HEAT still quite engaging and readable...but shy of its potential.

--- Ron Clinton, USA

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