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Date of Release: Oct '98

Publisher: Transworld (Bantam)

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SACRED by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane, Shamus Award-winner for A Drink Before the War and Darkness, Take My Hand, produces his third Kenzie and Gennaro novel with Sacred.

Not unlike a '90s version of Chandler's The Big Sleep, we find Kenzie and Gennaro hired by dying billionaire Trevor Stone to find his daughter, Desiree. Kenzie's mentor, Jay Becker, was hired first, and has disappeared in St. Petersburg, Florida, while working the case. Kenzie and Gennaro head off to Florida to pick up the trail where they meet all sorts of street-life and risk their lives in some very bruising encounters. Desiree, the billionaire daughter, is, of course, a sweet and law abiding beauty...according to her father - but nothing could be further from the truth.

With terrific dialogue, a noir setting where good is bad and the truth is lies, Lehane manages to produce a passable thriller with spills and chills aplenty. Perhaps concentrating too much on characterisation and not enough on plot (there isn't much of one...) Lehane produces an entertaining mystery, but not one that is of the standard of his first two award-winning books.

"Darkness, Take My Hand" and "A Drink Before the War" succeeded in keeping the reader off- balance with unexpected twists and turns. Sacred fails in this regard and reads as if it was written for Bruce Willis to star in the crashing, people get the picture. It all depends on whether you like that sort of fare.

An easy read, but leaves you hungry for more.

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